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Death Toll From ISIS Attack On Al-Hasakah Prison Reached 136: Monitoring Group

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Death Toll From ISIS Attack On Al-Hasakah Prison Reached 136: Monitoring Group

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Hawar News Agency.

The death toll from ISIS’ ongoing attack on Geweran prison in the northeastern Syrian city of al-Hasakah has risen to 136, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on January 23.

ISIS cells attacked the prison, which is run by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), late on January 20 to free hundreds of their comrades. However, they ended up capturing the prison and several nearby areas in the southern part of al-Hasakah city.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the battle in al-Hasakah city has so far claimed the lives of 84 ISIS terrorists, seven civilians and 45 personnel of the SDF and its security forces.

ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, shared horrifying footage showing the first hours of the attack, around a dozen dead SDF fighters and some two dozen others who were captured alive on January 22. The next day the agency revealed the details of its attack on the prison and shared a new video showing four hostages from the SDF.

As of January 23 afternoon, clashes are still ongoing inside and around Geweran prison. The SDF made some progress thanks to the US-led coalition’s fire support. ISIS terrorists were reportedly given a finally warning to surrender. This will not likely happen, however.

The battle has displaced thousands of families who are now taking refuge in the government-held “security zone” in al-Hasakah’s center as well as in the northern districts of the city.

The terrorists holding up at Geweran prison and nearby areas have reportedly vowed to fight the SDF until death, thus the battle may go on for several more days.


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Mickey Mouse jihadists trying to divert attention from Saudi crimes in Yemen

jens holm

The numbers see,es verified. I donty think we know if its over or not.

The numbers of attackers seemes unverified and who was from in and outsides


Kurd terrorists/gangs with yanquis and their dogs Zion/Wahhabi did it. There hasn’t been much news from these Zion pigs Kurds so why not make a new headline about them. West MSM now crying and killing themselves to “support” Kurds more and more, to put Arabs under Kurds like how Zion are doing in Palestine.

Kurds are the new Zion. Remember the US taking prisoners????????? Ohhhh I wonder what happened to those prisoners, they SURELY DIDN’T GET training and weapons from the US to attack that prison. Surely NOT right…


You need to see the whole thing, Press TV. “US warplanes bomb Syrian city in purported bid to repel Daesh attack” “US warplanes have bombed the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah in a purported bid to support US-backed Kurdish militants, so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to repel a major attack by alleged Daesh terrorists on a prison holding thousands of their companions.”

Those Wahhabis are led by Yanuqis in the first place to control more of North Syria. These satanic cults (Zion/Wahhabi/Yanuqis) going to blame Russia, Iran, and Syria for it as well at this point. Watch as Kurds terrorists and their masters attack SSA in Al-Hasakah. The Syrian government and Russia were making local Arabs join Syria’s side again, the support for Syria-Russia was rising in Al-Hasakah/North Syria and now this…BS.

Look how fast SDF called yanquis… as if they were ready for it in the first place. Kurds like Zion are satanic fuks that would kill themselves and others to steal lands.


“During the past few days, Daesh and QSD (SDF) gangs committed massacres against the civilians and massive destruction in the infrastructure in Hasakah province,” the ministry said in a statement.

Zion, yanquis, and Kurds are killing civilians to steal more land from Syrian Arabs. WHO IS PAYING THE PRICE FOR Kurd’s failures? Kurds? FUK NO. It is Syrian.

IT IS ZION BOOK 101, and Kurds are following it.

Liberal guy


jens holm

I showed it to m neighbor, which I sont like.

He died laughing:)

Chris Gr

The so called Kurdish separatism was started mostly by the Soviet Union. Because back then, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran were allied with the West. Then the socialist revolutions came in Iraq and Syria and these states were also allies of the Soviet Union. Islamic revolution in Iran was anti-Soviet and anti-West at the same time.

However, there is not really one group of Kurds or one party of Kurds. This party that rules northeastern Syria is YPG and is supported by US, Europe, Russia and many other states. Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan don’t support them but they cooperate with them only against ISIS. Assad cooperates with them against ISIS, Syrian rebels and Turkey. Russia want them to remain there but they want US to leave.


Satanic cults? Cause they fighting for Islam? No, the west including the fake Jews and Christians are satanic! You were the ones who change the books given to the prophets, like the Torah and Injeel. You even made the celebration of Jesus into satanic festival, called Christmas! Your own people abandoned the teachings of Christianity and Judaism and fell for these satanic believe like atheism! Hahaha, but the Muslims are satanic? And now you try to hijack the most powerful religion on earth, Islam? Even the so called, fake scholars, imams and mufti’s who are on the payrol of the satanic west, who are trying to bend the meaning of the verses, will not help your cause! We see those filthy traitors coming for miles away! This religion will be protected by Allah!

jens holm

I divide muslims in good, bad and ugly ones. Those from ISIS are bad.

Sure we come from miles away and on bicycles because the US dollar collapsed twice last week too:)

Are You granddaughter to Achmed the terrorist, and no one will buy You paying more then 2 hens and a sheep. Bah Bah. The level seemes correct.

I hope You are not a cook.

jens holm

You are no muslim. You are “In sect”.

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