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Death Of British “ISIS Bride’s” Baby In Refugee Camp Sparks Row In UK


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

We previously explored how the issue of so-called British jihadist bride Shamima Begum became politically explosive in the UK after she demanded of British authorities to be repatriated last month, and at a moment that President Trump demanded allies take custody of their foreign fighters from the Syrian battlefield. The now 19-year old joined Islamic State in 2015 after fleeing the UK when she was just 15. She had also recently given birth in a Syrian refugee camp and had demanded safe return to Britain for fear that she and her child could die in the camp, so near the war zone. Britain’s response was to formally revoke her UK citizenship on national security grounds.

As much contentious debate as that move sparked, some are now blaming the UK government after this week Begum’s three-week old baby died, reportedly of pneumonia in the wartime conditions of the northern Syria refugee camp in which they were stuck after fleeing the last Islamic State enclave of now besieged Baghouz. In media interviews British ISIS bride Begum has blamed everyone but herself for her dire plight, and while expressing some minor regrets over traveling to Syria still extolled “the good life” under ISIS and noted she had been inspired by ISIS beheading videos.

Death Of British "ISIS Bride's" Baby In Refugee Camp Sparks Row In UK

Screenshot of “Jihadi Bride” Shamima Begum interview with Sky News last month.

The opposition Labour party has called the infant’s death, the third child of Begum’s to have died since she joined the Islamic State “morally reprehensible” while one ruling Conservative party lawmaker called it a “stain on the conscience” of the government.

However, as Reuters reports, the decision to strip the woman of her UK citizenship was popular among Britons according to polls. Reuters reports the Begum has become the face of the raging Europe-wide debate over just what to do with the hundreds of European foreign fighters seeking to exit Syria, which presents a major threat of jihadist terror presence:

Found in a refugee camp in February, an unrepentant Begum sparked a debate in Britain and other European capitals as to whether a teenager with a jihadist fighter’s child should be left in a war zone to fend for herself.

More broadly it has shown the predicament that governments face when weighing the ethical, legal and security ramifications of allowing militants and their families to return.

Most Conservative leaders in Britain, such as Interior Minister Sajid Javid have previously argued “dangerous individuals” coming back to the UK from battlefields in the Middle East should be stripped of their British citizenship.

He said this option has already been “so far exercises more than 100 times,” otherwise he also advocates prosecution of apprehended returning suspects “regardless of their age and gender.” 

The Home Office had Begum stripped of her citizenship on Feb. 19 and she and her family were notified by official government letter.

Just prior to that the interior minister had told MPs that he would not “hesitate to prevent” the return of Britons who set off for the Middle East to join ISIS.

“I was troubled by the decision. It seemed driven by a populism, not by any principle that I recognized,” Phillip Lee, a former justice minister and member of May’s party, told BBC Radio, but added that it remains, “Clearly Shamima Begum holds abhorrent views.” All of which suggests internal debate and controversy across party lines.

Last month Trump had issued provocative tweets  wherein he urged European countries to “take back” and prosecute some 800 ISIS foreign fighters as US forces withdraw from Syria, or else “we will be forced to release them.”

The message was met with a mix of shock, confusion and indifference in Europe. Trump had warned European leaders that the terrorists could subsequently “permeate Europe” if their governments didn’t take active charge of them.

With the last small ISIS enclave now being emptied out of its terrorists by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and with SDF battle field jails now overflowing, the clock is ticking on the issue of the foreign jihadists’ fate. This as the White House still says it has initiated a partial troop draw down, though now without timetable.



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  • kraaiiii

    we clearly life is a disease feminised sociality, compassion for murders

  • Jaffar al-Majmuni

    Better she kills herself.

  • Daniel Miller

    Good let the roaches die out

  • Pave Way IV

    Hey, UK political leaders: You f’king broke it, you own it.

    Maybe encouraging those Saudi and Israeli fucks to use head-choppers as proxies was kind of a bad idea… ya think? Why no demands that THEY fix the problem they created? Why no direct demands from you that MY leaders fix the problem? Or is that still supposed to be a secret from your little people there?

    Nice to see you so worried about the security of your citizens, but where was your f’king empathy when a quarter million Syrains were getting slaughtered? Are they less human than Brits? Get your God damn head-choppers out of their country. You can wring your hands over what to do with them once you have them safely in a cage in England.

    Oh yeah, you owe the Syrian people several billiion in war reparatiions, too. Not as much as the US, but pay the fuck up. Don’t you have some fresh gold loot from somewhere? How about the US gold you must be holding in the BoE? Just send that to Syria for us – it will at least be a down payment for all the reparations we will eventually owe them. In return, we’ll get CENTCOM to give British head-chopper tourists and their dependents free airplane rides from al Hawl and Rukban back to London. How nice is that? Yeah, even the ones you’ve since stripped of citizenship. An amazingly cowardly move, I might add. Right up there with something the US might try to disavow our responsibility.

    • Feudalism Victory

      Like Trump said they dont send their best. How do you like it now shithole countries.

      Just kill them all. Fucking close it off.

  • Feudalism Victory

    She probably killed her own baby to matyr it for the cause. Next it should be her.

    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      She is part of ISIS, so i wont be suprised if the baby got martyred or they stole the baby and killed it.

      • Feudalism Victory

        Her choices led to her babies death in any case but id believe the worst of isis scum.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, the shoah must go on.
    In an sense they have been betrayed, lied to and given promisses the west never ment to keep, whabism witch is their leading eh…. cargo cult, and must never be associated with Islam, they are not more Muslims than Trump is an rocket scientist, and all this, since the Balkan war, this people, with the suport of the NATO, ISISrael, and the rotten kingdom of the Saudi-barbarians, all from cash to weapons, training for this wars in Jordan and Iraq as some mentioned, years ago, and now when the war in Syria is basically gone down the drain and their mission isnt complished, the west throwns them out to die.
    Yeah,ironic isnt it.
    In Norway just to give you an idea, they, all of them, incl the MSM, politicians, in the comentary field, all of them is screaming on the top of their pathetic lungs about Muslim terrorists, aka ISIS, yeah, and nobody, not an single sheep f…. wants to admit that THEY where the problem, They where whining about how nobody aka Arabs didnt wanted to go down there and fight the Dicks, like Gaddafy, and al the cosy home reports about brave Muslim fighters taking up arms, of course, propaganda to make it legitm to go down and fight, legitim to train, legitim to arm, etc, and of course, inbedded in an incestious cooperationg with the NATO forces simultaniusly.
    This incl Mali, and so on, Boko Haram ( where and whom is giving them this names, hehe) was the love child coming from the land of trumpsteins, created be Hitlary and the most rotten president ever, Obamalama the Lord of Piss and Drones, the one whom have started more wars than any other one in the hist…… sorry, the criminal record of the pirates on Potomac in the imperial District of Criminals in the imperial banana republic UssA.
    But then again, we are dealing with the scums of this earth.
    May the lord have mercy upon this children, poor souls.


  • Lupus

    Good news now behead this bitch b4 she gets pregnant again

  • goingbrokes

    Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah…

    When Syrian children were dying from economic sanctions and the influx of violent jihadists it was not morally reprehensible (oh yeah, I forgot Assad was responsible for all that).

    Now a Daesh wife blames everyone else of her plight. Gimme a break!

    There is no right of return for terrorists, let Syrian government deal with those in Syria. And Iraqi government for those in Iraq.

  • Lazy Gamer

    If it were a Syrian child begging for his life, what would ISIS have done?

  • Barba_Papa

    All this bullshit about not being able to take away nationality is nonsense. After WW2 the Netherlands stripped away Dutch nationality of every Dutch traitor who had served in the German Waffen SS. Tens of thousands. No biggie then apparently. As for this international law bullshit, those are just international treaties. And as the US shows every day, those are just ink on paper. If the US can withdraw from treaties it doesn’t like, what’s stopping the EU? Oh, wait, SJW types like Diane Abbot.