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Death Toll From Coronavirus Increasing In Italy. WHO Provides Insight Into Frightful Numbers


The worldwide death toll from the coronavirus pandemic increased to almost 6,000 on March 15, with the total number of cases rising to more than 162,000, as governments around the world take unprecedented measures in response to the crisis.

As Italy has become the main center of the outbreak, more and more Europen countries employ additional meausres to contain the possible threat. For example, France said that it will shut most shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities from midnight on March 14 and urging people to stay home as much as possible. According to media, the Spanish government is going to announce a countrywide lockdown while declaring a two-week state of emergency to fight the sharp rise in coronavirus infections.

Meanwhile, The US extending the travel restrictions imposed on EU states to Britain and Ireland.

Death Toll From Coronavirus Increasing In Italy. WHO Provides Insight Into Frightful Numbers

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The World Health Organization (WHO) officially confirmed that  Europe has now become the “epicentre” of the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). At the same time, the sky-high death toll numbers (especially if one takes into account the number of death per a million of population) raise queestions even among WHO officials.

Commenting on the situation with the outbreak in Italy, where, according to more than 1,400 people died, Melita Vujnović noted that the reason of such a crisis in the country remains ‘unclear’.

“There, apparently, a lot of people fell ill right away, but it is not clear how studies are being conducted with experts at the moment. People might just not understand that they are sick, not know about the symptoms and where to go with them in addition, high mortality is observed among older people, also explains the indicated number of deaths in Italy,” Vujnovic said.

The general mortality from coronavirus stands at about 3% with older and very young people remain in the main group of risk.

Strange numbers reported from Italy have been repeatedly questioned by media and analysts. This may indicate that the hysteria over the outbreak is being increased artifically (by manipulations with numbers) or some forces in Europe is fueling the crisis in Italy itself intentionally.




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  • RD-180

    Prato, in Tuscany, has the second largest chinese population in Italy. If the virus was brought to Italy by Chinese, and not by our friends in Washington, then why are there zero cases reported in Prato?

    • verner

      most likely because the virus was manufactured in the US or in tel aviv and planted in specific places by the disunited states of A and/or israel in order to discredit certain nations (when all other dirty tricks have failed) and cause havoc and panic.

      • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

        Virus was spread out of the United Snakes Consulates in Wuhan and Milan.

        • Jake321

          Nahhhhhhhhh…the main Chinese bio-weapons lab is right there in Wuhan. And they have a history of working with Russian bio-weapons scientists who developed the Coronavirus. This Pandemic is unquestionably of Russian origins and released from that Chinese bio-weapins lab.

    • FlorianGeyer

      That’s a very good point.

    • this is a serious point you are making

    • Hasbara Hunter

      At the moment Corona seems more like the perfect test-case for a bit of Sheeples-Management by the Global Elites’ Orwellian Totalitarian Dystopia….

      Lockdowns everywhere, obedient Sheeples herded into seclusion….willingly obeying the orders of their Masters…what a pathetic sight it is…it is just a fuckn flu…

      • occupybacon

        Sounds like a normal day in Russia

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Whenever HasbaRats pop up….there must be some truth in me Thesis….

          • occupybacon

            I’m happy that I can make your life less painful by giving you a purpose

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Hahaha my life less painful? These are beautiful days…I see an AngloZioNazi Empire come down crashing like a Babylonian tower…How many Peoples in the Entire History of Mankind were able to witness that?? WTF…PAINFUL??!!!….ABSOLUTY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!!

          • occupybacon

            Don’t worry, Russians are always first at hunger games

      • javier

        it is just a fuckn flu…
        but isn’t it way more lethal, especially to older people
        i mean maybe this is the test case but i certainly don’t want to die or give it to an older person

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Perhaps it is an idea to isolate the High-Risk Group itself? More peoples die on a daily basis in car crashes…Perhaps we should put cars in Quarantine?

  • Morten Moen

    Because Italy publish the real numbers of deaths opposite the perverse low fake numbers from the communist China who WHO and mainsream media uncriticly serve the gullible public. MORTEN M

    • verner

      prooooof pls that china is less than truthful!

      • Jaime Galarza

        He has no proof. Those who write BS should just STFU

  • Christian S

    Ordo ab chao: more quarantines,cashless society, forced vaccinations, trouble times for small business, lot of restrictions of our freedom can be inplemented to get more digital control over people with 5G incoming, welcome orgestrated NWO events to prepare the birth of the order

  • gustavo

    1. Some sources have related the appearance of this virus to the way meal is prepared in Chinese market. However, China has been doing this for thousand of years, and all of the sudden this virus appears here just a the top of China-USA economical war, and they are telling that is due to this. This is not acceptable. Other different thing is that someone for some unknown reason put the virus in one of this animals, this is much more realistic. Who could put this virus in China ? or where did a laboratory accident happen ? this is very difficult to know.

    2. Death efficiency depends a lot of the country due to medical attention efficiency and temperature of the country (high temperature is not very good for this virus, cold is good).

    3. Now, they (?) are saying that the World hast to vaccinate against this virus (?). WoW ! Billions of euros of profit for the pharmaceutical industry.
    4. Economical trade will stop between Western countries and China (something which USA was preying for).

    • Harry Smith

      2. It’s not about temperature and medical efficiency. The optimal temperature environment for the virus are subtropics. Cold kills viruses even better than heat. As for medical treatment, virus doesn’t kill but consequences of it. The most dangerous group are people older than 65 years because most of them get pneumonia. And artificial ventilation even make the situation worse. There is other way to put more oxygen in the blood, but in the UK there is only one private hospital which has this kind of equipment, in example.
      So the bigger mortality will be in the countries where the part of old people in whole population is higher. Kinda absolute weapon for the Western society.

  • S Melanson

    Why Italy different? The article muses on two possibilities (manipulation of numbers or, some unnamed ‘force’ acting for reasons not mentioned. This without any discussion or evidence.

    How about a mutated strain, or, an enhanced bioweapon more lethal then everyday Covid19.

    • You can call me Al

      In Southern Europe, the elderly are kept within the family – the good Catholic way.

    • RichardD

      Or enhanced Gladio poisoning of Italians using the existing strain.

      • Jake321

        Does Uber allow you to ware that tinfoil hat while on the job, sport?

    • General Hummus

      ‘ ‘ Why Italy different? ‘ ‘


      >> ‘ In Italy, Covid-19 spreads only in regions affected by malaria ‘

  • Harry Smith

    Russia Today showed an interview with the pulmonologist who studied the coronavirus for many years. He recommended to wash your nose as often as you can in addition to the common procedures in times of epidemic.
    Like this:

    • Lazy Gamer

      Why the nose? Is that where the virus lodges? Scary doing this as it puts the possibility of contaminated water near your brain.

      • Harry Smith

        Because virus infection starts to grow when your nose is not wet enough. So it is very logical to wash any virus from your nose until virus goes down to the lungs. Because in this case the most dangerous scenario starts. Virus grows on the mucosa and this removes barrier for bacteria. The mix of the virus and bacteria infection leads to the atypical pneumonia which can’t be cured by using antibiotics because antibiotics doesn’t kill viruses. The main idea of COVID-19 protection – don’t let infection in the lungs.

  • Daily Beatings

    “The general mortality from coronavirus stands at about 3% with older and very young people remain in the main group of risk.”

    According to the China CDC the actual rate of death from Covid-19 is much higher for the very old and infirmed with no deaths reported for those under the age of 10:


    • RichardD

      That death rate is from tested cases. Using estimated cases it would be comparable to the flu which kills 80,000 per year in China.

      • abuqahwa

        Exactly. No-one knows the real numbers, people with mild flu-like symptoms often will not/are not counted because, like 97 % of the population they get well after a few days.

  • RichardD

    Global deaths per year 600,000,000

    Coronavirus deaths 6,000

    Deprivation deaths from coronavirus depression ? > 6,000

  • abuqahwa

    I smelled a rat when the infected numbers and deaths from Iran were so disproportionate high compared to US allies CLOSER to China, and with vastly more direct person-to-person interaction with mainland China on a daily basis , viz: Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong (US backed insurgents) Japan, South Korea – Japan (cruise ship) but SouthKorea reported numbers are grossly inflated by false positives , (counting in regular seasonal flu as COVID19)
    given a more or less stable mortality rate of 3% you can back calculate the true figure for South Korea as 100/3 X 75 (deaths) = 2 500 actual COVID19 infections, not 8 200, unless the mortality rate is lower (unlikely given the ageing demographic). Outside the cruise ship special case Japan has few infections ashore and just 1 death so far !

    • abuqahwa

      My figures come from updated WHO, but I was in error re. Japan – although roughly 700/800 cases did come from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, only 7/22 deaths were directly attributed to that ship – meaning that some 15 fatalities derived from onshore infected – seems very high

  • RichardD

    “biological warfare, where the British gave items from a smallpox infirmary as gifts to Native American emissaries with the hope of spreading the deadly disease to nearby tribes. The effectiveness is unknown, although it is known that the method used is inefficient compared to respiratory transmission”

    – Siege of Fort Pitt –


    • Jake321


      • RichardD

        You’re so stupid that you can’t debate the issues so you spam the thread with ignorance.

  • RichardD

    “The role of the CIA in Gladio—the extent of its activities during the Cold War era and any responsibility for terrorist attacks perpetrated in Italy”

    – Operation Gladio –


    • Jake321

      And? Go shake some hands, Adolf.

      • RichardD

        You’re so stupid that you can’t debate the issues so you spam the thread with ignorance.

  • RichardD

    Would the Zionists who did 911 and murdered 3,000 Americans spread the virus in Italy, Iran and China to murder innocent people?

    • Jake321

      When did you stop raping your little kids? And where did you bury the wife you murdered?

      • RichardD

        You’re so stupid that you can’t debate the issues so you spam the thread with ignorance.

  • Jake321

    Since this was posted yesterday, there have been another 368 Coronavirus deaths in Italy. That’s as many deaths as normally are due to the seasonal flu in a whole week!