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Democracy In Deep Space: U.S. Space Force To Get Nuclear Reactors

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US President Donald Trump can be considered guilty of many things, but he can’t be considered guilty of not attempting to preserve the fruits of his labor.

This can be seen in the maximum pressure campaign against Iran, his endless antagonism of China, the unstoppable crusade against the Nord Stream 2, and most recently, and one would say most notably – the premier product of his presidency: the US Space Force.

It is no secret that under the guidance of Trump and Co., the United States has advanced rapidly in terms of space exploration (move aside Elon Musk), and especially militarily.

The largest leap so far, is an Executive Presidential Order on promoting small modular nuclear reactors for Space Exploration (and National Defense). After all, the US was the first country to develop nuclear energy and use it, back in 1951 in Arco, Idaho.

Because the US Space Force plans to not only go to Space, but also reach the far reaches of the cosmos (possibly together with the “Galactic Federation”). It needs better energy, since solar power can’t always be used (you could go too far from the Sun, and who knows if other stars work in the same way, surely Trump doesn’t).

Nuclear reactors of up to 100 kilowatts may be needed to support human habitats, ISRU, other facilities, and rovers on both on the Moon and on Mars.

After all, just over a year ago the US Space Force got its first recruits, now called Guardians, and they’ve not even faced a lawsuit from ViacomCBS for ripping off the Star Trek logo, and from Disney for simply copying the name of the “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

These are only some of the successes – they also got their first deployment; it should be mentioned that it was off US soil – to Qatar, which is in the Middle East, not in Space. But why should that be a deterrent to Trump and his Space Force’s enthusiasm?

There’s really nothing new in space, and the race to get the upper hand in it. It’s been going on for years, and neither Neil Armstrong nor Yuri Gagarin put a pin in it.

In terms of militarization there have been concerns for for a while, and all the leading powers have expressed their worries and have accused each other, more than once. The end of those empty accusations has come, however, and if nothing else, the US Space Force has lifted the arms race above the atmosphere.

It is unknown if Joe Biden and his administration will continue developing the Space Force and continue Trump’s legacy. Even if it does, it’s a significant question how it will do so.

Until then, however, other Middle Eastern countries (and potentially outer space at some point) should get ready, because Trump’s Space Force is coming to shake things up!

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rightiswrong rightiswrong

Beam them up, Scotty.


this is utter nonsense to begin with the space force but the west its elites and most important the masters will have to end their ruinous existence in space because they have no place on earth in the future

Arch Bungle

In 1964 a satellite powered by a SNAP 9-A radioisotope thermoelectric generator fueled with plutonium failed to achieve orbit, broke up in the atmosphere as it came crashing back down to Earth, its plutonium dispersing as dust extensively on Earth.

Dr. John Gofman, an M.D. and Ph.D., professor of medical physics at the University of California at Berkeley, formerly associate director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, author of Poisoned Power and involved in early studies of plutonium, long pointed to the SNAP 9-A accident as causing an increase in lung cancer on Earth.

Long Cancer Treatment Medications!! Bullish! BUY! BUY! BUY!


Are you sure that wasn’t the launch failure were the RTG was later recovered intact and used on a new mission?

Arch Bungle

I’m not sure. This information was obtained via a FOIA request and report heavily redacted. However, this was just one out of many failures that were recorded and classified.

If you’re willing to put in a FOIA or two you *might* get the original story …

johnny rotten

Neil Armstrong was not an astronaut, his real job was the actor. Trump has only stepped up Obanana’s policy, yet he is the orange villain, while his predecessor is BLM. Nuclear power in Yankeestan has been at a standstill for years, it will be hard to take it into deep space.


they will have to get lost either way and if they have to use their space cults as fodder for the first steps than let it be so


space cults mormons jews western elites and their masters into space and never back on earth again


up up into space with your elites and the jews and most important the masters of you bunch and dont ever come back to earth

Ivan Freely

It’s only a matter of time that this would happen. First reactors then some kind of propulsion system. I’m sure somewhere in between these systems will have some kind of “duel use”. Washington loves to push that envelope. Treaties be damned.

Fog of War

Isnt it odd how Trump’s ” enemies ” denigrate and ridicule everything he does, or wants to do, yet they’re completely silent on the Space force ? Its almost like it wasnt really his idea after all. Smoke and mirrors again.


Don’t ridicule Americans. You Russians boast and gloat that Americans don’t have a viable rocket engine and must Russian ones, Look at it this way: How far Russian rockets go? To Leo? 180-1000 km? Now the distance between DC-Doha is >11.000 km which is much more than low earth orbit, America wins!

Ha! Who’s laughing now?

It is unknown if Joe Biden and his administration will continue developing the Space Force and continue Trump’s legacy. Even if it does, it’s a significant question how it will do so.

Why not? If it benefits MIC, I’m sure they’ll find a way to continue it.

cechas vodobenikov

you make no sense


Chemical rockets will become heavily inadequate for space exploration very quickly, even for Mars. Something like nuclear powered ion thrusters could become a standard propulsion.


Ion propulsion isn’t viable for human exploration. They generate very little thrust even though they can do that for a long period of time.


But I’d guess like everything, they can be improved, made to produce more thrust as well?

Rap Reynolds

What could go wrong?

Maybe it would be better to go back to the table to strengthen the ban on space warfare than put more reactors into orbit that will ultimately fall back to earth in unpredictable ways.


If the AmeriCunts and their Delusion of Grandeur is involved….as usually they Fuck-Up everything .

Frank G

us gov is non negotiable, they talk from their high horse and dictate one sided terms down upon others, plus even if terms are agreed upon they always back out at some point. they always want to play the aggressor role and do what it takes to keep that role in play, by lying, cheating and stealing first while at the same time blaming others for their own misdeeds they do themselves. the us gov will not enter any cyber, nuke, abm and space treaty with their adversaries as they lost their upper hand and are delusional in thinking they can get it back. the problem is times have changed us gov needs to accept a multi-polar world


I posted the following repeatedly and I intend to doing so to show the dangerous fascist lunacy the AmeriCunts and their Delusion of Grandeur posts for the entire Solar System. Some time ago Russia and China made a proposal of an international binding treaty to ban + outlaw any militarization of Space [Earths Orbit + Moon…so far]…You Can Guess as well…The AmeriCunts indignantly rejected the proposal.

Concrete Mike

Nothing wrong with developping small.modular.reactors.

The eco nazis will have a fit once again, yet they dont realize that they end up.helping big oil by stopping nuclear power development.

SMR are the key to ending oil dependency. SMR can play a big role in finishing off the USD, that is backed by saudi oil.

Thats why the american officials will do everything they can to stop it!

The status quo must be kept at all costs!

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have been spoken about. Super duper weapons, photonic lasers in a precision strike from US Space Command Centre in our OTPF Obligation To Project Freedoms Inherent Resolve.


It’s long past time for the development of SMR’s based on safer nuclear power technologies. The work on LFTR was started years ago and likely cancelled mid-development due to not producing isotopes suitable for weapons. It’s also not a technology like current reactor designs that lead to long term and highly profitable fuel contracts so big corps aren’t on board. With the expansion of renewable energy and the retirement of coal powered plants, there is a need for base load grid power. More numerous smaller facilities will mean less transmission losses and a more resilient grid. It’s a few eggs in many many baskets.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan dimocracy in space—all aliens want burgers and obese amerikan females

Albert Pike

‘…possibly together with the “Galactic Federation”…’

that’s when I stopped reading…

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