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Destination Ukraine (Part Two): Will Poland Go Rogue?

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Destination Ukraine (Part Two): Will Poland Go Rogue?

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Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley. Read Destination Ukraine (Part One) … The Ignorance Of War

Important factors have come into play this past week as reported from the streets here in Warsaw.

While NATO, the US military and Ukrainian president Zelensky have to this point been thwarted by the nuclear realities in their goal of fomenting World War III in Ukraine it may be that Poland, due to its own ulterior motives, will do the dirty work on their behalf.

NATO member countries and the political leaders of each have expressed very public reticence towards crossing into Ukrainian territory with their national armies. Zelensky’s whistle-stop tour this past week in attempting to solicit the support of these same leaders by shaming them publicly has almost universally fallen on deaf ears, if not created indignation amongst each nation’s media, a media that seems to be quickly turning on Zelensky himself. As mentioned in the recent article, “Destination Ukraine: The Ignorance of War,” it is media derived popular support for war that is essential to furthering NATO goals. To lose that support means peace.

NATO has rarely stood for peace.

However, the singular exception to this sudden western coup that now seems ready to cast Zelensky aside and force him to accept the Russian proposals for peace is Poland.

Judging by the established reports coming from the Donbas of Eastern Ukraine, NATO has mere days to stir the pot of war away from peace via some manner of sudden escalation that will thus allow NATO to enter Ukraine. Yesterday, Mariupol fell to Russian troops and the remains of the Azov battalion and its generals there are surrounded. The Russian goal of the liberation of the Donbas including Donetsk and Luhansk is now only a matter of days away.

While some reporters suggest that the impetus to draw NATO onto Ukrainian soil may come from Germany or via a bio-weapons attack orchestrated by American military bio-weapons interests discovered there, the more likely player may be right here: Poland.

After five days here in Warsaw this allegation of Poland’s ulterior motive came to my attention first by my translator Andrew and was confirmed during one of my many interviews with local citizens.

Often the most important story is right before one’s eyes and materializes only when paying close attention while attentively walking the streets.

If Poland is not held in check by its NATO brethren, this war is far from over.


It was announced two weeks ago that faux-US president Joe Biden would be visiting NATO member countries and the HQ in Brussels to stir up what has been so far a lacklustre- by US standards- support for Ukraine. However, his trip at that time did not include Poland.

Strangely, the news reported that Biden would suddenly be making a speech in Warsaw. Why?

Before arriving in Warsaw, Biden, on March 25 used his first Polish stop to visit the troops of the 82nd Airborne Division, one of America’s elite military divisions currently based in Rzeszow. They are part of the 10,000 US servicemen already here. I have seen these troops here in Warsaw marching together on the streets near Warsaw’s Central Station.

In keeping with Barack Obama’s warning, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up,” while sitting with the 82nd for pizza and a photo op, Biden did exactly that before finishing his first slice. Referring to the situation in Ukraine and presumably US boots on the ground there, in a moment worthy of the 25th Amendment, said Biden with his chemical grin,

 “You’re going to see when you’re there.”

Within minutes, the collective energies of the US State Dept. were in overdrive denying Biben’s faux-pas and attempting to explain it away. But the words stuck. Especially with the Poles.

Next, on Saturday in Warsaw, Biden appeared before a packed outdoor crowd and delivered a very forcefully pro-war speech. There is no space in this article to challenge this speech for what it was:  factually inept. Other journalists will surely take on this task since virtually every sentence was a crafted distortion of history and the on-scene realities of this war to date. It was obviously designed to continue popular Polish enthusiasm for this war, and likely, according to the streets, much more.

But, it was just before the Teleprompter scrolled to a close that Biden, raising his voice and holding his fists and eyes to the heavens, stated to the now rabid crowd,

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,”

Washington and NATO leaders again immediately scrambled to deny this outrageous call for regime change in Russia and explain that it was not so.

The singular exception was Poland. Why?

It should be remembered that just before Biden’s arrival Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski had offered a Polish idea to Washington. Poland would send a tranche of 28 Russian MIG-29s to Germany so that US pilots could then fly them to airbases within Ukraine. This was not very funny on many levels. For many good reasons, this was summarily rejected by Washington, since this Polish ploy would trigger WWIII.

But Kaczynski was not finished with crafting further lunacy in an attempt to hide its possible ulterior motive, beyond that of driving a NATO entry into the war.

Two weeks ago Kaczynski offered that Poland now intended to seek NATO permission to send its military to the Ukrainian city of Lviv in order to establish humanitarian corridors that would allow Ukrainian refugees who were escaping west to safely enter Poland. There are many problems with this, but the most important, beyond NATO Article 5, is that Lviv is not on the Polish/ Ukrainian border as many western reporters have claimed. Lviv sits eighty kilometres to the east, firmly inside Ukrainian territory.

Lviv’s true proximity makes Kaczynski’s claim of “humanitarian” efforts as duplicitous as was his offer of used Russian fighters the week before. If this was done, and should a single Polish military member be attacked, injured or killed by Russian forces- allegedly or under false pretences, Article 5 would require NATO to immediately enter the war on behalf of defending, not Ukraine, but Poland!

NATO, again, rejected this madcap plan for obvious reasons. Kaczynski did not. Why?

Reports from the refugees, aid agency workers and journalists who have been embedded in Lviv have told this reporter that although they have seen and heard bombings and rocket strikes in and around Lviv, they have not witnessed or reported any civilian targets being hit or any civilian casualties. The mayor of Lviv confirmed this publicly in a post on Telegram this past Saturday after his city took at least six strikes on Friday night just hours after Biden’s war-torn speech in Warsaw while Kaczynski sat watching in the wings.

Have the Russians also been listening to the streets?

While I Prowled the streets of Warsaw talking to as many people who either spoke English or Polish within the time that my excellent translator Andrew could provide to me, the answer to this most important question, “why Poland?” became more clear.

A Deputy Prime Minister’s Iron Hand

Jaroslaw Kaczynski is deputy prime minister of Poland and leader of the Law and Justice (PiS) party. According to those I spoke with he is far more powerful behind the scenes in Poland than current Prime Minister Andrezej Duda and exercises a strong, almost authoritarian hand over parliamentarians and particularly all things military.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s twin brother, Lech Kaczynski, was formerly the President but died in a plane crash at Smolensk, Russia, in 2010 along with many other Polish political and military leaders. Evidence indicated this crash was indeed an accident, but in the current Kaczynski’s mind it was a Russian hit, hence he detests all things Russian, in particular Vladimir Putin.

The current plot thickened when, on March 15 from Kyiv, Ukraine Kaczynski stated,

“I think that it is necessary to have a peace mission—NATO, possibly some wider international structure—but a mission that will be able to defend itself, which will operate on Ukrainian territory.”

Kaczynski’s NATO offering called for sending 10,000 NATO troops from the member states to cross the Polish border and occupy Lviv while also imposing a no-fly zone. Like his first offer of MIG-29s NATO turned it down flat. But Kaczynski may go it alone.

During my many interviews with Ukrainian refugees who had arrived from Kyiv and many other western cities and towns via Lviv and then onwards to Warsaw, only one reported being accosted by any of the limited military factions roaming western Ukraine. Ana, with her small son and daughter, had made it out of Kyiv by train in the dead of night just past 2 AM. The train had all its lights out and moved slowly westward. Suddenly, several windows of the train were shot out by rifle fire. This caused all aboard to hit the deck. Fortunately, no other shots were fired and the train and her family made it safely to Lviv and then on to Warsaw.

Regarding the journey from Lviv to the Polish border, I did not speak to anyone who had problems along the way. Humanitarian aid flows in regularly while refugees flow out. To the East, it is quite another matter.

So, Kaczynski’s desire to provide “safe passage” corridors seems merely a ruse to serve other intentions. Why?

Regardless, Polish President Andrzej Duda vetoed his idea as NATO did as well.

According to the Poles I spoke with, Duda and Kaczynski do not agree very much regarding Polish military matters. However, it is Kaczynski who has the real power in Poland which he has built up over many years. Reportedly he has contempt for Duda and works behind his back to affect his agenda. It is the ulterior motive here in Poland that some that I interviewed think may see Kaczynski effect his “Humanitarian Effort” regardless of NATO approval which Duda demanded, but Kaczynski does not think is essential.

Considering Bidens rhetoric that whipped those Poles in attendance into a frenzy on Friday night, this speech certainly served Kaczynski’s agenda, not that of peace.

To understand the possible entry of Poland it is important to consider the last ten years under Kaczynski’s ever-growing power. Certainly, he is far more aligned with the war hawks of NATO than Duda which should not be surprising.

Poland, under Kaczynski’s tutelage, has declared that it wishes to be the strongest military power in Central Europe. In 2020 the Polish government pledged to “radically increase” the country’s defence capabilities and to expand the Polish Armed Forces to a staggering 300,000 personnel. Current numbers are, respectively, 113,000 regular active servicemen and women and 32,000 TDF, the equivalent to the National Guard.

Kaczynski has declared this expansion a state of emergency in national defence saying,

“The security conditions have deteriorated so much that Poland, as a frontline state, has no choice but to radically re-arm itself and become one of the best European armies…”

Accordingly, Poland now plans to increase defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2026, using a funding scheme that includes bonds, loans and leasing options. The PiS-led cabinet already is among NATO’s top spenders (2.2% of GDP in 2022). This year’s military spending stands at 57.7 billion zlotys, or 12.5 billion euros, which will consume 12 per cent of the country’s budget.

As stated by the Defence Ministry, the military modernisation plan until 2035 has a price tag of 524 billion zlotys (115 billion euros), but details have not been made public. The increased spending also does not require parliamentary approval, let alone a referendum, even for the largest procurement items. All that is required is the signature of Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, one of Kaczynski’s right-hand men.

Blaszczak has routinely signed purchasing requests that include “made in the USA”. Patriot air and missile defence systems, F-35 stealth fighters, HIMARS rocket launchers, Black Hawk helicopters (made in Poland by Lockheed Martin) and even used MRAP vehicles from Afghanistan, all since becoming defence minister in 2018.

An Abrams tank procurement, that has recently arrived, will be the most substantial so far at a cost of 23 billion zlotys (5 billion euros). Tank warfare is perfect for the flatlands of Western Ukraine. In all this, Blaszczak is clearly making Poland dependent on Washington.

Poland’s Ulterior Motive?: The Lviv Connection

760 years old, Lviv City is situated on the crossing of two profitable ancient trade routes. It developed and flourished rapidly and became one of the main trade centers of medieval Europe. It is reportedly a beautiful city full of the architecture of many influences including Austrian, Ukrainian and Polish since at various times in history all three laid claim to Lviv.

Lviv became part of Ukraine when taken by the Ukrainians from Austria in November 1918 with the creation of the West-Ukrainian People’s Republic and the unification with Great Ukraine. But Lviv became Polish from 1919 to 1939 and Polish culture via immigration put a Polish stamp forever on Lviv that remains strong today. This takeover only served to intensify the resistance of the Ukrainians and consolidate them in the fight for a return of Lviv to Ukrainian sovereignty.

In September 1939, as a result of collusion between Stalin and Nazi Germany, Lviv became a part of the Soviet empire and with Ukraine being a USSR satellite it was returned to Ukraine under the terms of the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement.

Here lies the rub, or possibly Kaczynski’s ulterior motive in repeatedly dangling a means for NATO to enter Ukraine during the past few weeks.

The Poles have never been happy with the Soviet land grab that included Lviv and this is yet another reason they detest all things Russian. In talking with several Poles they would like to see Lviv returned to Poland, but the reality that this would require war has meant that it was just not worth the sacrifice.

But a return of Lviv has always remained in mind. This was evidenced in 2018 when a fringe Polish political party, The Confederation of Independence and Freedom Party,  managed its historic and largest, yet relatively insignificant, number of seats in the Polish Parliament. Part of their platform is the return of Lviv. Certainly, these parliamentarians do not have the influence to drive Poland to war, but their platform does indeed show that the return of Lviv remains firmly in the minds of the Poles and their politicians.

Until a month ago such grand designs were opposed due to the need for a war to accomplish them. Now, that war is on the border and for the opportunists who may wish to reap the spoils of this war this may be their moment of opportunity. According to the streets, Kaczinsky himself sees this war as a chance not seen since the annexation of 1939.

Should NATO or the Polish military enter Ukraine via Polish borders the eighty kilometres to Lviv will be breached in a matter of hours since there is very little available Ukrainian defence with all forces dedicated already eastwards. Similar to 1939 the Polish/ Ukraine border could be redrawn once the current war turns into an armistice.  Possession being 9/10th of the law during any ceasefire, this advent could see Lviv sit again on newly re-marked Polish soil.

Cease-Fire? Or, Not?

When closely examining the news that a cease-fire and peace negotiation are going well, this is as much a lie as the war has brought to bear so far. The news seems more designed to placate Wall Street and the current economic disasters of war rather than accurate reporting.

Yes, negotiations in Turkey has seen both sides sit down together but news that the Russian contingent has “accepted” Ukraine terms turn fact on its head while at the same time torturing the definition of the word.

The Ukrainian terms are laughable and it is not possible that Russia will approve them since to do so is an admission of defeat and a waste of military, political and human capital that would shame Russia before the world community. Its citizens who have been watching the body bags pile up for thirty- four days would be outraged.

It is far more accurate to say that the Russian contingent has received the Ukrainian proposals and is laughing all the way back to Moscow for further instructions. It is important to note that Russia, beyond its oft-repeated terms for a cease-fire has not at this point, delivered its own proposal to the Ukrainian side.

The Russian response will most certainly be summed up by using only the sixth and twenty-first letters of the English alphabet.

In the meantime, Russian troops will be getting R&R while resupplying and thankfully so will the refugees across Eastern Ukraine. As to the Ukrainian military, they will remain surrounded or under siege across the Donbas from Mariupol, to Luhansk, to Donetsk.

Meanwhile, NATO will continue to attempt to find an avenue for legitimizing its escalation and entry into Ukraine.

For the reasons stated on the streets of Warsaw and in this article, it is more than mere conjecture that the “Hot Phone” sitting on the desk of Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski may soon be ringing off the hook!


Dedication: For Andrew. (Proof that good never rests until the evils of war a vanquished.)

Author’s Note: This is Part Two to my multi-part series coming from the conflict zones and refugee camps of Poland,  Russia, Crimea and Ukraine. Please help spread the word by posting each on social media of your choice. Peace!

About the Author: Brett Redmayne-Titley has spent the last decade travelling and documenting the “Sorrows of Empire.” He has authored over 200 articles all of which have been published and often republished and translated by news agencies worldwide. An archive of his many articles can be found at watchingromeburn.uk. He can be contacted at live-on-scene ((@))gmx.com


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Poland should be flooded with immigrants from Africa and Afghanistan.


Russian politician wants to add Poland, Kazakhstan and the Baltics to the list of countries needing “denazification”. https://twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews/status/1507812416347906051

You are an anti-White scumbag on page with the jew’s White genocide agenda. You are showing your true colours, you cannot figure out how jewish controlled Russia and China are in league with the global elite that scapegoats Whites for third world problems.

Not unlike the term “diversity”, “denazification” is also only a codeword for White genocide. You idiotically conflate the jewish dominated west with “Nazism” and “White supremacy” because you are a naive savage without any understanding of causality.

You have no problem with imperialism or colonization, as long as you are the one doing it. You are essentially proving that racially conscious Whites were always right about you and your assorted ilk.

Since you never bother to actually investigate what they wrote and said from any first and secondhand sources, you always allow a middleman to do the thinking for you.

You fantasize about a new Golden Horde in league with the Muslims and negroes, a worldwide Eurasian empire that will give the jews greater freedom to enslave all humanity and fulfill their supremacist schemes disguised as self-fulfilling prophecies.

“Tikkun Olam” is the Jew’s “messianic” scheme to appropriate the legacy of the Aryans and take their place and become the new Brahmin class, a priesthood that cannot be questioned and must be obeyed.



Last edited 11 months ago by Gunth3r

after nazi humiliation Soviet soldiers improved German genetic code




Last edited 11 months ago by Gunth3r

Get your fucking nazi hands off our Lauburu, Indoeuropean racist scum!


Why the frack moderators never remove this idiot and his infantile cartoons?


Nazis above all else are a gang of thieves, vandals and murderers to Hinduism starting with stealing one of their sacred symbols, the Swastika and permanently associating it with the mass murder and genocide of Russians.

The same clowns today saying ‘IStandWithUkraine’ are by proxy choosing to stand with the genocidal cult. They also stand for a racist global Kristalnacht against Russians and banning them from all sports including FIFA and Formula 1, a most shameful episode of the human race since the end of the Cold War.


What for? To reexport them westwards? Poland is a working force exporter, nobody wants to go to Poland, not even Afghans.


Yeahhh… right.. tell it to 5 milion Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians living there in Poland… not to mention 300000 Westerners who decided to move to Poland ;)


You must mean with the several million just arrived Ukrainian refugees, most of which are tyring to move further to the West. 300,000 “Westerners” in Poland? I find hard to believe unless it’s soldiers.

Tom Bombastadillo

I suspect that in most cases, their company sent them there and they had little choice but to go. No one dreams of sunbathing in Poland like they dream of sunbathing in California.


It’s not the real figure. Just browsed for data and the largest “Western” immigrant community in Poland are Germans (20,500) followed at a large distance by Italians (8,500) and Britons (6,600), there’s no way it adds up to 300,000.

Also the figure for Ukrainians is (or rather was in February 1) 244,200, Belarussians are only 28,800 and Russians a mere 12,700. This is very distant from “5 million”.

However it seems true that Poland is a net immigrant nation but not at all by the figures claimed by “Oy!”

Arzt Injektion

The Lukashenko hammer!!! Do not fight wars with missiles, fight them with Migrants!

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

Migration is a plan our overlords, the Jews have set in motion. The Zionists want to destroy, not build. Jewish Zionists love being masters over most areas. Really want to take over the government in the countries where they lack power.

Last edited 11 months ago by Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك
F**k you Dibby



I would dump western Ukraine to Poland, polaks will denazify them better than the Russians ever could.

John Tosh

Third World War cannot be stopped. The consequences of WW3 are ugly but the world needs a a war to free itself from the criminal gang of intelligence officials and financiers who have controlled the planet for over 60 years.

Here is my prediction for the outcome of WW3

1. The USA will CEASE TO EXIST. Remember to quote me on this. Many historians in the future will

2. Moscow will be attacked with multiple nuclear weapons. A new city called New Moscow will be built in the future. 3. The G7 countries will fragment. 5. China will join the battle late in the process using foot soldiers who will overrun what is left of the USA 6. Over three billion people will die from radiation fallout, starvation, diseases and extreme weather change. 7. China will join forces with Russia and a collection of other countries to run the planet.

8. Close to one thousand years of peaceful development will follow.

9. We are the cursed generation who will see the very beginning of hardship. Our grand children will have a better world, with less people and green areas that are radioactive to humans but good to plants.


We can only hope so!


8. If there is another 1000 years left of mans rule on this planet then God doesn’t exist.

There is no point in letting your garden grow up in weeds when it is no longer producing any good fruit. It needs to be tilled under.


The consequences of WWIII are utter extinction of Humanity and basically every other species and back to (in the best case) rat stage of evolution. WWIII cannot happen, if it does we are totally fucked.


Jesus, how deluded are you!

Tom Bombastadillo

I agree. John Tosh has little faith in humanity.

a passer by

This is a very fine piece of journalism! Kudos to you Mr. Brett Redmayne-Titley.


nope a significant error in how NATO treaty works. NATO defense article only kicks in on NATO territory. Polish soldiers in Ukraine, outside NATO, would be on their own. NATO does not come to help France every time one of its soldiers in Africa dies.

hans raus

Poland dont need western ukraine, western ukraine need a lot of investment to be on EU level.Poland is one of fastest growing economy in world but still dont think they can handle to deal with mess in western ukraine. However, seems like Poland will replacament for germany as main military base in europe for US and nato troops. There is plan to bouild huge base in poland and smaller in romania.

Last edited 11 months ago by hans raus

Poland has been growing fast because it’s been pampered and privileged by everyone but very especially the Anglos. Poland is by design the European Israel: the rogue state that will do everything in this case to destroy Russia and, one way or another, restore the Greater Poland idea (incl. Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia), much like Israel is by design an enemy of the Arabs, their dreams of unity and progress.

Poland is anyhow a country of emigration: it’s not doing well, people do not mass-emigrate from a properly performing country.


Poland performed marvellously for the Anglos in 1939, waiting for the French and British cavalry to bail them out. The British did literally nothing and the French turned around and went home after a 20km drive into the barely defenced German west. The Poles are a little like the Galicians in that weird historical beliefs seem to oughtweight reasoned analysis of geo-political and geo-strategic factors.


I was talking about today, from the 80s onwards, when the Spanish naval industry was dismantled so Walesa and his Catholic union cadres could keep his job. My uncle lost his job and was unemployed for a decade or so because of that. I did not realize then but on hindsight it was all to aid Poland. Today Poland remains outside the Eurozone but inside Schengen area, they should have switched to the euro a decade ago but they didn’t and noboy has sanctioned them for that. Etc.

Poland was by Reagan design the key “New Europe” battering ram against the USSR first and against Russia now.


Are you really an idiot or just pretending to be?


Do I have to even bothering replying to such a blatant one-liner insult? Go back to your mum and learn to behave respectfully first, troll.


Poles are coming back on a mass scale – the only reason for migration was opportunity to earn more in UK or Germany. Poles did it whilst building they own homes back in Poland


Hope you’re right. In any case I’m certain that Polish economic growth is largely based on the illegal privilege of not having adopted the euro, which I resent deeply because it means that Poland is abusing the rest of the EU in terms economic.


false halfwit—poland and baltic only survive on remittances

Hungary Guy

Belarus Army will move in then to step in their way- to avoid Nuclear War. If that’s not enough to wisen up whmerican ass- licker Polaks- Russia will send them some hypersonics

Franz Beckenbauer

That huge gas field right across the polish border in ukraine might play an insignificant role as well.


I do not see Biden throwing Z away at this time ,this is the last gasp of the NWO ,falling into economic decay but the endgame likely will be Russia in control of the east and some coalition in the west but who can know the future Biden has a bag of tricks and wants a protracted bleeding of Russia.


This is all a delaying tactic while the US frantically tries to prevent Belt-Road and the loss of Europe from their empire. Shit will likely get weirder as the US gets more desperate, failing with increasing velocity.

Tom Bombastadillo

The US would do just fine all by itself if it would just stay home and stop wasting money abroad trying to ‘rule the world’. The US does not need Europe or anyone else, but the huge, corrupt US MIC makes a very fine living off of all of the global strife.

If the central bankster system and its infinite fake money were done away with, the US MIC would quickly wither away. No one nor any nation can actually afford all of that stuff.

US national debt to interest-stealing central banksters: $31 trillion.


About 4 times in the last 100 years Poland has gotten all excited about going on a bus ride. Real excited with the glitter of good times in their eyes… But… A real miscommunication, they were going to be thrown UNDER the bus…. They never could understand that… and now they are trying to throw themselves under the bus.


Maybe Galicia could be a neutral buffer state.


It is unbelievable, where does Southfront keep getting these clowns from, take this model; it already starts by saying, again, 15th time in 21 days that Mariupol has fallen? Russia has asked for capitulation three times already and has not received it. Chechen claim to make great progress but have been posting photos of their heroic deeds from the same street corner for 14 days. But this compliant Putin worshipper’s ignorance and incompetence goes further. He makes us aware of a POSSIBLY belligerent politician from Poland, who could POSSIBLY risk invading Ukraine. He virtuoso describes the attitude, vision and behaviour of a Putin in the making. While he ignores the real dictator, the real aggressor, who really went to war with a peace-loving neighbour. How does one call that ostrich policy, cowardice? In the fringe he then has to try to sell a humane Russian war while we all know and see that Russia is not waging a humane war at all. The message to watch out for a possible future warmongering dictator is there only to support another effective aggressor who is killing. You can visualise the message like this. “Beware of pedophiles says the pedophile to the little girl while his hand slides under her dress.”

Tom Bombastadillo

Bombarding Donbass for 8 years does not make Ukraine any sort of “peace loving neighbor”.

And keep your filthy hands off of the kids ….


Polacy są przeciwko wojnie z Rosją, jesteśmy za pokojem Rosjanie to nasi bracia, Ukraina z Banderą mordowała naszych ludzi, to neonaziści. Polski rząd nie reprezentuje woli polaków! Niechcemy NATO i jesteśmy za Rosją! Swała Słowianom !!!!


Lecz się człowieku


To jakieś bzdury polaków nie interesuje Lwów, to historia tam polaków już nie ma! Nikogo nie interesują kresy. Ukraińcy są ludzie dzici neonaziści, mają swoje problemy my swoje, w ten konflikt miesza nas NATO i UE, polacy niechcą UE ani NATO, naszymi braćmi są Rosjanie. Rząd działa antypolsko!

Tommy Jensen

Poland is a buffer nation and always will be a buffer nation. Buffer nation is in the Polish gene. They have done it so many times before. Just let the British guarantee Poland’s security and the Polish Government, and people will jump around like cockroaches and do everything to please US and Britain. EVERYTHING.


What British government? That one from Londonistan? You moron have no idea what is happening around. As in US same in Poland, government don’t represent people, government represents zionist overlords. FU

Last edited 11 months ago by Stan
Masker Of Mariupol

“Just let the British guarantee Poland’s security and the Polish Government, and people will jump around like cockroaches and do everything to please US and Britain.”

LOL, very true. Dumb Polack jokes exist for a reason.

Tom Bombastadillo

Well, to be more accurate, both Poland and Ukraine tend to play doormat between warring powers. It’s really no reflection on the people: flat lands at geographical crossroads tend to lend themselves to such.


This article is full of factual mistakes. First Duda is president not prime minister, Morawiecki is PM, and so on…


yep. NATO defense article only kicks in on NATO territory. Polish soldiers in Ukraine, outside NATO, would be on their own,

Last edited 11 months ago by Leviathan

This article is a nonsense, thats all


I am not certain, but I am thinking that Article 5 does not cover NATO troops that are in other countries conflicts. Article 5 covers NATO troops that are within their own borders and then are attacked. That is why NATO does not enter into Syria when US troops are engaged with Russian troops.


former ukraine—crimea, Donbass, Mariupol now Russia—ucrappy now begs—they claim negotiation. Russia replies; “no beggar”. after ucrappy degraded to medieval infrastructure and it is depopulated to medieval level surrender will be acceptable….moron nazi hillbilly must seek therapy from drug dealer in alabama cesspool

Last edited 11 months ago by Yuri
Tom Bombastadillo

You certainly know an awful lot about American hillbillies, don’t you! /s


Poland is a home of Free Slavs

Masker Of Mariupol

Free Slaves? Cool, I’d like a few to clean my toilets.

Tom Bombastadillo

It’s what the overpriced Brits are doing with them at least.


Southfront – you are manipulated lemmings, with certain word banned from this forum. What are you afraid of?


BTW the ignorant who wrote this nonsense article can’t even choose a flag which represent Poland…

Tom Bombastadillo

Chalk it up to “innocents abroad”.


Poland never wanted any Ukrainian city! This is Soviets dirty lie! Poland is today the World capital and home of all free Slavs – I hope once our Russians brother remove soviets from government you will join us!

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x