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JUNE 2023

Difference In Treatment Of Captives And Fortitude Of The Russian Soldiers (Videos, 18+)

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Difference In Treatment Of Captives And Fortitude Of The Russian Soldiers (Videos, 18+)

Any war is a loss of life for soldiers and civilians, and of course there are prisoners of war (POW) on all sides.

The treatment of enemy civilians and of their POWs has always been the best expression of the moral qualities and outlook of the parties to the conflict. To the same extent, behavior toward POWs, as well as the behavior of the POWs themselves, is indicative of the characteristic features of the domestic propaganda of the opposing sides. It is enough to recall the examples of World War II, military conflicts in the Balkans or the war against ISIS.

The war in Ukraine was no exception. The treatment of POW Russians demonstrates that the nationalist propaganda of anti-Russian regimes of Poroshenko and Zelensky has successfully influenced the people of Ukraine.

In the first 10 days, there were several striking examples of long-established nationalist hate speech among the Ukrainian population.

In this video, a captive Russian soldier is forced to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” This is the first part of the military salute widely used by Ukrainian nationalist SS units during World War II, the full version is “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!”. The soldier keeps silent, threats can be heard in the background that he is about to be shot, after which the wounded man utters “Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Russia”. Frustrated shouts and insults are heard in the background.

This video shows a severely wounded soldier in the hospital, possibly after surgery, who is forced to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” The soldier replies that he does not understand what it means and refuses to repeat the phrase. At the end of the video, one can see that someone starts poking him with his hand, apparently in the area of the wound.

This video shows a battered Russian officer who is forced to shout “Glory to Ukraine!” He refuses. He begins to say “I’ don’t…”, after which the beatings continue.

This video shows a lightly wounded soldier who is forced to give information about the location of his unit. He refuses on pain of being shot. At the end of the video a cry can also be heard calling for him to be shot. In this video there are no calls to shout “Glory to Ukraine”, but an attempt to interrogate on the merits, but one can see the general approach to prisoners of war.

On the other hand, the videos below show the treatment of Ukrainian prisoners of war, even nationalist battalion fighters. Particular attention is drawn to the absence of beatings on the faces and bodies of POWs.

In these three videos, members of AFU nationalist battalions testify in detail about their activities, deployment locations, and the condition of their units.

This video shows the Ukrainian pilot of the downed Su-25 in the hospital.

These videos show Ukrainian soldiers immediately after being captured

In this video, a Ukrainian serviceman is given a phone to calm down his relatives.

Only a small part of such videos are given here. The same trend is visible on all of them. Even if they may be labeled as “Russian propaganda”.

One could say that it was Russian soldiers who came to the land of Ukraine and disrupted the measured order of life of Ukrainians. At the same time, the political regime that came to power as a result of the 2014 coup d’état organized the burning of people in Odessa, organized the sending of “friendship trains” with armed nationalists to Crimea, tried many times to organize large-scale terrorist attacks on Russian territory, and for 8 years exterminated the civilian population in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Massively used the practice of torture and execution of the inhabitants of these two former Ukrainian regions. During this time, thousands of dissenting Russian-speaking citizens in Ukraine itself were killed or disappeared without trace.

Obviously, the current conflict did not arise out of nothing.

We call upon all parties to the conflict, in our feeble voice, to treat prisoners of war in accordance with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, and especially to make every effort to reduce the suffering of the civilian population.


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Karl Wolfe

Take out their power stations if they’re going to continue to bring in mercenaries and other criminals and mistreat POWS. Like it was 75 years ago you cannot compromise with Nazi extremists.


So all the civilians who will freeze to death are “Nazi extremists” because the Empire’s puppets use Empire resources to prosecute the war? Maybe the extremist is in your mirror?


I’m not trying to say you’re wrong with your general sentimental here but not having electricity during winter is pretty normal in alot of places, people use coal/wood because relying on gas or electricity is how you freeze to death.



Rahul Sharma Esq.

Ukrainian Nazis are as much as disgrace as their Anglo-Zionist masters.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan



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Last edited 1 year ago by KayeGranger
Universal Order

I give credit where it’s due, Russian troops have so far been impecable in the handling of their prisoners. I am impressed. There are a lot of pictures floating around of ukrop soldiers posing with Russian corpses. A real shame that this brother war had to happen.

Meanwhile, the Jews of Ukraine were evacuated on day 1. Zelensky and his oligarch friends should be skinned alive.


Do you know if Jewish men were evacuated as well or only women and children and if men can I have some proof please? (to spread around)


Of course Russia has tried to be impeccable. Unless they want to be like Austria occupying Bosnia-Herzegovina and end the same way.

As for Ukraine resisting Russia, It’s hard to erase a century of happenings when it is part of your national history founding story. No different from Austria’s “first victim” myth or Germany’s “your history begins in 1940 and you and your family are guilty even if you were only born yesterday” myth. And then theres the Baltics. The Baltics have the same founding narrative and hate Russia just as heartily as the Ukrainian nationalists hate Russia because of what Russia did leading up to and in between Baltic independence.

Unfortunate it seems everyone is living in the past – worse, a past that they have only ever HEARD of, not lived.

Europe should unite and save itself. And that includes Russia.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hmm
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Hear hear.


soon ukraine will have all electricity destroyed and they can beg cookies from CIA…the nazi ukrops will find dresses and high heels and sneak away and live in lgbt gringo-wokestan


Maybe they hope for a coup in which they can seize power.

Or just to stay on Washington’s payroll. If so, In a way no different from “let’s go fight so we can get awarded an apartment” Sad. And really the ones joining US army is just the same, too. Just a heartier version of reward. Look up GI Bill.


It speaks volumes. Like the Ukrainian POWs are just relieved that it’s all over and they’re out of hell, but the Russian POWs enter into that hell world of Russophobic hatred. How many Russians have been summarily shot is anybody’s guess, but it’s safe to say that there will be war crimes tribunals after this is over, and Russia is dicussing restoring the death penalty for war crimes.


“enter into that hell world of Russophobic hatred” – that may be so but in all fairness, the Russians ARE the invaders, and they Ukrainians are NOT trying to win “hearts and minds” of the local population.

Last edited 1 year ago by CalDre
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ru had no other option We both know that. Aside from that Ukraine is an artificial country that didn’t exist before 1918. Kiev was a Russian city, and will be again soon. Russia cannot invade itself only liberate itself. Slava Rossiye 🇷🇺


Orders orders now clueless s******* talking now pay attention now everyone or his gonna jump 🖕🖕💩💩📴📴


This reminds me of Serbs, living in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, were labeled as invaders! Perhaps Ukrainians should take a deeper look at their treatment of their Russian population first!


Ukraine started this war by bombarding Donbass areas for 8 years. This war did not start on the 24th of Feb – only Russian Special Operation did start on that day. War has been going on for a long time. Ukrainians know this and they have had many years to get used to the idea that there may be blowback for their bombardments. There is no defence here about Russians being the invaders. If there had been some kind of peace in the land the situation would be different, but as it is Ukraine is the aggressor, both technically and factually.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

I think its already restored. They let UAF units surrender but there is no mercy for Azovisis and Co. FM Lavrov said 3 days ago that Geneva Conventions are only protecting UAF units not paramilitary groups. You know what that means.


Comrade stick to the Party Lines! This is not a war! its a “special military operation” Editor you may find yourself in front of firing squad for your carless grammar!


Russia would have called it “Operation Ukrainian Freedom”, but they didn’t want to plagiarize the Empire.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

The crumbling americant empire to be precise


Certainly it appears that the Ukrainians are busy killing anyone that deviates from the Banderite lunacy.

fuc# nato pact

Ukrops are Bandera loving Fascists, who kill innocent people and harass the population, they should not be treated as humans but as they deserve. Russia does not achieve anything with this, it will not turn the opinion of stupid people that has been brainwashed by Western propaganda.


Treating POWs well is not propaganda, it is the law!

fuc# nato pact

If you think that you will have some benefits in propaganda war by treating Ukrop/Fascist prisoners decently you are stupid. The West/NATO appreciates only military strength and power, and it will respect you only if it’s afraid of you.


I find it interesting you omit video where ukranian soldier gets beaten for having ukranian sigil tattoo…


Also omitted the Ukrop videos of torture. Also omitted the videos of decapitated civilians in Donbass.


Please STOP killing each other ! War is hell for everyone, So sad to see this happening in 21 century. Fuck western puppeteers for bringing this to Europe !

Timmy Temperance

Slava Russia. Any time and any place. Name and number only, they know the rules.


Zelsenky knows if he go against nationalist and nato regime and talk openly with Russia . he will be assassinated next day. look like Zelsenky is abducted and used by this nationalist nato battalion to say what they want to say.


Zelensky to be next Skripal. Give it 2 weeks…..


30 years of CIA brainwash tactics is why ukrops do what they do today

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia will prevail. Justice is on their side. Ukrain will pay for its crimes not just present but past ones. Slava Rossiye 🇷🇺


👋👋👋👋 bravo re s*******maggot


Russia too soft, specially to the Nationalist. If Ukrainian mistreated Russian POW, the same Russian should do to Ukrainian POW. No exception.


Well I hate war, but against this animals is something differend, but they are not only in the Oekraïne, you find them everywhere, and some big country are in the hands of this kind of psychopatic criminals, to name some, USA – UK – Sauoedi arabica, Canada – Australia – New sealand and others !

Bella Catt

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Last edited 1 year ago by Bella Catt
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