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JUNE 2023

Detailed Look at the Battle for Aleppo City, August 24 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

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Detailed Look at the Battle for Aleppo City, August 24 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

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While the media attention was focused in the ongoing Turkish intervention in northern Syria, the Syrian government forces continued military operations against militants in southwestern Aleppo.

On Auugust 24, the Syrian army and Hezbollah, supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces, launched an offensive on Jaish al-Fateh militants in the 1070 Housing Project. According to local sources, the pro-government forces were able to seize few buildings in the area. Clashes are ongoing.

By August 24, the Syrian government is in control of about 65% of the 1070 Apartment Project. The Syrian army and Hezbollah are seeking to seize the whole area in order to set a ground for further andvances on the Hikma School. If this is succeed, it will allow the pro-government forecs to flank the militants deployed in the Ramouseh Artillery Base from the west.

Meanwhile, clashes are also ongoing in the area of the Airforce Technical College at the Ramouseh Artillery base. The pro-government forces are making attempts to intench in the northern part of the base mainly controlled by Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra). Terrorists are seeking to prevent this. Anti-government sources report that the Syrian army has lost up to 60 fighters in recent clashes there.

An important site, the Ramouseh Roundabout is de-facto a neutral zone now with no sides are able to control it. The situation there will depend on the capacity of Syrian troops to intrench in the Airforce Technical College.

The Syrian government force are under the fire:

In southern Aleppo, the pro-government forces have repelled all Jaish al-Fatah attempts to regain the strategic hill of Um Alqara. This allows the Syrian government forces to massively shell militants moving thourgh the Khan Tuman-Ramouseh Neighborhood road and continue attacks on the Armament College at the Ramouseh Artillery Base.

Detailed Look at the Battle for Aleppo City, August 24 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

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Death to Imperialism, freedom

Good.If they keep the constant tempo of advance they should be able to block the Jihadists’ supply road and maybe even completely siege the rebels again.

Jens Holm

in 2027

enemies R among us

goat fucker music warning for second vid

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