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Denmark To Withdraw Its Special Forces From Iraq As ISIS Has ‘No Control Over Large Area’

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Denmark To Withdraw Its Special Forces From Iraq As ISIS Has ‘No Control Over Large Area’

Illustrative image: ESSAM AL-SUDANI/AFP/Getty Images

Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen stated that Denmark would withdraw its special forces participating in the operation against ISIS in Iraq as the terrorist group is almost defeated, Saudi newspaper Arab News reported on May 17.

“We have now reached a point where we can begin withdrawing our special forces because (IS) no longer has control over large areas in Iraq,” Samuelsen said.

Samuelsen stressed that “the fight against IS isn’t over yet” and Denmark would continue its contribution providing a radar facility and ground staff.

Danish Minister of Defense Claus Hjort Frederiksen underlined that Iraq is “ready to stand on their own two feet.”

A NATO member, Denmark, deployed up to 60 special forces troops in Iraq in 2016 to train and advise Iraqi soldiers. Denmark took part in operations on the Iraqi-Syrian border, providing intelligence and ad hoc air support.

At present, Denmark also has about 180 troops at the Al-Asad air base near Baghdad, which is one of the Denmark forces location’s points.

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I guess the war really is slowly wind down. Finally.
Denmark is in the middle of the mini Cold War in the Baltic so they have other matters to address.

Albert Pike

Got the feeling the plan might be different…


How dare Denmark withdraw from the globalist perpetual war project. How is the Military Industrial Complex going to be profitable if countries withdraw from the path of aggression willy nilly? Outrageous!

zika slika

you said globalist perpetual war project no its middle eastern perpetual war project and its very useful because Palestinians obviously didn’t heard about anti baby pills or abortion, so IDF conducts routine abortion when they bomb hospitals in Gaza….please leave that keyboard for a sec and eat shit..

Kire Stojanovski

Reasonable thinking, in contrast to the US.

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