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Denmark Issues Nord Stream 2 Construction Permit, But Is It A Trap?

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Denmark Issues Nord Stream 2 Construction Permit, But Is It A Trap?

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On October 1st, Denmark issued a work permit for the completion of Nord Stream 2.

The pipeline manager Nord Stream 2 reported that the permit received includes a set of conditions for the operation of the pipeline section, which runs through the exclusive economic zone of Denmark.

This is good news for Russia, but could also spell some precarious times ahead.

The Danish oversight agency indicated that in issuing the permit, the request of the operator “Nord Stream-2” dated November 18 last year was satisfied. And they noted that the issuance of a permit is associated with numerous conditions that must guarantee the safe operation of the pipeline.

For example, the Danish authorities insist that the gas pipeline can be put into operation only if at least one of the lines is checked and all the conditions for commissioning correspond to the initial ones.

Nord Stream 2 itself confirmed that it had received a permit to operate a section of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline passing through the Danish Exclusive Economic Zone. They recalled that the building permit was issued by the Danish Energy Agency in October 2019.

The company also clarified that the permit does indeed define a series of conditions that must be met before the gas pipeline is launched and that it must be observed throughout the entire operation period of the facility. In other countries, such as Sweden and Finland, building permits already include operating permits.

“We continue to consider various options for resuming the laying of the gas pipeline in Denmark and will inform about our plans in a timely manner,” Nord Stream 2 reported.

Initially, The construction of Nord Stream 2 was suspended after the Swiss Allseas was forced to abandon pipe-laying due to possible sanctions from the United States. As a result, Russian pipelayers were sent to European shores.

Discussions about the fate of the project resumed in the fall after the German government reported that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny had allegedly been poisoned with a substance from the Novichok group.

In response, the Russian Green party proposed to curtail construction, which called the incident an obvious assassination attempt by the structures of the Kremlin.

nce again, a longtime critic of the project, Donald Trump, spoke in favor of abandoning Nord Stream 2.

The United States is working to build a coalition against the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said in an interview with German Bild in mid-September.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly stated that the gas pipeline project is commercial, not political.

At first, she refused to link the discussion of Nord Stream 2 with the poisoning of Navalny. However, later, the German state news agency, citing several participants in the meeting of the ruling CDU/CSU bloc in the Bundestag, reported that Merkel intends to transfer the decision on the fate of the gas pipeline to the European level.

Now, the situation is this, and several lines can be drawn from what transpired regarding the Nord Stream 2 in the past few days:

  1. The European Union’s institutions appear to be deteriorating in their influence. As such, Denmark simply decided that it would approve the construction of Nord Stream 2, and wouldn’t coordinate it (at least not publicly) with its EU big brothers in the face of France, Germany, maybe even the Netherlands.

This, however is true in another direction, Germany, instead of voting on what should happen with Nord Stream 2 is likely to put it up to vote in the EU, however, it is sure that the current European Parliament is, more or less, in a deadlock of those who show Russia disfavor and those who simply are rather neutral towards it.

As such, a vote that’s not certain in either direction would mean that it is free to say that it’s not really connected to Alexei Navalny’s alleged poisoning and it can move forward with the vital economic project.

  1. Despite anything that’s going on in the political sphere and calls and hysteria against “Russian aggression”, it is no secret that there’s an economic crisis that’s just gaining speed, as such the industrial elites in Europe are fully aware of the impending storm, and the urgent need to actually finalize a project that would reduce the tectonic shifts that this crisis promises. Energy security is a key pillar of stability, and cheaper energy, which will also certainly come, since whatever Russia is, it has repeatedly proven to be a safe and sure partner when it comes to large national-level projects.
  2. Finally, however, it could be that Denmark has coordinated its actions with its big brothers, and mostly with the US, which despite President Donald Trump’s awkward diplomacy still has quite a bit of push and pull in Europe. And as such a permit to construct, but operate Nord Stream 2 after a string of conditions could be a trap for Russia. The project is extremely expensive, and the finalization means that, at least, some financing is outside of the project. If it is finalized it is locked into it, and if it can’t be used it is a massive loss. As such this would provide certain leverage which can be used to pressure Russia in concessions in a vareity of diplomatic and economic fields.

Currently, Russia is under threat of sanctions from Germany, France and the US due to the alleged poisoning of Navalny and its presumed activities in supporting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, so further actions in finalizing Nord Stream 2 need to carefully be thought to, lest they prove fatal.


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Lone Ranger

This is a watershed moment for Germany.
Under strict EU laws they closed down all coal powerplants and all nuclear reactors.
The only thing left is green energy and gas, but green energy is not reliable for an economic powerhouse like Germany.
The U.S. knows full well it cant deliver enough gas for Germany even at triple the price they just cant do it, hurting Russia is only secondary, the primary goal is to break the back of the EU and China, Germany is the economic powerhouse of the EU.
The U.S. economy is toast, they are on lifesupport, they cant compete anymore so they cheat, threat and sanction.
Its all about keeping the U.S. afloat and to inflict maximum damage to all competitors be it allies or adversaries, it doesnt matter.
Crumbling U.S. Empire in a nutshell…
Merkel knows this, so the question is not Russia, the question is will Merkel destroy Germany for Uncle Sam and CIA Pimpeo or not…
My money is on that she wont.
We shall see.


Indeed we will see if the Germans have balls,i am not sure,but public anger could force Merkels hand,if German industry looks like being trashed and home owners bills go through the roof because of expensive imported gas sh may have to go against the US Regime which is no more than a Mafia state.

Jens Holm

Gas from Russia is not expensive. Gas from USA would not be expensive as well. The USA gas mainly is yúsed as a political tool, where they by that can sell it to the price they choose.

We and Merkel already has said no to USA even we try to be polite.

Lone Ranger

U.S. LNG is 2-3 times more expensive.
And there is not enough of it either way.

Jens Holm

I have just explained that as well as it goes in my almost novel above.

Most of the price for oil, gas etc are taxes, so USA can sell to any price tthey want if the want and by suveventions from theor states. I dont prefare that.

I just has written in detail why. Danes anytime want a faster change to no hot CO2 for the world and that will go fatster and better if all in EU(and for the matter the rest of the world) invest where windpower as well as solar electricity is a good idea.

I also wrote the faster change dont say that Oil and gas is out. I say a very high reductions can be made and even with profit.

And I also has written we all can save a lot of oil by improven wind and solarpower.

And a lot right here dont know and forget fx insolation and centralized heating and for that matter cooling systems can reduce those needs to almost nothing.

So learn to understand we are Our own and USA gas is a proposel and a safety net for us. And if we are as dirty as opu ahve writtrn many times, it can be used as an option by the gas and oi producers fx from Russia, Azaerbydjan a.s.o.

60 watt becam to 11 watt in use and now even less by LED. Actually LED seemes to be the best.

And houses separat cold from warm by insolation such as Rockwool in new buildings as well as older building or by replacing older buildings with new updated ones.


That includes glass for windows like this big mainly danish company


So even if the prices for fossils goes up and down, we can reduce the consumption very much too.

For now and for Denmark there is free money to save every the barrel is above 40 dollar.


U r a DORK…

Jens Holm

And Your real name is Miss Foster.


Your wife sometimes calls me that secret name so you don’t know when she calls me.. but u r never home when I come.

Jens Holm

Naming me as a “Dork” because I descriebe how things are in the world as I know they actually are is far out.

I descriebe very well which disputes there are and has been for Nordsttream too and from a Danish perspective because the pipeline is right here our doorstep.

Here I descriebe the reasons for worries too. If so many investment money are used for gas, we cant fullfill the plans for other and ckeaner as well as cheeper solutions.

Those plans for replacing oil and gas is decided by EU and today is a too slow gamechanger.

I also write because we in % actualy has some of the toools fpr the new ways implemented and we can see wind, using energy better but also solarpower acrually works. We even produce a lot of that stuff for it as well as many has copied Our versions ofit and also has invented very good equipment, which we also buy.

We dont have smog in bog and small towns andy more. We dont. Our farming dont pollute as much as it does and the food almost has no poision in it. We again can do a lot of fishing and again has falcons and eagles in the air as well as seals below.

And besides that we in miniscale as an example and a small country example contribute much less to the globalg warmin up too.

And the reasons for that are very visible. The clomate takes our coastlines and people actually has houses and activities there for fishing, trasport and also tourisme.

We see Our relative good water cleaning facilities cant handle all the extra rain and by that we are building alternatives for the water from the rain, so it dont need to go by pur cleaning systems, because rain is almost clean water.

Lone Ranger

Delirium at its finest…

Jens Holm

I just tell You what I know as facts as well as how the World, Denmark and I am, where I live.

cechas vodobenikov

USA cannot; 1 gallon oil costs them 50$ per barrel to extract—fracking=expensive…Russian oil, high grade murals, now the most expensive, costs less than 20 per barrel to produce
Brent crude now sells for 45$ US per barrel


and the most negative aspect of US fatty gas is because it’s a toxic waste and by product of the destructive and very polluting fracking technology and the greens in Germany can not choose for that option, and so they will go for the clean Russian gas
btw not much is said or talked about the fact these pipelines is also fully legit to transit hydrogen in the later stadium of the German green wave their have been talks about that and that is also fundamental positive for the Scandinavians although they want to be like Anti russky, but they can not miss the big brother of the north in their guts they know yanks are coward backstabbing that respect no contracts contrary to Russia

Pave Way IV

Come ON, Jens… Nobody says ‘no’ to ZATO or the USA. When was the last time Denmark stood up for its rights – 1949? How did that ‘booting the US out of Thule’ go? Not so well. The all-powerful AN/FPS-120 Eye of God still protects the US from a sneak Soviet missile attack. It also protects us from the Arctic Highlanders – those guys are insane.


You are a lier,

Jens Holm

I want proof for I am a liar in this. I am right here in EU and even is small stockholder in windpower, insolation and transportation fx by Maersk and DSV.


Pave Way IV

Jens, you’re not a liar and fuck the haters. Four-word Tourette replies don’t deserve a response from a proper Dane (or so I’m told). Someone is always going to resent the fact that this place isn’t an echo chamber for their opinions. Nobody gets to decide that here. This asylum is an anarchy – there will be no voting on whether we wear pants or not today.

Jens Holm

Thank Ypur for the reply


Jens a ju who was born deformed and Small twisted dead dick.. Go easy on him please


Us shale/gas is dirtier,france refuses to accept us shale oil for obvious reason$ 2.

Jens Holm

The point is gas or not and electricity or not as well as we use coal or fx oil with sulphur.

The other point is replacing or partly replcing those needs with something better,which fx can be wind and solarpower.

EU has plans for that. Cars has to use electricity.

Jens Holm

We all apart from Poland and Hungary has decided that and Germany too. The reasons are well descriebed.

The argumentation non reliable is an old phrase. Its about replacing. You say that all electricity in fx Denmark 200 days of 365 is not reliable. And we are able to a little by a little to cover more.

Germany has not enough wind for covering well that many days. But its a very good source. Danes keep the needed replacement. Solarplants seemes to be a good one too.

Its very much about a long term devellopment, where a lot of the renewable will improve a lot.

So I dont say we dont need oil and gas. I say we can reduce the needs to almost nothing in many parts of the world – and should.

I lived in Copenhagen when it had a lot of smog. The living age was very short because of health problems. TV antennas, cars and bicycles was eaten by HSO4. We also has lead and mangan and everything dies inclusive fish and birds.

Im no fanatic but I am for the polluters are no producers unless they also clean after themselves.

Lone Ranger

LSD is a hell of a drug, aint it Jens…

Pave Way IV

It’s not nearly as lethal as oil. Just let us U.S. junkies know that you have some. Next thing you know, we’ll be crawling through your bedroom window at 3 A.M. trying to be ‘frenz’.

Lone Ranger


Jens Holm

Its as in Russia. All are Comrads and Friends are them You choose:)

Jens Holm

It can make old russian cars bigger, sheeper and better and in many colors. They will live longer and sometimes in Your nightmares too and also OH GOD I HAVE 2 ANGRY WIVES.

cechas vodobenikov

we can teach you how to produce cars and trucks if u ask nicely


First u gotta teach him to spell and think!

Jens Holm

I am beyond that years ago. You are like my sisters children the first many years. They prefared the paper around their gifts and I could have given them potatoes or my haircut.

And I seemes to know much more about it then You. But thats no quality check because You show nothing apart from being able to spell and write as I did when Ilearned it when I was 16 to 18 yars old.

Since then this has been a fast media for me an most of the world and about the messages in the text an not form. Most people here also dont use advanced normal english but correct very limited kind of stuff.

Ypu should see my SMS and MMS. Ot probatly will send You traumatized to some long time hospital:)

Jens Holm

Thats my whole point. You still try to produce in ineffective kombiates and even punish kombinates buying some parts from the outside as spy related.

Cars here are are made by many. Denmark produce a lot of parts of german cars as wel, as trucks because Our specialised factores compete with the whole world in best to the price.

By that almost half of the German cars has parts from Denmark.

Denmark also import all kinds of German vehicles and rebuild them to specials driving on strange rooftops, mountains, in airports as firebrigades so we reabuild totally new cars.

The difference to the Russian versions are, we are needed and sell those almost handmade new vehicles before any order them and a la carte.


That’s why your Danish ladies loveeee…. the Russian men…. They are bigger.

Jens Holm

And a too often no fact´cheking as well.

Russian men height is 177 cm. The danish ones is 181.38cm

We only see a few Russian ladies marrying Danish men and all – as far as I know – settle here.

Russia is only in front with one thing. The men as well as the vomen dont live as long as ours. It saves a lot of pension and medical care as well.

I sometimes wonder why the Russian doctors are dressed as our butchers:)


He is using Vagisil on his lip 2 times daily.

Lone Ranger


cechas vodobenikov

again false–25% of energy in Germany is supplied by “renewables”
they r heavily dependent on gas—more so than France where 50% derives from nuclear power….since u have an economy that produces nothing, u require immigrants to augment your economy…and you can create enough electricity from your hash and hallucinogens


Agreed, I think recent events have shown Germans trying to distance themselves from the US, waiting for the US to lose influence

Pave Way IV

That’s like distancing yourself from a monkey with a live hand grenade and waiting until it settles down and ‘loses influence’. It might work, but it might not. Besides, we have a whole box of hand grenades hidden somewhere in the jungle – we’ll just grab another one. At some point, the world is going to need to deal with the evil, insane monkeys running the U.S. I’m trying to fix it from the inside, but voting for a different monkey doesn’t seem to be working.

Jens Holm

Yes, weby EU has to be more Our Own and a Trump as President over there does it. But we are also mixted about it.

Tradtions and facts say that even the Nazis could not have made WW2 with succes until after the beginning of Barbarossa in 1941 without unlimited import of oil, iron, coal, nikel and a lot of food. That included the many spendadble slaves by Stalin too.

johnny rotten

Once completed the pipeline will be used at full flow, it has no alternative but to ruin the whole €U, the American disturbance ridicules the Americans first, who today find themselves fighting wars against the mills in wind, indeed in favor of windmills.

Jens Holm

You have no idea about what You are writing about.

cechas vodobenikov

wrong–u r an idiot
Maersk will pay to use our arctic route or they will take the long route

Jens Holm

Very good joke. Its anytime a cost benefit for both. None will sail there id it dont pays off.

Maersk already administrate more then 130 big harbours with and wothout containers and russian ships dont have to pay for sailing in the whole world. So why should they.

There are interational agreemenets about that. There are limitations here and there for using pilots and also for dangerous things such as chemicals and explosives.

And dont name me as an idiot for knowing about things. It news to me some semi russian secondary outfit from an collapsed economy should know much about the rest of theworld, when it behave as a no learner with no eays and ears.

You hardky has showed anything but minus in knowledge. Do we have to slice father Christmas too:) comment image

Outside the 12 mile zone You decide absolutly nothing about most things. I am sure that from northern Russia to the North Pole is more then 12 miles.

cechas vodobenikov

arctic sea is Russian–not governed by international law of the sea
I would be happy to prescribe you some Seroquel or Wellbutrin


He uses Vagisil…

Rhodium 10

Denmark allow ND2 because Danish Maersk needs the Russian artic route beside the St Peterburg hub which link by Train the Baltic with China through transiberian railways…

Jens Holm

Very funny. The need for that pipeline or others are big because many fields in Europe now are empty.

Maersk dont need to ask.They are being asked.

cechas vodobenikov

now the functionally illiterate racist underemployed janitor believes she speaks for a corporation

Jens Holm

The Arctic consists of land, internal waters, territorial seas, exclusive economic zones (EEZs) and international waters above the Arctic Circle (66 degrees 33 minutes North latitude). All land, internal waters, territorial seas and EEZs in the Arctic are under the jurisdiction of one of the eight Arctic coastal states: Canada, Denmark (via Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the United States (via Alaska). International law regulates this area as with other portions of Earth.

Under international law, the North Pole and the region of the Arctic Ocean surrounding it, are not owned by any country. The five surrounding Arctic countries are limited to a territorial sea of 12NAUTICAL MILES (22 km; 14 mi) and an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) adjacent to their coasts measured from declared baselines filed with the UN. The waters beyond the territorial seas 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) of the coastal states are considered the “high seas” (i.e. international waters). The waters and sea bottom that is not confirmed to be extended continental shelf beyond the exclusive economic zones are considered to be the “heritage of all mankind.” Fisheries in these waters can only be limited by international treaty and exploration and exploitation of mineral resources on and below the seabed in these areas is administered by the UN International Seabed Authority.

by wiki and with no pictures, so You dont get confuced

cechas vodobenikov

again false–try to sail one of your vessels—Russian military will send u back to Odensse unless you pay dearly as u do to the Americans when u traverse their canal


Danes think isreal owns it all

Jens Holm

I am a small stockholder in Maersk line too. You can be too. They probatly can make cars better then Russia too.


He masters in nothing but knows everything…. Mental issues..

Jens Holm

For Denmark and danes we have worries. That pipline will delay the change to more clean production of heat and electricity, which is the opposit of EU plans for being more non polluters.

Soon the same deciders as here will blame Denmark for more water in the sea because we are melting ice in Greenland. Thats very much about that here.

We also see it very well along Our coastline with bigger wawes and water comming into Our houses as well as more and more sumerhouses goes into the sea. We sea more rain and rainstorm, which hit hard in th streets and the fields and a lot of very expensive projects are needed becausete of the global warming up.

…And we do see the reasons for that pipeline are very visible, but we disagree in the solutions.

So thats why. Furthermore DEnmark invented the big windpower systems, which today fx cover 50% of all electricity in Our Countrey, so there are other solutions. They are produced by many others in the whole world and has been much bigger, cheeper and effective so areas where it not many years ago was named as not windy enough makes clean plus now.

And we use it wind warming pumps, which give heat or cooling in 1 : 3 and we – as others – now and in the future will need a lot of electricity for Our cars. Thats the same for many parts of the world in less fuel. So we installmore windpower systems.

The newest one by this link: http://vindparkthorup-sletten.dk/DK.aspx which by 18 powerstations cover 100.000 inhabitants well with elstricity.

That electricity is doing fine on the Skandinavian energiMARKET. We export more and more when its windy, and by that we can buy from Norway, Sweden and Germany.

So thats where Our worries are. Its devastaing for me again and again to see Russian propaganda about USA in this.

And whats wrong in being worried about how the Russians behave themself. Just across the Baltic Sea they have deployed many big misseles in Kaliningrad in the middle of Nato. That dot never should have been a Russian one even all there was killed or exxpelles after WW2. Here its about we as answer to that has bought antimissels.

We see the russians being more agressive around our island named Bornholm then ever, so of course we sould no have Russian spyes there repairing or painting that pipeline.

And yes it is very strange Putin Russia only allow opposition chosen by their own ologarciacal nepotisme as well as Russia not even invent itself. So yes Navaljev is an enough is a enogh for us and most of the world, so we delay.

Ad the rest of the world we partly agree USA in their matters but not in all their solutions for it. As PRIVATE person i do support Russia wash hands BEFORE they do things and NOT AFTER. I dont see that.

Finally it it is allowed to disagree with USA and Trump. We are have had disputes with Trump too. We cant sell Grenland from us amnd as a minimum they should be asked. The Trumpet didnt like Our Premiereminoster telling him that using Danish terms, which mant something mich shaper in USA. We have Our own language too.

And about coordinating with USA it is true we coordinate with many. Thats why we as small nation exist. We are very good at coordinating as well as making consensus.

Denmark is runned by a Goverment having only 25% of the votes and has invente the titel “ombudsmand”. We also has invented “flexicurity”, which say its allowed to delay things a think well one more time about many things such as this.

So what Denmark by that see here is people with no ears in both ends of that pipeline. Our problem is not connections to USA as the propagandist write here. Its much more the local investments in EU should be used in renewable energy and usisng less for more.


And in the meantime while optimizing energy investments, what are people to do for energy?
And the population of Europe is not static.

Jens Holm

Its not on and off. Europe still has small gas reserves, so very much is replacing faster. I dont have the exact number but I think we has replaced 3 very big poiwerplants, which used coal and oil. But we still has about 5 ehich mainly use wood.

We also are taking care of our garbage burning it with a little oil. That makes a lot of heat for households and warming up as well as a lot of electricity. We then has no moutains of garbage but only small amounts of very polluted ashes, we can handle.

Many here lives in Towns, so we have those effective centralised systems. Mine is a small one covering only 50.000 100% with water for heating and householding. It only makes – estimate – 10% of Our electrity.

I will say that europe pr capita actually use more electricity then ever. I am against it. And yes the population is not static. We kind of grow older all of us but its a matter of time before we as old die too. We also import Young ones, which are needed as well as too many, which not are needed.

We has to handle those changes as well as it goes. None should be unfamiliar with changes like that. They are weel known but has to be handled in time.

My first house was in a small village in the farmland. All the old ones were somehow were conneted to farming apart from a few teachers froma small school.

But after a few years they all were dead or has moved to a protected home. So those old ones in their cheep nice houses was replaced with Young families and the village went from 185 to 250. There suddenlky was life all over and the school was more then full and had to build out with barracts.

So its doing the right things in time and replacing energy takes time. For children we know they after 5-6 years need a chair in school.

Tommy Jensen

Jens, Denmark has the worlds most expensive consumer prices in water, electricity, heat, natural gas “to benefit the weak, the elderly and the disabled”?!

At the moment Denmark are about carry out a duffer system to make sewage the worlds most expensive sewage system too.

Germans call the danes “die dumme dänen”, Sweden call you “the pest from the west”, and latest China call Danes for ignorant and vulgar national socialists.

Do you sincerely believe foreign nations should copy your little country’s stupid “worlds most expensive utilities”??

Tommy Jensen

comment image

Jens Holm

Haha. I can do that too.

We are number one in electricity covered by windpower and save a lot of money by that. We are number one i low corruption. We are number 16 in GDP. We hardly owe any other countries in the world money. We are AA at the IMF. We have very few named as poor and we sell more to USA then they do to us.

We trust Our goverment and by that only has about 650 which died

We today show we can run a country very well by a female Premiereminister, whcih say Our women must be more clever then Yours(but we know why. Your carrots becomes small if Yours do) comment image

The newest apart from beeing active partners in small satelites is Bjarne Ingels are in a projekt which will build real houses on the moon.

And its not the Tommy Jensen moon:)

cechas vodobenikov

stop lying —u r one of the few European nations with extreme poverty—Russia none

Jens Holm

I didnt know we have many nuns here.

Jens Holm

Its the NETTO which counts.

…And we do exports those sewage systems as well as a lot of other kinds of cleanig systems too and for billions.

What we do for the moment and the next years is to seperate polluted water from the brown water and put the rain- and street water direct to rivers, lakes and the sea. Thats because we get more and more rain by the climate change, which our cleaning facilities should not have, because its clean. It only need big filters made of sand.

fx https://www.niras.com/

We dont want to live like You probatly do.

It seemes You ignore what people name each other right here.

I never wrote people should copy is. Its and EU decission we should make electricity and heating in a non fossil way as well as it goes. And do tell others there are other solutions for a lot of things and we here and there do things better then many others – And they culd get better and even cleaner solutions by taking already invented and iomplemeneted systems.

Our systems are not the most expensive ones in the world. We are high paid too. You forget we are not made poor by Our income tax system, which You probatly know nothing about.

Sanders in USA can see we have half price for better service then them in hospitals and health. Many big companies also has their HQs here because we are well educated and has very well educated people for them.

So free school, education, a good health and a good social social security system are very good investments. By that we have much less poor people then many others.

Its very simple. We try to give people same possibilities to devellop themself but we pay pr hour after how advanced the jobs are.

My pension from next year will be 2.150 dollar(14.000 kroner).

Fx the USA pension is much more and $4,140 – BUT – americans has to pay a lot of things which are completly free here.

So comparing with the tax is high here makes no sense.

Its about how You live and space and furniture, food, clothe, hospital, healtcare, glasses, a car , a vacation or not

Tommy Jensen

You have a point, I take that.
But you should realize in the eyes of foreign people “the danish way” in many aspects looks like something taken out from a mental asylum.
Talking about the positive sides, your hospital system has absolutely improved, the country is peaceful, and people are social secured ;-).

Jens Holm

I never write others should be like us.

I try to tell people, where things are very bad for them, that there are many choises and they could try some of them in their own versions and where they fit in.

Making no change very much is a choise too.

And I do know many think we for them are a menthal asylum.

But many does not. They come here and learn how to finance a not family related system by Our kind of high tax. They comes here very much too to see how we do have good results for clening Our country as well as they can see we cover more then 50% of Our electricity by Windpower and we dont have maountains of garbage because we born most of it and at least “recycle ir” as 10% og Our heating systems as well as make a lot of electricity.

So thats initiative from people and nations, which see their systems as a minimum has ti be upgraded a lot. Its as You kind of assume and we expect. they mainly are impressed but only take smaller parts and implement them at home.

Thats a good reasons for me to be sceptic for too much gas and oil too easy fx by Nordstream.

There are better systems around the world for many things.

As open we are good examples. A lot of our activity is taken from others and then upgraded with succes.

You might know Carlsberg pilsner. Pilsner says making a good pendant to very good beer from Pilsen in Tjekkoslavakia.

Jens Holm

I dont speak for all danes in all things. But menthal assylum is a kind of correct. We try to include all even we also has to pay a price for it. But when we add and subtract we think we accomplish a good life.

We havnt solved all things worth solving but we have a system, which can change even it also has safety to all by its consitution.

But the point is we are open and owned by others as well as we own them by the stockmarket and also a few very big private companies(Lego is damily owned).

Owned also says we take in good stuff and are able not only to copy it and improve and then export oriducts better then others. Its not like China:)

Its the same line for education. We dont have the best educations for all kinds of scientists. Even so we have many very good Leaders around the world BECAUSE they connect and coordinate and are very deterinat in a sober way.

Its very important to see hieraki is important in this. We have one of the lowest one in the whole world, which sometimes can be a problem outside the country. But often its the opposite. Our kind bring fresh air into the suits which think they are an own tower and supercompetent. But in big business, they actually are specialists. So they have to talk.

A wheel on a car is not less improtant then the seats or the windows. So we work very much i socalled democratic Leadership and can talk with most of the bosses even You are low ranked. By that the bosses also can see the whole peicture and be “big Boss” when and if needed.

About this I dont expect many countries with problems should be able to copy that part well. But I do expect they can see facts which says, we are doing at lest something well.

But its not about us. Its about learning to learnig and let them learn, which are good at it – and pay them well, because we are very dependent of nnnovatives and implementing ones.

We have no problems with that Jews are made into a cartoon for. And why: We have income tax and even tax money even taxed once. So we love that type so many in the world seemes to hate.

Russia and muslims systems has none of those systems, so people making – too much money – are not taxed. And the high tax is not only at the Leaders. Income tax are taxing, what the people working for them pay – too.

Thats what all should learn and dpónt drown it in bureauti and corruption.

All should learn hard working people should be rewarded for it amd especialy the ones creating jobs and good invensions. In the other hand we control them as well as it goes, because we dont trust them – too.

In an zoo a gorilla and a chimpansee évery day trained with a zookeeper and the reward for doing a good job was bananas. The chimpansee was winning 7 bananas every time the Gorilla won 3 bananas.

One day the Chimpansee asked the the gorilla if the the gorilla played only getting 3 bananas.

The answer was, 3 bananes was much better then none,because the zookeeper moght stop the competision.

The chimpanse whispered … actually its 8 to 2 or else You might see no more fun.

Tommy Jensen

Its ok ;-).

cechas vodobenikov

u r an amerikan colony Jenny—u speak for nobody except the homeless racist junkies in Arhaus…Sweden uses nuclear power and they pay less for electricity—-your incompetent schools, extreme poverty, declining educational performance and increasing debt shows that u r a liar

Jens Holm

This is about using fossils or not. Sweden also invest in big windfarms.


Today its 13% and we do sell tjem a lot and even buy electricity back made by nukes.

Putin Apologist

A new world order is in the making and Washington is in a serious panic, and determined to halt any and all economic coperation between Berlin and Moscow which it fears most: Berlin drifting out of its sphere of influence and into this emerging one centered around Moscow, Beijing and Tehran.


Correct and sensible way to go.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia should just stick a battlecruiser or missile cruiser next to the pipelaying ship and proceed regardless.

cechas vodobenikov

Europeans are becoming more stupid? Russian gas is superior and less expensive that amerikan LNG—so far,only the poles have been stupid enough to purchase from USA


The Polish government have totally prostituted their Country to the US Reich,not sure what the polish people think about it,are they as stupid as their government?


yep, totally and friggin stupid beyond anything you can imagine.

Jens Holm

Belarus was a part of the reagined Poland from 1019. Thats why the non 80% use the red white polish flag. Get it.

And Poles will never forget the Katyn Massacre and the many killed and jailed in the Ribbetrop-Molotov treaty. They also will never forget how Russia let the Nazis kill all the Polish resistence in Warshaw.

Here many polish men escaped both Russians and Nazis and became a part of the westerns by Eisenhower.

And Russia buy the Tzars is not forgotten as well. They divided Poland to nothing with Preussen amd Austria Hungary.

You also forget Russia as the only one in WW1 lost the war 3 times. The newregained Red Army tryed to take their polish theft back but was defeated and Polan too extra land.

And what about the Bolsjevics having troops west of Berlin from 1945 to 1991 and even with very picket fence from 1961, so Honnecker would not be the only person in DDR.

Russia didnt go east. They plundered Comecons. And True. Of Course Poland as well as other coutries decide t be memebers o f this and that and anytime prefare the protection against bad old days, which says own troops helped some by USA.

And You sung the same song Stalin song even before WW2 was over. Russia is not ther Father or Motherland. Not army has so evil parents.

It pays off to be in the western economics and we do help them up to a level, where they can do most things better themselves. The poles we have here working or a few as emmigrants seemes to be fine people. Now it opays off for them to work harder and better too. They send money home and support polish economy well.

Very good the Russian Neocolononualisme is gone. Denmark are happy for the Baltics now again is a trade area of open small states and Poland.

We dont have the same entusiatic nationalisme for Belarus but because we are not family.

cechas vodobenikov

your psychiatrist hasn’t readjusted your meds…Russians let the nazis? u racist despicable liar; USSR liberated Poland from the nazis, where you invited them in.
Baltics has no economy–depopulated by nearly half since the USSR disintegrated…their populations required to move to Western Europe to obtain employment


Stop using Vagisil for your ailments… We know Jo’s think they know it all… Seek a shrink instead

cechas vodobenikov

Poland has a difficult history —they are xenophobic towards the Ukrainians, envious of the Germans. pogroms mainly occurred in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia—the “concentration camps” in Germany were created for manufacturing. U could be right; I don’t know the current mood in Poland. They are linguistically and religiously (Catholic)distinct form their neighbors


And what make it more funny, USA bought some of the LNG from russia and sell it twice the price to europe

cechas vodobenikov

USA now also imports Russian oil


Jens maybe a polish ju..

John Brown

This guy is totally wrong. Russia can sell all the gas from this project to China.

It is Germany and the EU (the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slave empire dictatorship) that will be the big loser if Nord-Stream 2 is cancelled as they will have a complete and total economic super depression, social and military collapse. Mad Max or the French revolution.

It is Germany who begged Russia for and badly needs this deal not Russia

Jens Holm

Yes its a matter of choosing investmenets. China is long distance ijside China too but a small pipeline into Russia is planned as a kind of silk road. The rest of the Russian gas is “far away” from China too.

Other gasfields are same thing. Saudi Arabi has very big gasfields. Several proposals for tranportation by pipelines to Europe is made. One is past the Suez another is by Jordan and Israel.

cechas vodobenikov

the CIA dinkie again self humiliates
SA has zero gas –they import their gas from Qatar
Russia china have a pipeline where China purchases 40 billion USD per year
Russia/China have 2 borders—they do not teach geography in your village apparently


Maybe u can sell them some of the gas coming out your mouth too.

John Brown

Wrong Russia’s pipeline is the only economic one for Germany not only because it is the shortest but because it connects to Russia’s preexisting network. If its cancelled Europe not Russia is the big loser.

A Saudi pipeline etc will never happen as its not economical companre3 to Russia’s and Saudis neighbors like Syria and Turkey Egypt won’t allow it ever. Same with any Israeli pipeline.

Russia only needs to make a connection between its east and west networks to make all its gas available any where any time and this network is almost complete right now and can be used to hook up new gas fields not yet developed as well as those from Kazakstan etc. as well. This is a massive economic advantge for Russia.

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