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Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

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Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

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The US House of Representatives has impeached President Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection” 7 days before the end of his presidency. In recent months, the administration of Donald Trump has made active steps in the foreign policy in an attempt to secure the previously established course. Sometimes these moves look pointless. Trump bequeath a heavy legacy to his successor Joe Biden in the Middle East, Latin America, in relations with China, etc.

The main rival of the United States in the Middle East, Iran, has been accused of complicity with Al-Qaeda. Tehran has allegedly become the “home base” for the leaders of the terrorist group, making it much more difficult for the United States to fight against them. Pompeo claimed that Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command was allegedly killed last year in Tehran.

Such statements seem to be the last attempt to cast a pall over Tehran before Trump’s surrender. They sound increasingly meaningless, given that Shiite state does not support al-Qaeda or ISIS, and Iranian-backed forces fight terrorists while the US often supports them.


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Attempts to weaken Iran’s influence are also made indirectly, outside the borders of the country. For example, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced the intention of Congress to designate Ansar Allah movement (the Houthis) that according to Washington is supported by Tehran as terrorist organizations. In response, the Houthis accused Trump of being terrorist, and added that Washington’s actions deserve condemnation, and the Houthis, in turn, “reserve the right to response.”

Designation as a terrorist organization means, inter alia, the freezing of assets in the United States and a ban on American citizens or companies from doing business with the group. Moreover, it complicates the provision of humanitarian assistance in the country at war. The definition will prevent non-profit humanitarian organizations from operating in the territories controlled by Ansar Allah, and will also create additional obstacles in the negotiations process with the Houthis.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

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Syria has become the main foothold for the advance of Trump’s agenda. In recent weeks, a wave of Israeli airstrikes and missiles has swept across Syria. The strikes are carried out on a regular basis, aiming to push Iran and its allies out from Syria as well as to prevent them from developing offensive capabilities.

The last strike was carried out on January 13 in the morning and was probably directly assisted by forces of the US-led coalition. This became one of the largest strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights 57 people were killed and 37 others were wounded, including foreign fighters, mostly Iraqi and Afghan nationals, from armed groups loyal to Iran. The deaths of 5 Syrian service members were officially confirmed.

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) also confirmed the death of Abu Yatem al-Katrani, the commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 4th Brigade. However, they provided no information on its exact time and place.

In the meantime, the United States has reinforced its troops stationed in the Omar oil fields and the COINCO gas facility, regularly conducting exercises there, under the guise of an alleged war with ISIS.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims from Hashid Shaabi (Popular Mobilization) march during a parade marking the annual al-Quds Day, or Jerusalem Day, in Baghdad, Iraq June 23, 2017. REUTERS/Khalid al Mousily – RTS18BPH

The United States seized the moment to strengthen its troops in Iraq, amid false claims about a massive attack prepared by pro-Iranian forces on the anniversary of the assassination of Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani on January 3.

The plan to carry out “the complex operation” on the date of the anniversary seemed to be hardly implemented; however, such reports justify the sharp increase of the U.S. military presence in Iraq. Washington used the pretext of growing threat of Iranian vengeance to consolidate its military forces in close proximity to Iran.

All these steps fit into the logic of a close military campaign against Iran in January 2021 before Donald Trump leaves the White House.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

China’s President Xi Jinping (L) and US President Donald Trump attend a working session on the first day of the G20 summit in Hamburg, northern Germany, on July 7, 2017.
Leaders of the world’s top economies gather from July 7 to 8, 2017 in Germany for likely the stormiest G20 summit in years, with disagreements ranging from wars to climate change and global trade. / AFP PHOTO / Patrik STOLLARZ (Photo credit should read PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Another victim of Trump’s recent attempts to protect its foreign policy heritage is China. Apart from the economic war, on the political battlefield, Donald Trump over the past year has actively accused Beijing of a global pandemic, espionage, theft of technology and Americans’ personal data.

During Trump’s presidency, the congressmen have prepared the Name the Enemy Act and wanted to prohibit calling the head of the PRC as “President”. Xi is not a popularly elected leader, congressmen explain, suggesting to call him Secretary General. Chinese high-ranking diplomats were banned from visiting universities and meeting with local authorities without the permission of the State Department. Visa restrictions were imposed on students and scientists from China. In the US, all Confucius Institutes should be closed, they are one of the main instruments of Chinese soft power. The Chinese consulate in Houston was closed, in response, Beijing closed the American consulate in Chengdu. In August, Trump gave the owner of the TikTok video service, Chinese company ByteDance, 45 days to sell TikTok to Microsoft, under the pretext that it transfers users’ personal data to Beijing.

Given the Biden administration’s relatively more favorable attitude towards China, Trump is in a hurry to spoil relations between the countries as much as possible in the last days of his presidency. As a result, on December 9, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the lifting of “self-imposed restrictions” on the relationship between the United States and Taiwan.

This step ended the US recognition of the “One China” policy status quo and created significant obstacles for the incoming ‘Biden team’ intentions to de-escalate tensions with China in order to satisfy the Big Tech.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

Illustrative image

Moreover, China, as well as Cuba, was accused by the US of attacks on American diplomats. In early December, the American media published a report by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM), according to which they were “directed radio frequency exposure” that caused the illness of several dozen American diplomats in Cuba and China in 2017-2018.

Washington’s accusations are intended to justify new sanctions and once again put pressure on relations with China and Cuba, which is also suffering from the intensification of Trump’s foreign policy. The US State Department included Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

According to Mike Pompeo, “the Cuban regime must end its support for terrorism and undermine American justice.”

In response, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parilla called the decision of the US authorities hypocritical and cynical, accusing it of political opportunism.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

Guaido and Trump

The Trump administration has not forgotten Venezuela either. In early January, the United States stepped up strengthening the partnership with Guyana, which has territorial disputes with Venezuela for the belonging of the Essequibo border region. On January 7, Nicolás Maduro, approved by Presidential Decree the creation of the territory of the Venezuelan Atlantic façade, a new maritime territory that includes the disputed region.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

FILE – In this April 13, 2017 file photo, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, center, arrives for the official opening of the Ryomyong residential area, in Pyongyang, North Korea. South Korea’s military says North Korea is believed to have conducted its sixth nuclear test. South Korea’s military said Sunday, Sept. 3, 2017, that North Korea is believed to have conducted its sixth nuclear test after it detected a strong earthquake, hours after Pyongyang claimed that its leader has inspected a hydrogen bomb meant for a new intercontinental ballistic missile. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File)

Meanwhile, while the US is preparing for possible provocations during the inauguration of Joe Biden, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, North Korea (DPRK) has threatened to build up its nuclear arsenal to deal with any threats by the U.S.

The 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea was held in Pyongyang. According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea Kim Jong Un, was elected Secretary General of the party. In January 2021, during a party congress in Pyongyang, he called the United States the main enemy of the DPRK.

“Our foreign policy activity should be focused on suppressing and bringing to its knees the United States – our biggest enemy, which represents the main obstacle to our revolutionary development,” said Kim Jong Un.

He also promised to improve the ability to deliver preventive and retaliatory nuclear strikes in order to hit any strategic targets at a distance of 15 thousand km.

During the election campaign in 2019 Joe Biden has clearly outlined the impossibility of normalizing relations between the two countries in the near future, calling Kim Jong Un a “tyrant.” The second identified the American as a “fool”.

The Trump administration tried to solve Washington’s North Korean problem during the summits in 2018 and 2019, which were preceded by a year of escalating tensions with promises of “fire and fury” for Pyongyang and a high risk of nuclear war. However, this did not lead to the desired result.

In the case of North Korea, Trump has no need to undertake specific measures in order to worsen the bilateral relationship. They are stable at a low point. Even the Biden’s presidency is unlikely to significantly change the situation. A shift to the “strategic patience” approach that was used during Barack Obama’s presidency is unlikely today. It only allows North Korea to get more time to build a more powerful nuclear potential. Biden realizes that Kim Jong Un will not stop developing new nuclear weapons, such as new ballistic missiles for submarines or mobile solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The United States will be forced to establish a new format of relations with North Korea, taking into account the risk of a tough response from Pyongyang in case of increasing pressure, as well as Washington’s reluctance to make concessions, demonstrating its weakness.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

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An important issue in the transition of presidential power from Trump to Biden is the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan.

In 2020, in Qatar, the United States and the Afghan radical Taliban signed the first peace agreement in more than 18 years of war, which provides for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan in 14 months and the beginning of an inter-Afghan negotiation. The US Department of Defense plans that 2,500 American troops remain in Afghanistan by January 15, 2021.

There is a risk that Biden will make adjustments to the decision of the previous administration. It is likely that he will not completely abandon the withdrawal of troops, but he may well change its parameters, the number of soldiers, or simply replace the American soldiers with employees of private military companies.

The Afghan issue remains a rather sensitive topic, as it has a special meaning in the political game and during the election race. Democrats today are forced to “make excuses” for the failure of the Barack Obama administration in this area; and all of Biden’s campaign promises to withdraw American troops may in fact be unfulfilled. In reality, the American leadership was unable to withdraw the military from Afghanistan because this country has an important geostrategic position, and the interests of other countries, including China, Iran, Russia and Pakistan, are involved there. The withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan would be perceived in the world as a geostrategic retreat of the United States. Also, the US is afraid to leave this region, because then the Taliban will gain the power and it will turn out that all American efforts were wasted.

Desperate Attempts Of Trump Administration To Protect Its Foreign Policy Heritage

President Donald Trump listens as Louisiana Republican gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone speaks during a campaign rally at the CenturyLink Center, Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, in Bossier City, La. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

The outgoing Trump administration continues to make all what is possible to preserve its heritage for Biden before leaving the White House. It reinforced its actions in all main regions. The military provocations are especially crucial in the Middle East, as well as the political efforts aimed to destroy the US relations with China.

Most likely, Joe Biden will move away from the policy pursued by Donald Trump and give up “maximum pressure” from Iran. He climes that the best way to achieve stability in the Middle East is to keep Iran from working on a nuclear program through negotiations.

It will not be easy for Biden to overcome the obstacles that the Trump administration has set along this way. On November 25, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that if Biden keeps his promises, it will solve the problems between Iran and the United States. Two days later, Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated. In response to the death of the scientist, Iran approved a draft law entitled “Strategic measure to lift sanctions.” The initiative provides for the possibility of refusal by the country’s authorities from an additional protocol with the IAEA on verification of nuclear activities.

In the case of China, “China Joe” is unlikely to significantly change the course of US foreign policy. At the moment, Washington does not have sufficient ground to lift the established tariffs and sanctions. It will be easier for Biden to leave things as they are. However, the emergence of new anti-Chinese initiatives, especially in the military sphere, as was the case under Trump, should not be expected. Tensions in the disputed areas are likely to decrease significantly. In many ways, Biden will strive to at least ensure the economic links between the US corporation and China. However, China has been slowly but steadily winning the race for the economic and technological dominance simultaneously boosting own military capabilities to defend the victory in the case of a military escalation. Joe Biden will have to reckon with this.

The shift in power in the United States changes the global agenda. Even while some countries like Iran, China or European leaders may have at least a little hope of stabilizing relations with the United States. Trump’s main heritage can be considered to be the fact that now the credibility of the United States is undermined. Even the European ally strives to create an independent military force, fearing that a Trump-style politician may come to power in the United States at any time. In relations with rivals, this significantly weakens the position of Washington and favors, for example, Iran, which gets the right to decide whether to go for rapprochement with the United States.

The United States has already shown that there are no red lines for it; that it prefers to be an independent player without binding themselves to international obligations. History speaks about this, and most likely it will also be the case in the future. Even before they really came to power, neo-liberalists have already demonstrated their unwillingness to follow any  rules on the way to realizing their goals. Now, it is occurring within the borders of the United States, thus, the same should be expected in the international arena.


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  1. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly what I predicted and said.
    I said we would talk about the good old Obama days after a couple of years into Trump’s Presidency and today everybody can see I was right about it, while you were hoping………………………………LOL.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Hasn’t passed the senate,proves just how frgn dumb you are too,mr kweer,degenerate fool!

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        I take that as a thumb up……………..LOL.

      2. Arch Bungle says:


        Congressional votes
        Voting in the U.S. House of Representatives
        Incitement of insurrection
        Votes in favor
        Votes against
        Not voting

  2. 1azdeb2 says:

    Great article. Spot on.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Only for fknuts who don’t understand its another nothing burger,needs to pass the senate ok!
      Don’t insult higher intellects,trump maybe a loser but the law is not the media (period)

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Trump has been impeached.
        That is a fact.

        So the article is accurate in this claim.

        Removal by impeachment is a separate matter

    2. occupybacon says:

      Yeah, sicience fiction. The first sentence of the article is a lie.

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        The first line of your post is a lie.

  3. JIMI JAMES says:

    Hasn’t pass the senate,this is more lgbtq powered tyranny crap,proof media ain’t the law(period)
    I don’t care how bad the world thinks of trump,I’m no fan of it either,but the law is the law,to hell with all the drama queens rants,so frgn,lame can’t tell sht from its fake mates blanket,insulting intellects like that!

  4. JIMI JAMES says:

    Saw a russian orthodox priest wearing a mask inside its car,now if that some fake (pro biden) fake!
    0 cases corona since oct the 1st,this article does not help either,too many cowards not fact or truth,heck even satan compiles some truth top get its covert kweer gender up and running,straight to hell,cowards!
    Supporting schitt,prematurely gets nothing done right,harden the fk up!

  5. Frank says:

    Frankly, America is fucked every which way!

    1. Saso Mange says:

      It’s just that they have such a big ass that takes many dicks before it gets tired.

  6. Rhodium 10 says:

    Only one Syrian soldier have been killed and 14 wounded accord official sources….while Iran sources have denied that any Shia militia have been killed!…there are Russian troops deployed from Deir Ezzor to Al Bukamal…most of the missile have been shot down because the main target was SAA in Deir Ezzor and there are Pantsir system deployed close to the airport…

  7. occupybacon says:

    The very first sentence of the article is a lie.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      bacon correct; trump impeached because dims afraid he will run for prez 2024

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      The very first line of your post is a lie.

    3. Arch Bungle says:

      It is is true, according to joopedia:

      “The second impeachment of Donald Trump occurred when Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, was impeached for the second time by the House of Representatives on January 13, 2021, one week before his term was due to expire. Trump’s impeachment came after his attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election; the adopted article of

      “incitement of insurrection”

      cited his January 2 phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and alleged that Trump incited the storming of the United States Capitol one week prior.[1] He is the only U.S. president and the only holder of any federal office to have been impeached twice, the previous time in December 2019 for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.[2][3]”

  8. Saso Mange says:

    Nasrallah is always precise and on point with his conclusions. It is hard to expect that anything will change with Biden because American presidents do change but policies stay the same.
    Change didn’t go well for JFK and his brother – others are scared into submission and legacy continues to this day.

    Trump was indeed the true deep state president.

  9. Just Me says:

    US foreign policy is dictated by the repulsive Zionist terrorist regime in Tel Aviv.


  10. Ashok Varma says:

    As US drifts towards its timely and much deserved end, it has been a disaster for humanity. Endless wars on defenceless third world states, corruption, violence, racism and nothing but lies and terror.


  11. cechas vodobenikov says:

    farce, comedy or tragedy? these idiots now propose devoting energy to impeaching a fictional trump when he can no longer be impeached
    are their politicians stupid or is this merely another Hollywood grade b comedy? both?

  12. Fog of War says:

    Cuba was very naïve and stupid to normalize relations with ZioAmerica. Now its sanctioned and has a large spying / subversion center ( US embassy ) smack in the middle of Havana. They fell for Obama’s minstrel show I guess. Bad form Cuba, bad form.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      The spying goes both ways.

      You can be sure all communications to the embassy are being subjected to ELINT …

      1. Fog of War says:

        Yes, however, that’s standard procedure and I’m sure the Zios have defenses against that , encryption for example. Addtionally, I strongly thought Cuba has hundreds of operatives in DC, while the US does in Havana.

        1. Arch Bungle says:

          Indeed defenses will be there.
          And yet:

          – even the patterns of behaviour around encrypted communications can reveal a lot

          – capturing and storing encrypted comms alllows testing of novel techniques to break it. There are always bugs in encryption protocols even if the algorithms are theoretically unbreakable. One day someonevslips up … and Cuba has the help of Russia here.

          – Embassies can be bugged … and we know how Americans love to talk …

          – Sewage and garbage can be analysed for the health condition of the embassy staff

          … by simply existing the embassy is giving off intelligence.

          1. Fog of War says:

            What you stated works both ways and I doubt Cuba let in hundreds of ZioAmericans, with diplomatic immunity, so that they could potentially spy on them. Lets be honest, Cuba fell for Obama’s “charm ” offensive now they are stuck with a nest of ” hornets ” .

  13. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    “The main rival of the United States in the Middle East, Iran, has been accused of complicity with Al-Qaeda. Tehran has allegedly become the “home base” for the leaders of the terrorist group, making it much more difficult for the United States to fight against them. Pompeo claimed that Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command was allegedly killed last year in Tehran.”

    Most SF readers will think this is just propaganda but it’s actually pretty close to the truth, and if the US had actually used the proper terms for the parties involved, instead of trying to add their little piece of propaganda spin, and then told you this alliance had now ended, they would’ve been telling us the whole truth.
    So instead of saying Al Qaeda agents/commanders, which is only partially correct, they should’ve called them Muslim Brotherhood [MB] agents/commanders, then they would’ve been telling us the real truth, but everyone has to slant a story to suit their own narrative, and the US are really good at slanting a story to suit their own purpose.
    Iran may have been fighting the MB in Syria pre mid 2018 but right up until the Iranians attacked Aleppo in 2019/20 they haven’t been coming to blows against each other anywhere in Syria.
    Iran may have been fighting Isis forces during this time period but they weren’t fighting MB forces anywhere in Syria, and I’ve been telling everyone that since the middle of 2018.
    Then I started finding numerous reports that kept claiming MB forces were actually training in Iran under IRGC instructors, which at first I found to be so unbelievable I actually discounted them unconditionally, but then those reports started to add in number and veracity, and eventually I realized there was more than just smoke in these claims.
    So then I started to tell the rest of you what was going on, and of course no one believed me, and who can blame you, I didn’t either at first.
    But when you really think about it why wouldn’t they cooperate together, after all they’re both signatures to resolution 2254 [along with Russia], so they’ve actually been cooperating with the MB politically since mid 2015, and the culmination of that initial political cooperation has probably resulted in an eventual wide ranging multi faceted cooperative effort, military training and economic policy included.
    Some of you will ask, but why the hell would the MB Syrian opposition cooperate with their enemies the Iranians, and why would the Iranian’s cooperate with them, it’s simple, it’s because these 2 factions more than any others want to destroy Israel, they stand united on that one front alone.
    Then you might say but they’re Sunni and Shia factions, they don’t get along at all and that could never happen, but then if you read what the MB has to say about it in their published political doctrines, you’ll find the MB actually wants to unite both the Shia and Sunni faith under one grand Caliphate, so that’s another reason for their cooperation.
    And right up until the Iranians attacked the MB and HTS in Aleppo right at the end of 2019, they were actively cooperating together, but not since then, now they’re bitter enemies again.
    At least on the economic front they are, perhaps they’re not engaged in hostilities anymore but the economic war has become just as vicious as the military war was, and now I suspect the Iranians are really regretting their assault against the MB in Aleppo, Erdogan is now crippling their economy nearly as effectively as the US sanctions are.
    So this US allegation is actually old news and no longer relevant in the context it appears, so I’m curious as to why these allegation have resurfaced just now, the US isn’t saying it for nothing, there has to be a reason they’re rehashing old allegations that are no longer accurate, using it as an excuse or pretext comes to mind as an initial thought.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      Your entire post is a pile of garbage.
      Nobody should waste time reading it.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Instead they should believe your pro Iranian slant, LOL, did you read what SF republished today, I loved it, they told the truth about your Iranian heroes, this is what they republished just in case you missed it.

        “A group of Iranian-backed militias has been deployed in residential neighborhoods for fear of future airstrikes”.

        You cowards hide behind Syrian children while you shoot at the Israelis, no wonder the Russians are getting sick and tired of you.
        5 SF articles this month have told us readers the truth about Iran, and as I said in my post concerning the article this was lifted from, would a pro Iranian agent add this part of the story or would they omit to republish it.
        It was added for a good reason, not even the journos at SF would be stupid enough to add this if they weren’t supposed to, they would’ve taken one look at it and left it out, but they didn’t this time, and they probably won’t the next time either, 5 times in a month is setting a precedent I’m sure the Russian media sources are bound to follow until they achieve what they want.

        So FU-K off with you’re pro Iranian BS, no man of any substance hides behind a child while he’s fighting an enemy, and no man of any substance should support the gutless cowards who do, or even give the time of day to the gutless cowards like you who do support them.

        1. Arch Bungle says:

          Your entire response is a pile of garbage.

          Nobody should waste time reading it.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Copy and paste hey, no refute of my damning claim, that’s good because you can’t deny it, SF corroborated my claim for everyone to see.

          2. Arch Bungle says:

            You make no claims, just obfuscated wordplay.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I reposted an excerpt from and article that SF republished, then I added my own view, men who hide behind children are all homosexual cowards.

          4. Arch Bungle says:

            You make no claims, just obfuscated wordplay.

          5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You called me a liar when I said there hadn’t been any anti Israeli protest in Syria for the last 3 years, just anti Iranian protests, and then you linked that article about the anti Israeli occupation protest that took place in the Golan heights this year, and said checkmate you win and I lose.
            But the context was about current issues in Darra, not a 50 year old annual protest about the annexation of the heights, you tried to compare apples with pears and said look I win.
            But the memorial protest you linked only had a few dozen protesters and only lasted for one day, but the anti Assad/Iranian protests I linked you, recently occurred in the occupied Golan Heights and had many hundreds if not thousands of protesters, and lasted for a whole week, and also had symbiotic protest occurring in Syria at the same time.
            As I said to you then, the only thing you won then was the right to remain ignorant, and you truly are ignorant.

          6. Arch Bungle says:

            Your entire response is STILL a pile of garbage.

            Nobody should waste time reading it.

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from stupidity and the LGBTQI movement. :]

          8. Arch Bungle says:

            Lord save us from zionist trolls and career liars.

          9. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from stupidity and the LGBTQI movement, and the people who hide behind children when they fight, and the gutless morons who support them. :]

          10. Arch Bungle says:

            Lord save us from hasbara trolls and career liars.

          11. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from autistic people who cant stop until they get the last word in, even if it’s just a copy and paste. :]

          12. Arch Bungle says:

            You’re referring to yourself of course.

          13. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            No you’re wrong again, go take a look in the mirror.

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      You should change your name to:

      “Lacking Conscience (The Lies…”

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        So says a man who supports the people who hide behind children while they shoot at their enemies.

        “A group of Iranian-backed militias has been deployed in residential neighborhoods for fear of future airstrikes”.

        I’ve seen gay men pick up children to avoid a fight, so I’m starting to worry these Iranian Mullahs might all be closet homosexuals, so what do you think, are they all exactly like you.

        1. Arch Bungle says:

          Your entire respons is a pile of garbage. Copy pasting it will not make it true.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from stupidity and the LGBTQI movement.

          2. Arch Bungle says:

            Lord save us from hasbara trolls and career liars.

          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from stupidity and the LGBTQI movement, and the people who hide behind children when they fight.

          4. Arch Bungle says:

            Lord save us from israel infected trolls and career liars.

          5. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Lord save us from stupidity and the LGBTQI movement, and the people who hide behind children when they fight, and the gutless morons who support them, and the people who don’t care that they do.

          6. Arch Bungle says:

            Lord save us from joo trolls and career liars.

          7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            You have autism don’t you, that’s you, RichardD, and the Lone Ranger, is it a coincidence or are you all the same person?

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