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JUNE 2023

Detailed Look At New Guided Artillery Rocket Revealed By Houthis (Video, Photos)

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On October 27, the Yemeni Missiles Force revealed in an official statement that it had developed a guided copy of the locally-made Badir-1 solid fuel artillery rocket. According to the statement, the new copy, which is named “Badir-1P,” has a circular error probable (CEP) of less than 3 meters.

“In 2018, Yemen obtained precision-guided missile capabilities, we will soon, inshallah, reveal other systems,” the Yemeni Missiles Force said in its statement.

The Yemeni al-Masirah TV reported that the Yemeni Missiles Force had carried out a series of successful tests of the new guided artillery rocket. In its most recent tests, the Badir-1P hit a camp of the Sudanese military on the western Yemen coast with great precision.

The Yemeni Missiles Force didn’t share any details about the Badir-1P. However, experts revealed that the new rocket is almost identical to the original Badir-1 but with added guidance sanction, which was installed between the soiled fuel booster and the rocket’s warhead.

Detailed Look At New Guided Artillery Rocket Revealed By Houthis (Video, Photos)

Click to see full-size image

The guidance section includes 4 moving fins to stabilize and guide the rocket to its target accurately. An access hatch was also installed in the section, likely for maintenance purposes. The rocket’s photos also showed that it uses a Soviet-made SM-63 launcher, which is a part of the S-75 Dvina air-defense system.

Detailed Look At New Guided Artillery Rocket Revealed By Houthis (Video, Photos)

Badir-1P on a SM-63 launcher, Click to see full-size image

According to experts, the Badir-1P is likely guided by an internal navigation system (INS) and some sort of a satellite navigation system such as GPS or GLONASS. As the Houthis don’t have access to military satellite navigation systems, the accuracy of the rocket is likely way less than that claimed by the Yemeni Missiles Forces.

The interdiction of the Badir-1P will likely increase the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as the Kingdom believes that the Houthis are manufacturing these weapons with direct support from Iranian experts.

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This is a very great achievement. Well done Yemen. God bless you and protect you from evil Wahhabi regime.


They are called WahaBibis , just so you know.. :)




I feel very grateful for seeing the Houthis waging the battle that most of humanity has already lost or is not willing to fight. And doing so with such courage and unbreakable Will. Hopefully they Will inspire a lot of people around the World to fight against subyugation. Now its in us to break the wall of disinformation around them.

S Melanson

The Houthis are not alone and never were, see my post above.

Hide Behind

Not to detract from Yemeni intelligance but IMO indeed they have been recieving outside technical help and guidance. Most here live within quite high and readily available hi- tech facilities but while we in the main utilize those techs how many can begin to build such by ourselves and all our immediate friends. Yemen was never noted for domestic hi tech or industrial prowess in past and when it came to military equipment they purchased it from outside sources and were, not unlike most of us, only able to operate the devices. Building rudimentry explosive devices using readily available resources is not hard but the expertice to build quality takes far greater knowledge. I personally do not think the anti saudi forces are recieving much of Iranian weaponry, because of shipping difficulties, but do nelieve they are getting one hell of a lot of technical assistance from Iranian individuals as to manufacturing and assembly. It would be much easier for Iran to smuggle small items such as electronics and computers into Yemen. Stop and figure in what above ground facility can the strong metals necessary for rocket and missile bodies to manufactured. The use of US Hi-tech satelite imagry would make even small plants to be known. Then instead of Saudi blowing up markets, schools and hospitals they using US info would be targeting such sites. In all the years of open resistance by malitia forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially of Iraq a once quite tech savvy nation, never were effective weaponry built. To those who say eell instructions could be transmitted by internet. just do not know how easy internet can haveand access denied and be monitored and controlled. Note in US how many , just 800 in last month alone, have had their websites torn down and previous info wiped out. Let alone how easy unstoppable are virus intrusions anle to kill a puter. Am glad Iran has sent man on ground to aid and assist resistance. but am worried about if it’s too late and too slow a means before superior firepower defeats them.

Promitheas Apollonious

stop worry the ones who sup[port the houthis know better than both you and the ones attacking them. By the way so you know they dont need the net to do what they doing, you do.

S Melanson

The Houthis are being helped but it is not Iran or any one nation. The opposition to hegemonic power is what binds, not national origins and they are winning. Promitheas reply is alluding to this – in a blunt manner but that is his way. Promitheas mentions they know better – they do because they understand far better our true nature while those they oppose think they understand but they have deluded themselves and so keep finding their chess moves countered and this will continue till check mate. See my post above.

S Melanson

There is no doubt the Houthis are getting assistance. Good. As for who is helping? Those that oppose hegemonic power I would say. They that oppose are not bonded by national origins, but rather by shared principles and belief in necessity of a balance of power.

The world is in the process of establishing a new world order that is multi-polar and far more balanced and stable. The attempt to establish uni-polar hegemonic power (de facto one world government) has met a growing wall of resistance that now has the upper hand. The war to re-establish balance in this world will be won, but it is not over.

The Houthis defiance to the hegemon’s coalition under conditions of extreme deprivation is to be greatly admired. The Houthis, Russian, Syrian, Iranian and many other people’s have thwarted the hegemon plans of ‘one ring to rule them all’. Will it finally sink in that humanity cannot be caged, that not everyone can be bought or corrupted. For that is our true nature.

Feudalism Victory

Well said. The houthis and their struggle for survival is indeed a barometer of our times.

Zionism = EVIL

The Yemenis going back to the Queen of Sheba era are very tough fighters and know how to use their terrain for their advantage. The border region with the Saudis is ill-defined relic of British imperialism and basically mountain terrain unsuitable for armor, the Ansarollah like Hezbollah operate in small hunter killer teams using ATGM that have taken a heavy toll of Saudi armor. Even western battlefield assessments say that the moronic Saudis have lost 60% of their armor. Most Saudi tanks and APC are driven by illiterate Bedouins of Sudanese mercenaries and the poor Senegalese are used as cannon fodder infantry that are easily ambushed by highly motivated and mobile Ansarollah units. The 3,000 Colombian drug smugglers that were recruited ran off after suffering only 150 casualties and the Saudis did not pay them.

Hisham Saber

And theses threadbare Houthi’s are dressed in beach sandals and bedsheets, armed mostly with AK-47’s, RPG’s and some IEDS’s are essentially gaining the upper hand on the Saudis and UAE’s. And they have the help of the U.S., Britain, and France, yet still, the brave warrior’s that the Houthis are, keep on fighting. They do seem to be gaining momentum in missile launches. Hezbollah, the Iranian IRGC are assisting them. They have advisors there to help the Houthis out.

Zionism = EVIL

The Yemeni military has a lot of experience with Russian/Soviet weapons going back 50 years. Yemeni military is improvising its weaponry to inflict increasing punishment on the Saudi headchopper idiots mercenary coalition. The Ansarollah like Hezbollah are now merged with the Yemeni military and have pooled their technical resources. Yemen is not a small country and has adequate pool of pretty good technicians and engineers. The Ansarollah have also captured billions of dollars worth of western supplied Saudi weaponry. The only weakness has been AD systems that will be fixed soon as Ansarollah are developing medium range domestic SAM systems based on the Soviet era SAM 6 and SA/2/5. Expect major Saudi cowards plane losses soon. Pretty soon western and Paki mercenary pilots will stop flying over Yemen, just like the Emirati idiots and Moroccan morons pulled out after their F-16’s were shot down.

S Melanson

I do not disagree and I give the Houthis the most credit even with assistance. The assistance is not to give the ability, but to help speed up developments and that is what may be happening. I suspected two years ago North Korea was getting tech help from outside as the pace of advancement of capabilities were years ahead of assessments if they did it all in-house – and it turned out they were getting help.

I also suspect some help in intel being provided. Their local knowledge they have used to advantage for sure but to me, it is as if there are times they had a crystal ball. Keep in mind help does not always translate to success – just look at how the Coalition have squandered the massive assistance given them. If the Houthis are getting assistance, they are taking full advantage of it by superb planning and execution.


However, the poor people of Yemen are facing a real holocaust, thanks to US and Saudi savagery, sanctions and blockades. Hope Iran and Russia do help the Yemenis and Hezbollah should send technical advisors as they have the added advantage of speaking Arabic.


Facebook banned the image below, on the grounds that the girl is naked?



That photo run in the New York Times has awoken America that the Yemeni war is going on and 12 to 13 million people are facing starvation. Facebook banning the photo, backfired, instead of making it disappear, it has become famous. And America has thanks to Khashoggi’s death, the Yemeni missiles and the photo become informed that their military is involved in backing this Saudi genocide. Both Mathus and Pompeo have called for a truce and peace talks.

H Eccles

re.. ‘….will likely increase the tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as the Kingdom believes that the Houthis are manufacturing these weapons with direct support from Iranian experts.’

I suppose the Saudis are manufacturing their own weapons..??

Feudalism Victory

They dont even shoot their own weapons. Mercs and some rumors of israeli pilots flying the planes.


UK, US, French and Pakistani mercenary pilots are bombing the civilians of Yemen. The Zionists do not die for anyone as Jews like goyim to die for them.


Although you’d think that if those were flying they would at least be able to hit something more then just civilians?

R Trojson

Proof positive Houthis are nothing more than Iranian lackeys. This weapon was developed in Iran. electronics came from Iran… Saudis believe they must exterminate Houthis or face the same from Iran. This will end only one way with the gradual ethnic cleansing of Houthis over the next 20 years. They will be branded terrorists on their own land. Very sad day for Yemen.


America, still milking the technology they stole from Germany at the end of WWII. Has America ever actually had an original idea?



The new american century of Jewish America brings destruction, injustice, death. Israel and America are the two heads of Satan’s snake that oppresses the world. Their Talmud calls for the destruction of those who do not submit to the chosen people. America will be destroyed like Babylon and Israel, the Jewish state, will disappear from the face of the earth, in its place there will be Palestine: State of Arabs, Jews, Christians.

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