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Discount Reaper Drone? Meet China’s CH-4 UCAV

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Discount Reaper Drone? Meet China's CH-4 UCAV

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The CASC CH-4 is a dedicated Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), developed and produced in China.

It is, at least externally, a copy of General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper drone.

The only distinction between the two is the ventral fin below the V-tail on MQ-9, which is absent on the CH-4.

There are two versions, the CH-4A and CH-4B.

The CH-4A is a reconnaissance drone (capable of a 3500–5000 km range and a 30- to 40-hour endurance).

The CH-4B is a mixed attack and reconnaissance system with provisions for 6 weapons and a payload of up to 250 to 345 kg.

CH-4 is capable of firing air-to-ground missile from altitude of 5,000 meters, therefore the aircraft can stay outside of effective range of most anti-aircraft guns. It also allows CH-4 to be able to fire from a position that provides wider viewing area.

One of the international buyers of the CH-4 UCAV is the UAE, and on December 22nd, Yemen’s Houthis announced that its forces had shot down a Chinese-made CH4 unmanned combat aerial vehicle operated by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. The incident took place in the province of Marib.

The CH4 was conducting strikes in support of pro-Saudi-forces, which are on retreat under pressure from the Houthis and their local allies.

Earlier in 2020, in March, despite the pandemic, the Global Times reported that the CH-4 UCAV “one of the top selling armed reconnaissance drones in the world developed by China, has now resumed as the novel coronavirus epidemic is being brought under control in the country.”

A workshop was seen full of drones being assembled, as analysts predicted the CH-4 will see great demand in the international market in 2020.

One of the photos showed at least eight CH-4 drones being assembled in one large workshop, with no space left to spare in the facility. The drones were seemingly in different stages of assembly, as drones on one side were near completion and those on the other side had just started and were just frames that had no paint and no electronic devices installed.

Global Times also described why that is happening:

“Drones are becoming increasingly popular in regional conflicts around the world, and Chinese companies can offer them at very reasonable prices, offering good performances and after-sales services and not attaching political conditions, which are all advantages they have over Western countries’ products.

The CH drones are particularly popular as they are very easy to operate and do not require very intensive and professional training.”

Discount Reaper Drone? Meet China's CH-4 UCAV

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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Good job.
    But why is this a surprise?
    China had probably acess to all classified information and still does…
    And contrary to the U.S. they can copy something if they have the blueprints…

    1. Volker says:

      Nonsense, this kind of crap is always throwing around to minimize + smear the facts that they are smart enough to do their own stuff……the AmeriCunts are pretend in their propaganda as they are the only all mighty force in the universe to come up with some stuff …jada jada jada blah blah blah.

      1. occupybacon says:

        China copies Russian designs too, just saying.

        1. Volker says:

          AmeriCunts copied German Soviet British French and what ever design elements in what ever designs…so what.

          1. occupybacon says:

            Yeah, eveeyone copies, that’s the point. The most famous Russian product is a copy after a German rifle too.

          2. Volker says:

            Yeah, and that Myth is debunked plenty times because it’s and was always complete BS….there are plenty of videos on YT by the way to show it in detail….but don’t let facts interfere with your usual BS lies.

          3. occupybacon says:

            Already out of vodka? Here’s another 100ml to chill and fuck off.

          4. Arch Bungle says:

            Here’s a shekel, go buy yourself a brain.

          5. occupybacon says:

            Thanks, I will buy 100 of brains like yours with that shekel, to feed my grandpa’s pigs with them.

          6. Volker says:

            By the way, the AmeriCunt Springfield M1903 rifle was in REALITY a total unlicenced rip-off of a German Mauser….just saying.

          7. occupybacon says:

            Ok Ivan, I’ll pay you 100ml of vodka to fuck off.

          8. Captain Freedom says:

            Facts don’t care about your feelings!

          9. occupybacon says:

            Ok Captain Vodka. May Ded Moroz bring you a fat bottle.

          10. cechas vodobenikov says:

            captain promotes bacon for troop morale—but still drunk peasant

          11. occupybacon says:

            How is Siberia, comrade? Wet, frozen? Like a dead pussy?

          12. Arch Bungle says:

            Kind of like your mom.

          13. occupybacon says:

            Yes Siberia is like my mom, my grandpa’s outhouse wc is cold and stinky like you mom.

          14. Arch Bungle says:

            What do we pay you to fuck off?

            All you do is pollute the forums with anti-intellectual bullshit.

          15. occupybacon says:

            Your mom is ok for now, I train her as my pokemon.

        2. Arch Bungle says:

          Excellent. No need to reinvent the wheel. Copy. Improve, Exceed. Go to market.

          1. occupybacon says:

            Exactly like your copy-paste comments.

          2. Rafael says:

            Just flag that brainless imbecile @occupybacon:disqus and his every comment. Hopefully SF moderators will take out the trash.
            His only ‘contribution’ to this forum is to spam retarded and utterly clueless antirussian garbage, and project some sick fantasies about his Romanian mother.

          3. occupybacon says:

            Winne the pooh got mad?

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    I could say these hacks are the biggest fu… ups in the history of the U.S. but I will be modest and wont rub salt into their wounds ?

    1. occupybacon says:

      Modest, but do you have anything to brag with?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Your love to me…

        1. occupybacon says:

          If you want to feel loved ask your mom.

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            Your mom is more generous though.

          2. occupybacon says:

            Your mom is not so genetous though but I’m traing her as my own puppy. She won’t recognise you after I finish her training.

    2. The Objective says:

      Your Chinese allies are selling drones to Iran’s buddies (Saudi Arabia and U.A.E) which they use on your militias in Yemen. I expected a rebuke from you. Or perhaps you are not so keen that the Chinese are a part of your so-called resistance?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        +25Shekels Shlomo.
        Dont spend it all at once…

        P.S. Happy Hanuka

      2. farbat says:

        chinese are not part of the resistance XD

        1. The Objective says:

          You are blocked for always spamming my inbox.

      3. farbat says:

        the chinese are the eastern center of governance and iran will form the western part while the resistance is basically a mechanism to reorganize the region and to get rid of intruders and such its kinda like the dprk is for china only that it works for iran

      4. farbat says:

        yes iran and china work together but iran is not chinas ally neither the other way around you dont seem to get how things work for the ones who arent existing on a parasitic existence

      5. farbat says:

        obviously the ones who have a brain amongst your people would like to negotiate your defeat but that isnt going to happen the resistance will end all their tasks

      6. farbat says:

        the western timeline was 70 years btw and in 70 years the zionist usurper entity should have owned all territory from the nil to the euphrates and beyond to be able to sustain itself in the next age of mankind but it wont because parasitism doesnt work be it from marakesh to the uae it doesnt matter the zionist usurper entity is the intruder entity is without a doubt a broken tool and meanwhile all the “arab” imposters will fold when iran just looks at them going forward

      7. farbat says:

        if america fails to send masses of people as fodder into the space it will be wiped out and america has space cults yet it is still not able to stand up and clean its own after so what to expect they will be wiped out there is no need of a continental sized company such as america anymore

      8. farbat says:

        btw we also dont want russia to be wiped out so the west cant forget to beating russia to sustain itself

  3. cechas vodobenikov says:

    discount only at Walmart where bacon works for minimum 7 hryvnya per hour–u must bring her pelmeni and piva for discount

  4. Arch Bungle says:

    I want one for Christmas!

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