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JUNE 2021

Dear Russia: An Enemy Is Not A Partner – Paul Craig Roberts

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Written by Paul Craig Roberts; Originally appeared at Paulcraigroberts.org

Russians are concerned about Washington’s arbitrary closing of their San Francisco consulate and the illegal searching of diplomatic properties. There is no question that Washington has violated diplomatic protections and international law.

Why did Washington show its outlaw face to the world?

Was it to show that as strong as Russia is, Russia cannot protect herself from Washington? No international law, no diplomatic immunity can stand in Washington’s way. Washington can violate all law with no consequence.

Washington’s view is that might, and only might, makes right. Law is thrown out of the window, so why does Russia rely on law in her dealings with Washington?

Was it to plant some fake evidence in the Russian properties of Russian complicity in the US presidential election that elected a candidate that prefered peace over conflict with Russia?

Russia’s foreign minister Lavrov has told the US Secretary of State that Russia is going to sue over the seizure and search of Russia’s diplomatic properties. So, here we see again the Russians trying to deal with Washington through law, courts, diplomacy, whatever, and not facing the real issue.

What is the real issue?

The Real Issue is that the US military/security complex, the most powerful component of the US government, has decided that Russia is the ENEMY that justifies its $1,000 billion annual budget and the power that goes with it.

Dear Russia: An Enemy Is Not A Partner - Paul Craig Roberts


In other words, Russia is designated America’s Number One Enemy, and there is nothing whatsoever Russian diplomacy, Russian measured responses, and Russian references to her enemy as her “partner” can do about it.

Dear Russia, you must understand that you have been assigned the role of “the Enemy.”

Yes, of course, there is no objective reason for Russia being designated America’s enemy. Nevertheless, that is Russia’s designation. Washington has no interest in any facts. Washington is ruled by a shadow government and the deep state, consisting of the CIA, the military/security complex, and financial interests. These interests support US world hegemony, both financial and military. Russia and China are in the way of these powerful interest groups.

The case against Russia becomes more absurd by the day. Newsweek just published a story that suggests Russia is behind the Boston Marathon Bombing. https://sputniknews.com/politics/201709061057119169-newsweek-claims-russia-boston-bombing/

Russia can’t do anything about her designation as Enemy Number One.

So, what can Russia do?

All Russia can do is to turn her back to the West, while watching very closely for the coming suprise attack. There is nothing in America for Russia. Any American investment in Russia will be used to damage Russia. Russia does not need any American capital. The Russian central bank’s belief in Russia’s need for foreign capital is proof of the successful brainwashing of Russian economists by American neoliberalism during the Yeltsin era. The Russian central bank is so brainwashed that it is incapable of understanding that the Russian central bank can finance Russian development without any foreign loans. The Russian government still doesn’t seem to understand that the only reason sanctions can be imposed on Russia is because Russia is ensnared in the Western financial system. The economic advice that the Russian government gets from its brainwashed neoliberal economists serves Washington’s interests, not Russia’s.

Russia should not be using Western financial clearing mechanisms that serve Washington’s interests.

When will the Russian government cease pretending that its enemy is its partner?

Why can’t the Russian government recognize the reality that stares her in the face, that continually insults and abuses Russia?

Why is Russia so determined to be part of the corrupt and declining West that Russia accepts every insult, every abuse?

The West has room for only one autonomous power. There is no room for a second.

China, intent on being rich like capitalists, also seems unrealistic in its dealings with Washington.

The orchestrated “Korean crisis” is not about North Korea. It is an orchestration that lets Washington put nuclear missile bases on China’s border, just as the orchestrated “Iranian crisis” was the excuse for putting nuclear missile bases on Russia’s borders.

Russia cannot be both sovereign and part of the West, and China cannot afford to confuse self-preservation with economic deals with America.

If the two powers capable of constraining Washington’s unilateralism show confusion over the consequences, they will make war more likely.

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Dear Russians, and Friends of Russians:

Paul Craig Roberts is another kind of enemy: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He, along with the Saker, equates the crimes of the Nazis with the “crimes” of the Soviets–a crime in itself! Anyone doing their homework knows that, indeed, the Nazis and other white supremacists are exceptionally terrible, whereas the Soviets guarded the peace.

He also insists on Trump being some sort of independent force for good who is just pigeonholed by the Deep State. In fact, we all know that, thanks to being a billionaire and being on TV for the past 30 years, he’s part of the exact same club as Clinton and Obama, etc.

Beware this author.


You should just kill yourself you stupid shitstain. “Guarded the peace”? Why don’t you ask people who lived in the eastern block about the Soviet fucking “peace”? “Haha, comrade, I see you aren’t poor as shit. Well, in the name of solidarity, you are now, since we’re taking it all :^)”. “What’s this, comrade? Savings? You’ll be thrilled to know we’re about to destabilise your currency so massively they’ll be utterly worthless soon.” “Comrade, I heard that you said that maybe comrade Stalin isn’t the superhuman hero that our propag- uh, free and objective press portrays him as. We decided to buy you a long vacation in Siberia to change your mind.”

Fuck you, I hope someone throws you into a burlap sack and sells you to Mexico as a talking piñata.

Jonathan Murray

If you hate the SU you hate Russia.


No, if you like SU, you hate Russians, as nobody suffered under SU more (save perhaps for Ukraine). There’s a reason why the former soviet block is way further to the right than the West – everyone still has in fresh memory what happens when you let leftists in power – and why the tears shed for the fallen regime were few.


That’s why Poles, Hungarians and Estonians watch the EU in horror, because it reminds them so much of SU.


Is model of Politburo.

Jonathan Murray

SU was created by a popular Russian revolution. The mass of the people rose up against the autocracy. I’m not defending the SU – i’m just saying that the SU was created by the Russian people. Therefore if you hate the SU you hate Russia.


You should go and open a history book, since the autocracy was overthrown several months before commies had their “October revolution”. It wasn’t even supported by the majority of people, and overthrew the democratic government estabilished after the fall of the autocracy.


Exactly, a “democratic” regime was continuing the war after the Czar despite this making famines inevitable and the great majority of the people being against it.

F*** these corrupt, banker-controled “democracies”.


BS you are completely brainwashed, no version of history supports your delusions except you pseudo “academia” BS fed to you by your antifa “brothers”

Russia had a millenary Identity which was almost destroyed by the soviets,so destroying your identity and culture is love?

Fuck you, seriously, you are deranged, worthless scum.


Same ideologies which ruled the SU, are ruling the EU and USA today. Just the original version of economic marxism has morphed into cultural marxism, and “communism” has turned into “corporate communism”. The original marxists found a new safe haven in the “Western culture”.

Look at most EU countries, everything has been privatized and sold off for dirt cheap, natural monopolies such as rail traffic, electricity/water distribution etc. where there is no potential for competition. And now they are getting flooded with Africa. Some politicians say that EU is tied to the hip with the destiny of Africa, i.e. catastrophic economic future and racial wars.

Brother Ma

You are confusing me. Privatization of public goods to form monopoly in private capitalist corporate hands is capitalism vulture style.why are you saying it is communism?


It is communism, just the “people” have been replaced with “corporations”. Regardless of what term you use, it is de facto a wealth transfer to those corporate owners for pretty much no risk.

Brother Ma

Well i agree with you .call it what the fig you like but this transfer like this is no good!

Brother Ma

Well Yui Yui you must be so happy Soviet union fell and non commie Putin is in power.


Hate much?


Tfw you will never get “reparations” gibs from the Russian Federation. -)

Tfw you blame the Eastern Block for your loserdom but it ended 28 years ago.

roger temple

You are just advising us to beware of you with your mixed-up rant. Thank you very much for making your stupidity so clear.

Brother Ma

Garlic.Thank you.We have to beware all authors and evaluate the evidence. that means everyone of us posters needs to beware every other poster.

That doesnt mean we cant learn a thing or two along the way.
You are right about what you said above.Trump is part of same clique.but who cares. As long as the above cartel fights aa cartels do ever so often we might benefit from the crumbs!

northerntruthseeker .

You have no cohesion in this comment… And you miss the key point that Roberts fails to call the Jew out by name as the real criminals…

Arthur Smith

He can be whatever he likes and stick to his opinions on history, but his facts on financial policy in Russia are straight enough – russian anti-establishment (yet patriotic) economists like Glaz’ev and Del’agin say the same.


Try to make a more coherent plea next time. Saker bashes nazis like any good pro Russian would, after all they killed over 20 million of them, being an evil soviet regime makes no difference they were still Russian.

BTW in Latin America the last thing the Soviets did was peaceful dialogue or action, everything has been violence until today because of all of those soviet communist “rebel” groups, which reminds me to the “moderate” rebels in Syria, all terrorists.

Communist specially the soviets up to Breshnev were killers murderers and the worst scum specially the Bolsheviks.


Spencer was right, the hollowdomore is a lie. -)


Your adding the Saker to the list is beyond bizarre. Go pet a cat for a few days.


White supremishts are the real enemy, goy, not the ((((Deep State)))!

Rex drabble

Never trust a person who tells you bad news then laughs,which is what Roberts does continually.
He was a senior member of previous administrations of the US and look how that turned out.
He is full of shit,no real answers,just more of the same.I stopped listening to him long ago.


I am 100% agree with Paul Craig Roberts statement.

Brother Ma

Yes but what can it do.

northerntruthseeker .

Actually, once again Paul fails to call the enemy, the Jews….

And he misses the point that Russia is now free of criminal Jewish banking interests and has told the Rothschilds to take a hike… In return the Jews are now working their slave nations into launching a war against Russia to try to reimpose their “central bank”….


Mr. Paul says that never trust Washington and he is true because those countries who have trusted Washington have been destroyed by Washington. I think you got my point.

Arthur Smith

How can Russia be free from jewish banking if russian monetary policy is based on IMF instructions for third-worlders?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s why it is making a split from the IMF supported petro dollar, things are moving quickly now please keep up.

Arthur Smith

I’m a russian and IMF satraps are still sitting in my goverment. Talks about Russia getting free from petrodollar system is hollow propaganda. There is still no force in Russia capable to hold our ground in case of declaration of rebellion against the system. So called “politicians” can’t do shit to return solidity, required to tough-out the punishment inevitably coming after. No matter how fast “things are moving”, politicians couldn’t change without certain prerequisits being fulfilled.

Actually, nevermind the politics. After Crimea Reunification and following sanctions IMF satraps kept buying US Treasuries, $200 billion worth of them. So tell me, how much of them we sold since that glorious “split from petrodollar” of yours?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Russian or not you are against Rusdis supporting USA propaganda biting the hand which is feedin you.

Arthur Smith

How draining liquidity to support US debt is supposed to “feed me”?


“Talks about Russia getting free from petrodollar system is hollow propaganda”

Actually it isn’t and it started 5 years ago, yesterday. Already 25-30% of total global trade is now outside the Dollar nevermind just the Petrodollar, and with every new deal these nations make that amount increases. It’s “economic warfare” and now R+C are working very hard to prevent it going to all guns blazing. (China just sweetened the deal by setting yuan convertible to gold.)

“kept buying US Treasuries, $200 billion worth of them”

You do realise that’s money America owes Russia? Money that must be paid regularly as specified and without default? And attached to the above – the US is feeling a little …. strapped for cash?

But “after Crimean unification” tells me that … while the US was plopping financial sanctions on Russia, they were accepting (perhaps even forcing) Russian money buying bonds… and that is big smile territory. LOTS of US money-grubbing going on in the world today – soon they’ll run out of places to grub.

And then they will default.
Sorry to say but that likely means you might not get your $200B back.
(Put it down to “Saving the world from America!”) ;-)

Arthur Smith

I’m well informed about outside-petrodollar trade Russia and China try to organize, but on russian side it’s hardly a success – lots of loud declarations and endless sabotage in practice.

What’s much more important os that satraps’ monetary and fiscal “policy” prohibits the development of industries on any serious scale except for military complex and isolated cases on personal control of Putin. What miraculously survives in those conditions usually get’s finished by satraps’ colleagues from organized crime.

All the while they whine about sanctions that prevent fantastic foreign investitions from invigorating our economy and send away tons of money that we already have to work for US. And since it was this way from the 90s we are left without production capacities to seriously benefit from that awesome non-petrodollar chinese trade even if we get rid of colonial/occupation administration.


“What’s much more important os that satraps’ monetary and fiscal “policy” prohibits the development of industries on any serious scale”
Which is why they are introducing the world to a new financial system.
….Not even Rome was built in a day.

Arthur Smith



Russia and China


Elvira IS part of the Fifth column and on march 22 was AGAIN nominated by Putin to head the RCB, she was responsible not only responsible for devaluating the Rubble by free floating it to create a crisis while in sanctions, a ruse to destroy the Russian economy, but to permanently undervalue it.

So tell me again how is it that Elvira probably a Jew herself is still heading the bank for 5 more years count as being out of the game?


Except that Central Bank.


History of the Federal Reserve & Cause of the Great Depression


Rothschilds’ CFR & the Ukrainian Holodomor of 1932-1933



Ukrainian General: “Ukraine is under Zionist occupation.”


“I don’t have hate towards ordinary Jews. They are not to blame for anything. They also suffer from their magnates.”


I originally saw this video when it was mirrored on Inessa Sinchougova’s Youtube channel.


She also has a Patreon account:



I don’t – I think this is pretty much a load of hogwash.
Look at this statement for example:-
“The Russian central bank’s belief in Russia’s need for foreign capital is proof of the successful brainwashing of Russian economists by American neoliberalism during the Yeltsin era.”

Has the central bank expressed the belief that the foreign capital MUST be US dollars? But Mr Roberts does. Why? Foreign capital investments between for eg., BRICS and SCO nations – would be a good thing for the nations involved (and a bad thing for the US at the same time and not only because it wouldn’t be in USD.)

And while Mr Roberts focuses on Moscow’s diplomatic “friends and colleagues” he seems to miss that very undiplomatic and scathing “agreement-incapable” and “it’s difficult to talk with people who don’t know the difference between Austria and Australia” – that says far more about Russian awareness of American state affairs and the caliber of American officials. (Just for a start – people who are “agreement-incapable” are clinically retarded.) Also, that is very unusual language for Russian diplomats – it’s also (uncharacteristically) unnecessarily very rude and very insulting – so WHY are they doing it? I assure you they have their reasons – those folk do and say NOTHING without very careful consideration of all effects.

I could go on… there’s still China’s seeming Western capitalism at all costs and the orchestration of the Korean peninsula – but then I’d get longer than the article itself.

Seems to me Mr Roberts is looking at the superficial picture without trying to understand the planning going on behind… Two blatant events to remember are these: (1) Russia took Crimea in 3 weeks – and they did it solely thanks to American interference in Ukraine. (2) Turkey shot down 2 Russian Su for NATO – and now they are in the Russian camp in Syria. Those did not happen by chance: they happened because “Russia plays chess while America plays checkers.”

America is still playing checkers – and Russia is now playing Global Chess.


Wrong ideea,
Law and justice motivate people to stay toghether. But people follows their mad kinds beacause womens love man’s who does whatever they like.
Russians shows that they can be mad and now they are showing the West is lacking: law and justing. In other Russia is the partner of the depressive West.

eric zweistein

PCR’s silly articles have become the staple every second alt-news site out there. Yawn.

Arthur Smith

You are welcome to eat some shit from Saker’s shovel instead.


Saker has been right many more times than PCR, go figure.

Carol Binkley

I have two (2) things to say:
1. It is the wise man who can distinguish between his friends and his enemies. America, and Trump, are not looking too wise.
2. If there is any attack on Russia, it will not be a surprise, and Russia will be aware of it. I can’t say the same for America.

Floyd Hazzard

About time someone tried to pull Russian heads out of their ssa. They play the same stupid game allowing Israel to act with impunity while embarassing them to their potential allies. War is war, and you win by any means necessary because only winners get to gloat.

Arthur Smith

It’s not stupidity, but treachery and sabotage. Common russians understand it clearly, but can’t change the situation without resorting to some ideology, which would instantly provoke a civil war. And that is not a viable solution because REAL punishment will start the moment colonial administration is replaced with honest professionals. Russia is too fragile to weather two storms at once.

Floyd Hazzard

With the way the world is, and with Russia and China almost fully encircled, if not now, when?


“There would be a civil war if you fight back against the traitors!”
“If Trump is elected for example, Obama would just declare martial law and win against any rebellion, a Hillary presidency is the best option.”
“People want explanations as to why things are the way they are but this is wrong, filthy goyim, you should reject all ideologies!”


Only one answer to you Paul: “in due time”.

Rex drabble

Roberts thinks the Russians are stupid.It is the exact opposite,they know whats going on and will cleverly put an end to the US and their wars.Putin is the very best leader the world has seen for many a year.I have absolute faith in him to the point where I dont even worry about the US and their games anymore.


Russian and China are winning the moral battle, while Washington and co. are losing on that front as well. They realize the importance of winning the hearts and minds of people from around the world.

Doc Jayant Telang

russia as enemy? case against russia is becoming absured day by day. US wants someone to justify its defence budget.

Igor Dano

PCR is frustrated. I do think, he forgets following:
Russia is not, neither China is happy to play this circus
Both gain more, if there is a peace.
US looses, if there is a peace. US gains more, if there would be a war, US would gain a life extension, by decades, should there be a war.
This way Russi and China leave US and EU to degenerate and rot from inside, they will win the war, if they sustain, without a bullet.

THAT is the reason.

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