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JUNE 2021

Designing Russia’s Tomorrow

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Designing Russia's Tomorrow

Original by Tatyana Gracheva published by vpk-news.ru; translated from Russian by J.Hawk

How should we counter the globocrats’ strategy in order to repel their all-out assault

The US National Security Strategy (NSS) which establishes parameters under which the US armed forces will fight,  boils down to establishing a world order. But the US leadership which is implementing these plans is not free to do what it wants, but rather implements that which it is paid to implement. Considering the degree to which the US leadership is subordinated to the globocrats, the objective laid out in the NSS means establishing a new world order by waging a planetary war.

Assessing the US political situation, the former US President Jimmy Carter gave an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Network in late September 2015 in which he said: “America has become an oligarchy instead of a democracy. Nobody can become a candidate, either as a Democrat or a Republican, if he can’t raise 200-300 million dollars or more. The current presidential campaign is unprecedented in the level of money spent on the candidates. It’s money from the wealthiest of donors. It’s about 400 families. Personal contributions by some of them reach $10 million or more.”

In August, New York Times published a list of donors who made million-dollar contributions to presidential candidates.

A brave new world

The well-known US journalist Robert Parry who wrote a trilogy about the Bush family, writes the following of the neoconservatives (neocons): “US neocons who wield enormous power inside the US government and media threaten the whole planet. Their regime change strategies in targeted countries start with “soft power”–anti-government propaganda and financing opposition groups. Economic sanctions and political destabilization campaigns follow. And then time comes for a direct military intervention using the whole might of the US military. Obama staffed his administration with people who are attractive to the neocons, such as Robert Gates in the DoD and General Petraeus as his field commander. Interventionist strategies permitted groups connected to the US government to profit off the chaos and amass enormous wealth.”

The new order program comprises four projects which are reflected in the NSS and other programmatic documents.

It’s first and foremost a plan to establish a global empire in which all nations will be compelled by military force to submit to a single center of power. NSS refers to it as establishing an all-encompassing network of allies and partners which defend and share US interests. In actuality the US already has the nucleus of a universal dictatorship. Many US experts and publicists already acknowledge it. Some call it the Deep State, others a secret state for which the US functions only as a cover. At the right moment, when the time comes to reveal itself, the external skin shall be discarded as if by a lizard, and destroyed together with the US sovereignty. This will be done by the US military, national by name only but global in its essence. This universal deployability of the US armed forces is reflected in the NSS.

The other components of the new world order are the program of establishing a corresponding economic foundation and the religion project. The latter is supposed to convert all of humanity to worshipping a single ruler. All of this is being accomplished under the pretext of the strategic task of spreading universal values through the abandonment of traditional values and religious faith which forms these values.

Naturally, the plans call for the use of military force. NSS states that the US armed forces ought to be used in full spectrum of conflict and should be able to conduct large-scale integrated operations based on their ubiquitous stabilizing presence. Therefore the military project and forming an all-encompassing military is the fourth component of the program.

Since Russia in this war is the main target to be destroyed, one has to realize in accordance with US strategic parameters our country is the target of a political, religious, and economic aggression which also makes provisions for the use of military force.

How can we resist that multi-dimensional strategy in order to repel every thrust of the attack?

We Are Still a Monarchy

The defensive strategy ought to be similarly multi-dimensional. A global empire has arrayed itself against our country, the nucleus of which already exists in the form of a network of institutions of totalitarian rule. One power should be balanced by another comparable power. Incidentally, everyone in the West writes it’s not the Russian Federation but Russia that poses the threat. For us these two terms are synonymous. But Russia is a historically entirely different creation which is associated with a strong state that was victorious in practically all of its wars.

If one is to include the term “Russian Empire” in the picture of contemporary war and strategy, then everything written in the US NSS represents a reverse symmetry and opposition to everything that existed in our country.

They say empires don’t die, only pass the baton. As implausible as it might sound, Russia is alive and exists in the legal sense. These aren’t suppositions but clear legal arguments consistent with international norms. Crimea’s Prosecutor General Natalya Poklonskaya said during an unveiling of a monument to Tsar Nicholas II that “that paper, that copy of the paper which our history textbooks describe as an abdication has no legal standing. It’s a copy of a paper signed in pencil without observing all the necessary legal norms and procedures, therefore that piece of paper is not a legal document.”

“Russian legislation did not allow the possibility of the emperor abdicating his throne,” writes Aleksandr Bokhanov, a doctor of history, “therefore from the legal point of view, from the point of view of the Russian Empire’s founding legal documents that abdication was unlawful…There is a text signed by the Sovereign, addressed: “To the Chief of Staff…” The word “Manifesto” is not used, because it could only be used if it was ratified by the Senate. But the Senate no longer existed…On September 1, 1917 Kerenskiy & Co. proclaimed Russia a republic even though they had no right to do so. Nikolai Aleksandrovich remained the anointed Tsar–no legal document can change that. And that anointment remained, and he remained the Tsar when he was killed in Yekaterinburg without ever being deprived of his prerogative to rule. Likewise today the monarchy in Russia has not been formally abrogated because there never was a national forum empowered to make a decision like that in the name of the whole country. The Constituent Assembly could have done that, but it was dispersed by the Bolsheviks. Therefore from the formal point of view the answer is clear–Russia is de jura a monarchy, since it was never legally abrogated.”

The Russian Empire can be considered legally null and void only in the event of another government preserving the continuity. But that did not happen either. Neither the RSFSR nor the USSR acknowledged such continuity. The preambles to Soviet constitutions wrote that the Soviet state began in 1917 at the moment of the October coup.

International law likewise does not acknowledge automatic succession. De-jure we remain the Russian Empire.

There is also the problem of citizenship associated with the issue of succession. “Citizenship does not imply succession,” writes Aleksandr Lyubich, a legal expert. “Only the reverse is true–succession guarantees citizenship. But one can’t draw the conclusion that one state is the successor to another just because citizens of the liquidated state receive the citizenship of the newly formed state.”

But the newly formed states had neither succession or legal continuity. Nothing like that happened in 1917-1918.

The Empire Lives

Even after 1918, our country was ruled by various regimes without legal succession between them. Therefore from the point of view of legal succession, the Russian Empire remains a subject of international law. There is one additional factor testifying in favor of such a formulation. It concerns the country’s viability. International law includes the assumption of the eternal legal standing of a state. It means that the loss of the ability to rule over a territory means the state only lost its effectiveness, but not its legal status.

Therefore the analysis of international law leads to the following conclusion: the Russian Empire continues to exist as a state which has lost its ability to rule. However its legal status has not been terminated by a successor states since RSFSR, renamed the Russian Federation in 1991, was never a successor state to the Russian Empire.

If we turn our attention to Russia’s history, our traditions, the spiritual canon, political and economic institutions passed from generation to generation require a historical program which likewise includes these four projects: political, religious, economic, and military.

Third Rome, New Jerusalem

The “Russia as Third Rome” was project which was aimed at establishing an Orthodox monarchic state continuing the traditions of the Byzantine Empire (the Second Rome) which passed the baton to Russia.

Already Serafim from Sarov spoke of the all-powerful all-Slav empire. That prophesy suggests that the borders of reborn Russia will be determined by the sense of spiritual community and the free will of peoples who join it.

The “Russia as Third Rome” project is inseparable from the “Russia as New Jerusalem” religious project. The country is considered to be the repository of universal Orthodoxy. But at the same time it respects traditional Islam and collaborates with it in order to facilitate national unity and state-building.

Historian Pyotr Multatuli cites a range of supporting facts: “The bloodiest and most prolonged clash between Russians and Muslims in the Caucasus War was not caused by Russian expansionism but the meddling by Russia’s enemies Great Britain and Turkey. This was understood by many of the Caucasus leaders, including Imam Shamil. Shamil who was admitted and well treated by Aleksandr III wrote to the Tsar: “My sacred duty is to impress upon my children their duty before Russia and its lawful Tsars. I urge them to be loyal subjects of the Russian Tsar and to faithfully serve the new Fatherland.”

General Pyotr Krasnov wrote in his book dedicated to the bravery of the Russian soldier that: “Emperor Wilhelm assembled all the captured Muslims in a separate camp and, attempting to woo them, he built a beautiful stone mosque. I don’t remember who was invited to that camp in order to witness a demonstration of Muslim enmity toward the Russian “yoke” and of their enjoyment of German captivity, but it ended badly for the Germans. When the time came for a prayer, the mosque reverberated with the sound of “God Save the Tsar!”
In 1916, when the liberal opposition press intensified its attacks against the government, Mufti Mukhammat-Safa Bayazitov sent a telegram to Council of Minister chairman Boris Shturmer: “The loyal sons of the Sovereign Emperor, Russian Muslims are, like the rest of the Russian nation, stoically bearing the divine test our Motherland is undergoing and are certain that a time will come when our enemies will break themselves into pieces against the steel wall of Russian warriors and the glory of our dear Motherland–Russia–will shine again to the joy of our Great Sovereign and his multi-tribe nationalities, including both Russians and Muslims which were and remain dedicated sons of their Fatherland and a reliable shield of the Russian Throne.”
Power, Complexity, Wealth, Happiness
The economic project (yet another component of our people’s historic project that is the Russian Empire) is focused on state interests and the development of the national economy with a state-controlled banking sector. The famous economist Edmond Trey emphasized that “If big European countries experience the same trends between 1912 and 1915 that were evident between 1900 and 1912, then by the middle of the century Russia will tower over everyone in Europe in both the political and financial-economic sense.”
During the 1814 Congress of Vienna, Nathan Rothschild offered Aleksandr I to establish a central bank (similar to the US Federal Reserve system), but the tsar turned him down. The Russian State Bank was fully subordinate to the state and served as an instrument of state policy. It supported the industry and trade with credits with very low interest rates. The gold reserve remained one of the biggest in the world.
By 1914, more than 80% of arable land was in the hands of the peasants. By 1913, the country became the world’s largest agricultural producer.
When it comes to the rate of industrial growth, our country surpassed UK and US. Russian industry satisfied 80% of domestic needs, in other words, it was nearly entirely self-sufficient. The state bank gave low-interest credits. Unsurprisingly, taxes remained extremely low and there was almost no inflation.
Labor legislation was so advanced and humanitarian that the US President William Taft said: “The Russian Emperor adopted a law for the workers that closer to perfection than the laws of any democratic country.”
While in the Revolution-beset Odessa of 1919, Ivan Bunin wrote: “Our children, grandchildren won’t be able to imagine that Russia in which we once (that is to say, yesterday) lived, which we didn’t value, didn’t understand–all that power, complexity, wealth, happiness.”
The US, in its current militarist context, presupposes the Russian Empire, which still exists deep within our current Russian state and which is an example of an independent, successful, and just state, is the threat. The empire assures sovereign, self-sufficient existence which is not built into some all-encompassing order and which presents itself as an example to other nations.
That sacred meaning of our statehood represents the greatest threat to the adversary. While we, without even suspecting it, are legally the citizens of that empire, the bearers and builders of the historical state project which our predecessors pursued for centuries.
Where to find the Tsar?
In order to withstand globocracy’s pressure, we also need a military program. Two world nuclei, with no compromise possible, are entering the deciding battle.And if we don’t turn to our historic program, we’ll be doomed to servilely implement our aggressor’s plans which for us would be suicidal. But how to restore the state and where to find the tsar in our time? Let’s recall how the Russian Empire fell. There were both internal and external reasons. The main was spiritual. The people abandoned faith. Saint Ioann of Kronshtadt addressed the people: “You forgot God and abandoned him, and He abandoned you to your fate.” If the state fell due to the abandonment of faith, it means that it will be restored by the return to faith. Then God will send a Tsar.
A transitional period is possible. It’s even necessary, as Ivan Ilyin wrote in 1950: “Either Russia will have a Russian national dictatorship which will take reins of power into its strong hands…and takes Russia in the direction of unity against any and all separatist tendencies, or such a dictatorship does not arise and the country will experience unimaginable chaos…Then Russia will fall into anarchy and surrender itself to its national, military, political, and spiritual enemies…It’s self-evident that our “good neighbors” will take every advantage of that anarchy, there will be military interventions under the pretext of “self-protection”, “peacemaking”, “restoring order”, etc.”

Ivan Bunin also wrote about what awaited the country: “Republic, monarchy? More likely a military dictatorship of some sort–you can’t guess the day or the hour, then something akin to a “council of ten”…A monarchy in the longer term cannot be ruled out…the only people who speak of the “impossibility of returning to the past” are clever, stupid, or ignorant of Russia’s history.”
Transformation into the Russian Empire does not mean returning to the old borders. It means returning to another, more familiar to us state system which will allow us to break out from under globocrats’ control.Ivan Ilyin wrote: “The global shadow government is burying the united national Russia. It’s not smart. Not far-seeing. They hasten in their hatred and will suffer for centuries. Russia is not human dust and chaos. It is first and foremost a great nation which did not exhaust its strength and which is not despairing of its calling. This nation hungers for a free order, for peaceful labor, for its own heritage and national culture. Don’t bury it prematurely! The historic hour will come, it will rise from its apparent grave and ask for all of its rights to be restored!”

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