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Defending Ukrainian Democracy By Shooting And Kidnapping The Opposition And Burning Homes

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Defending Ukrainian Democracy By Shooting And Kidnapping The Opposition And Burning Homes

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On August 27th, in Ukraine, near Kharkov, in the Lyubotin area, an armed attack took place on the faction “Patriots – For Life!” of the “For Life” political party represented in Ukrainian parliament.

‘Unknown individuals’ shot a bus on the Kiev-Kharkov highway and fled the scene.

Officially, at least three people were injured, none were killed.

Illia Kyva, the leader of the faction, accused the “National Corps” and “Azov Battalion” (known for their ties with neo-Nazis and neo-Nazi-like ideology) of carrying the attack, which deny involvement in the shooting, despite the obvious hostility and the fact that literally the day before the incident, nationalists had attacked members of Kyva’s political group.

At the same time, there is a split at the level of the authorities: the police say that there was an attack on the road. And the political leadership of the department – Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko – that there was some sort of showdown, and not an attack by nationalists.

Meaning, the interior minister and his deputy claim that the individuals in the bus were fighting back and they weren’t attacked, but rather a part of a face-off with the individuals with guns shooting at them.

Ilya Kyva, People’s Deputy of the Opposition Platform – For Life, wrote about the attack on his Facebook page. According to him, there are victims, and several people have been kidnapped.

“Urgently! On the Kiev-Kharkov highway, a bus with people was shot by Azov and the National Corps with automatic weapons. Members of our public movement “Patriots – For Life!” were traveling on it. There are dead. Several people were kidnapped by criminals,” Ilya Kiva wrote and added photo from the scene.

He also posted several photographs of a shot bus and a wounded man.

Videos are also online that show the attack and then the situation afterwards, and they can be seen below.

The People’s Deputy also released a video message after the incident.

“Just near Kharkiv, on the Kyiv-Kharkiv highway, a bus carrying people from the Patriots – For Life! faction was blocked. It was blocked by people belonging to the Azov and National Corps groups. They shot the bus with automatic weapons, inflicting heavy bullet wounds on civilians.”

It was found that near the village of Lyubotin, Kharkiv district, Kharkiv region, on the road, unknown persons with a Mitsubishi car blocked the movement of a Mercedes minibus, in which representatives of the “Patriots – For Life!” faction were travelling and forced it to stop.

The official version of the police said that several people used weapons to shoot at the bus, then ran away. Two individuals were injured, none were killed and none were kidnapped.

Later, Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said that the Patriots were attacked by representatives of another political force, without specifying which one. He also announced three injured individuals.

The deputy minister’s rhetoric was notable, as mentioned above, according to him there was no attack, but rather a “conflict”.

Later, in the evening, police officers of the Kharkiv region arrested a group of suspected attackers in the Krasnogradsky district of the Kharkiv region.

Defending Ukrainian Democracy By Shooting And Kidnapping The Opposition And Burning Homes

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It is likely that Illia Kyva’s faction members were targeted because their political agenda includes the need to achieve a political solution of the conflict in Ukraine, presumably that involves Eastern Ukraine.

The establishment of the “Patriots – For Life!” organization happened in mid-June

“You asked when we will begin to act. Today I announce the creation of the Public Movement” Patriots for Life “, the goal of which is to achieve peace in our country, law and order. It is also a fight against chaos that is destroying our country,” said MP Illia Kyva on his Facebook on June 15th.

The declared goals are the restoration of peace in Ukraine. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the organization is called upon to form a counterbalance to the nationalists and radicals on the streets.

“We, “Patriots – For Life!”, will be the balance that will stabilize the situation and cool the hot heads of those yesterday’s pizza hawkers who decided that today they are the arbiters of destinies. We will put them in a framework and build the system that will enable the Ukrainian society Our actions are based on the formation and strengthening of law and order, balance in our country, preventing the chaos and lawlessness that is happening on our streets,” Kyva said.

The decision to begin this movement happened after members of the National Corps began attacking supporters of another opposition party, the Sharij Party.

It is an open secret that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his party “Servant of the people” regularly employ National Corps members to attend its street rallies and to carry out actions against the opposition, such as the Sharij party.

Additionally, the National Corps are involved in killings and organized crime, but are also integrated into the government by way of various ‘public councils’ in the ministries of Ukraine.

In July 2020, the head of the Shariy party – Anatoly Shariy – said that representatives of the National Corps party attacked his house, and wounded two people.

“The National Corps, under the cover of the National Police, attacked the house of the head of the Shariya Party headquarters in Kharkiv. The attack took place with the use of firearms, two people were wounded. Officials of the National Corps claimed responsibility for the attack,” Sharia said in a statement on his party’s Facebook page.

The very same ‘patriotic groups’ participates in regular attaks on churches of the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and seizure of their properties in various regions of Ukraine.

Just recently, on August 25, in the Zakarpatska region, a house of the clergyman of the Mukachevo diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Archpriest Vasily Kanchiy, was burned. On August 24 in the provincial capital of the Kherson region, unidentified persons looted a church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The Kiev government turns a blind eye on such developments.

Defending Ukrainian Democracy By Shooting And Kidnapping The Opposition And Burning Homes

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They evidently faced no repercussions.


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Neo Onh

It is called Kharkov and Kiev – nothning else, and they will be liberated from the Kiev-nazi regime, just like all of Novorossiya!


This is what the enemies of our nation would have us believe. The only way to liberation leads through reunification and international law.

Neo Onh

Yes, reunification of Novorossiya and Malorossiya with Russia. That is the only way. The west can keep Galicia though, it is full of nazis anyway….


You are no Russian, so f**k you. This is ALL our fatherland. We paid 27 mln lives for the borders such as they existed in 1945. Even in Gallicia Nazis constitute only a minute percentage.

Neo Onh

Kak ty znaes kto ja?? And why the foul language?? I agree that ALL russian lands must be reunified with Mother Russia! (but I still think Galicia has too many nazis to be welcome back!)


Time for internal resistance to those Nazis,start taking them out in their own nests.


Very brave like the Nazi trash in Odessa.


That’s how people become when they eat free Nazi Victoria Nuland sandwiches



She invented the Freedomwich!


Watch rearing ugly neo-Nazi head out of Washington swamp all the way to stinky Krahkiv

Rhodium 10

ISIS in Syria and Nazis gangs of Ukraine and Baltics are NATO proxies…useful to desestabilize countries, spread terror among people and to serve some US Puppets Governments

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