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JUNE 2021

Decree over sanctions for Turkey ready

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Due to the incident of the Su-24M, Russia is ready to impose sanctions over its aggressor.

Decree over sanctions for Turkey ready

Putin refuses contacts with Erdogan as Turkey not ready to apologise-Kremlin aide (Reuters)

Tuesday’s incident involving a Turkish F-16 deliberately downing a Russian Su-24M bomber with no previous warning under allegations of having invaded Turkish airspace generated a series of disproval reactions worldwide, but mainly in the Russian Federation.

In response to the offense, Vladimir Putin signed on Saturday a decree on “measures providing the national security of the Russian Federation and the protection of its citizens against criminal and other unlawful acts, and on imposing special economic measures in relation to Turkish Republic“, the Kremlin announced.

Part of the measures against Turkey are: the temporary banning or restriction of the importation of certain Turkish goods, a number of Turkish organizations operating in Russia will also be restricted, employers in Russia will be prohibited from hiring Turkish nationals for work starting January 1, 2016 (the measure won’t affect employees already hired before the end of 2015), a ban on charter flights between Russia and Turkey and the advice for Russian travel agencies to stop selling tours to Turkey as well, also the visa-free regime for Turkish nationals traveling to Russia will be suspended starting from 2016.

The Kremlin will make a compilation of contracts that wouldn’t be affected by the package of economic sanctions. This, as other developments like the Turkish Stream project to deliver Russian natural gas to Turkey, and the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country could also be canceled, according to declarations of the Russian Minister of Economic Development Aleksey Ulyukaev.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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