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Death Toll Of Civilians In Marawi City Rises To 44


Death Toll Of Civilians In Marawi City Rises To 44


The Philippine Army announced that it had discovered rotting bodies of 17 civilians during its advance in Marawi city.

“The recovered cadavers are believed to be among those civilians who were helplessly killed by the Maute and Abu Sayyaf terrorists [linked to ISIS],” Brig. Gen. Rolando Bautista said on the issue.

The number of civilians killed in Marawi has grown to 44. 71 Philippine soldiers and 299 ISIS fighters have been also killed during the Marawi battle.

ISIS claimed on June 27 that 13 Philippine soldiers were killed as a result of clashes in Marawi. ISIS also claimed five other soldiers were killed after their armored vehicle was targeted with an RPG by in Marinot district of the city.

The remaining ISIS fighters are believed to be holding many civilians and using them as human shields, including the Roman Catholic priest.

The Philippine Army had previously declared its intention to liberate Marawi before Eid al-Fitr, but it didn’t achieved this goal because of the resistance of the remaining ISIS fighters. It’s worth mentioning that 300,000 people have fled Marawi as a result of the ongoing clashes so far.



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  • Justin Ryan

    look at the smiles on these Philipine soldiers! They FINALLY get to do the REAL THING! Kill bad guys!

    I expect that most soldiers wish for real war! Shooting dummies all the time is no fun!

    Enjoy guys! Just stay safe and superior!

  • John Brown

    What a stupid comment who wishes for war other then psychopaths?