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JULY 2020

Death Of European Rule Of Law


Death Of European Rule Of Law

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On September 10th, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) proved that the concept of European rule of law is simply a hypothetical concept, that does not exist in reality.

The ECHR rejected an appeal against a landmark ruling that Soviet repressions against Lithuanian partisans can be treated as genocide.

A panel of five judges concluded the ruling must come into force as there’s no basis for a referral to the Grand Chamber.

Such a request had been submitted by Kęstutis Rakauskas, the defense lawyer of Stanislovas Drelingas, the former KGB officer convicted of ‘genocide in Lithuania’ because he took part in the detention operation of Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas, one of leaders Lithuanian illegal armed groups, in Kaunas in 1956.

Lithuanian courts earlier found Drelingas guilty of genocide for his participation in a secret operation to detain Ramanauskas-Vanagas. A panel of seven ECHR judges ruled in March that the judgment did not violate the former KGB officer’s rights.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement in response to the ECHR’s rejection. Following is the entire statement, translated from Russian:

“The decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) published on September 10, 2019 to refuse to review the decision of the Drelingas v. Lithuania case adopted on March 12, 2019 causes disappointment and indignation. The Grand Chamber of the ECHR retreated from its own position in the case of Vasiliauskas v. Lithuania. In fact, it “legitimized” the connivance allowed in the resolution of March 12, 2019 to expand the concept of “genocide” in violation of international law.

There is unacceptable authorization under the auspices of “justice” in the ECHR for the retrospective application of criminal law by individual countries, as well as the indulgence by the Court of their massive campaign to rewrite history and the glorification of Nazism.

The applicant in the case was S. Drelingas, previously convicted by a Lithuanian court on the article on “genocide against the Lithuanian people” for participating in a special operation in 1956 to arrest one of the gang leaders A. Ramanauskas-Vanagas. In order to qualify S. Drelingas’s acts as “genocide” within the meaning of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of December 9, 1948 (the protection of which only groups identified by ethnic, ethnic, racial or religious grounds fall), Lithuanian justice defined “Partisans” as members of a separate national and ethnic group, artificially expanding the provisions of the 1948 Convention. Thus, S. Drelingas could not have predicted that after more than 60 years, his participation in the capture of A. Ramanauskas-Vanagas would be qualified as “genocide” by such a voluntarist interpretation of the concept.

Since such a retrospective application of the criminal law is directly prohibited by Article 7 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, the applicant appealed to the ECHR. However, the latter, sitting in a panel of seven judges, contrary to the previously established position of the Grand Chamber in the case of Vasiliauskas v. Lithuania, did not, by a majority vote, find violations in the domestic Lithuanian trial. Thus, in fact, the “retroactive force” of the criminal law is sanctioned for individual countries.

We believe that such a short-sighted and inconsistent position of the ECHR opens the door for a dangerous and unacceptable revision of historical facts. Recall that on the conscience of the members of the aforementioned gangs are the lives taken of thousands of Lithuanian civilians. We urge the European Court, as well as the competent structures of the Council of Europe, not to condone the state line in Lithuania aimed at glorifying the gangs, rehabilitating their participants and politically prosecuting those who fought against them who are objectionable to the current Lithuanian authorities.”

In his application to the ECHR in March 2019, S. Drėlingas relied on Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights (no penalty without law), arguing that the concept of genocide that the Lithuanian courts applied in his case was not in line with international law, and that the conviction itself was retroactive.

However, the ECHR agreed with the findings of the Supreme Court of Lithuania; namely that Lithuanian partisans were “a significant part of the Lithuanian people as a national, ethnic group”, and that Soviet repression was directed against a significant part of the Lithuanian people, defined by national and ethnic characteristics.

His subsequent appeal was also denied.

Essentially, similarly to recent attempts at history rewriting, the ECHR is simply following the agenda and essentially rewriting the rule of law to fit the narrative that is being propagated in MSM and Diplomatic rhetoric in the last few months.

This includes, denying that the Soviet Union defeated Nazism, but rather simply brought repression, among other things. Or the US calling for Serbia to view the 1999 bombing and killing of thousands of civilians in a “broader perspective.”




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  • Dawn

    European justice and rule of law is a myth that never existed..

  • LR captain

    there is no European laws there “was” only roman laws. But those laws were destroyed by Christians. Those who realized that cannot force people to convert to Christianity and were now protected by the same laws that once protected them when they were nothing but minor cult in the east.

    Once those laws and the state that upheld them were destroyed. The Christians committed numerous genocides against non-Christians.

    • The Farney Fontenoy

      What on earth are you talking about? No Christians ever committed genocide, since that is anti-Christian, maybe you’d prefer Soviet Lithuania, where countless Christians were slaughtered by non-Christians.

      • NWOD

        No Christians ever committed genocide, since that is anti-Christian

        Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahashasha! Maroon!!!! Jews and Christians have committed more genocide than rest of the world combined.

        • The Farney Fontenoy

          Anyone committing an unChristian act isn’t Christian, not sure why that’s hard for you to understand, you are aware the Catholic Church is currently headed by a non-Catholic?

          • Tommy Jensen

            Right but most don’t understand that because everybody call themselves Christian.

            A true Christian is one who respect Gods law, “don’t murder” and “don’t misuse my name”.
            A false Christian is like the English Church and the Vatican who claims they represent God and urge worshippers to war and killing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/291178e6d67c7806ab7b58052dec15839cf81bd04120793ebd4d3abf287bc852.jpg The Vatican Audition Hall.

          • NWOD
          • NWOD

            That’s the most absurd definition I have ever heard. A Christian is someone who believes in Christianity, not someone who obeys it at all times, FFS, you’re being non-sensical.

            In any event, if you believe the Old Testament is part of the Bible, have a look-see at the following for some examples of genocide: 20 Deuteronomy 10-18; 2 Deuteronomy 32-36; 3 Deuteronomy 3-7; 2 Joshua 10; 6 Joshua 20-21; 8 Joshua 18-28; 9 Joshua 27; 10 Joshua 9-40; 11 Joshua 17-22; 12 Joshua 7-24; 19 Joshua 47; Numbers 21:2-3; Numbers 21:32-35; 1 Chronicles 4:39-43; 1 Samuel 15:5-8 …

            And 13 Deuteronomy 6-10 regarding murder.

            I will leave you with these lovely passages from your “Old Testament” “Bible”, regarding how the filthy barbaric monstrous Beast yahweh orders the savage Jews to treat all non-Jews of the world (20 Deuteronomy 10-18) (those near you (in Israel), and those far from you (rest of world)):

            10 When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. 11 If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you. 12 If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. 13 When the [Beast yahweh] delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. 14 As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the [Beast yahweh] gives you from your enemies. 15 This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby.

            16 However, in the cities of the nations the [Beast Yahweh] your [Luciferian g]od is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. 17 Completely destroy them — the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites — as [the Beast Yahweh] your [g]od has commanded you. 18 Otherwise, they will teach you to follow all the detestable things they do in worshiping their gods, and you will sin against the the [Beast Yahweh] your [g]od.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            By your thinking Satan must be the purest Christian of all! In any case the old Testament is largely about historical information & providing context. Much of old testament concerns laws are tribal in nature, thus not applying to Christians, Jesus did a decent job of clarifying this in the new testament.

      • LR captain

        the holy roman empire, dummy. Many soldiers and armies went there forcibly baptize non-Christians and killed those who refused.
        hell even the Hungarians had to convert in order to be recognized as a kingdom and to stop attacks from the Byzantine empire and holy roman empire.

        • The Farney Fontenoy

          I take it you get paid well for spewing such tripe

          • LR captain

            no i don’t get paid i just read history.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            Yeah ya do, or your primary interest is anti-Christianity, odd that so many atheists are obsessed with just that religion?
            Quick political lesson for ya, religion, when used for political purposes, ripped from its theological roots, is no longer a faith, but a weapon in the hands of irreligious people. Much of the ‘spanish inquisition’ was in fact not handled by the Church but by opposing kings, officials & warlords to used it to steal wealth, land & to settle personal scores.

          • LR captain

            so you are admitting that some people use religion as a cover for their darker deeds, to only pray after and have good moral soul.

            confessions share your darkest secrets with priest even if its you murdered some one or even left them to die. Just to get the moral guilt off your chest. I know some states that priest does not need to tell the police and most cases the priest even tries to convince the person to turn themselves in. The person won’t cause they longer think they are going hell as they confessed. happens all the time in mexico.

            indulgences ways to reduce your punishment in the after life. pay a priest your entire life savings and Satan will not wip you every 5 second with a spiked lash , but poke with a stick ever 5 mins for eternity. Yes that makes sense.

            Christians chathloc orthodox they all came from group. but i had lost a friend who i can not even talk anymore who is now a nazi a white supremacist anti-gay anti-government anti-social anti-abortion anti-immigrant and he thinks is in the write cause he says the bible tells him to do these things.

            when people put faith above deeds that is when genocides start, religion gives morals to follow as guidelines leeway is allowed.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            “so you are admitting that some people use religion as a cover for their darker deeds”
            You make it sound like I was being deceptive! This is what YOU were denying!
            “confessions … Just to get the moral guilt
            off your chest”
            You’ve got a Lily Allen idea of the sacrament of confession, it’s not about guilt or feeling better.
            “indulgences ways to reduce your punishment in the after life.”
            The sale of indulgences was outlawed in 1567.
            “a white supremacist anti-gay anti-government anti-social anti-abortion anti-immigrant”
            Let me translate:
            white supremacist = european descent
            anti-gay = heterosexual
            anti-government = free thinking
            anti-social = makes informed opinion rather than bow to peer pressure
            anti-abortion = does not want to murder babies
            anti-immigrant = pro legal immigration

          • LR captain

            me denying no you are one who is denying.
            i said quoted the Spanish Inquisition in terms of mass killings by Christians
            and you are the one the stated that people in the inquisition were out settle scores or in it for greed.

            do not sit there and keeping pointing like i am the bad guy. That is what every religion paints those who do not fallow it.

            no stop defending people who clearly are type of people who the deep state would hire to destabilize a country.
            anti-gay = he think that all gay people were once christian who turned their backs on god and there is no such thing as a gay Christians
            anti-social = if i speak up once during his ramblings he leaves.
            anti-abortion = i offered the idea of test tube children to him, he thought it immoral. I asked what of the right of the mother, he said she had no rights.
            anti- government = refuses to vote and still thinks he can complain
            anti-immigrant = he is down right racist and if rather have Muslims shot at border.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            Stop pretending to be a non-native english speaker with deliberate misspelling & bad grammar. Tell me, how much do you guys get paid for this? You know I am willing to turn hasbara troll for the right price!

          • LR captain

            i don’t get paid at all.
            i am an atheist
            i hate israel and all it stands for
            i hate all religions
            im not hasbara look at my other comments. on south front

            you’re lost in your own thoughts
            you’re the one who keeps replying
            you’re the one who can’t accept defeat
            you’re one who needs to get a life

            this is only an internet forum
            this is only just a comment
            this is only a temporary argument
            this is only is going on cause you’re dragging it out.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            What a shocking improvement in your English!
            If you give me the name of your supervisor, I’d love to apply for a job there!

          • LR captain

            i do not work for hasbara. Get that though your head honestly. accusing me of being hasbara is best card you have. Honestly you should really get a life.

            By the way Israel is doomed as soon as Palestinians get organized over in the west bank. driving the out IDF will be breeze. the IDF are that weak, they are that over stretched thanks to Mr-yahoo’s reforms.

            Plus if mr-yahoo does not give up his grip on power we could have an Israeli civil-war.

          • Ronald

            Pope Innocent the III , started the Inquisition in 1103, charging “heretics and witches”, taking their ‘goods’ and usually executing them. It lasted right up to present time. Its last action was in 1978 in South America. Look it up..

          • NWOD

            Do you really somehow think that the thousands and thousands of distinct tribes, cultures and religions voluntarily gave up everything they believed just because some others told them about the Bible? LOL. That’s an absurd proposition. The entire West was converted to Christianity at the point of a sword. Period.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            Please describe in detail, how St. Patrick, alone, unarmed, with no military experience, violently subjugated the entire island of Ireland, despite every male there being trained from youth in various weapons use & fighting techniques? I really need that cleared up.

  • NWOD

    the glorification of Nazism

    That’s fairly hilarious, since A. Ramanauskas-Vanagas simply fought off the vile Communist invaders, which he had not only every right, but every duty, to do.

    In point of fact, it is Russia that continuously and unashamedly glorifies Communism, Bolshevism and Stalinism, to the disgrace of all humanity, but especially the countless millions of victims of that barbaric death cult and their family members.

    • LR captain

      and if russia did not fight off Nazism you would have never been allowed to make that comment in the first place.

      • NWOD

        LOL, what utter horseshit.

        In fact, it was Communism that banned speech much more aggressively than Nazis ever did. And murdered 10s of millions for their religion.

        • LR captain

          communism is not religion though.
          and regardless on who more or less tolerant of free speech what you said Would not be authorized by either.

          plus i never said communism in the first communism i said Russians

  • Zionism = EVIL

    What rule of the law? ask the Africans on how millions were enslaved, abused and killed by European rule of the law. The homosexual Belgian Leopold used to make skull mountains of the Congolese peoples.

    • hvaiallverden

      Ah… you stil live in the Kunta Kinte PC-infested reality and is of course ignoring the truth, about slavery.
      Slaves have been around since the dawn of man, sorry to popp your bobble, but whom sold this africans, whom even to day take other tribes as slaves, the africans them self, they dont even debate that ugly truth, the rest was logistics, in the last 500 years to about 200 years ago, it was taken up to an industical scale, due to the conquest of america.
      And somehow, you and other blockheads ignore the present, and also what others did in the past, like the Chines, etc, to South-american tribes, etc, etc, etc.

      And to day as we speak, there is more slaves now, than ever before, but even that is ignored due to the PC-infested so called history teaching, witch is one side tracking and ignores everything else among that, white people whom where sold as slaves in large numbers, I gues in much wider extent than even blacks.
      But the save trade you talk about was mainly done by some few forces, the Jews and Arabs, where the west also partisipated but the main traders where the Jews/Arabs, whom also took lord knows how many whites as slaves, and I was in Malta this summer and have seen some of it my self.
      I wounder, can your PC-infested brain handle this info, do you, and we all have had the same problem, this people you will see in this video is/was our comon enemy, black man, so shut the f…. up and learn the truth, not only Africans suffered from this evil, white people to, taken by their own and sold as catlle.



      • Zionism = EVIL

        The fucking Jews are still running “white slavery” rackets, just look at Epstein and the sick Rothshild house of Windsor in UK. The ugly fuck Andrew was abusing children with Epstein. Why do you think the cops hung the sick Jew pervert.

      • Tommy Jensen

        True. Our own are the worst.

      • Ronald

        Thanks hvaiallverden; Great post.
        Just a small addition. In ruffly 1050ad, the Caliph of Tripoli sent his men into Spain, and ordered them to bring him 2000 blonde virgins. They were acquired and added to his harem .

  • hvaiallverden

    Its a nothing burger anyway, but, and there is an big honking but here and thats the vigerous defence of an regime even Putin have admitted was an catastophe, the Bolshewiks, whom have been glorifyed to an extent that to even debate that among uh….. educated people is an dead end street, you simply cant penetrate the issue without been acused of sucking up to whatever they claim is evil, aka the Nazis and denies everything that happened in the decades of the Bolshewiks rule.
    I have done that and was instantly acused of been a Neo-nazi, an white racistic thrasonalist, etc you name it, the hole shit list, but to debate it, they simply refused, that, South F. isnt doing anything better for you or the present Russia and its history and I am a person whom is from the ancient part of what was Russia, the part witch was inbedded in Permia, the Varangians, Bjarmia, the homeland of whats now Finland and Russia., I am no more intrested in hate of Russians since they to me are my brothers/sisters by blood and faith.

    Again, like why do you and others like Fort R, and Saker etc, attack, instead of debate, nobody is acusing the present for the past, we know whom they are, but denile, SF will not be an viable path forward and will only destroy your credibility witch is, even for me, way above the rest.
    The Baltics where invaded, Polan was invaded, Romania, Bulgaria, Iran, etc to Finland, and yet, yet you denie any debate or historical documents that points to just that, the sole reason for may to fight against Sovjet was not because of the Russian people, but the records of the Bolshewiks terror regime.
    I my self is 3 generation of people whom lost eveything and was kicked out of what was then Finland and before that our own nation, even aproved by Ivan the “terrible”, and despite that, I can even prove it, some people go balistic and howls about us having ulterioir motives witch as strawman arguments an mass, ad infinitum to be correct.
    That was also the main reason for a large part of the BallTicks to hail the Wermach as heroes liberatores, and yet you dont undestand that, do you or you cant admitt the truth.
    Have have more about Russian history than just that, it goes back to the Romanovs, the traitores of the Russian people, killed equally as the Bolshewiks, etc, in an war the Jews simply wiped out of the Russians people mind, in some few decades, and now completely forgotten and I know you dont have any or little idea of what the f…. I talk about, do you, but I am certain, since I saw an image of Putin holding some ancient documents have knowledge about that.

    I hope with my hart and soul you dont fall into this trap, nobody is acusing the present, but dont culude the past, you will loose this info war, South F. because I have deep respect for your work and stand, so I will not enjoy that what I hope we can avoid, go back to Russia and read what they are exposing this days you may be surpirced, my humble recomandation.
    I will make shure you do, if we cant have it siviilized, I will force that to be.
    But again, like the reasent Bulgarians whom is also staing the same, I also hope we leave it there and move along because the intial force of making this happen is stil alive and kicking, but they have moved to other realms, the City of london and the imperial banana republic UssA.

    Do you really know whom is behind much of what we have to day and what was, do you, I am going to link to an video that gives you an snap shoot of what they are.
    Part 1 of 2.
    Watch and learn.


    • 1691

      Those “bulgarians” who recently spoke about being occupied by Russia are the offsprings of the fascists that the Red Army kicked out of Bulgaria in September 1944. The Bulgarians at the time were singing:” Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!”
      The only winners of the wars are those whose assets grow. Everyone else is a loser.

    • Barba_Papa

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Russia’s adoption of the Great Patriotic War by the USSR as its own is what causing other countries to become extremely weary of Russia and seek US protection. Russia has gone way overboard in claiming everything about that war as good and just and it is blinding it to the dark sides of that war. How the USSR invaded and annexed the Baltics and Moldova, how it brutally occupied Eastern Europe and imposed puppet governments upon them, and not the least of all, ignoring how the incompetence of Stalin, his purges and the leaders around him allowed Hitler to launch a surprise invasion and how it caused the Red Army to lose millions of soldiers and massive swaths of territory. The only reason the Nazi’s got as far as the suburbs of Moscow was because Stalin had purged the Red Army of its best leaders, at the same time expanding it massively so worsening a real shortage of good leaders to train the new ones and badly managing the Red Army in the disastrous first two years. Millions of Russians died needlessly and many still forgotten in the forgotten lost offensives of the Red Army. Because for great successes like Bagration and Stalingrad there are also disastrous disasters like Brody, 1st Kiev, 2nd and 3rd Kharkov, Rzhev and Operation Mars. To name a few.

      Yeah, Russia should feel proud for having kicked the Nazi’s out. That’s a well deserved accomplishment. It doesn’t however have to whitewash and deny everything bad that happened during that war either. And its so easy for Russia to do so. Blame it on Stalin. Man with mustache from Georgia bad! We were his victims too!

  • Tommy Jensen

    What Russia easily forget is, that America organised D-day and that was not just easy pleasy teasy.
    That was tipping point baby! Nobody can deny that.

    Therefore we won WWII, while Putler was busy pouring gasoline all over Lithuania, denying civilians their personal rights to freedom. We won and you lost Berlin, Baltics and BUKraine, and stole Crimea!

  • AlexMg

    European rule of law? Wtf is that?? Pathetic vassals and EUnuchs, and their Mickey Mouse ‘institutions’.