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Ukraine Or Death: US Delegation Came On Donbass Frontlines Under Nazi Flags

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces hung up the German War Ensign of the Third Reich. According to the official representative of the People’s Militia of the Republic it was linked with the recent visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“At all positions visited by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, welcome slogans and flags are hung,” the message says.

The video of DPR National Militia, showing the flag waving over Ukrainian positions in the village of Maryinka that is under the control of the UAF, near the DPR border, was released online. The flag was captured by surveillance cameras on the front line.

Probably, such welcoming flags were appreciated by the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau, who came in Kiev on April 8, in an urgent visit. Earlier the same day, five main Kiev’s allies, the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania and Poland, met to discuss the “growth of Russian military activity” near the Ukrainian borders.


Another foreign delegation came in Easter Ukraine on April 8. Representatives of the Defense Attaché’s office at the US Embassy in Ukraine arrived at the frontlines, where they talked with Ukrainian military personnel. US representatives got acquainted with the situation in the region.

Brittany Stewart, US military attaché in Kiev, led the American delegation in Donbass. According to the claims of Russian war correspondent Semyon Pegov, she had a chevron saying “Ukraine or Death” on her uniform.

Ukraine Or Death: US Delegation Came On Donbass Frontlines Under Nazi Flags

Source: t.me/DonbassYasinovatayanaliniiOgnia

Ukraine Or Death: US Delegation Came On Donbass Frontlines Under Nazi Flags

Source: t.me/DonbassYasinovatayanaliniiOgnia

US Embassy Attaché Colonel Brittany Stewart laid a wreath on the grave of Right Sector militant Vasily Slipak. He was a world-famous opera singer, who fought in Ukrainian Praviy Sektor (Right Sector). Praviy Sektor was initially an informal association of a number of Ukrainian nationalist right-wing radical organizations, formed in 2014 in Kiev. It was later transformed into political party.

Ukraine Or Death: US Delegation Came On Donbass Frontlines Under Nazi Flags

Source: https://t.me/chvk_pegov

The photos were allegedly taken in old Avdeevka, in northern suburbs of Donetsk.

Obsessive propaganda of Ukrainian Nazism with attempts to misrepresent Ukrainian history, became the main ideological tool for Ukrainians in power, who are supported by their Western allies. In recent days, there were numerous reports that Ukrainian neo-nazi movements announced military mobilization and launched military training camps for their reservists and new militants. For example, the base of the neo-Nazi “National Corps”, located in the Kiev region, reportedly opened military training courses. Taking into account more evidences that emerge online, there are no more doubts that the claims about their mobilization in Donbass frontlines were true.


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Putin shouldn’t be informed there’s a US delegation there, or else he’ll send his own delegation to negotiate business and partnership with terrorist Ziocorporate globalists so the Donbass people can enjoy more years of siege by Zioterrorist toy soldiers from Ukraine.

“Pro-Putin” Trump sent more than Nuland’s $5 billion in “lethal aide” to the terrorist EUkraine regime already so Biden really doesn’t even have to send any more, but maybe calling the US/EU terrorists’ office in Kiev and with the Kremlin offering a pipeline to EU/NATO thru EUkraine with 66% discounted gas can revive Putin’s much-vaunted “Normandy format”.

johnny rotten

It would be interesting to know what the abusive occupants of Palestine think about this flirting continued among their best Yankee friends and the Nazis Ukrainians, instead there will only be silence, a shameful silence from the alleged victims of Nazism.


Terrorist Ziojews are quite alright with Nazism, unless you belive Holohoax bullshit.
Irgun, Stern Gang and other of the terrorist Ziojew invader paramilitaries brought to Palestine under terrorist British machinations were actually followers of Nazi ideology.

WW2 mythology tells many tales of the Holohoax (denial of which was criminalised by Putin), but zero tales about the Haavara agreement and the many Jews in Nazi ranks.

cechas vodobenikov

a nazi ukrop —on LSD


yep alleged victims is about right and still they clutch the victim card hard as evidence of their misfortunes (entirely self caused).


The squatters in Palestine are supporting ISIS, so its business as usual for them.


if they are lucky they might just help end the evergreen wars the disjointed states of A is engaged in when they are body-bagged from kiev to washington dc, since pentagon can’t handle a situation where white apple-cheeked undereducated dimwits are coming home in body-bags. to end the evergreen wars there must be more body-bags with apple-cheeked white farm boys landing i washington dc (if coloured not so bothersome).

thomas malthaus

To the average Russian, there may be little distinction between the Nazi flag and the US flag.


Average ozis yep don’t take to sour prout nutzees,unlike their nwo medias ranted in vain.
No coincidence we also brand us as septics too,not quite as dumb as cia/soros trolls wish:


I group the ‘US and the Bandera killers as kindred sprits’.

thomas malthaus

Wow, that was a lot of reading. The duplicity of empires is legion and the US and its wannabe again, UK empire are no different.

The quote at the end says it all in a few short words.

In my opinion the US/UK obsession with Ukraine is largely due to it being a long time ‘homeland’ of the Khazars, and as we know, the US and UK at all the higher levels of government, education,health services, commerce and finance, etc, are mostly controlled by Khazars or their spouses.

Victoria Nudelman’s forefathers are from Ukraine and they want ‘their’ lands back :)

thomas malthaus

Canada’s Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has Ukraine roots.


Whether she has Nazi roots, I can only search.

Tommy Jensen

That was also what I found.
The hatred in Washington seems to be rooted in ancient times where a Russian Tsar or Prince first forced them to select a the Jewish religion, and then cleaned them all out from Khazaria because they continued their Baal habits of child sacrificing m.m., habits today continued in the Talmud.
Since then the tribe, successful in other places tried to be back. but were beaten multiple times until today where they still face a tough Tsar in Putin.


They were given a choice of religions and their ‘King” chose judaism .
Other nations also bordering the bandit Kazarian lands were also part of the ‘ Get a religion’ demand. :)

Lone Ranger

U.S. snipers in Afghanistan used waffen ss flags.
Google it…

chris chuba

Unless U.S. correspondents or military personnel document it, it will be dismissed as Russian disinformation.
Flat out. The U.S. does not care as long as this garbage does not happen in our backyard. Little by little this is starting to destroy the U.S. but we will never actually realize it.

The corrupt people we send over there, are corrupt when they come back here. Or as GWB would say, ‘we corrupt them over there so that we don’t have to corrupt them here’


That must be really touch trying to sustain in freedom,whilst the others too buzy promoting stagnet feminazis albiet in vain,seens they lack coedhesion to get on with real economics.

Raptar Driver

Russia needs to stamp out this virus immediately before it spreads further into the Russian heartland.
Instead the Russian authorities are pretending to stamp out covid.
I guess it’s easier to chase the dragon?

Daniel Martin

One can only imagine how incredibly motivated the Russian soldiers will be to destroy this Nazi scum, after seeing that flag flying on the Ukrainian side.

Lone Ranger

Ukropisstan will crumble faster the Georgia in 2008.


3 days. Half of Ukraine taken! Thats my call and also NATO’s call from 2014 analysis! They know it!


ALL of eastern Ukraine will be taken within 3 days!
Mark my words.
When is say Eastern Ukraine i mean HALF of the Ukrainian Nation! Right up to the Dnieper River. From this point Russia will most likely choose to stop! Because if they continue it will become a World War because Europe will panic! The sticky part is that Russia will want ALL of the coastal region of the Black Sea that belongs to Ukraine right to Moldova! Thats why US ships are going in!

Its gonna happen mark my words! The 2014 Maiden was just the beginning. In many ways, Russia has some control over Turkey now too with the Turkstream pipeline!

Interesting times ahead!

I believe Russia will take half of Ukraine easily and the world will do nothing except yell and scream. Its the coastal region that will be the hard part. that will be the part both sides have a red line on.

To be honest, i cant wait lol.


No, Russians isn’t going to take anything. They will just destroy the ukronazi forces, and let the eastern regions choose what they want to do. As for the rest – it will probably become a rotting corpse to be dumped on the EU. Let’s see how much financial ability Nato has to really sink in that huge black hole.

Rhodium 10

Nothing special!…USA forces have links with ISIS and Al Qaeda( during Libyan war)….


If Russia doesn’t take this opportunity to remove the collaborationist regime in Kiev then Russia will be doomed. In case of an escalation in Donbass Russia should commit to a full-on invasion and easily defeat the fascist Ukrainians and liberate Ukraine from EU/USA occupation!
The regular UAF would probably desert at the sight of incoming Russian Army, then only the extremist neo-nazi formations would be left and those must be fully eradicated without mercy. Which won’t be a problem for the Russian Armed Forces since neo-nazis are only good at terrorizing unarmed civilians, the extremist terrorists will go into hiding and then it’s up to FSB to flush them out and put an end to them.

Rhodium 10

Agree with you!…If Russia dont remove all Nazis and NATO collaborators..then they will face huge problems and the rise of NATO in that part!…if Russia takes all that land East from Dnieper river…then all that EU countries will be afraid of Russia and will take care of not desestabilize it!…


They also need to take the whole coastline

Porc Halal

if there is an invasion of eastern ukraine by russia, it would be a favorable time for Romania to regain its territories stolen by both russians and ukrainians…

Porc Halal


Although I don’t have much hope from the current Romanian political class totally enslaved to the globalist-Jewish mafia ..


“SORRY”..But Mr.PUTIN won’t go for it right now…There are others things happening on that part in the country..
Follow him…he knows…


It took the Soviet Union about 5 years after WW2 to flush out the Bandera thugs in Ukraine.

Lone Ranger

This time it will take a lot shorter.


Yes and they were being financed then as well.


Let me think who that might of been for a millesecond :)

There were bands of anti communist partisans hiding in the woods of Latvia as well for about 5 years.


Just take everything east of Dnieper, and form East Ukraine state. Add everything on Black See all the way to Moldova. Install Russian friendly government there, and finish this business forever. If they continue to do monkey business with NATO, then take over whole Ukraine.


Ukraine will be ‘irreparably weakened’ if Russia & Germany allowed to complete Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, warns Kiev’s deputy PM

Lone Ranger

Ukraine should be balkanized.
That’s the only smart solution.

John Wallace

Won’t just be Ukraine. The US loses big time because it will draw Russia and Germany who is the strongest European country closer together. Then Germany being the leader could then get other European countries and form an economic group with Russia to counter US interests. Of course US gas at three times the price would not be wanted..

Tommy Jensen

Europe must pay if they want to be a free region. Otherwise they will be governed by a dictatorship who will rip off all their minority rights, their ecology and green values.


What they mean is they will lose $3billion in gas transit fees.


new and old boogieman, not creative enough



Southfront please change the word ‘on’ to ‘to’. That is a ridiculous typo that implies that the US delegation кончили.


As I repeatedly said, it is so bad for Americans to do such a terrible thing – to support the Ukrainians and especially to support Galicians who really do have fascist tendencies (which is not the case with majority of the rest of Ukraine). But in the same time it doesn’t bother Russians that their government just recently went out of its way and supported a bunch of Muslim fundamentalists in order for them to achieve victory against Christian and orthodox Armenians who, unlike Azerbaijanis, were militarily aligned with Russia. As a matter of fact Russia armed Azerbaijan for many years despite all Armenian complaints and in the end it stood against its ally. How about that for the morality? Or, Russians are not bothered at all that their ambassador to Croatia had visited the Serbian held Krajina just before the Croatian offensive called “Oluja”. The tight- lipped “Russian brother” didn’t find it necessary to even warn the Serbs about what was going to unfold, and about real possibility of yet another Croatian genocide. Russians supported the Galicians of the Balkans by all means on their disposal including arming them. I ask Russians who pretend to keep high moral grounds: how many orthodox Serbs might have been killed by the Croatian fascists (Galicians of the Balkans) with your weapons supplied to them for many years? Let’s stop kidding around!

Robert Ferrin

Yes I know I stubbed my toe and it was Russia’s fault.


Americas the driving force behind white hatred its crazy to claim there helping ”nazis” anywere

Lone Ranger

Pathetic ukropnazis will cry and rage pretty to soon if they keep pushing beyond full retard mode…

Lone Ranger

Bye bye Ukropisstan, it wasnt nice to know you.

Lone Ranger

Can you imagine Russia or China sending trolls to Mexico supporting drug cartels?
U.S. govt is beyond pathetic.

Alejandro Bonifacio

in fact, the only trolls here are from the dea, they know how to demonized the “opponents” (chapo guzmàn) and write or say nothing about others cartels


Don’t worry! US will fight Russia till the last Ukrainian 💪😆🥳

Lone Ranger

If I was Putin I would send in a few thousend old surplus T-64s and T-72s and BTR-80s.
And give them a thousend Kornets too.
Lets see how long Ukronazis and CIAisis can stay on their feet…
I would make sure they eat their own words.


US soldiers are not allowed to show that they are nazis and white supremacists in US, so they get some relief when they go to places like Ukraine where they can freely express themselves.

Tommy Jensen

A proof that US women can do exactly the same thing as men, while the Russian macho regime is still suppressing women and minorities.


Maybe she is transgender, or in transition? You found real good example of the country that is a showcase for everything good in the world. United States of America. You did work for today, so you can get your protein pill that will save you from starvation today.


Yeah, it looks more likely to get real ugly here, for the Nazi´s.


The internet is full of pictures with Brittany Stewart. The NAZIs liked using propaganda chicks too.


Brittany Stewart is a sweet propaganda chick. Here is an insignia for the propaganda chicks of New Russia: Мариуполь или перебор!

thomas malthaus


A very thorough piece on Poland by Andrew Korybko.

Russia-Poland relations probably aren’t what either side might hope. US influence, WW II, and Cold War memories linger.

When the USD dies, as many unbacked fiat currencies will, Poland may be forced to choose sides or go it alone with minimal outside support.

Warsaw may be dealing with a wave of Ukraine refugees in the not-to-distant future. Wars tend to encourage that almost as much as a George Soros NGO.

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