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JUNE 2023

De-Escalation In Eastern Ukraine? Kiev Agrees To ‘Steinmeier Formula’

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De-Escalation In Eastern Ukraine? Kiev Agrees To 'Steinmeier Formula'

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On October 1st, Ukraine signed the Steinmeier formula at the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed that the agreement had been signed, in response to a letter by OSCE Special Representative in the Trilateral Contac Group Martin Sajdik.

“We responded to the letter of Mr Sajdik that we are agreeing the text of Steinmeier formula. Steinmeier formula should be implemented in the new law on the special status, which is not elaborated yet,” Zelensky said.

“Steinmeier formula is one-two offers. The temporarily law about the special order of the self-government in particular areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, known as the bill on the special status of Donbas, begins to act on the permanent basis under the condition that the local elections will take place there in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and legislation of Ukraine and also after the publication of OSCE report that the elections took place in accordance with the OSCE standards and international standards of the democratic elections. It means that any elections may take place at gunpoint and they will not take place,” the president said.

He furthermore said that a disengagement of forces was also agreed:

“The agreement was reached at the beginning of the disengagement of the forces; besides, I congratulate everyone on the beginning; we really believe in it, in Petrovske and Zolote. I want to reassure the local citizens; I guarantee personally that you will be protected and the disengagement will not influence your security. The example of it is the situation in Stanytsia Luhanska, where the successful disengagement of the forces took place; the pedestrian bridge is under restoration now and we plan to build the fundamental bridge until the end of November,” Zelensky stated.

Essentially, the Normandy Four group agreed to the following:

  • The former Foreign Minister of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, back in 2015, proposed a procedure for granting the Donbass a special status, which is stipulated by the Minsk Agreements;
  • The idea was approved at the meeting of the “Norman Four” in the same year and was called the “Steinmeier formula”;
  • It suggests that elections should be held in territories controlled by Luhansk and Donetsk, according to Ukrainian law;
  • during the elections, Donbass would receive a special status;
  • And after the OSCE recognizes the elections as fair and free, the law on the special status of Donbass should come into force and act indefinitely;
  • It is assumed that this should accelerate the implementation of the Minsk agreement. Western sources speculate that this may also lead to the phased lifting of sanctions against Russia.

The signing of the Steinmeier formula, though, led to nationalist protests in front of the Parliament in Kiev.

Several hundred representatives of nationalist parties gathered on Constitution Square to call for a reversal of the decision. The nationalists held flares and banners calling for the protection of ‘national interest’ and the prevention of the implementation of the formula.

On October 2nd, Zelensky announced that a law on the special status of the Donbass would be voted in the Ukrainian parliament. President Zelensky told a news conference later that the Steinmeier formula had to be implemented in a new law on a special status. He said the current law on Donbass special status would be in force until December 31 and a new law would be drawn up by the parliament in close coordination and after a discussion with the public.

Director of the Russian Center for Current Politics Alexei Chesnakov said that this move actually immediately signaled Kiev’s intention of disavowing its signing of the Steinmeier formula.

“Zelensky’s statement that a new law on a special status of Donbass would be passed, arouses concerns,” Chesnakov said. “This is reminiscent of Poroshenko’s behavior, who immediately sought to disavow his own steps in order to puzzle and con everyone. On the one hand, Zelensky signs the Steinmeier formula that guarantees a special status for Donbass. But on the other hand, he immediately announces that this is not a special status, but some other new status, but it is still unclear which one.”

This mirrors Poroshenko’s drive to dilute the Minsk process, reduce it to imitation and even nonsense, Chesnakov stressed.

“Certainly, neither Russia nor Donbass will recognize any new law on a special status unless they coordinate it. The Ukrainian president should submit his ideas for discussion of the Normandy Four (Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany) and the Contact Group,” he said.

While the Kiev regime’s decision to agree on the Steinmeier formula could be described as a positive step on the road to the possible de-escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine, the real implementation of this move is still under the big question. One of the main obstacles is a strong opposition to this decision from the Ukrainian radical nationalists and politicians backed by the global bureaucracy.


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Sid Finster

Found on internet:

“From what I have read, it will only be local elections at first and guaranteed that none of the Ukrainian parties will not get a look in. Not after five years of daily shelling their territory. It will be under the supervision of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe but there is no faith in them in the Donbass. They have been in the Donbass for years and too many times they look the other way when the Ukrainians bombard them or there are attacks just after OSCE troops check out a Donbass site.

Another big obstacle is that President Zelensky will have to get a law passed to allow this going through but he will face fierce opposition in Parliament by right-wingers who will only settle for complete victory over the Donbass. Zelensky has also insisted that Kiev should control the border with Russia in the East but this is a non-starter. It would be like if in 1863 the Confederacy was in negotiations with the Union but the Union would only allow elections in the Confederacy if they had total control of Confederacy borders and ports.

I suspect that Putin is letting this go through as he know that it will demonstrate to the EU that the Ukraine cannot be counted on to secure peace and without peace, the EU will not be able to lift Russian sanctions and start securing contracts with the Russian Federation once again. I would be very curious to know how much money the EU has poured into the Ukraine over the past five years with little to show for it.”


On top of the money that the EU has pissed up the wall to please America and Britain, there is the exposure of the rabid hatred of Russia by the EU elite,that also includes the Khazar oligarchs who looted the Russian people of much of their national wealth anf fled to Europe after President Putin was elected.

Greed is ugly in anyone and those whose greed is their life ambition is the ugliest of all. Most politicians are greedy by nature, especially the ones who have not had a productive job in their lives.

AM Hants

Talking of Ukraine, now what would Nancy Pelosi want with an Ukrainian Party Girl linked to Alexandra Chalupa? Whilst Schiff is playing with the Ukrainian Arms Dealer.

Pelosi’s Assistant Connected Not Only to the Ukrainian Government and Military, but Also to Obama’s Corrupt Ukrainian Ambassador and Alexandra Chalupa, the Woman Behind the Russia Collusion Hoax… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/10/pelosis-assistant-connected-not-only-to-the-ukrainian-government-and-military-but-also-to-obamas-corrupt-ukrainian-ambassador-and-alexandra-chalupa-the-woman-behind-the-russia-collusion-hoax/

AM Hants

Steinmeier, why would anybody trust his formula? Remember, he was one of the witnesses, for the EU, when President Yanukovich signed the agreement on 22 or was it 211 February 2014 and then him and his family were rescued by the Russians, from an assassination attempt?

Prefer to listen to Vovan and Lexus, and their pranks.

Let’s start with Adam Schiff:

Russian comedians prank phone call US representative Adam Schiff FULL HD… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3Rut64GDgA

RUSSIAN PRANK CALL: Poroshenko Gets Owned by Two Russian Pranksters – Saakashvili is a Russian Spy!… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB6xMStES2A

Prank with Nikki Haley (Ambassador USA to UN)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RgXL7byTF0

Lexus, Vovan: Maxine Waters – Limpopo (english version)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y06yI-bdX_c

Prank with Elliott Abrams: invasion in Venezuela and freezing of Maduros accounts… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1LLsffYH3E

PRANKED! Russian Pranksters Call US Puppet Guaido, Talk Transfering Venezuela’s MILLIONS $ To Him… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeAejiapj1c

Ralph London

True, steinmeier is another useless Western shit: what’s ukraine got to do with other European countries? What part of chosen self-determination of the 2 independent Donbass republics do those ‘democratic’ I mean demonratic, morons not understand? P.S. AM: Are you taking daily Vitamin D3 supplements?

AM Hants

Ralph, no to the D3, but, I do get a regular supply of fresh air. However, must admit slight problems with insomnia at the moment.

Ralph London

AM, ask your doctor for the following, it’s called a 25(OH)D blood test (there is another test which is not as good as this one, your doctor may not know the difference, so insist on this one) that measures the amount of vitamin D in your blood. See this for further info: https://www.vitamindcouncil.org/i-tested-my-vitamin-d-level-what-do-my-results-mean/

Because we are so far north with regard to exposure to the sun, there are only a few months in the year (summer) where you can benefit from it for Vit D production, and that is mainly around noon, with proper exposure of the skin, which most people in Britain don’t get.

So the first step is to find out what your level is, then to supplement (because also there is not enough Vit D3 in some foods, other foods only have the inferior Vit D2).

As the article states, the initial high(er) doses are to get your levels up, then you can continue with a maintenace dose, this of course requires further tests, but once you get the hang of it, those tests will be less needed, at least as often.

I’m taking 5000IU (1 mcg = 40 IUs) daily, you may need only say 4000 to 3000 per day, depending on the level range you reach, and how your body deals with it.

Regarding insomnia, you should also take magnesium supplements, but here it gets tricky, because some people respond better to different magnesium compounds (which have different bioavailability). The cheapest one (taken internally) is naturally the worst: magnesium oxide, which only has a bioavailability of about 4%, which means that’s all your body uses. More info on that later (if I remember). Just thought of magnesium chloride (H&B does a product by Better You, but maybe get it only or when they have a special offer – also ask the people you know if any use that), which you can buy as a spray for external application, but it’s a lot more expensive for what your body absorbs. An alternative would be having a bath with magnesium chloride, or better (cheaper) a foot bath of it.

Naturally, best would be like in foods, e.g. sunflower seeds, but then, how do you know if the grower put any into the soil?

Vit D3 should be taken with fat (I eat organic butter) i.e. a meal.


Get a horse, AM :)

AM Hants

Have not got the patience they deserve. 2 year old and labrador puppy are more than enough entertainment.


Its important to have reasons to smile every day.

If we do not, we can easily descend into the humourless and dark world of the Common Purpose ghouls, in my opinion AM.

AM Hants

Haha, I love humour, all forms and flatline, when missing from life. My life is so surreal, which generally supplies some brilliant comedy, in so many ways. Must admit, I do like the old exercise, that you have to find 10 reasons, when you wake up, to be cheerful and thankful with life. It normally puts a smile on your face, that stays with you for quite a while.


These clips would make a great BBC comedy series, AM.


” after the publication of OSCE report that the elections took place in accordance with the OSCE standards ”

The OSCE standards are now known to be ‘ concealing the truth at best, and blaming the innocent at worst.

They are bought and paid for by the US and her vassals.

Neo Onh

Just liberate all of Novorossia and all lands east of the Dnepr from the Kiev nazi regime – problem solved!


Good. This is the way forward as seen by Putin, the moderate Ukrainian citizens tired of war (most of them) and European politicians. The basis all sides can agree upon, except Nazi Ukrainians, and Neocons. No side will get all they want. That this step is now taken may finally evolve into peace. Not perfect, but the only option now. PS: As a German i can assure you: Yes, Steinmeier is a POS. But he is no forgein minister anymore and can do nothing, that job has got an even bigger NATO puppet named Maas.


Was it not Steinmeier who was very harsh against Greece?


A great analysis on why this is a win for Ukraine, Russia and the EU and a FAIl for the US:


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