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Did Dramatic Footage Capture Hypersonic Weapon Above Russia?


It’s highly possible that the video below shows a meteorite because there was a high meteorite activity in Russia in the autumn of 2018. Recently, similar “fireballs” were observed southwest of the Russian capital of Moscow.

The text below originally appeared at ZeroHedge:

A very mysterious bluish-green fireball seen streaking above Russia’s high-tech scientific city has sparked a debate that President Vladimir Putin could be developing space weapons.

The flash was spotted by stunned motorists with dashboard cameras mounted on their windshields near the research town of Akademgorodok, an educational and scientific hub in Siberia.

Did Dramatic Footage Capture Hypersonic Weapon Above Russia?

According to the Daily Mail, educational and scientific institutes in the area have been called Putin’s “secret weapon,” which have aided in the development of the country’s high-tech weapons.

The video was caught on several dashcams in the early morning on Tuesday.

The state-run Russia Today reported it as a meteor but acknowledged that scientists were confused by the incident. The video sparked rumors on social media that Moscow was testing “extremely advanced weapons,” while others put on their tinfoil hats and suggested it was a UFO.

Did Dramatic Footage Capture Hypersonic Weapon Above Russia?

Ilya Orlov, deputy director of the Big Novosibirsk Planetarium, told the Daily Mail it was a “beautiful phenomenon” but could not explain what caused it.

“Most likely, this is a flash of bolide, that is, the fall of a bright meteor with a flash,” Orlov said.

“It is all the more surprising because there are no active meteor showers now. It can be either the tail of a [Leonid] meteor shower or a lone meteor. We need to find out,” he added.

Local media outlets said no traces of space rock was found in the region, nor were there any reports of rocket launches or missile tests when the fireball was spotted Tuesday, which has undoubtedly excited the tinfoil hat community – believing that it could have been a UFO.

This is not the first time fears of Russia’s secretive weapons have been raised. Putin used his state-of-the-nation speech in March to deliver a stern warning to the US that Russia possesses hypersonic weapons that can render NATO’s US-led missile defense system completely “useless.”

Russia has “successfully” test-fired hypersonic missiles, one, in particular, the high-precision Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile was fired from a MiG-31 supersonic interceptor jet in late March that took off from an airfield in the South Military District in Russia’s southwest.

There was evidence from China last month that a similar fireball was indeed a Chinese People’s Liberation Army hypersonic missile, confirmed by Chinese state-run media outlets.

We’ll let you decide what lit up the night sky over Russia earlier this week…




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  • John Whitehot

    “President Vladimir Putin could be developing space weapons”

    This must mean that he designs the weapons himself on the drawboard. President Putin never ceases to amaze me, no one can get more eclectic than him.

    • Brother Thomas

      Good point. Any sentence that uses “Putin” to mean Russia should be viewed with suspicion.

      • Sinbad2

        It’s standard America speak, they did the same with Saddam, and Assad. They find it easier to convince people to hate an individual than a whole country.
        They also use terms like regime to describe the government of the target nation.
        What I find really scary, is how the so called news organizations seem to work hand in glove with the governments.
        When this is over, a lot of western journalists should face war crimes courts.

        • John Whitehot

          “It’s standard America speak”

          That’s certainly true, although in this particular respect, it seems to me that the UK press even surpasses the US one.

          british news and magazines almost invariably go like, “Putin’s ships”, “Putin’s submarines”, “Putin’s tanks” and so on.

          “is how the so called news organizations seem to work hand in glove with the governments”

          The western medias have owners, no surprise.
          The anomaly is that, western governments have owners too.

          Guess what, they are the same ones.

          When an executive is elected, and it’s not made of owned people, all the medias go into berserk mode against that executive – the US and Italy are great examples.

          Also keep in mind that all the western media actually get their information from either Reuters or ANP, which are both jewish owned press agencies.

          • ZP

            It is a well know regime-change setup, make a President synonym for everything state-related thus giving the population an easy exit by taking down the President. Nothing new here really, check how everything related to Israel or KSA is “Kingdom of KSA, UK, or State of Israel” but never “BSM, May or Nuttyahoo” they personalise everything with a negative connotation so a simple solution is to remove that person from power. Worked well so many times in the past

          • John Whitehot

            “It is a well know regime-change setup, make a President synonym for everything state-related thus giving the population an easy exit by taking down the President”

            I agree.

            “Worked well so many times in the past”

            I don’t agree. This kind of regime changing propaganda may have had some effect on the population when it came to Qaddafi and Hussein.

            As for the rest, it did not work with many of the intended targets, as examples – Lula, Chavez, Maduro, Castro, Kim, Ahmadinejad, Khomeiny and many others.

            When it came to Ho-Chi-Min it actually backfired.

            I also have doubts on how the effectiveness of such propaganda methods are measured, I doubt that especially in today’s world, they can be ascertained with any accuracy.

  • RichardD

    I didn’t run the ET/ED recon op 2 weekends ago that I was planning to to look at the natural spaceport capable of bringing something larger than a scout ship in unseen without causing a disturbance. At 60 years old alone in the remote wilderness I’m careful to try to avoid problems. There’s two ways legally to get in. A high way with a long 4×4 drive and then a 5 to 10 mile round trip no trail hike on steep terrain. And a low way that involves a white water river crossing in chest waders if it isn’t to high and a similar hike on abandoned single lane dirt roads from the bridge that was washed out and never replaced.

    To get to the low way by 4×4 requires an over 20 mile off pavement drive over passes that are now snow covered but not snowed in yet if you run chains. Chains are also required this time of year on the high way in. So I bought 2 sets for all 4 wheels on the Bronco ll and insulated chest waders. I also got my 9 mm back from the shop with the new fiber optic sights installed by the gunsmith. In the picture the green target laser is on and is illuminating the green front sight.

    This is probably a high bigfoot contact area due to the lack of homo sapien presence.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/75de77c43d8edf26cf0bd3c32e5b8bee83d401ee22f49488b81eacd1b1f8d02a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e29d80d1e659a74cb63a7711b3a4f3c0533246bd4a3b712103c095a099f2fee8.jpg

    • ruca


  • Jens Holm

    Its Allah…

  • grumpy_carpenter

    Looks like a copper rich meteor. Late August is when the earth goes through the Perseid meteor field so the timing would be right. I saw a similar one, also in late August 2005, while driving to work along a country road through the farmland of Southern Ontario at about 4 AM. Not your regular ‘shooting star ….. It burned up much closer to the earth and lit up the sky with a beautiful bright green light bright enough to read from. looked in the papers, listened to the news but no one reported it so perhaps I was the only earthly witness.

  • Sephy

    Apparently. this is a meteor. Do doubt

  • occupybacon

    Next solar eclipse: Could Russia already occupied the Sun?