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Decisive Victory: Khan Shaykhun Liberated

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In a major blow to Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has liberated the key town of Khan Shaykhun in southern Idlib.

Pro-government sources confirmed that army units entered Khan Shaykhun in the afternoon of August 21. All militants reportedly fled the town few hours earlier.

Decisive Victory: Khan Shaykhun Liberated

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Khan Shaykhun, one of the biggest urban centers in southern Idlib, was a key stronghold of HTS. The town is located on a highway linking the Syrian capital, Damascus, with Aleppo, the country’s industrial center.

The SAA is now advancing northeast of Khan Shaykhun towards its positions near the newly-captured village of Tar’i. Army units are also storming the town of Murak, south of Khan Shaykhun.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Turkish observation post in northern Hama remains unclear. Initial reports indicate that it may have been besieged by the SAA.

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stupid is as stupid does

Yessss ! They are Tiger STRICKEN Jew-Jihad !

Pack your bags Turks and don’t forget to take away your flags….. observing catastrophe is not necessary as the experience in life and can be very traumatic…

Hit the road while you can!


To refer to jihadi idlamist terrorists and Turkey as Jew jihad is a good reflection of your name.

stupid is as stupid does

Everybody except you knows that Islamic Caliphate was Mossad+CIA creation Everybody except you knows that Israel was for years supporting terrorist and they still support them. The objective was to destroy Iraq and Syria or to at least keep wars in the region (like Libya) so that they can go robbing oil for free and remove dangerous opponents of Israel in the same time ! That’s all I have to tell you so fuck of you NATO retard !


YES GLORY SAA!! KHAN SHEIKHUN LIBERED AND ARMY SYRIAN ENTERED TALL TAMANAH§ CUT THE LAST ROAD FOR DJIHADIST NORD https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b970b03a5b49656a7511226b9a071ebea2b2be4a06b7eee5f27946b2aafca6b.gif HAMA ENCERCLED!!!

klove and light

bravo bravo…..now go and finally kill the turkish bastards in morek…take no Prisoners…kill em all

death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

klove and light

funny how suddenly the turkish bastards here are sooooooo quiet and cant be seen anymore here at SF….

like i wrote… turkish men are only capable of fucking Kids and fucking animals!!


if it was up to me,I will keep trying to besieged the Turkey observation post and use them as a bargaining chip later on.


most likely they will



AND NOT POCKET TIME! Cheers to the SAA, Cheers to Assad, Cheers to Russian Military, and to all those of us who stand by the SAA! I will have to pop that bottle now..


Fuck, my brain is now in party mode, should be “AND NOW POCKET TIME” ofc. ;) As the last hilltop on the eastern flank has been already liberated, only plain land, with some olive trees are in the way of closing the pocket, so no obstacle to a mech. force!

Rhodium 10

Turkish soldiers encircle?..so they will eat a Donuts instead a Kebbah…..



Hasbara Hunter



Nearly all of Syria is back to the legitimate government, it is a clear message to US, UK FRA; merchants of regime changes, death and destruction, terrorism and sanctions


Acc to general info is 30% of Syria under SDF, some 10% under HTS and some 3 % under Turkey and some 5 to ten percent under Iran. So the remainder, some 50% is under Assad. Is that nearly all?

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