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Development Begins On Russia’s 6th Generation MiG-41 Advanced Stealth Long-Range Interceptor Fighter

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Development Begins On Russia's 6th Generation MiG-41 Advanced Stealth Long-Range Interceptor Fighter

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In Russia, work has begun on the development of the prospective long-range stealth interceptor fighter MiG-41, Russian state corporation Rostec reported.

As noted in the message on the corporation’s website, “the project of the Advanced Long-Range Intercept Aircraft (PAK DP) under the symbol “MiG-41″ is at the stage of development work.”

It is assumed that the MiG-41 (PAK DP) will replace the long-range fighter-interceptor MiG-31, which was put into service in 1981.

In 2018, UAC President Yuri Slyusar told Interfax that the PAK DP will replace the MiG-31 around 2030.

The MiG-31 is a long-range supersonic fighter-interceptor designed for long-term patrolling and combating high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, strategic bombers and low-flying targets. The aircraft is capable of simultaneously hitting six and tracking up to 10 air targets.

The Russian Armed Forces receive modernized MiG-31BM aircraft. As reported by Interfax, this aircraft in the MiG-31K modification became the first aircraft carrier of hypersonic weapons – the Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

There is confidence in Russia that the MiG corporation will lift the sixth-generation fighter-interceptor into the air in the coming years. Some signs point to a huge quantum leap.

Even at the stage of experimental and scientific work on the MiG-41, in August 2018, the general director of the MiG corporation Ilya Tarasenko said that a technologically completely new aircraft will fly at speeds of Mach 4-5, that is, over 6000 km/h, and complete tasks in space.

It is known that a manned vehicle is being developed with the prospect of switching to the production of a basic unmanned version of the sixth generation MiG-41 fighter.

Judging by the design characteristics and images of the prospective aircraft, the MiG-41 fighter is created on the principle of a flying wing.

This will provide high maneuverability, stealth and cruising supersonic speed – over 4500 km/h.

It should be remembered here that the fourth-generation MiG-31 interceptor can withstand long-term dynamic and temperature loads due to the design of a robust hull consisting of 50% steel, 33% aluminum alloys and 16% titanium.


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Lone Ranger

Developement phase is already over. All the specs and tech are already set. They are gearing up for production of the first prototype. Should fly around 2025. First hypersonic interceptor in history.


Since the MiG 31 can handle all current threats, Mig41 will provide significant overall long range at very high speeds using hypersonic weapons. The west needs to build first a hypersonic missile instead on an aircraft first, something they are struggling with.

Mr T

more russian garbage, Russia is light years behind West and Chinese technology.

How many Semiconductor fabs does Russia have?


What is garbage is the F35 and American microprocessors that complicate a platform without any real benefit. Indians do not have complements to J20, they think lowly of the Chinese stealth fighter.


Declared speed for MiG-41 (so far) according to different sources is about Mach 4+. The interceptor is to fly up to lower orbit of the atmosphere and shoot down ICBM’s and satellites among other things. Thus jet must have type of engine that doesn’t need oxygen ( while flying so high ).

Lone Ranger

Russians have a tendency for understatements. For example the Mig-31 has an official top speed of Mach 2.8. In reality Greeks tracked it pushing in excess of Mach 3.2. Real top speed is around Mach 3.4+. The real question about the Mig-41 whether if it will have a ramjet or a scramjet engine. If they use a ramjet theoretical top speed is Mach 6 with an altitude of 40+km. If they decided to use a scramjet theoretical top speed is well above Mach 6 only limited by air friction and heat. Max altitude would be 50+km. Which is indeed near space sub-orbital enviroment, reentry phase for orbital vehicles is around 60km so its very close to that enviroment. Bot engines can run on extreme thin atmosphere due to their speed and air compression thats not really a problem.


I find it most puzzling that Russia is capable of producing such aircraft… Tommy Jensen and Burak Obama have assured us that the Russian economy is in tatters…how is it possible then???!

Lone Ranger

Reality is always catching up to CIA daydreams…


That is FUNNY part actually! Even “bankrupted” Russia has more bang from few bucks they invest, than US from their 700 BILLIONS every year (not to mention “black funds” and taxpayer’s money stolen by Pentagon!)

Russia is doing that just to upset those morons. They invest almost nothing and have more than US can possibly ever have back from their trillions


Russia has a very large lead in building composite materials being able to build aircraft flying at Mach 5 or 6, the Avangard HGV flying at higher or lower levels of the stratosphere.

Mr T

hardware yes they re good, electronics high technology they are bad…


Yes.. MIG-27 did Mach 3+ record long time ago. The problem was durability of the engine (sustained flight on those speeds would ruin engine immediately) So they have lowered speed limit on MiG-31 deliberately to prolong life span of the engines…

Mach-6 only if un-manned platform (maybe not for immediate future) Personally I think (guessing) that MiG-41 will be in un-manned and manned option in early stages. They will have special flying suites for supporting high-G speeds (Already testing those for SU-57 vith use of liquid oxygen instead of regular oxygen)

Yes, the speed and height are directly related, the faster they go the higher it will fly.


mig 25 reconn mode clocked over 4,000 kph over israel in the 70s. not sure what that be in mach though.


Yes. Speed is Mach 3+something. More precise that is speed under Mach 3.5 and above Mach 3 ( MiG-25 was keeping that speed only for VERY short period of time though (before burning down engine) )

Ivan Freely

High altitude fighter? I wonder if this is to also counter the US B-21 bomber. IIRC, it’s suppose to operate at extreme altitudes.


It is strictly specialized as “interceptor” (not multi-role, or air-superiority). High altitude simply because pushes the envelope of MiG-31 even further (logical since direct replacement) MiG-31 is already recorder in speed (important for interceptor), but in height as well ….can climb up to 21,500 m (above any other used fighter jet aircraft today). High altitude also because its targets are now not only aircraft but also satellites and ICBM’s (intercontinental ballistic missiles in high orbit) Yes that jet will operate in extreme altitudes against “bombers” and everything else.


B-21 is subsonic……wake up.

Mr T

high tech electronics systems are superior to West systems?

Light years behind West technology.


in that case no worries for you and your orangutan buddies from NATO….being “Light years” ahead with your mighty Flop35


‘F-35 is a Piece of xxxx’: Why Trump’s Last Defence Secretary Hated the Stealth Fighter – And Wasn’t the Only One

“the F-35 program’s record of performance has been both a scandal and a tragedy with respect to cost, schedule and performance.” https://militarywatchmagazine.com/article/f-35-is-a-piece-of-xxxx-why-trump-s-last-defence-secretary-hated-the-stealth-fighter-and-wasnt-the-only-one


It doesn’t look like a flying wing at all. Flying wings suck at maneuverability and very, very bad form for higher speeds. If anything, for hypersonic range it has to have very small wings. Published renders so far (including the one in the article) also show small wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers. Maybe the article confused its lift-body concept with flying wing config.

It will be a breakthrough for such an aircraft to fly at 6000km on a single engine [looking at you, F-35!] and external munitions on hardpoints, I wonder what radar will be placed on it’s unusual shock cone.


it is just artistic illustration that has nothing to do with real model.

it is still (top secret) they don’t want China to come out with copy of MiG-41 before they finish original MiG-41

Radar will be “photonic radar” (already in development), … engine will be 6th generation engine upgrade of “article-30” Second stage engine for SU-57 due to come out next year in full production ( next batch of SU-57 will have those 5+ generation engines)

Mr T

how much does Russia pay you?


3 rubles per hour =30 cents p.h. + free photo of Putin. …good job! best I had in years! specially compering to others… for example you’re RETARD for FREE which is much less money than I can get!

cechas vodobenikov

how much CIA pay little t to ask childish question?

Raptar Driver

I pity the (you) fool!


Garga, Hatami has put in a RFI to replace the hendi (who fuckin quit for not being given the specifications on the 117 engines nor the AESA) with Iran on the FGFA program with the Russians. Su-30SM ain’t goin cut the mustard for Iran…….Gotta be 5th gen. or no deal…….apparent from Iran’s total lack of interest in the 4++++++ until the kir go inside the koon variants on offer.


You sound over ambitious. I think that SU-30SM2 is the sweet spot between price and performance. That upgraded jet has S-117 engines and Irbis radar (from SU-35). It is called “Super Sukhoi” upgrade program in India that upgrades their 300 SU-30MKI Iran really needs licence production of SU-30-SM2 (just like India) and produce them in hundreds. License production of S-117 would cost you extra $$$$$$. In that case you would be able to build your own jets with those engines. 1st batch of the SU-57 is built with S-117 and jet can super-cruise with no problem because not to heavy. Nothing wrong with 4++++++ if they are good enough and in sufficient numbers.


I’ve been looking forward to the MiG-41, as I love the idea of a super high altitude, ultra high speed interceptor. Should be one hell of a jet.


Just like old times!

cechas vodobenikov


Fog of War

Russia can barely build enough of the 5th gen planes, or the Armata tank for instance, yet lets work on a mythical 6th generation plane. Misplaced priorities Russia ?


@Fog of .S.. h. i. t. Russia is now building 76 of SU-57 and 100 Armata tanks at the moment. and they expect to sell hundreds of those in export over the years… and if need be they will buy more for themselves so what the problem is you t.w a t?!


keep dreaming

Tommy Jensen

We have 7 generation F-45 fighters advanced invisible with ultra long range super duper roemer weapons. But we dont brag about it. We keep it stealth secret as professionals.


they are VERY INVISIBLE congrats!

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