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Denmark Authorities Struggle To Ban Sharing Of Gruesome Footage Of Murder Of Scandinavian Women In Morocco

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Denmark Authorities Struggle To Ban Sharing Of Gruesome Footage Of Murder Of Scandinavian Women In Morocco


Danish authorities are struggling to ban the video showing the murder of Danish tourist Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and her Norwegian companion, Maren Ueland, according to Danish outlet BT.

According to the outlet, in large parts of the country, the police have received reports that killing video from Morocco is being shared. For instance, pupils from Vejgård Østre Skole on the outskirts of Aalborg had seen the footage. The school subsequently spoke to all pupils in the seventh and eighth grade about it.

A large group of people around the country may have broken the law once they have seen and shared the video.

This is what Kirsten Dyrmann, a public prosecutor in Viborg, said. In agreement with the Attorney General, she has been tasked with investigating the matter and its scope.

“It is our impression that sharing videos like this can be a criminal offence, so I would urge people to refrain from doing so,” Dyrmann told BT.

Police appeared to have received a large amount of reports, since Dyrmann said the following:

“This is a not insignificant number, and therefore it is important that we get coordinated that everyone runs in the right direction,” she said.

“It will be our job to find out how it should be investigated. But first and foremost, the task is to investigate whether it is punishable and, if so, according to which provisions,” she continued.

Although it is not yet clear whether it is illegal to see and share the video at all, the specialists of the National Police Cyber Crime Center (NC3) are intensely working to prevent the spread of the video.

“We’ve done and still do what we can to prevent the spread of this horrible video. If you receive the video, we recommend deleting it immediately,” NC3 leader Claus Birkelyng said.

Jespersen (24) and Ueland (28) were brutally murdered during their trip to the Atlas Mountains, near the village of Imlil en route to Toubkal, North Africa’s highest peak as well as a popular hiking and trekking destination.

As of December 26th, 19 people were arrested in connection to the murders. The four main suspects, aged between 25 and 30 years, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State in a video made three days before the bodies were found, but without agreeing this in advance with any foreign group, police and domestic intelligence spokesman Boubker Sabik said.

Sabik described the four men as “lone wolves,” adding that “the crime was not coordinated with Islamic State.”

According to unnamed sources, the fifteen other people that were arrested allegedly have connections to the four killers, but no further details were provided.

A Swiss national was also reportedly arrested. Morocco’s Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (CBJI) said the man was thought to have recruited “Moroccan and sub-Saharan nationals” to carry out attacks against foreigners as well as security forces “in order to take hold of their service weapons.”

Sputnik reported that the gruesome video was sent to friends and relatives of the two victims. Citing Danish Media, Sputnik claimed that “Jespersen’s mother and other relatives even had to deactivate their Facebook accounts after being spammed with the grisly video from fake accounts and bots.”


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John Whitehot

sure, go ahead and ban videos and arrest all those that see them.

don’t let your people know what can happen to unaccompained women meeting troglodytes.

besides in a few years, they won’t even have to go climbing mountains in Morocco to get the same treatment, they’ll get it in their own, safe, NATO protected homes from the poor moderate immigrants Europe is so keen on taking in.

The invasion of Europe is already at an advanced stage.
All the euro goodists in favor of unregulated migration will soon realize that the people they are taking in will destroy the same exact ideals they swear on.

When Europe will be governed by ziojihadists, we shall see what will happen to the migrants that will try to enter it.

Bigaess Wangmane

That’s the real problem. Most the Danes in high positions (government etc…) that want to bring in 100’s of thousands of arabs, africans and other third worlders from violent, backward countries do not house them in their own neighborhoods and towns.

Tudor Miron

Yeah, and Jens Holm will tell us how wonderful is life in “civilized” world. Victims don’t even realize who they have to thank for this – their own politicians.


First this didn’t happen in the civilized world, second not all westerners are libtards

Tudor Miron

Yes, the actual crime didn’t happen in “civilized” world. But the “crime” of watching this video is happening there, does it?
And yes, not all westerners are libtards. But those who don’t obey to this new pedo world are actively supressed via “hate speach” and similar tricks.


There is no such thing as crime of watching it. By sharing they mean uploading it. But on the rest I’m with you, it’s a worse crime to prevent spreading the truth than sharing it. Though Russia has more censorship than the West.

Tudor Miron

How do you know that Russia has more sensorship than the west? Of you do know than would you please tell us what exactly is sensored?


Just a small example Russia banned a Harry Potter movie in which an ugly troll was looking like Putin.

Tudor Miron

:) Stop kidding me. Lol.


More info on pedophilia and the promotion of sexual degeneracy in the West (I find it difficult to watch all the way through):

Is ‘Desmond is Amazing’ Being Drugged and Abused?:


The 8 Genders of the Talmud: https://www.jta.org/jewniverse/2015/the-6-genders-of-the-talmud

Judaism’s Six Genders ✡️: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wDNmnVLXzEn3/

Bigaess Wangmane

The fact that the Danish authorities are more concerned with stopping the video from being shared than what actually happened in the video itself is truly abhorrent.


“Sabik described the four men as “lone wolves,””
A group of lone wolves….. there is no such thing.

Mr Bray

In Northern England there is a very serious problem with White Women being abused by men of Pakistani / Indian desent that is very rarely even mentioned in the mainstream, much less discussed.

Between the old industrial centres of Blackburn and Preston, accross to Burnley, and Bradford and down to Rochdale, and encompasing all the old mill towns in between, the white english person is now the ethnic MINORITY.

This is not hyperbole, it is now even being admidded OFFICIALLY as the evidence on the ground (ie very few white faces viible) can not be denied.

The unofficial figures (ie the real ones that actually count all the illegal migrants) show that many areas are now exlusively Pakistani. In many of these towns the high-streets look like Afghan markets and even the old Victorian Shop Fronts have been painted over with either Middle-Eastern / Pakistani names. Some of these names still use written in English, but many now simply just write in Urdu or Arabic script.

In fact, just as in the US there is a so called ‘Bible Belt’, in northwest England there is a so called ‘Quran Belt’. The Quran belt – from Blackburn to Bradford and Rochdale, and all between is ILLEGAL to even mention. To mention it actually exists will have an English person arrested for hate-speech. Mentioning that white people are the ethnic minority will have you arrested for hate-speech.

In fact even reporting the mass rapes and child abuse cases actually going through the Courts will have you arrested! Check out the Rochdale child rape gangs for examples of reporters being arrested for talking about it!.

Many yound white girls simply disapear – likely held as sex slaves like this famous case of Anna Rushton – held for 13 years since she was a child and raped daily and had 4 rape children sold into abuse:


In England the White male is vilified, and anyone speaking the truth is arrested as a Nazi or extremist. It has got to the point that cities like Birmingham and London are now no longer majority white, even the the Mayor of London is not White and same with the Home Secretary.

There are 7 Billion people on plannet Earth, yet less than 1 Billion is White, yet the whites are told they must give up everything to give to the minority – What make believe minority are they talking about? It is the white man who is the minority, and if they get a war going in Europe with Russia so that more whites can themselves off to be replaced with migrants.

Tudor Miron

World of freedom and democracy. Freedom for perversions is what is truely defended in the west now, the rest not so much.


There is a fight against it. The media simply does not cover it.

Tudor Miron

Good to hear it.

Chris Saunders

The ongoing war against the white man by the Zionazis. They fear the white European, and in particular awake Christian whites as their most dangerous potential foe. This is the reasoning behind their great push for migration and multiculturalism: so the white European will be so bogged own by multi-ethnic immigration issues that he won’t be able to fight the real war against Zionazi world domination. The huge influxes of ethnic immigrants also dilutes the Christian heritage and culture of each recipient nation, weakening them and rendering them useless as an opponent. As a final gesture of victory, they will place a menorah in front of, or inside the main government institution of each state, to gloat over that nation’s total defeat, as they have in the US . . .


Well that’s why they want, to kill us off through mass immigration, the white privilege myth, along with the promotion of white guilt and miscegenation (especially between white men and Asian women, and also between black men and white women, typically those with blue eyes and blonde hair). And despite what is said in the Talmud, jews actually hate and fear European paganism more than Christianity.






No need to go to Morocco, Morocco is coming to Denmark…

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