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Desperate Shenanigans of the Montenegrin Government that Prove the Support for NATO isn’t Higher than 30%

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A commonplace of pro-NATO policy: If you don’t have enough support, just lie about it!

Desperate Shenanigans of the Montenegrin Government that Prove the Support for NATO isn't Higher than 30%

Jovan Vučurović

This article originally appeared at IN4S, translated by Slavko Kovačević exclusively for SouthFront

With many rigged polls, by which the percentage of NATO support is being pumped up sky high, having shown fruitless, the Government and their coordination center for NATO invented new frauds, said spokesman of the New Serbian Democracy Party, Jovan Vučurović.

He cites how the persuasive promoters of this alliance made a decision to use everything within their means to reach their goals and they are eagerly used fraudulence to intimidate people.

Not only are they abusing the law, but promoters of NATO resort to pressure public figure heads, which then become “fans” of this alliance overnight. This desperate behavior of the Government and their servants in various NGOs only proves the claims of the New Serbian Democracy party – that the support for this military alliance is not higher than 30%.

This percentage is in a steady decline, especially after the current negative geopolitical events which were caused by NATO policies.

“We expected the Montenegrin government to resolve every possible measure, but we also noticed that all this is happening under the ‘umbrella’ of certain western embassies,” cites Vučurović.

He adds that the ‘New Serbian Democracy’ party is strongly against Montenegro becoming a member of NATO, and that their reasons are known, but also, says Vučurović, “They are much stronger, more realistic and rooted than the ones given by the Government and their servants from the NGO sectors”.

He reminds us that the public is yet to hear meaningful reasons from the NATO promoters for Montenegro to join this alliance, on this dangerous adventure, and for why its citizens are now exposed to a host of terrorist organizations, that are active around the globe.

“The NATO alliance has already shown its real relation to Montenegro, by destroying and killing its citizens, and there is no reason why we should become a target for NATO enemies. Fraudulent actions that were used to rig the polls in order to raise the support for NATO, will only cause another drop in the support for it, as they were exposed for what they are; evil darkness,” concludes Vučurović.

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