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Demonstrated to European policy is that it’s considered to be an impotent pip-squeak

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Demonstrated to European policy is that it's considered to be an impotent pip-squeak


Written by Elena Harizanova, posted at Pogled; translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront

Is the rape of Europe a coincidence of nature or is it coordinated? Whatever it is, I insist that in the act there is a lot of politics and something even more frightening – a sinister, perverse warning against the eternal and most intimate source of each civilization / nation. Man is a replica of God, but a woman gave him birth. From ancient times the woman in every culture is that sacred source that conceives, carries to term, births, feeds, transmits, maintains, protects and sustains the fire of the family, folk and nation. I will not go back to the worship of the mother goddess.

The encroachment on the collective image of the woman in the heart of civilized Europe is a provocation, and quite a dangerous one at that. One civilization says to another: “We can rape your women, we can rape the source of your strength and culture, and you are helpless.” And the scariest suspicion is that this might be a coordinated continuation of the message – “We enter and exit freely across your borders, place bombs and shoot, whenever and wherever we want.”

If politics are a symbol of male strength, then to the European strength it is displayed that it is considered an impotent pip-squeak. Founded on values, it can not react like a man, because if it hits the rapists, it will hit it’s foundation – solidarity, equality, rights … Which well advised European political male will dare to say that the refugees are rapists? While the growing fear in the hearts of ordinary European men and women whispers to them just that. Another trap for civilized Europe.

We are permitted to do flashbacks of sexual violence – starting from the bullied mythological Europe, kidnapped by the transformed Zeus because of his sexual drive, or to remember the eerie scene from “Two women” with the exemplary Sophia Loren. One is a mythology, the other art. Today we are faced with reality.

I admit that almost every night when I pass through “Arab Sofia” on “Simeon” street, at a subconscious level there pops the question: “Can this also happen here, outside of the TV set?”. And this is the change – fear. In our society supposedly integrated into the peaceful European values, ​​every day there swells anonymous fear that, God forbid, we may find a suitable person to make us really erupt. And that’s the point. Europe must continue to fear, continue to be held dependent, which is not something new as a political and historical reality. Wars, famine, East Block, West Block, the threat of communism, the threat to democracy … Now the threat of another rape, literally …

The supranational union formally based on values and disguisedly based on bureaucratic-economic interests, seemed for a long time like a panacea against new conflict. Only it was conceived as an instrument of deterrence, balance and regulation inside of Europe. And it proved inadequate against external threat and external control. The myopic, philistine and complacent understanding that Europe is the center of modern civilization, that it exported values ​​and culture worldwide, got old before the staring at it’s own navel old continent wised up, that it’s the center only in it’s own charters and useless documents.

And now leaders from the European generation, which was convinced that it’s the engine of civilization, are standing still and wide-eyed due to the brutality of uncivilized aliens. Because these leaders are programmed to keep the status quo, not to change it.

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