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Despair Grips The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Despair Grips The Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaOR CONTACT US : info@southfront.org

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman voiced rare praise of Ansar Allah joined by ample promises, in hope of a ceasefire.

In his recent interview, the Crown Prince said that the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) have strong relations with Iran, but that they are still Arabs and Yemenis more than anything. He went on to promise financial rewards, peace, prosperity and normality.

All the Houthis need to do is agree to a ceasefire and to sit at the negotiating table.

This could potentially mean that the Kingdom is close to realizing that massive resources spent over the course of more than 6 years on weapons and mercenaries have achieved little.

This is likely the result of two developments.

Firstly, the United States has ceased its support for the Saudi-led forces in the war on Yemen and suspended some arms sales to the Kingdom earlier this year.

Secondly, the Houthis have carried out almost daily drone and rocket attacks on targets in Saudi Arabia, far from the contact line. They were further emboldened by Washington ending part of its support of Riyadh.

Various military positions, airports, as well as Aramco oil infrastructure have been targeted in succession. Most recently, on April 28th, Houthis attacked King Khalid Airbase with a Qasef 2K drone. The attack was reportedly a resounding success.

On April 27th , right before the Crown Prince’s interview, an explosive-laden boat was intercepted off the Red Sea port of Yanbu, which is the end point of the kingdom’s crucial East-West Pipeline. It is unclear who was behind the attack, since Riyadh usually immediately blames the Houthis if they were behind it.

Meanwhile, Marib stands as the last Saudi-led coalition stronghold in the relatively calm central part of Yemen, and if it falls, this would pave the way for even more Houthi operations on Saudi soil.

The Houthis also took control of the Talaat al-Hamra area near Marib, and even repelled a Saudi-led coalition attack.

The Houthis’ success is accompanied by calls from the UN and the collective West that a humanitarian disaster is looming.

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, carried out his duties on April 27th. They include occasionally appearing before the UN Security Council and providing a briefing that largely disregards Saudi Arabia’s frequent airstrikes on civilians and ceasefire breaches in al-Hudaydah, among other things.

Griffiths held a series of meetings with representatives of Yemeni civil society, women’s groups and political parties, during which he called on the Houthis to “prioritize the needs of the Yemeni people, stop fighting and engage seriously with the UN’s efforts.”

Essentially, he urged Ansar Allah to agree with Saudi Arabia’s humble request and offer for a bribe in return for a ceasefire. It is unlikely that this would result in anything noteworthy, especially while the Houthis are carrying out successful ground and aerial operations.

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Robert Bruce

The Saudi forces must be of rather poor fighting quality.

Feral Finster

No less than Colonel Pat Lang (who knows the Saudi military very well) described the Saudis as “the world’s largest and most expensive static weapons display”.

Steve Standley

I like it.


With out the USA the SAUDI`S are USELESS


In last couple years Saudi’s also slowly lost access to large Sudanese mercenary army, under Saudi command in Yemen. This was serious scale mercenary army – who were the on-the-ground infantry. Sudanese government sent over 30,000 Sudanese soldiers on rotation to Yemen – who were on the Saudi pay-roll. But in 2019 there was a coup in Sudan – and this whole mercenary army deal with Saudis’ was an agreement with ousted government – and new government has been heavily drawing down its numbers to get out of Yemen.


SA has brought itself in this really bad situation.


So MbS Jr wants out of his self created Yemeni quagmire. Back in 2015, MbS Jr was publicly adamant he could win in matter of months – and US-UK axis were more than happy to play along, as meant big ordnance sales and aviation piloting/maintenance contracts with the otherwise hapless Saudi military. But in 2021, with a undeniable stalemate, and increasing missile attacks on KSA itself, MbS Jr’s basically all out of army commanders to blame for his quagmire. Thus, we arrive at present, and, please Houthis’ make it all stop – and I’ll pay you off, just like everyone else. In short, yet another incompetent rich brat is relying on the family (oligarchy) trust funds to bail him out of a disaster of own making.

Tommy Jensen

Its opposite you fool. US-UK axis ordered the attack on Yemen, provided the weapon and demanded Saudi to pay leading in front as scapegoat. US/UK do the same thing with Israel. An old British concept called whipping boy.


Chamberlin tried this strategy in 38 (but failed due to Molotov)..really, the British plan was to get Germany involved in war in the east (leaving Britain and France in peace). Note the Pilsudski-Hitler Pact from 1934 and the Polish coop with Germany in the slice-up of Benes’s Czechoslovakia (that was inclined to ally with Soviets contra Polish/German wishes), Poles took their slice in the present day Slezko-Morava). When this move was invalidated by the 39 Pact, Chamberlin played innocent, but the initial intent was the (continued) German-Polish cooperation towards Russia, Peace in Our Time had the same meaning for Chamberlin as International Community did for Obama…it sort of leaves out the Russians. But just another perfidious example coming out of Albion.

Tommy Jensen

Yeah, they are quite sophisticated in their tools the British. Hundreds of years of playing proxies up against each other, leading from behind.


Small islands cannot do it by themselves…I think it might actually have something to do with the Normans.


There is a book of a German ex-Bundeswehr General, who became a historian writer. The books’ title is “Der Krieg, der viele Väter hatte” (The war which had many fathers) by Gerd Schultze- Rhonhof. Several presentations about the book can be found on yt with subtitels. In a nutshell, he describes the situation, which led to war, based on the diplomatic correspondence between Germany, UK, US, Poland, Russia and Sweden, showing, that Hitler did not push for war, but rather tried to solve the escalating corridors issue with Poland, and where all his attempts were undermindes by UK. Interesting read on 689 pages full of information.


“He went on to promise financial rewards, peace, prosperity and normality.”

Can you raise the dead MBS? If not go back to sleeping with your goats.

Feral Finster

Have some pity for the poor livestock, will you?


sorry ;)

Pave Way IV


“…The US Navy says in a statement that one of its soldiers was killed and three others were wounded during an operation in Yemen. The statement did not specify the exact location of the operation, but the casualties were likely the result of clashes with al-Qaeda militants in southern Yemen…”

Pave Way IV


Steve Standley

US special forces have been reported to be involved in this conflict as well. Special Forces and SEALS are the vanguards of US armed forces. More will follow.

Potato Man

“but that they are still Arabs and Yemenis more than anything”

Yeah, that give SA the right to kill 1,000s of Yemenis…mostly Kids. Zion and Wahhabi are Satan’s follower and there is one place Satan gonna send his followers….yup.

Steve Standley

MBS is selling the idea that Iran is the root-cause.

Potato Man

I agree with what you said but he is selling it to the same morons who blame Iran for anything anyway….can he achieve anything by doing so, not really.

Any-one can read about ME history and see that Zion and Wahhabi which set-up by British-yankees are the now problems in ME. Also, SA doesn’t have good history with their neighbours, Iraq – Syria – Lebanon – even Qatar. “but that they are still Arabs and Yemenis more than anything” <- that is BS.

He is not selling anything new, he is trying to get a break from Houthis so he can build-up more terrorist groups, maybe with the help of Turk-isis/NATO to attack Yemen again.

I would say that's his real goal for now, and you hear cry from EU and US to stop the war in Yemen. But what he is also doing is acting as they been attack by Houthis now to get support of "People" <- morons.

Tommy Jensen

The plan of Great Israel involve fragmentation of Saudi-Arabia. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49bce09a313d8ab5e04b5a99254dc4714b69e7f9a4386d1a26667b7d25b174e5.jpg Note how Syria and Iraq today are cut exactly along the lines, and Sinai is filled with ISIS and trouble.


so nice of them to leave the Turkey alone https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c011665dcd45ccacc42b58586b6c7354df073a4eca5703865f4427b4b686bc8.jpg

cechas vodobenikov


Steve Standley

MBS doesn’t need to make any converts by separating Houthis from Iranians. He just needs to make the excuse. It only needs to affirm the world views of morons. The US will have a pretext for humanitarian war.


Point taken – its MbS Jr’s attempted sleight of hand, to avoid taking full responsibility (both domestically and internationally) for aggressively attacking Yemen – and, failing to achieve his most basic objectives. So he seeks to blame-shift whole conflict onto third party, Iran, who happen to support Houthi’s. MbS Jr’s short term objective was to install Saudi proxy in Yemeni Presidency, and long term objective was to use that political leverage to gain access rights to the untapped oil reserves under northern Yemen (for when the Saudi reserves start really running down).

Steve Standley

The US loves to make it look like they had no choice when they enter the fray. Thus, the war has now become a “humanitarian disaster”. Like the Houthis are the aggressors and there was no humanitarian disaster 5 years ago?. ^they suggested that the US has withdrawn support; it hasn’t. Biden has declared that the US will be party to DEFENDING Saudi Arabia, which in practical terms is just optics and framing. Now that the Saudis are on their heels, you can pretty much guarantee that the US will join this “defense” of KSA; probably by attacking Iran and all it’s proxies, which MBS suggests here are at the root of the conflict. The smells like a set-up.


This is what happens when one does not have any skin in the game, relying instead on mercenaries and “wonder weapons”.

Estranghero Arafat

This is not true. Saudi is supported by US because of Petro Dollar. Just can’t stop the dollar printing using black gold.

Concrete Mike

If you cant catch the nuances, thats on you buddy. To assume US is a homogenous entity where all works together is foolish at best.

Look at the left hand while the right hand robs you. This is america’s specialty.

cechas vodobenikov

enemies of SA reject insane wahbbi cult

El Mashi

The morale of the Saudi military has plummeted since they have run out of porn to watch and are watching reruns. Haram sex is rampant among Saudi/mercenary troops. Sad.

Supreme Blyat

I think I can find 2-3 HDDs of good porn in my old stuff. I accept bitcoin and captagon.


Send to MBS – here’s his Whatsapp number: 069 69 69 69

Roy Sonman

The Jews’ puppet installed over the people of Saudi Arabia failed to subdue the gift of Yemen his Jew masters told him he could have, and must now wrap things up there so he can better serve his Jew masters in the Jews’ coming war on Iran.

I think that about gets at the heart of it.

If he’s a really good puppet for the Jews, they may let him have a second crack at Yemen.


There will be no Fake Jew war on Iran. Fake Jews fight Iran to the last yankee only. Perhaps yankees attack plan using a new weapon to wipe out Iran with 1 bomb. If that does not happen, expect fake Jew capital to be turned to ashes the next day


MBS to be hit by some rough updates.

John Tosh

Maybe Yemenis can join forces with Saudi Arabians who want a true democracy in Saudi Arabia. The end of the oil soaked House of Saud May lead to real democracy in the Middle East!

WesternCovid Vaccine

Why ? America is poor and there is no food. Saudi is rich with food and no Covid maybe Israel 🇮🇱 is the choice for Saudi Arabia.


Sounds like encouragement to me to retaliate against SA even more. Chase them back to the border!

Al Balog

Alarming news, very bad situation between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. It all started very suddenly, and it’s happening right now. Don’t be surprised if the Ukrops will be encouraged by this. They might try pulling this off in Donbass in the coming months:

War footage: https://t.me/akipress/8002

Live feed of what’s happening:

https://www.turmush.kg/ru/news:1698958/?from=turmush&place=newsload https://24.kg/sjuzhety/51_prigranichnyie_konfliktyi/ https://asiaplustj.info/ru/news/tajikistan/security/20210429/pryamoi-efir-konflikt-na-tadzhiksko-kirgizskoi-granitse

Analysts from Central Asia late in 2020 were predicting a sharp aggravation in this region in the Spring. They were sadly correct:




On bright side, I read the Tajik source, the economy will be growing by 3.4%.

I wonder if the border guards were PAID to do this just to disrupt Central Asian development, by a foreign power (I wonder which, it is so puzzling!)

Al Balog

Nice insight, the only people I can imagine benefitting from this conflict is the USA/NATO/EU.

Both Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are on good terms with Russia, so I can see that being a potential case of the West trying to destabilize a growing Central Asia linked to Russia. Not just that, but to “balkanize” the Central Asia region.

I noticed that misspelling too, hehe 😁😉.


guess you can see the underhanded disunited states of insufferable fools behind the ‘conflict’ . they are everywhere spreading the western malice of greed and murder and devastation. and behind the disunited states you will no doubt find the international jewry skulking in the shadows, typical jewish fashion.

cechas vodobenikov

could be minor flare up—already kyrghiz troops withdrawing from border

Lazy Gamer

Peace is good if everyone pulls out of Yemen. Let yemenis handle which president they want.


Time is not on the Saudis side, it’s only a matter of time before they had to throw in the towel. Just like NATO in Afghanistan.

Proud Hindu

Good Islam will get destroyed pretty soon

cechas vodobenikov

dalit nation ravaged by Covid—need 20 tonnes of humanitarian help from Russia—maybe you can beg more from China

Proud Hindu

We don’t need Russian assistance.Probably feed your starving Russians in slums in moscow

cechas vodobenikov

beg more—desperate dalit only beggars in Moskva—dalits, gypsys from dalitland, a few other non-russians LOL Islam far more adherents than dalitism and growing

Proud Hindu

Loool Russia will soon disintegrate into small pieces 🤣


Trolls having a hard time at the moment. Trying to pay the bills, feed what’s left of the family. But the people at the top have so much……


LoL , its the Dung eating, Cow Worshipping Prostitution king back online again. Me thinks the ISI will instigate breakaway state Khalistan for the Sikhs, while the Chinese will sort out Tibet and Assam. But I digress, the FIRST order of Business, is to intsall TOILETS so that the streets of India are Sh!tfree, perhaps then the Covid victims won’t be dying in the crap.


brah your country is in dire straits……even I can’t bear to watch the suffering of poor people. Yet here you are putting down Russia that just shipped many tons of vaccine to Delhi yesterday. Just senseless of you to berate countries your gubment got no beef with no? Somehow I don’t believe yous Indian.

Proud Hindu

Just de$troy saudis bro :)

Arch Bungle

You do need assistance from China though:


Raptar Driver

Nothing speaks stronger than victory on the battlefield!

Ivan Freely

Mercenaries are the most unreliable form of soldiers. Victory using mercs only work against a docile and unarmed population with a corrupt leadership. I hope the Houthis continue to fight and not given in to the Clown Prince.

Arch Bungle

“Mercenary and auxiliary troops are useless and dangerous. Mercenaries are “disunited, undisciplined, ambitious, and faithless.” Because their only motivation is monetary, they are generally not effective in battle and have low morale. Mercenary commanders are either skilled or unskilled. Unskilled commanders are worthless, but skilled commanders cannot be trusted to suppress their own ambition. It is far more preferable for a prince to command his own army.”

— Niccollo Machiavelli, The Prince.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan mercenaries lose all wars, except against island nations like Puerto Rico

Arch Bungle

And Panama.

Jihadi Colin

“Firstly, the United States has ceased its support for the Saudi-led forces in the war on Yemen and suspended some arms sales to the Kingdom earlier this year.”

False, Bidet admitted that the Imperialist States of Amerikastan is still arming the Headchopper Kingdom of Saudi Barbaria.

Arch Bungle

They make it sound like Ansar Allah was emboldened by the US backing out, but it’s the other way round: The US is backing our because Ansar Allah is emboldened.

Séamus Ó Néill

The UN proves once again that it’s been bought and paid for by the American led Cabal/NWO. Victory is in sight for Ansar Allah/Houtis, so miraculously after years of famine and bloodshed caused buy the Saudis and their US allies, the UN breaks its deafening silence and calls for the Houtis to end fighting…..typical of this low-life vassal !!!

WesternCovid Vaccine

Iran will punish Muhammad for bringing Islam.

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