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De-Escalation Deal Between Government And Militants Reached In Eastern Ghouta

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De-Escalation Deal Between Government And Militants Reached In Eastern Ghouta


On Saturday, both Russia and Syria reached a de-escalation agreement with groups of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus.

According to opposition sources, the agreement was reached with the help of the Egyptian mediation. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the first humanitarian aid convoy was set to Eastern Ghouta along with the evacuation of the wounded persons as part of the agreement.

The Russian Defense Ministry said:

“Today’s agreement delineates the borders of the de-escalation zone in the eastern Ghouta, and identified the deployment of separation and observation forces in Ghouta and the authorities, as well as, identified the lines of humanitarian aid and civilian crossings.”

The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that the agreement was the result of negotiations in the Egyptian capital of Cairo between the Syrian government and the moderate Syrian opposition.

From his side, spokesman for Faylaq al-Rahman faction, Wael Allwan, said to “Enab Baladi” opposition website:

“We have contact with the factions of Daraa Province who had a national and honorable position regarding the South Agreement, as they insisted that the Damascus countryside fronts be within the de-escalation zones.”

Allwan gave a negative impression, describing the agreement as a media agreement and not practical.

Jaysh al-Islam has agreed to support the de-escalation agreement in Eastern Ghouta, and confirmed its commitment to it.

Head of Jaysh al-Islam’s political staff Mohammed Alloush said to the Sputnik News Agency:

“Yes, the agreement was signed and now it’s being executed, God willing, will lead to lifting the siege on Ghouta and entering of all humanitarian materials and fuel to Ghouta”. Alloush added: “There will be points of separation between us and the regime, and this is part of the political solution or the preparation of a political solution in accordance with international resolutions.”

The Syrian Defense Ministry announced in an official statement a ceasefire in a number of areas of Eastern Ghouta in the Damascus countryside starting from 12 p.m. The Syrian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) will respond to any breach of the de-escalation agreement.

It’s believed that Ayn Tarma area and Jobar district in east of Damascus will be excluded from the de-escalation agreement, especially with the persistent negative attitude of US-backed Faylaq al-Rahman, who is the most important ally of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in the area.

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This is a wise and prudent path to follow. Encircle the opposition, cut them off from resupply, and negotiate a humane surrender rather than further hostilities. This can’y always be done, such as with Aleppo. But where it can be done it’s beneficial to everyone involved. The Syrian government and Syrian government coalition has successfully done this repeatedly. And there are several pincer actions under way where the invaders are being encircled in various places and will be surrounded and cut off from resupply.

Every day the Syrian government coalition footprint increases and the invasion decreases. At the rate that things are going in 18 to 24 months, maybe sooner, the war will be over with the Syrian government in complete control and Israel with a permanent military coalition on it’s northern border that is much stronger than existed before they started their failed regime change operation. This bodes well for humanity and will put Syria in a much better position to deter further Israeli hostilities, implement resolutions that Israel is in violation of, and disarm them if that becomes necessary.


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John Wallace

This is a SCAM>SCAM>SCAM .


RichardD “…at the rate that things are going in 18 to 24 months..”

The Syrian Military is still fighting Terrorists near Damascus since 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017.

And now you are writing it could take another 2 years.

Whats the time scale for each of the below areas?

Damascus area – up to 2 years Hama area – ? Homs area – ? Aleppo area – ? Palmyra area – ? Deraa – ? Al Tanf – ? Deir Ez Zor – ? Raqqa – ? Idlib – ? etc


Areas that are surrounded and cut off from resupply are being deconflicted so that they’re no longer conflict zones and are under the partial control of the government and are being transitioned to full control of the government with the surrender of, and in some cases amnesty to, the regime change forces. Most of the areas that you mention certainly aren’t under the control of the invaders. And to the extent that there are any regime change elements present they’re not engaged in active hostilities and are gradually being disarmed.

The primary exceptions are the border areas where the regime change elements are still receiving resupply. The Lebanese border is almost completely secure, and that used to be a big problem. The Syrian military coalition is at the Jordanian and Iraq borders and is expanding it’s presence there. Russian missile strikes and air power can go into any of those border areas not under Syrian government coalition control and make life very difficult for the invaders on an as needed basis.

The population centers of the vast majority of the country are under Syrian government control and the war is largely over there and life has, or is, returning to normal for most Syrians. So to answer your question, most of the interior of the country that you’re saying isn’t under government control in reality already is government controlled. The border areas will take a little longer due to the resupply issue. Most of what the regime change elements control is empty desert or very sparsely populated.

The Kurdish part of northern Syria is unique in that while it isn’t under Syrian government control, it also isn’t part of the regime change process outside of it’s area. And when the time comes for that area to be returned to government control to maintain Syrian territorial integrity. The issues specific to the Kurds will be addressed on an as needed basis.

That leaves the Golan sector that is currently occupied by Israel. There are already UNSC resolutions in place addressing the Golan. And the new Syrian coalition has the ability to push the Israelis out of that area on an as needed basis as part of the implementation process. And to destroy Israel as a last resort if that becomes necessary if the Israelis try to resort to nuclear blackmail as they evidently did in 73 when they were preparing to nuke Cairo and Damascus to force the US to get involved in the war with a massive resupply effort.

That almost didn’t happen because the Europeans were against it and the US had a lot of trouble doing it without European assistance. If the Israelis attempt that again it’s likely to have a very different outcome this time that could result in the end of Israel. Israel is a lot closer to Europe than the US and the Europeans have been watching the Jew horror story in the middle east for 100 years and many of them would like to see this problem corrected.


I don’t see the rebels accepting this


The Syrian Military is still fighting Terrorists near Damascus since 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017.

When the above is pointed out, the self appointed Military Generals with self awarded Bravery Medals get into a rage.

Justin Ryan


Justin Ryan


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