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JUNE 2020

Defense Ministry Says 11 Aircraft Returned To Russia From Syria Over Past Week


Defense Ministry Says 11 Aircraft Returned To Russia From Syria Over Past Week

Vadim Grishankin/Russian Defense Ministry Press and Information Office/TASS

The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that eleven aircraft had returned to their permanent bases in Russia from Syria over the past week.

“Russian warplanes flew on their own, while army aviation helicopters were transported by military-transport aircraft,” the ministry said. Flight officers and technicians who were responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Russian aviation equipment at Hmeymim airfield have likewise returned to their permanent bases from Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry added.



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  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    This sounds like a normal rotation of units.

    • Sinbad2

      My thoughts exactly.

      • Bill Wilson

        Time for an overhaul and some R & R.

    • Tudor Miron


    • Siegfried

      Isn’t it normal and logical to bring first THE REPLACEMENT and just after that to send home the replaced warplanes?..Just asking…

      • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

        I don’t know Russian doctrine on rotations, but in the US military they are done in stages, not all at once. And who says the new folks and planes hadn’t been arriving incrementally as others are withdrawn? Don’t know; like I said, it _sounds_ like a normal unit rotation. My understanding is that when aircraft are rotated out they go to ReFurb for upgrading. And ground crews can’t get enough theater training.

      • Sinbad2

        How do you know they didn’t?
        Do you have access to secret Russian military information, or are you just blowing smoke out your ass.

  • Hide Behind

    Sounds like Russia is conceding to partiton in favor to US Eurocentrics and Turkey over wasting time trying to restore Syria as bein g Syrian controlled.
    The grand chessgame can accept a time out before the Euro interest make next move.
    Russia has always wanted to be European and contrary to most beliefs on the geopolitical front almost all of Russia’s future economic well being is under Euros decision making, and the limp dicked euros are told what decisions can cannot be made by U. S. A.

    • Boris Kazlov

      Russia has just officially entered the fray in Southern Syria, reports al masdar, fierce bombing by RuAF

      • Wise Gandalf

        with five planes?

        • Daniel Miller

          even 2 planes can cause a massive imount of damage.

        • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

          These would be five magnificent RF planes that actually hit the head-chopping targets while the US coalition planes drop supplies to IS or “accidentally” hit brave SAA soldiers.

          • Wise Gandalf

            from maha to hina … this is your mental development

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            You are just so shocked that millions around the world are rumbling the dirty secrets of the US in Syria. Shame on you and your ilk.

          • Wise Gandalf


          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            The US forces should get out of Syria before the BS of a million bulls (Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish) falls on their heads.
            Read about how the US was kicked out of Vietnam in 1975.

          • Wise Gandalf

            Vietnam was quiete another situation.

        • ruca

          How many did you want? it appears you actually not in charge.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Without Russia’s tremendous help there would be the Black Flag flying over Damascus, a genocide of the SAA and families, Mossad in Damascus and a shooting war with Iran.

      • Wise Gandalf


        • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

          It must have really hurt when RF started to bomb your pet head-chopping Jihadists.
          Think of all those bombs from the 6000 nation US lead coalition that devastated the desert sands and killed the defenceless camels, before RF planes showed them how to target IS.

  • potcracker2588

    no surprise at all…..they achieved their goals….syria is split up by nato …..in the north,in the south, in the east and in the west by israel.
    ofcourse instead of looking at the facts, i´ll be getting my usual ” stupid fuck russia saved syria” and “wait and see SAA will conquer those territories back from nato and golan from israel”…….yeah i wanna see that how old fucking Syrian air force planes get into action with modern nato aircraft or modern jew satanic air force.The only way for syria to ever get those territories back is either with the help of russian air force engaging nato air force including the use of the modern S-300 or S-400, or the more difficult way with the help of irans missle power(irans air force is even more fucked up than the syrians…the most modern combat aircraft of iran are the old F-14 with no spare parts that they got from the shah regime when it was toppled).maybe they are lucky and the fucking eu implodes by itself, which would have positive effects for syria, and negative effects on nato and us imperialism.i do hope so, that this eu slave block disintegrates.and having macron and merkel at the top, surely increases the chances of this going to happen.

  • RamboDave

    Why would Russia announce this withdrawal? It sounds to me like they have already made a deal, apparently with Israel. The removal of the aircraft is just a good faith move on Russia’s part.

    The deal is as follows: …. Russia will make sure Iran and it’s proxies stay well away from the Golan, the SAA will not get an upgrade on their air defenses, and Russia will become a neutral observer East of the Euphrates. In exchange, Israel will call off it’s anti Russian neocon dog pack within the US, Russia will rejoin the G-8, Crimea will be downplayed or forgotten about in the Zionists controlled Western media, a Trump — Putin summit will be planned to settle things down, and take off the heat against Russia — maybe even sanctions relief.

  • Sime

    Since very first deployment to Syria back in 2015, RuAF have “officially” withdrawn 34th times. History teach us opposite :-)

    • PZIVJ

      Most are just rotations.
      When planes come back to Syria it is not advertised.
      Politics, go figure. :)

  • Luutzen

    How many came in to Hmeymim?