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Deepening Rift Between Neo-Liberal West And Conservative Russia


British and Canadian diplomats have joined the US push to convince Russians that they should not vote “YES” for conservative amendments to the Russian constitution. 

On June 25, on the same day when Russians started to vote on the amendments to the Russian constitution (which will go till July 1), the US embassy in Russia, central Moscow, raised a LGBT flag alongside with a US flag on its building. US Ambassador to Russia John J. Sullivan also released a video statement promoting the start of “Pride Month”, a well-known the LGBT media initiative that Washington pushes in Russia.

Deepening Rift Between Neo-Liberal West And Conservative Russia

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The US move was followed by embassies of Canada and the UK in Russia, which also waved LGBT flags on their buildings alongside their state flags. These actions officially associate the US, Canada and the UK with the mainstream neo-liberal trend in media, social and political spheres of the West. The neo-liberal propaganda in this field even intensified with the recent spark of protests and violence in the US, the UK and some other Western states following the killing of African American George Floyd in the US. A large part of ‘LGBT activists’ participates in the ongoing riots.

It is a well-known fact that the Russian society, including residents of large cities, is committed to more conservative values than those promoted in by the current variant of ‘Western culture’ (dominated by neo-liberals) and view public propaganda of neo-liberal values negatively. In these conditions rough attempts of Western diplomats to employ neo-liberal media tricks in Russia in order to influence the internal situation there seem especially funny. In fact, they serve as another argument to vote “YES” to the proposed conservative changes something that the US & Co apparently did not want to achieve.

The proposed constitutional amendments include changes that will allow Russia to strengthen its current system of governance, set conditions for a possible participation of Vladimir Putin in the next presidential election and entrench conservative values like an affirmation of Russia’s “faith in God”, and the definition of the marriage as a permanent relationship between a man and a women. These changes, if they are accepted, will officially turn Russia into the conservative alternative to the crumbling neo-liberal  variant of the Western civilization.




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