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Did Economics Defeat Politics? Russia’s Three Global Gas Projects

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Did Economics Defeat Politics? Russia's Three Global Gas Projects

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Russia has three successful global gas projects, despite the sanctions and pressure by the Western establishment.

The Power of Sibera pipeline, a $55 billion project launched on December 2nd, between China and Russia. It is part of a $400 billion deal to supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas (bcm) per year for 30 years.

Notably, the 1,800-mile pipeline is a way to ensure that even if the EU market shrinks in the future, there will be a market to sell Russian natural gas. Russia is home to the largest reserves of natural gas on the planet — 20% of the global total — while China is the world’s largest energy importer.

“The contract signed by our countries in 2014 was the largest agreement in the history of the domestic gas industry. Over 30 years, over a trillion cubic meters of gas will be delivered to China through the Power of Siberia gas pipeline,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

This project was first discussed in 2012. At that time, Russia supplied gas only to Europe, with which everything was already difficult: conflicts, either in transit or in price and so on. The events in Ukraine from 2013 onwards made it even more difficult.

Russia was looking for new markets, so the gas pipeline was built quickly. Power of Siberia Siberia has strengthened the economy of both Moscow and Beijing.

“The eastern branch of the Russian-Chinese gas pipeline is a landmark project of bilateral energy cooperation. It serves as an example of deep integration and mutually beneficial cooperation between our countries,” said Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Since the gas pipeline will go through both Russia and China, the infrastructure of both countries to accommodate for it will also improve.

“For our country, for Russia, this project is also important because gas will go through the pipeline not only for export, but also to the Amur Gas Processing Plant, which will become one of the most powerful in the world,” Putin said.

Alongside the Power of Siberia, Moscow will soon launch its other two projects – the Nord Steam 2 undersea Baltic gas pipeline to Germany and the TurkStream pipeline to Turkey and Southern Europe.

The TurkStream is expected to launch next month. A huge gas pipeline along the bottom of the Black Sea to southern Europe.

Five years ago, under pressure from Washington, Bulgaria said that there’s no pipeline, there will never be a Russian gas pipeline in Bulgaria. That all changed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić made it clear: the construction was being delayed, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov immediately provided an excuse.

“My answer is to President Putin: he can come and see how fast we are building – on average, five kilometers a day. We carry out all the procedures, therefore, we are confident that we will build it. And next year, when we have massive capacities and the gas pipelines completed, believe me, this will be the best and quickest alternative for Russian gas,” said Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

In approximately 6 months, the Nord Stream-2 is to launch. Through it, Russian gas will go to Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark.

Washington heavily opposed it and said that it would never be completed. Despite all the vows, the sanctions, the project is nearing its end. Russia couldn’t use foreign equipment due to sanctions, so it produced its own. The US tried to pressure Germany, but Berlin saw the financial benefit from it and wouldn’t succumb to the demands.

Finally, in November 2019, the go-ahead for the construction of the final section of the gas pipeline was given by Copenhagen.

American Congressmen appear desperate at this point- they are now proposing sanctions against companies that worked on the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.

“It is narrow, targeted sanctions, like a scalpel, designed specifically to prevent the only ships that can lay the pipeline from laying the pipeline and completing that pipeline,” Senator Ted Cruz said.

“Let me give you a very clear message to take back to your colleagues. […] Time is of the essence. A strategy that is, ‘Let’s pursue our diplomatic options,’ at this point, is a strategy to do nothing. […] A strategy that will result with 100 percent certainty in the pipeline being completed and Putin getting billions of dollars and Europe being made energy dependent more so on Russia and in weakening the United States’ position in the world,” Cruz said.

Moscow is launching three global gas projects at once. But in fact, it is changing the global energy distribution system for many decades to come.

This is also an example of how “effective” pressure from the US truly is and will potentially pave the way for more open economic cooperation between regions and sates, free of politization.


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Of course economy “defeat politics” in Russia’s case. Since Russia is already victorious in military part of the “battle” (specially through new hyper-sonic missile tech). So to win the war against the US and “allays”(read stooges), Russia must have economic victory as well (since not very strong economy is her only weak spot left)

Tommy Jensen

We in the free and civilised Western world are facing a choice: Do we want freedom gas? Or do we want dictatorship gas? This is the choice all Europeans must ask themselves about. Freedom has a cost. Freedom cost money.

Do we want a future for our children with free choice of whoppers, free choice of free Hollywood movies with Stallone and Arnold, free Rihanna and Timberlake rap music and free green eco gender equality energy from free societies with free International usury loans?

Or do we want a future for our children with Stalin dictatorship energy, cheap China Ying Yang loans, billions of cheap communist workers invading our free societies taking our jobs, back to men grabbing pussy roles, Sovjet music and Chinese Kung-Fu films?

The choice is up to our European and American Woman Leaders. You decide our civilisations future! https://youtu.be/u5-dkvfJfWI

Dick Von Dast'Ard

There is nothing free about being told what to do by some rather bossy people on the other side of the Atlantic.

I like some Soviet era music and Chinese Kung-Fu films, I also like U.S. hamburgers.

Today’s America is in a woeful state by the way, it is resembling an unhinged society.


“bossy people on the other side of the Atlantic” unlike Russia which is bossing only it’s own people or at least smaller neighbors. Russia and China having restrictive Internet laws, like having government apps installed on all their devices? That’s a stereotype! Only the West can be Orwellian!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

All govts Orwellian, I’m not anti-govt, (I actually like good governance) but I am anti govt directed hypocrisy.


This guy talks like is the showman from a pranks TV show

cechas vodobenikov

barbarian peasant amerikans—a puritanical freedom hating sub species…amongst the few species on the planet that prefer burgers and marijuana to freedom…pathetic amerikan childish hypocrites (claim they favor free markets and democracy—obviously they fear the competition of Russian technology, agriculture, gas and oil—all superior to the outdated trash produced in the USA…of course consumerism as Durkheim observed, produces a shallow national character….the coca-colonized angloshere so shallow they believe freedom reduces to the choice between coke and Pepsi…the USA so backward and uncivilized it lacks universal health care, paid mandatory parental leave, paid mandatory maternity leave, state paid university–provided in all European nations including Russia…and then we observe the backward medieval laws peculiar to the USA and the angloshere…a justice and freedom hating people (amerikans) require an oligarchy/police state to govern them!

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