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Footage: Destroyed ‘Humanitarian Convoy’ in Aleppo Was Embeded with Terrorist Forces

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Footage: Destroyed 'Humanitarian Convoy' in Aleppo Was Embeded with Terrorist Forces

A pickup truck with a towed large-caliber mortar & ‘humanitarian aid trucks’

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video that clearly depicts militants driving a pickup with a mortar sought cover behind the ‘aid convoy’ that was destroyed near Aleppo city.

“Analysis of the yesterday’s drone footage monitoring the movement of the aid convoy through the militant held areas helped to reveal new details,” spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, said. “The video clearly shows how the terrorists are relocating a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar.”

The video clearly sohws a militant vehicle riding alongside a line of aid trucks, and stopping right next to one of them.

On September 19, a 31-trucks humanitarian convoy was attacked while heading to Aleppo city. 20 civilians and one aid worker were killed as result of the attack. Initial mediia reports suggested that the convoy had been targeted by an airstrike (Russian or Syrian).

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Peter Jennings

The white helmets are there again. They just happen to be at the right place at the right time again, no doubt tipped off by their mates in Al-Nusra. I urge everyone to get in the face of anyone you see out on your streets collecting or otherwise for this terrorist propaganda outfit. Don’t just pass them by and do nothing, destroy their collection points disrupt their meetings and confiscate their collected money and give to a real charity that needs it.

Also where are the missile fragments? where are the impact zones?

Here is their email address: info@thesyriacampaign.org
Get busy and email this scum.

Pave Way IV

The Russians just confused the hell out of the situation by publishing this. The convoy is in frickin’ rebel-held territory. There is no law that says they can’t roll armor in, around and through the damn convoy if they want when it’s inside their territory. I would expect ANY convoy going through conflict areas to be in traffic in an around some kind of military traffic at times. There are no rules that you have to clear the roads and hide all your guns when aid convoys roll through.

So the video shows military traffic driving by and stopping next to the convoy. So Is Russia trying to say then that they DID bomb the convoy because there were legitimate military targets around it? No? Then why publish a video suggesting you had a reason to bomb it? Why make the case that the rebels were hiding behind it. It was traveling deeper into rebel territory, not threatening government areas.The damn UN convoy was loaded up in government-held areas. There was no guns or ammo hidden on it. There was no excuse to bomb it even if the rebels put a tank in front of and behind each truck while it was passing through. If Russia actually fell for this bait and are hinting they did bomb the convoy for any reason, then they are 1) stupid as hell and 2) guilty of war crimes.

I’m just amazed at why they would try to make the convoy look suspicious with this video. Either they bombed it or they didn’t. You don’t deny it and then show a video and hint that you could have had a reason to bomb it (but you didn’t – honest!). It’s confusing.

Manuel Chrut

Oh good, then it’s not only me that thinks this information makes little sense..

Random guy

I think they are trying to say that rebels did the bombing. And there are reports that UN has changed their statement from “airstrike” to “We are not in a position to determine whether these were in fact airstrikes”.
I don’t know if it is true or not. But the timing is definitely interesting, right after US controversial attack on Syrian army.

Manuel Chrut

I don’t understand what are the implications of this? We see a military pickup driving by the convoy, then stopping and then the video cuts. Does this prove that the pickup was _part_ of the convoy? I don’t think so. Were they trying to hide the pickup by covering it behind the convoy? Unlikely, they cannot possibly think that could work, with all the drones flying around.

I don’t know what message I should take from this.

Random guy

It means that they think it is done by the rebels.

Manuel Chrut

Really? I don’t see the connection, at least not from this single article.

Random guy

Since UN has changed their statement from “airstrike” to “We are not in a position to determine whether these were in fact airstrikes”, Russians are probably implying that US has organised the attack to get the attention off their controversial attack on Syrian army.

Manuel Chrut

Thank you for replying.

Random guy


Jens Holm

Well look at a map. its at the borderline between Nusra and FSA – well about. Could be. …Might.

Doom Sternz

Also the humanitarian cargo went BOOM, so it was carrying weapons as cargo.

Manuel Chrut

Can you link the source? I can find only some pictures of the destroyed trucks, from which I cannot infer the cause of damage.

Gabriel Hollows

This basically suggests the UN was arming the terrorists (which I don’t find all that surprising)…

Manuel Chrut

If they were arming the terrorists, wouldn’t they try to hide the weapons inside the trucks? Or do you think the SAA would not notice a heavy mortar pickup driving happily with the convoy?

“Halt! No weapons are allowed to pass into the city!”
“But I’m with the humanitarian convoy.”
“Oh sorry, keep going…”

Jens Holm

Just fell into Your comment. White helmets are an aid group for the NON Assads – and not UN.

Therefore they also give – or gave ISIS food, medicine a.s.o.

But it seems also to have a more dirty side (I think so is true), by helpig with military as well as political matters incl.misleading(propaganda). Might even be weapon.

Red half moon is OK too and give mainly to Assad civilians – as I see it.

Thats my subjektive oppinion just passing by.

You therefore could see it as sabotage by fire burning Nusra help by FSA or the opposite way. Might even being and sneeking ISIS doing that in Hijab. Easy to make fire migt be helped by some amateur explosion burning fast instead.

Kristy Rain

here you go, Precious. proof that white helmets are bad guys. second video is very damning indeed. spread the word! ♡



Jens Holm

So what. As I see it the main reason for them are/were to give all opposition better supply lines and especially civilians.

Im not defending them.

But try – just try – to compare with Assad taking all – 100% – help from UN, EU and 40 NGO`s for only his side of the conflict.

They are a mix – Kaida, Nusra, ISIS, FSA, whatever….figting among each other too.

Im still for, we should make a fence west of Bosperus only letting oil out and food in.

To me the main mistake was, is and are, that Russians keep Assads up, those fat rats keeoing 30% down.

Of course Im not for Kaidas as well as ISIS. The more I know about FSA and Turks its same thing.

I only have some – some – symphaty for kurds trying to stay their own and neutral defending only themselves as the small ones.

Remember to clean the mirror after spitting Kaida.

Kristy Rain

the white helmets are just Nusra with white plastic hats. the arent supposed to be armed. but they ar3.
they arent supposed to kill but they do.
thr0ey say theyarent taking money from mqjor governments. they get 23 million a month from my government.

this is how you fund a terrorist organization; give it a facelift, change thebname to something seemingly innocuous but good, add some clean sparkling and *glowing* PR, presto! nownyou can give stacks of money and heaps of praise upon these ‘noble heroes’

unlike those last ‘heroes’ praised by mccain who ended up executing unarmed pows, eating human organs, and taking leadership of the most ruthless groups in the region. all with american tax payer dollars. all while leople are shown these heart breaking, tear jerking moments of whitr helmet heroism… judt remember to edit out thr beheadings, firing squad executions, torturing, and beheadings of children.

Jens Holm

Nice isnt it. I dont know if Assads are armed or not, but they have until the boycut taken all help to everybody civilian in the country.

Thats better. Well thats a political matter, but its also a political matter we send help by conventions by UN and others like red cross and NGO`s to help all civilians.

So I dont by Your argumentation – Well I do with some of it,

You use the same old shit about being a taxpayer. Well we all are, even the poor people pay tax, when they buy things, and there are many of them with small amounts each and everyone.

Might be Your last name should be snow, dark or ice. Might be You should include state terorism. But all Your heroes are nice looking guys and girls bombing Aleppo, Homs right now.

Assads are well known for longs lists of jail, torture, dissapeerences, deportations, taken citicenships away from many, gas and artilleryfire and no very needed reforms about it. Its a majority rule, where 30% of the population(incl.kurds) hasnt same humans rights as the 70 in their tribes.

You might redefine, what terror is, if You can.

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