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Defiant US Soldiers Openly Questioning Why BLM Riots Weren’t Treated Like Capitol ‘Insurrection’

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Soldiers “from every echelon” of the US military have been openly questioning why last year’s violent BLM and Antifa riots weren’t treated like the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, a comparison which has flown sideways up the ass of the military’s top enlisted leader, Chief Master Sergeant Ramón “CZ” Colón-López.

In a Thursday briefing at the Pentagon, Colón-López (CZ) told reporters that some troops have asked “How come you’re not looking at the situation that was going on in Seattle prior to that? [Jan. 6 riot]”

This is coming from every echelon that we’re talking to,” CZ added.

According to Military.com, CZ told reporters that he is “concerned about the way that some people are looking at the current environment.”

Colón-López said the confusion some younger troops have expressed shows why the training sessions on extremism are needed.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the stand-down Feb. 5 and gave units across the military 60 days to discuss extremism in the ranks with troops.

The military’s policies are clear, he said: Troops are not to advocate for, or participate in, supremacist, extremist or criminal gang doctrine, ideology or causes. –Military.com

Others are wondering why leadership’s view is so disproportionate.

CZ claims that the military ‘remains an apolitical organization,’ and that it doesn’t matter if extremist groups are far left or right, adding “both are off limits.”

“If it’s an organization that is actually imposing harm, threat, destruction, criminal activity and so on, then we don’t condone that behavior,” he said, adding “We’re focusing on letting people know exactly what the oath tells us to do when it comes to obeying lawful orders, remaining apolitical and basically being good stewards of society.”

But as the training sessions took place, some themes emerged that worried leaders.

Those conducting the sessions wanted “to make sure that military members understand the difference between Seattle and [the Jan. 6 riot in] Washington, D.C.,” Colón-López said. “But some of our younger members are confused about this, so that’s what we need to go ahead and talk to them about and educate them on, to make sure that they know exactly what they can and cannot do.” –Military.com

According to CZ, ‘younger troops need to be educated’ on the difference between the broad (Marxist-organized) BLM and Antifa movement and extremists within said movements.

Defiant US Soldiers Openly Questioning Why BLM Riots Weren't Treated Like Capitol 'Insurrection'

Meanwhile on Saturday… it begins again:

Nothing to see here – just a group waving a communist flag that wants to disband the country’s law enforcement and usher in a state of lawlessness. Totally different from the January 6 ‘insurrection.’


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Jens Holm

I think he is right. Its internal state matters for the home guards only.

Blas de Lezo

Resistance is futile you will be assimilated.

Clarence Spangle

❝Control of the Press by the Jéws is not a matter of money. It is a matter of keeping certain things out of the public mind and putting certain things into it.❞―Henry Ford

Scroll Down

No doubt who sourced the images in the above photo – the ADL!
4chan/pol is certainly not an extremist organization.

Far Right

Makes sense. The left get of scot free.

Pave Way IV

“If it’s an organization that is actually imposing harm, threat, destruction, criminal activity and so on, then we don’t condone that behavior,” he said,

Gosh, inspirational words, Austin. You’re a f’king HERO. Now attack CENTCOM and Saudi Arabia if that’s true. You’re not condoning their behavior for political reasons, are you? And I love the idea of guarding against left-wing extremism in the U.S. military – because the ranks must be FULL of them, FFS.

Assad must stay

Hes a clown, soon to be replaced by another clown im sure hahahahahha

Pave Way IV

We have an endless supply. They’re all disposable.

Assad must stay

cant argue with that hahahah

Zaphod Braden

Affirmative Action Organ Grinder’s dancing monkey

Pave Way IV

Wait, WHAT? You have to rat out Pepe the Frog as a suspected terrorist? Using ((( ))) somehow supports extremist organizations or criminal gangs? OK, I think I see where this is going…
comment image

Ivan Freely

You don’t know what the three-paired brackets means? ;)

Pave Way IV

I always thought it meant “U.S. Congressman”.

Captain Freedom

and don’t forget the Kekistan flag. 5 years ago I couldn’t have thought that memes like this will appear in a briefing room of the bestest military of eternity… Forget Russia, China and Iran, the US will now concentrate their efforts on kekistan and teach their frog dictator some democracay…


The USA is like a couple who want a divorce and are in the passive aggressive phase where no matter what the other side does they’re wrong. They’re done …. it’s just a matter of time before one side or the other has the balls to leave.

The capital insurrection was a direct attack to overturn an election. You can’t let that go and still be a country. Conservatives know that … if the shoe was on the other foot and BLM protesters invaded Congress to stop Trump from becomming president they would have been mowed down and the survivors sent to Gitmo … and rightly so IMO.

Jizzmo Onyabhutti

The election was overturned on Nov 3. America cannot go forward with a phony President and corrupt elections. The only thing wrong with Nov. 6 was that the criminals weren’t dragged out by their hair and executed. Joe Biden is a fraud. I know it. You know it. We all know it.


I knew this was coming! It was an election just like every other election only this time you refuse to accept the results …. like I said “no matter what the other side says it’s wrong” …. thank you for proving my point. Now please quit the drama and break up already.

Trap Is Not Gay

“Military”, not; Jewish footsoldiers.

Jizzmo Onyabhutti

Bingo. We have a winner.

johnny rotten

No problem, they have already committed themselves to re-education courses, those who swear allegiance to the new gay regime will be able to continue, those who do not swear will be thrown out, while the purge of military cadres opposed to the homosexual revolution is in full swing, we are only at the beginning but it promises to be a truly hilarious saga.

Assad must stay

The jan 6th riot wasnt treated at all…the cops all stood down and let it all happen…i saw a tiktok video of a guy asking the cops why they arent sending backup to stop it and they didnt say a word, just stood there, not taking action..it was staged

John Brown

I can never understand why armed soldiers are afraid of their rulers?

We may see a revolt uprising / mutiny soon on military bases in the USSA
itself as there have been in Iraq and Afghanistan. If it happens in the USA
itself it’s likely the empire won’t be able to contain it as they can with an
overseas base that has no civilian infrastructure and material support from the
local community.

I could see what happens in this Spartacus video happen in the USSA military
while this purge is being implemented.



Zaphod Braden

The TRUE HEROES on inauguration day were the MEN that turned their backs on those two P.O.S.
The National Guard in WDC should “grow some’, throw down their weapons and go home.
First they were subjected to COMMUNIST INTERROGATION to see if they are “loyal”.
Second their ammo was taken away because they CANNOT BE TRUSTED.
Third they were fed rotten food that the Politicians would not feed their dogs.
Are you going to DIE for those who despise you?
Tell Bejing Biden to FOAD.
Welcome to the BRUSA the Banana Republic of the USA . Where the Tin Horn dictator trembles behind walls(Those symbols of RACIST BIGOTED HATE), razor wire, and lines of armored cars and cannot even trust his own bodyguards..

Zaphod Braden

ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ! They are afraid of their own Guards. GOOD!
They are using POLITICAL COMMISARS just like Bolshevik Communism.
You Troops should be dropping your EMPTY weapons and walking away from “leaders” who do not TRUST you. Are You going to Give Your Life for THEM?!
Be AFRAID you USURPERS because we have infiltrated and ARE everywhere.
Better get a FOOD TASTER while you are cowering in your basement

Jizzmo Onyabhutti

Good men, fighting for their homes, families and lives will always defeat sub-humans who fight for a paycheck.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans=the bewildered herd—half ferenghi, half borg

Tommy Jensen

The difference is the Jan. 6 riots had two horns jeopardizing our Constitution. The BLM riots had no horns.

chris chuba

Bingo. Jan 6 interrupted a Presidential succession process and property damage while the other only causes property damage. That so many people refuse to see this distinction is remarkable.


BLM riots and antifa ‘autonomous zones’ cost a number of people their lives. It wasnt just property damage.

Fred Heaven


cechas vodobenikov

nothing jeapordized
toilet paper constitution
ruling class document– Eugene Debs
ruling class document—Charles Beard
“encourages dictatorship–Kurt Godel
another dull-witted murikan–


LOL @ “insurrections” without a single shot fired.

A tempest in a teapot.

cechas vodobenikov

amerika now populated by cartoon characters
my apologies to many–far more intelligent than amerikans


There will always be that percentage of soldiers, sailors and airmen who have higher IQs and are more perceptive than their officers. These are also typically men and women of character and moral stature and are those who will not be indoctrinated or fooled under any circumstances.

These are also the people who get out at the earliest possible opportunity unless they find themselves trapped by circumstances.

As such the Pentagon will likely achieve its ideological purge, but at the cost of losing its best people..

Fred Heaven

Wow, if they are that scared of what 500,000 unarmed people did on Jan 6th, by protecting the constitution, what are they going to do when tens of millions heavily armed people stand up for the constitution? We are going to find out sooner than later. TIME FOR THE LEAD,TO LEAD.

Zaphod Braden

The PRIME DIRECTIVE of a military is DEFEND the NATION.
Our borders are wide open to INVADERS and the “military” is dressed in PINK and worried about “feelings”.
Federal agents who let cities burn all summer are now arresting and humiliating those who had dared trespass in the “Holy Temple of BRIBES & KICKBACKS.”
B-urn L-oot M-urder and antifa run riot and ONLY WHITE MEN are attacked.
“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Dr. MLK Jr. — and White Males are UNHEARD.
Obstructing, Lying, and Sabotaging everything that they now advocate.
HATEFUL travel restrictions? NOW they are GOOD!
Bigoted Racist Hater WALLS —
No, wait, those walls are not to protect AMERICA and YOUR FAMILY.
THOSE walls, tanks, and troops are to protect THEIR ASSES.
There is NO “war on terror”
If those Yellow Bellied Cowards in Washington DC actually thought there was a real threat to their precious fat behinds …………. That Mexican border would have been sealed tight by noon of 9/12/2001.
Xiden welcomes Gang Bangers and Criminals escaping their crimes in foreign lands.

All summer B-urning L-ooting M-urdering took place across the Nation and THAT was called “mostly peaceful protest”
But when some Americans “Dropped in for coffee” at “The PEOPLE’S House” THAT became the APOCALYPSE!
You don’t give a crap about Citizens victimized by INVADERS why should WE give HALF a crap about you being “victimized??

Jizzmo Onyabhutti

Right over the target, as usual.

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