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Desperate ISIS Terrorists Murder Truffle Hunters In Syria’s Homs

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Desperate ISIS Terrorists Murder Truffle Hunters In Syria’s Homs

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Unidentified gunmen believed to be members of ISIS have reportedly attacked civilian searching for truffle in the eastern countryside of Homs in central Syria.

A group of 16 civilians were hunting for truffle in Djebel Bilaas on the administrative border between Homs and Hama late on March 20 when they were ambushed by the gunmen. The gunmen assaulted the civilians in what was likely a robbery attempt.

“According to the sources of the Syrian Observatory [for Human Rights], it has been confirmed that three civilians have been killed so far and six others were wounded, while the fate of seven others remains unknown until this moment,” the UK-based monitoring group said in a report.

Several sources said that the attack on the truffle hunters was carried out by ISIS cells, which have been very active in eastern Homs and eastern Hama.

A series of operations by Syrian government forces and their allies depleted the terrorists, who are now in the look for resources to survive. Most terrorists have been taking shelter in the Homs desert.

A few weeks ago, the desperate terrorists attacked several shepherds near the town of Rahjan in eastern Hama. The terrorists killed two shepherds and injured three others. Hundreds of sheeps were stolen.

These incidents expose the criminal mentality of ISIS terrorists. The terrorists are now struggling to survive under the repeated strikes by government forces and their allies.


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Lone Ranger

Western standards…
CIAisis is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Jens Holm

They are not in that. Blame CIA for, what they do. Most doing like thios are raised among Yourself and inspåired by Your attitudes about things.

Lone Ranger

Projecting much again Jens…?

Jens Holm

They havnt been since Hillary

Lone Ranger

Lowerbthe LSD intake…

Porc Halal

😂😂 right …

cechas vodobenikov

jens malchik ni nahda, ni chuztva

Jens Holm

You have no idea about the Sovejet and Comecon economy before yeltzin and Garbatjof or You dont dare any sober critisisme to improve things.

Thats how it was and are. Debates changes things.

Yours only is defending a collpåased system and even blame the wrong persons.

USSR at least should have reformed the malfuction parts. They didnt.

Assad must stay

What did those truffle hunters ever do to u daeshbags? Why dont u go play with sdf or torki rats for a change? Hahahahhaa

Blas de Lezo

They’re too busy guarding their masters base.

Jens Holm

Thats not about SDF at all. They are raised to be passive sheeps for anybody by Assads and probatly Islam as well and do their best to go on as usual.

johnny rotten

What is there to block in a comment like this? it’s just irony, I don’t understand why it was blocked.
“These idiots showed up on payday in Al Tanf, and they got bad news, when the Americans did the math, deducting the cost of drugs, it turns out that they owe the Americans dollars, so they’re in I walk around like sick dogs, looking for anything they can trade for drugs. “

Jens Holm

Your comment is totally lie.

USA only has some few FSA supporters there.

John Wallace

I can understand their need to steal the sheep but I didn’t know truffles were an aphrodisiac . I suppose if you end up with an ugly sheep …

Jens Holm

Well, You can find other examples. Those by accident might have discovered some hideout.

John Wallace

Other examples such as what Jens. You bending over like a sheep for ISIS. No wonder you are so sore with your comments.

Jens Holm

I hope You soon will get internet

John Wallace

You hope I get the internet soon, … Are you that stupid you can’t understand how I make comments praising you on here . Oh I forgot .. I think it and it appears on here. Who needs the internet when I can do that. Beyond stupid jens..


If an Israeli came on saying he hates his leaders for wasting money on these world domination projects but also heavily distrusts the Middle East then at least we got a thinking man offering a different perspective.

The opposite side here can’t even manage an argument beyond that of a dumb brute animal making grunting noises and doesn’t help their side’s credibility. Its indeed likely they are being paid to act as the village idiot to get a sharp response. Hence why its better to block these accounts.


This comment made me laugh harder than I should have.

John Wallace

Just means you have a good sense of humor and my comment was worthy of it. Thanks.


I imagine the end result made everyone… sheepish. >_>


comment image

John Wallace

I can understand why they need to blindfold the goat …otherwise it would be Nnaaaaaa


Lets hope Syria has a dry summer this year. It would be difficult to survive without water.

Jens Holm

Its typical for most of the pacifists there. They do nothing being raised to it and according to Assads too. Those millions as welll as the ones not even in the country are the real Syria and not the fighting ones.

Arch Bungle

This is the choice the Syrian people have: Assad, or these reptilian murderers … The West would have you choose ISIS.


” Hundreds of sheeps were stolen.”
“The terrorists are now struggling to survive under the repeated strikes by government forces and their allies.”

Sure.. Poor terrorists are totally struggling by repeatedly feasting on sheep meat.

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