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Johnstone: “Dems Converge Around Dementia-Addled Warmonger Ahead Of Super Tuesday”

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

Back in January, well before the Democratic primary race had taken on its current composition, independent journalist Ruth Ann Oskolkoff reported that a source had heard from high-level Democratic Party insiders that they were planning to install Joe Biden as the party’s nominee, and to smear Bernie Sanders as a Russian asset.

“On January 20, 2020 at 8:20 p.m. PDT I received a communication from a reliable source,” Oskolkoff wrote. “This person had interactions earlier that evening with high level party members and associates of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who said that they have now selected Biden as the Democratic Party nominee, with Warren as the VP. They also said the plan is to smear Bernie as a Russian asset.”

Now, immediately before Super Tuesday, we are seeing establishment candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar drop out of the race, both of whom, along with former candidate Beto O’Rourke, are now suddenly endorsing Biden. Elizabeth Warren, the only top-level candidate besides Sanders who could be labeled vaguely “left” by any stretch of the imagination, has meanwhile outraged progressives by remaining in the race, to the Vermont senator’s detriment.

The day before Super Tuesday also saw The Daily Beastwhose corporate owner IAC has Chelsea Clinton on its board of directors, publishing an article titled “Kremlin Media Still Like Bernie, ’Cause They Love Trump” which aggressively smears Sanders as a tool of the Kremlin.

This latter development is becoming a conspicuously common line of attack against Sanders and, while we’re on the subject, also tracks with a prediction made by journalist Max Blumenthal back in July of 2017. Blumenthal told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that “this Russia hysteria will be re-purposed by the political establishment to attack the left and anyone on the left — a Bernie Sanders-like politician who steps out of line on the issues of permanent war or corporate free trade, things like that — will be painted as Russia puppets. So this is very dangerous, and people who are progressive who are falling into it need to know what the long-term consequences of this cynical narrative are.”

So we’re seeing things unfold exactly as some have predicted. We’re seeing the clear frontrunner smeared as a tool of Vladimir Putin, accompanied by a deluge of op-eds and think pieces from all the usual warmongering mass media narrative managers calling on so-called “moderates” to rally around the former Vice President on Super Tuesday.

Sanders has not been pulling in anywhere near the numbers he’d need to pull to prevent a contested convention. This means that even if he gets more votes than any of his primary opponents, party leaders can still overrule those votes and appoint Biden as their nominee to run against Trump. Establishment spinmeisters as well as all Sanders’ primary opponents have been working to normalize this ahead of time.

The only problem? Biden’s brain is turning into sauerkraut.

There are two new clips of video footage making the rounds today, one featuring Biden at a rally telling his supporters that tomorrow is “Super Thursday”, and another featuring the former VP saying (and this is a direct quote), “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created — by the — you know, you know the thing.”

I’ve written about Biden’s recent struggles to form coherent sentences before, and it seems to be getting worse. There’s simply no comparing the befuddled, fuzz-brained man we see before us today with the sharp, lucid speaker we were seeing even a few years ago. The man’s brain does not work.

And yeah, it’s unpleasant to have to keep pointing this out. I’m not loving it myself. I resent Biden’s handlers and the Democratic Party establishment for making it necessary to continually point out an old man’s obvious symptoms of cognitive decline. But it does need to be pointed to, and it’s creepy and weird that they’re continuing to prop up this crumbling husk of a man while pretending that everything’s fine.

Not that Biden would be an acceptable leader of the most powerful government on earth even with a working brain; he’s a horrible war hawk with an inexcusable track record of advancing right-wing policies. But even rank-and-file Americans who don’t pay attention to that stuff would plainly see a man on the debate stage opposite Trump who shouldn’t be permitted near heavy machinery, much less the nuclear codes. And Trump will happily point that out.

It’s been obvious since 2016 that the Dems were going to once again sabotage the only candidate with a chance of beating Trump in favor of a scandalously inappropriate candidate, but wheeling out an actual, literal dementia patient for the role is something not even I would have imagined.

2020 is weird, folks. And it’s going to get a whole lot weirder. Buckle up.

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Lazy Gamer

I can now imagine the memes and the edited clips that will come out right before election day. Thats the most vulnerable point in the US election and there is no recovery from it. lol Look at Netanyahoo with his edited clip against Gantz. lol


How many times I waned the bozos neo-liberals areb not left but rather framed to make it look commys are all to blame,where in reality priro to trump look at all the covert socialists nazis nwo tracke record,
yeah well the gimps don’t fool me nor truth ,nor the angels nor god,wie unto loe iq brainwashed racists!
Anything to live hitlers white supremancy without realising satan will throw the losers under the bus too!
I fon’t see odummers nor hitlarys nor mays nor the eu-epp policys as fait as chinas in trade do you,
thought not,we need to wisen up and be awate of the whis supremest 21 gender masonics of london,
creeps thought they get away with the fake doctrined left is bad shy,well atleast commys don’t fk others,
point being to fly does the bird need both wings instead of both wings on the right,fukn derr london!


Pathetic, might as well not even show up in 2020. Anyone who runs is pretty much guaranteed to lose.


After the 1st World War the Germans developed a myth that they didn’t lose that war, that it was the German politicians who betrayed the nation and sold it out to the Allies while the army was still holding the line. This myth fueled the rise of Hitler to no end and also helped explain why the German army fought to such bitter end in WW2, against all hope and reason. It was also a false myth because the Germain Imperial army was beaten and on the run by the end of 1918.

Similarly the American Left and Bernie Sanders supporters have developed the myth that if only Bernie had been allowed to run against Trump he would have taken those crucial rust belt states where Bernie did have some support that Hillary didn’t. Would it have worked that way? Well, we do know that at the time Bernie was not popular with the minorities that form a large part of the Democratic base. And we also know that Bernie’s enthusiasm for communist dictatorships did not endear him to the Cuban exile community in Florida, so he probably would not have carried that large important swing state. And we also know that when he has to go up against strong opponents Bernie is a whimp. He let himself be beaten by Hillary and the DNC, and meekly bowed and kissed her pinky ring in submission. What odds are there that this old submissive beta male could take on a more virile alpha male streetfighter like Trump? There are vids of modern day Bernie on the campaing trail where some vegan female supporter of him takes his mic from him to spout crap about animal rights. AND HE JUST LETS IT HAPPEN!!! If he can’t even handle some vegan chick, how on earth could Bernie defeat the powers that be at the DNC, let alone handle Russia or China, or god help him the Deep State?

No, the sole reason why Bernie is currently in the race is that myth that Bernie should have won the nomination in 2016 and could have beaten Trump. When its obviously clear that he couldn’t have done so in 2016 and seems incapable of again today.

Bill Wilson

The DNC won’t allow Biden nor Sanders to win the nomination because the majority of American voters see the two as too old with shit for brains. Their convention will be brokered where backroom deals and arm twisting will allow the DNC to use their Superdelegates to select two candidates that will follow their directives and hopefully be able to defeat Trump in November. That’s why we’re seeing a rash of candidates suspending their campaigns. Their financial supporters know that the fix will be in at the convention so won’t waste more money on a losing effort.

Peter Jennings

Well that should get the creepy uncle vote. The revelations of his groping, his inappropriate behaviour around women and his involvement in the corruption currently going on in Ukraine, should have buried him already.
At least this campaign should see the end of Creepy Uncle Joe. The DNC are giving him his last hurrah, but not a chance in hell of beating the Trumpster. It makes sense to waste Uncle Joe on a fruitless exercise they have no chance of completing. The rest of the sorry bunch are all younger so will be of further use after the clowns have finished their act.

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