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Death Toll In Shelling Of Syria’s Afrin On Rise

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Death Toll In Shelling Of Syria's Afrin On Rise

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

Dozens were killed and wounded as a result of mutual shelling on the axes of Afrin in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The number of victims who were killed as a result of the missile shelling towards the city of Afrin yesterday evening has stabilized to 22 people, the majority of whom are civilians, while the number of injuries reached about 35, which wounds varied between serious and medium.

According to local sources, the city of Afrin, which is under the control of the Turkish forces and the militias loyal to them, was hit between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. on June 12, by several missile waves that hit residential neighborhoods in the city, and several missiles targeted the Al-Shifa hospital, coinciding with transfer of the injured to him for treatment.

The sources indicated that among the victims there were 3 members of the White Helmets Organization of the Turkish-backed militants, along with two militants of the so-called “civil police” trained by Turkey, while the number of injured from the armed groups reached about 10. As a result, the majority of the victims were civilians and members of the medical and nursing staff working in Al-Shifa Hospital.

The bombing of the city of Afrin also caused huge material damage to civilian property, including homes, cars and shops. The targeting of Al-Shifa Hospital led to its out of service, and victims were reported among the hospital staff.

The escalation in the northern countryside of Aleppo, was not limited to the bombing operations of the city of Afrin, as the Turkish forces were working in return to carry out extensive and large-scale bombing towards the villages outside their control and where the “Afrin Liberation Forces” groups are deployed.

During their bombardment, the Turkish forces targeted the villages of Mara’anaz, Alqmiya, Shawargha, Khouribga, Aqiba, Al-Malikiyah and Ain Digna, which resulted in the serious injury of a child, in addition to material damage, significant damage to civilian property, and agricultural land surrounding the targeted villages.

No group has claimed responsibility of the bombing of the city of Afrin. While Turkey accused the “Afrin Liberation Forces” group of the “Kurdish Units” of carrying out the bombing. Some sources later took the initiative to accuse the Turkish forces themselves of bombing the city, citing Ankara’s efforts to exploit the bombing and its victims. To achieve political purposes before international public opinion, especially ahead of the upcoming two summits scheduled to be held between US President Joe Biden and Turkish President Rajap Tayyip Erdogan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is noteworthy that the areas of the northern countryside of Aleppo, in general, are still living in a state of constant tension as a result of mutual shelling operations, which are now recorded almost daily, between the Turkish forces and their militants on the one hand, and the Afrin Liberation Forces groups deployed in the al-Shahba area and on the eastern outskirts. From the Afrin region, on the other hand.


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Who gives a s*** what you think

Rodney Loder

Another good reason why Assad should be reaching out to Brother Erdogan, mutual friends are Russia and China


Brother Erdogan, who was killing and keep shelling and killing SAA troops the Ottomans, who is financing HTS – Al Nusra – Al-Qaeda in Idlib your precious Ottoman Erdogan, he can go straight to fucking hell.


After you f****** idiot


are you joking or just stupid ? how can you even think about making an alliance with a supporter of Al Queda


Best place “Brother” Erdogan can go is straight to effing Hell cos he’s not likely to find any means whereby he can gain entrance to Heaven from this depraved life he’s led. The only meeting possible is the one where Erdogan stands against a wall with President Assad’s Firing Squad facing him as the bankrupt emperor shxts his trousers in this life prior to his entry through the Luciferaian Gates to Hell.

Arch Bungle

If Turkey had not inserted itself into the conflict this would not be happening.


Erdogan and his surrounding family and political cabal couldn’t help themselves profiting from the peddling of Arms from central & east Europe to the depraved salafist Jihadi lined up on the Syrian Border who the little Emperor then funnelled across the Border in return for free Oil in due course which he and his family then peddled straight to Brother Netanyahu in Jerusalem with both depraved donkeys trousering the proceeds.


The Turks and their gray wolves are the terrorists here, and they supposed to be 6feet under where they belong just like all these tafkiri and other fake Muslim organisations


hopefully shameful hindoo prayed to the Covid god and has recovered—a temple was recently destroyed in uttar Pradesh because hindoo and friends believed their prayers would cure covid

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