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“Destroyed” And “Collapsed” Al-Quds Hospital In East-Aleppo Receives 46 Patients

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"Destroyed" And "Collapsed" Al-Quds Hospital In East-Aleppo Receives 46 Patients

Screenshot from washingtonpost.com

Originally appeared at MoonOfAlabama

Airstrike destroys Syrian hospital amid fears of ‘catastrophic’ turn in fighting, Washington Post, April 28 2016

An onslaught of airstrikes in rebel-held areas of the Syrian city of Aleppo has killed scores anddestroyed a hospital supported by international aid groups, activists and humanitarian workers said Thursday, prompting the United Nations to warn of a “catastrophic deterioration” that could intensify an already dire humanitarian crisis.

Airstrikes Wednesday night collapsed a hospital supported by …

[..] it was the hospital raid late Wednesday that was likely to have the most devastatinghumanitarian impact, U.N. and other aid officials said.Al-Quds hospital in Aleppo’s al-Sukkari neighborhood had an emergency room, an intensive-care unit and eight doctors and 28 nurses on staff, Doctors Without Borders said. It was “well known locally,” the organization said on its Twitter account Thursday.

At least 14 patients and medical staffers — including three doctors — were killed when the hospital was hit by a “direct” strike, the aid group said. One of the doctors was Mohammed Waseem Maaz, Aleppo’s last pediatrician, activists said. Another was a dentist.

Chlorine attack deepens fears among besieged Aleppo residents, Washington Post, September 8 2016

The Syrian government dropped a bomb containing chlorine on a besieged neighborhood in the city of Aleppo on Tuesday, heightening fears among people who are cut off from the outside world and unable to escape, according to residents and hospitals in the area.

A statement from the al-Quds hospital, which received 46 of the patients, said that all were suffering from breathing difficulties and that “a strong smell of chlorine emanated from their clothes.”

So the “destroyed” and “collapsed” Al-Quds hospital in east-Aleppo has been rebuild during intense fighting in the area? And it is big enough to take 46 patients? It is also very well equipped? A picture in Washington Post shows a youngster in the “Al-Quds hospital” with a breathing mask. Next to him are five electronic infusion pumps. More expensive medical electronic equipment is visible in the background. This, supposedly, in an area that is besieged, has no electricity, is under constant bombing and with no access to the outer world?

Also: Isn’t it astonishing that the Syrian government always launches these “chlorine attacks” shortly after the “rebels” suffered a military defeat? Or are these attacks, claimed only by the “rebels”, a propaganda diversion from their military defeats?

(Note also this oddity: Months after “Aleppo’s last pediatrician” was killed, as claimed in the first piece above, six (killed?) pediatricians from east-Aleppo signed a letter to U.S. president Obama.)

The “White Helmets”, on whos reports both the above WaPo pieces are based, received $60 million from the U.S., UK and other governments for their public relations work. For such high expenses we taxpayers should demand more consistent propaganda.

Or should we demand that news organization, for which we as consumers also pay, hire writers who are competent and of integrity. Real journalists who debunk, instead of promote, obvious bullshit like those “Al-Quds hospital” fairy tales above.

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Carol Davidek-Waller

Syria shipped all its chemical weapons out of the country some time ago. There s no proof that government forces ever used chemical weapons nor any motivation when they are obviously winning. There is substantial evidence that the rebels have resorted to this sort of illegal and immoral attack when they are losing and that they try to pin it on the legitimate government or the Russians.

Tom Johnson

They moved the Hospital, but the Russians will bomb this one as well.

sadd sadsad22

last time i checked the US was grilled by UN for bombing hospitals not russia

Tom Johnson

Check again and post your source, because you are mistaken.


you are correct it wasent in Syria it was in Afganistan


Nobody cares about anyone bombing hospitals or women and children in syria anymore…

The boy king obama has made it so with silence….

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