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Defender Europe 2021 Begins, Somehow Featuring Armenia

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Defender Europe 2021 Begins, Somehow Featuring Armenia

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The massive NATO exercise, Defender Europe 2021 kicked off, and it will run through June 2021.

A hype video was also released.

DEFENDER-Europe is an annual large-scale U.S. Army Europe and Africa-led, multinational, joint exercise designed to build strategic and operational readiness and interoperability between U.S., NATO allies and partners.

This year’s exercise involves a greater number of NATO ally and partner nations conducting activities over a wider area than what was planned for in 2020.

More than 30,000 multinational forces from 27 nations will conduct nearly simultaneous operations across more than 30 training areas in a dozen countries.

“While we are closely monitoring the COVID situation, we’ve proven we have the capability to train safely despite the pandemic. No matter what, our nations count on our forces being ready to defend the peace,” said Gen. Christopher Cavoli, U.S. Army Europe and Africa commanding general. “DEFENDER-Europe 21 provides us the best opportunity to hone our abilities alongside our allies and partners in the strategically important Balkans and Black Sea region so that collectively, we are ready to respond to any crisis that may arise.”

There will be a much more significant presence from the US Air Force and Navy this year.

The exercise will incorporate new or high-end capabilities including air and missile defense assets, as well as assets from the U.S. Army Security Force Assistance Brigades and the recently reactivated V Corps.

“DEFENDER-Europe 21 is a critical exercise that will provide V Corps with another great opportunity to build readiness in our march towards full operational capability, and promote interoperability as we work alongside allies and partners,” said Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski, V Corps commanding general. “We are looking forward to this chance to work closely with U.S. Army Europe and Africa and demonstrate U.S. resolve and commitment to Europe.”

It involves several linked exercises, as follows:

  • Swift Response (early to mid-May) – will include airborne operations in Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania involving more than 7,000 troops from 11 countries.
  • Immediate Response (mid-May through early-June) – more than 5,000 troops from 8 countries will spread out across 31 training areas in 12 different countries to conduct live fire training. A Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore operation will also occur.
  • Saber Guardian (mid-May through early-June) – more than 13,000 service members from 19 countries will conduct live fire and air and missile defense operations, plus a large scale medical evacuation.
  • Command Post Exercise (June) – approximately 2,000 personnel will exercise the headquarters’ ability to command multinational land forces in a joint and combined training environment while maintaining real-world operations across 104 countries on two continents.

There is a handy infographic, which shows something interesting:

Defender Europe 2021 Begins, Somehow Featuring Armenia

Click to see full-size image

Any, not-so-keen observer will easily notice the flag that’s on the very top, right-hand, side. It is that of Armenia.

After losing the Nagorno-Karabakh war, accusing every party in the world, it requested and received help from Russia.

Then Russia’s Iskander missiles were the issue, according to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Ultimately, the war was lost against Azerbaijan, and a founding NATO state in the face of Turkey.

Still, this is showing of Armenia’s double-faced approach. It is now taking part in simulated war games, that play out a war against Russia, deployment of means and forces near its borders and more.

It is now, once again, joining the bandwagon against Russia, while earlier Moscow rescued it from total, humiliating defeat. But, there is no war now, and the lack of any integrity in policy and any sensible direction are showing, once again.


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johnny rotten

Russia did not save anyone, it wanted to prevent NATO intervention that the traitor in chief would surely have requested, and for which France was already getting excited.


except France has no access to the region

Ricky Miller

The real reason was the shooting down of a Russian helicopter by Azeri forces, who were not even supposed to firing weapons into Armenia proper, where the Russian helicopter was flying. Suddenly, after weeks of laughing off cease fire requests Azerbaijan suddenly really wanted a cease fire. Part of the deal was the prosecution of the Azeri team who fired.
Several weeks later Azerbaijan tried to walk that back They said something like “Hey, it was an accident in the confusion of war.” To which the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman replied the next day that if that’s the case than war should perhaps then be rejoined. The prosecution was quickly back on. This tells us much about the night the agreement was struck and why Azerbaijan had to quicky agree to it, despite Turkey’s dismay.

johnny rotten

Pashinyan is a man of Soros, his task was to bring Armenia to the West, the war lost voluntarily had to be the best opportunity to bring NATO to Armenia, as Pashinyan was unable to bring NATO to Armenia [thanks to Putin’s mediation intervention] had to bring Armenia into NATO, if the Armenians do not get rid of him as soon as possible he will be able to destroy the friendship between Russia and Armenia, this was his mandate and he did it at his best.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

European third wave.


This when I wish that Covid was a real hazard. :)
The sight of social distancing and NATO body bags would be karma indeed.

At the EU prostitutes will be able to increase their income , after last years drop in business.


Armenians have pro NATO leadership (president and traitor PM Pashynian ) for quite some time.
While usual anti Russian screamers were shouting about Russian “betrayal” of “christian brothers”(on this forum).
It was clear even than that Armenian leadership is anti Russian.
It was clear even than that they didn’t ask or accept any Russian assistance.
Nov this Armenian participation in anti Russian NATO exercise just confirms everything!

Kenny Jones ™

comment image


This i no “chess” b*llocks.
This is obvious Armenian rejecting of Russia.
So I say f**k them !
They don’t deserve Russian protection !
They would not even exist as nation today if not for Russia!
Millions of them (just like Georgians) work in Russia and send money back home (so f**k them ) !
They should go to their beloved EU !

Kenny Jones ™

Oy vey you’re Bri ish too? b*llocks


I am rather internationalist when using …. not very polite words…

Raptar Driver

He is a Bulgarian scam artist.

Kenny Jones ™

So he’s a Balkan Turk

Raptar Driver



from the map it looks like they are encircling your homeland. 22nd birthday of punishment

Raptar Driver

It is their leadership not the majority of the population they have been taken over by a gang of ruthless criminals.
Russia could help in this but instead they turn their back.


So, you keep repeating…
Russia doesn’t do “color revolutions”, regime changes, self initiated “interventions”.
Russia doesn’t intervene “in the name of the people” of any country.

Russia categorically support right on SOVEREIGNTY of every country on the planet.
One can’t support some moral laws, sovereignty and in the same time do the opposite of what they declare…
US does that all the time while Russia does opposite and tries to preserve that reputation.
Armenians tolerate obvious traitor as prime minister.
They hardly can go lover then that. They don’t deserve better anyways.


Amen brother

Raptar Driver

When do I keep repeating that?
You are Bulgarian dis info agent.
The Bulgarians are known to be anti Russian and anti Serbian the real Slavs.
Go stuff yourself.


Armenia has historically hostile Islamic neighbors – Azerbaijan and Turkey – immediately to their west. In case anyone has failed to notice, since 1990’s, when and where it’s an applicable demographic divide and conquer strategy, NATO has been systematically in the habit of weaponizing ethnic Islamic minorities within eastern Orthodox cultures/ states that won’t toe the line, as vassals to the US geo-strategic agenda. By actively sponsoring/ training/ deploying armed Sunni-Islamist terrorist/ separatist factions within, and pitched against, applicable eastern orthodox states – see US/NATO sponsorship of KLA in Serbian-Kosovo and of Chechnyan militants in Russian Federation. Armenia needs to watch its new NATO ‘partners’ very closely.


Next time Russia should let them go down.

Kenny Jones ™

Armenia is the infiltrator, they’re spying for Russia, good that they participate :P


I hope you are right!


I have looked it up myself. 100% true. What wicked traitors!

Kenny Jones ™

No you don’t get it, this is the plan, they’re infiltrating and spying there at the request of Russia


spying what?!?
what Russia request?!?
why would Russia do such thing?!

Peter Moy

Really impressive. About 30,000 troops from 27 countries. US-style fuzzy math calculates that to only an average of ~1,100 personnel per participating country. I’m sure the people in the Kremlin are shaking in their boots, or laughing their asses off at these fools.


They are NOT “shaking in their boots”, but they are NOT “laughing” either…
Many of those countries have not single justifiable reason to act as enemies of Russia.


Peter, you really need to follow Bidens libtarded educational programme.
‘Math’ is racist , because the use of math has been a dastardly method to enslave the global dumb.


Being crushed by a NATO trained army, not a surprising choice at all.


Just because NATO soldiers ‘self identify as warriors’ , does not make them warriors.



uuuu someone got triggered. You sound like girl that went black but got disappointed with a small prick. Lets investigate how bad was your experience with NATO “warriors”:)))))


Frankly, if NATO vassals “fight” like Armenia, then Russia has no worries.


What the hell is it with the Kurds and Armenians? F’ing death wish? Seems the ‘new’ tactic is backstabbing your best hope for survival. They’re both asking for it and when they get it, as always, it will be someone else’s fault.


Some Serbs are the same,once when Putin was asked why don’t you help the Serbs more,he replied i can’t be more Serbian than a Serb.


So Ukronazis will attack soon.. or they will have to wait for another big NATO “exercise”..

thomas malthaus


Provoking a siege mentality is counterproductive for US foreign policy.


This means in theory Armenian servicemen would be operating alongside Turkish servicemen in these exercises – of course, US would make sure to keep them very far apart in practice – but seriously Armenia, unless there is the vague chance you are there to spy on Turks, this is self-betrayal.

cechas vodobenikov

unable to attract ordinary sub intelligent incompetents US military has reduced both physical fitness and intelligence/aptitude requirements. these exercises are designed to address the obesity epidemic in amerikan militaries


It’s all good, but how come 27 participating nations only send 28K soldiers? Russia alone had an exercise with about 300,000 soldiers.


Yanks are defending Europe – from Europeans!

Everything they say is just the opposite: war is peace, democracy is tyranny , lies are truth, truth are lies, Iraqi Freedom = brutal conquest, and ‘defense’ is aggression…
Europe is under occupation for 70 years and USAssholes are the real aggressor.

Robert Ferrin

Damn you have to remember most of those states joined the Nazi’s during the war participated in the genocide, so there is no surprise here…

Peter Moy

You are 100% correct. Uninformed, misinformed and brainwashed dupes and downright chumps still believe that Nazi Germany fought all by itself against the US, Soviet Union, France, Britain and its commonwealth countries. The Germans had numerous allies – mainly directed against the gigantic eastern front. These included Italy, Finland, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, tens of thousands of volunteers in the Waffen-SS from France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway plus thousands of partners in mass murder in occupied areas of the Soviet Union (e.g. Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belorussia and Ukraine). This massive war of annihilation against the Soviet Union was referred to at the time as a “European Crusade Against Bolshevism” and ” a struggle to ensure the future of western European civilization. To paraphrase what the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said to today’s German politicians in the Bundestag: “Just ask your parents and grandparents what happened the last time you confronted us.” In terms of actual military capability, NATO without the US and maybe Turkey, is just a bunch of little worm members that are emboldened by the idiots and Einsteins in the US State Department and Pentagon. (Now for our American viewers: back to our top story – the Prince Harry and Meghan saga).

Robert Ferrin

Lol now ain’t that the truth back to Harry and Megan, very well stated.

Band Itkoitko

The frog saw that they are shoeing a horse, so it readied it’s foot as well. And that frog is Armenia. It’s so ludicrous.

Rodney Loder

I think we support Armenians because of the role that the Kurds played in the Armenian genocide, to explain why the Armenians are screwing Russia on behalf of NATO is probably only understood in some kind of reversed psychological abrogation, I don’t think it’s all that relevant because the war game in which it occurs includes Turkey which is in the same position as beneficiary to Russia as Armenia.

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