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Demonstrations Against Turkey In Al-Bab City (Video)

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Dozens of residents of the Jabal Aqil area demonstrated in Al-Bab city against Turkish forces. The residents demanded the Turkish authorities compensation for their homes in Jabal Aqil, which was bombed by Turkish warplanes during the Al-Bab battle or destroyed by the Turkish Army after capturing with an aim of establishing a military base in this strategic mountain area southwest of Al-Bab.

A commander of the Al-Sham Corps told the Syrian opposition-linked “Step News Agency” that only a small number of the people of Jabal Aqil is demanding the compensation. He also said that the Turkish government has been unable to solve this problem.

The protesters also called for the withdrawal of the Turkish Army from Al-Bab and the departure of the Syrian Army from the village of Tadef south of Al-Bab.

The Al-Sham Corps commander also announced that Turkish forces are taking barriers inside and around Al-Bab city from the FSA groups Sultan Murad and Hamzah group. The Turkish military seeks to get control over all the barriers in Al-Bab.

Yesterday, Al-Bab witnessed clashes between fighters from the Al-Shami Front and militants from the “Najjar” family, resulting in the killing of a militant from Al-Shami Front and another one injured, Also a civilian was injured during the clashes.

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Did you see the result of infiltration in neighbouring countries. This is a listen for USA and their proxies too. Syria is only for Syrian nation, not for foreign forces. Open your eyes.


In principle ok.

I wonder, did you read the article?

The protestors also asked for SAA and Assad to leave Tadef. Maybe they include Assad among your butchers.


We know our governments are responsible for the destruction and murdering in Syria. But Syrian also have some weaknesses I mean why they listen to our governments. Syrian don’t know that our governments are controlled by a bunch of criminals. They only decide that who should be the next US president and they decide what our president should do. Common man here in USA does not know about politics.


What Syrians do inside in their country then its OK this is their own country but foreign countries should not support proxies against Syrian government. Foreign countries particularly our US government have completely destroyed Syria and butchered many innocent civilians and service men.

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