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Death Toll On Polish Border Rises While Refugee Groups Seek Other Ways To Enter EU

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Death Toll On Polish Border Rises While Refugee Groups Seek Other Ways To Enter EU

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On November 12th, a body of a young man was found in the Polish woods. A 20-year-old Syrian citizen was found dead by the police of Podlaskie Voivodeship near the border with Belarus.

Polish officials did not reveal the name of the dead. According to the statement released by the police of the Podlaska region, activities carried out in the place where the body was found did not allow for unequivocal determination of the cause of death.

The Polish board guards were accused of cruel treatment of those refugees who had managed to enter the Poland’s territory. The numerous reports indicated that migrants were hardly beaten and sent back to Belorussian territory. Thus, the real reason behind the death of the young Syrian can only be assumed.

The incident brings the death toll on the Polish-Belorussian border to at least nine reported victims.

Since the summer, thousands have been lured by a new way to slip into Europe, through Belarus.

A representative of the border committee of Belarus claimed that the situation in the refugee camp near Grodno on the border with Poland remains tense. Currently, about 2 thousand migrants stay there, waiting for their chance to get into the EU.

The situation is growing more dangerous as winter approaches. Belorussian security forces are supplying the camp with food and water, delivering necessary heating supplies. Emergency from the Grodno region are on duty at the camp.

However, not all the refugees are staying in the camp, waiting for the invitation to Poland. The most desperate among them are trying to cross the borders with other European countries.

Together with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are reinforcing their borders amid the increasing flow of refugees.

While all attention is focused on the refugee camp near Grodno, on the border with Poland, refugees continue to storm the fences in other regions.

A new footage has been recently published, showing the groups of desperate refugees attempting to cross the Lithuanian border through the marshy areas.

Thousands of refugees have become hostages of the EU migration policy, trying to survive under the border fences, while the officials on the both sides are yet to take any measures to resolve the crisis.

Poland accused Belarus of “fully” controlling migrant groups who were attempting to enter Polish territory. Warsaw said they were used for hybrid attacks against the EU country. In its turn, Minsk is denying any accusations, blaming Warsaw for an “inhumane attitude” towards the refugees.

No solution seems to be found in the coming days. Meanwhile, winter frosts are coming to the region.


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Muslim armies have tried to convince Poles to Islamic settlement in Poland for 400 years. Unsuccessfully. Poles do not need “good” advice from the west how to deal with Muslims. :)


As much as I hate the Poles for their collaboration with the Nazis, in this case Poland is right. Muslims invade other countries and try to force their beliefs on the locals, so you have every right to fight them and kick them out.

That being said, the EU is still hypocrite when it comes to Israel, if we had done the same we would have been sanctioned. Palestinians need to be deported to Jordan and Egypt, only Arab Israelis can stay in Israel.

Chris Gr

Poles were the most anti-Nazi people almost.


How can you say that Chris? they were actively helping the Nazis in killing Polish Jews and that is an historic fact. Don’t get me wrong, Poles were not the only ones helping the Nazis, but the Poles did it because they believed the Jews should be punished for Jesus’s death as most of them are Catholics.

Now, we are in a different times. There are hardly any Jews left in Poland and for some reason they are still very anti-semitic against us. It’s not like we need Poland these days, as far as I care both them and the Muslims can kill each other. But Poland as part of the EU should not even dare lecture Israel how to deal with the Palestinians, their opinion means nothing for us and we don’t really ask them what to do. Not them and not anyone else in the EU.

Going back to the topic, Poland still has every right to defend itself from an Islamic invasion as much as Israel has every right to destroy any Hamas/PIJ/Hezbollah or other Islamic rats in the ME.

Just my 2 cents.

Chris Gr

The first part is not correct. The second is. Poles fought both the Nazis and the Communists.

hans raus

Lol poland collaborate with nazi ? hahahaha nazi destroyed whole poland nad killed most of intellectual elites in central europe, go back to school!


Don’t talk to me about facts, every Israeli knows about the Polish crimes. Now fuck off.


Every Israeli is brainwashed and now cooperate best with Nazis :) Hitler was half Jew so this was pretty much Jew issue.


Zionister is a mass murderer

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