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De-Escalation Agreement Is About To Collapse: Militants Continue Their Attacks On Aleppo City

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De-Escalation Agreement Is About To Collapse: Militants Continue Their Attacks On Aleppo City

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On October 25, unknown militants targeted the Justice Palace and several civilian buildings in the district of al-Zahra in the northern part of the city of Aleppo with heavy machine-guns, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). The attack caused material damage, but no casualties were reported.

The SANA’s reporter in Aleppo said that the SAA had shelled several positions of the militants southwest of the city with “suitable weapons” in response to this new violation of the Russian-Turkish deconfliction agreement.

A day earlier, the militants shelled several districts in Aleppo with mortars and rockets, which provoked a “fierce” response by the SAA. Local sources reported that the opposition-held areas of Kafr Hamrah, Dahrat Abd Rabh, al-Salat, al-Zahra and al-Leramoun in the vicinity of the city were heavily shelled.

These attacks, which are happening on daily bases, may force the SAA and its allies to employ a military option to secure Aleppo. Such a development would be a major setback for the deconfliction agreement.

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leon mc pilibin

This is what the sick Zionist scumbags want,so as to pull off their long delayed fake Syrian SAA chemical attack.They must somehow stop the SAA from any more advances against their beloved terrorists, and that would justify their attacks,as the sheeple in the west are totally dumb.I hope the air defences are up and running,as they will be badly needed in the near future.

northerntruthseeker .

Precisely…. Now that the US mid term “selections” will be over soon, the situation will change dramatically in northern Syria and I can guarantee the US/Israel/NATO scum of the earth will be frothing at the mouth with their want for more bloodshed!


no shit smartass… the upcoming operation should have started a month ago…insane..

i remember all the smart asses here, with this bs agreement abd praising it.fools, have´nt u learned nothing about history?? ask the native amricans about agreements…ask the palestinians…..ask gadaffi..

I told u morons fron day 1, that all this bs agreement does, is give time to the bastards to rearm,regroup and dig in. AND thats excatly what happened to the comma.
And i also told u that a military confrontation between SAA and turkish bastards is inevitable.
And i also told u morons that turkey is an active nato member.Hence Nato will be directly involved.read the goddam nato rules.
and who was the ONLY party that could give, and did give green light to the turkish nato troops to invade syria???
It was all planned like this years ago.to the comma.to serve the agenda.
A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under jewish satanic leadership.
All nations that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda, including usa,russia,uk,eu,china,japan etc…
USA and RUSSIA are two sides of the same coin.
its a theatre.

j. jaxson

agree why-just let them stay and build up their arsenal and band of jewhadis.
what a stupid thing to do. saa and russia should have laid the wood down in idlib a month ago.

Promitheas Apollonious

Too bad they did not have two morons as you and the one you agree with, to give them advice how to win a war, they been winning since Russia step into Syria.

j. jaxson

they are gonna wind up doing it anyway.
hopefully-the civilians are cleared out first.
russia will bomb the living hell out of em and SAA and its allies will come in and mop up. if it can be worked out without a military offensive great.
but only you are stupid enough to believe that.

Promitheas Apollonious

stupid is the moron who did not jerk you off and save the world of another clone of him. And you dont have the capacity or the thinking span to know what I am thinking. As for believing that is the privileged of morons as you, who take life on faith, rather than knowledge.

Promitheas Apollonious

it hurts you hasbara knowing you next doesn’t it. Stop stressing your self soon you have your answers, the proper way.

Hanny Benny

YOU are the masters/genius of the world…
who can doubt this…?!?

Wolfgang Wolf

this agreement was just done to NOT provide the western fucking idiots to find another reason to attack Syria… and to NOT give the american democratNazis a point to start a war before midterm elections…

Promitheas Apollonious

no you are wrong this agreement been made to give time to the Syrian army to regroup and rest after 8 years of none stop war as well to be trained by the veterans and not send kids to the slaughter that must learn to survive a war on the run and as they go.

Also the opportunity is given to supply Syria with sufficient air defense. Now they are ready. Bu the way now and the attacks on syria did not come from the democratnazis as you call them, but form the new as*holes in the scene, which to my opinion is same sh*t different name as the ones before in short zionist puppets as the rest politicians in west.

Concrete Mike

Agreed all the politicians are compromisd snakes…there all under patronnage from rich donors. No fucks given about the people.

j. jaxson

i hope you are correct. i hate to see an opportunity lost when you had momentum.
so you are saying they are resting and resupplying and getting ready for idlib battle
correct? i said the same thing but should have been done earlier. i am not there obviously.
however, whats the difference in the end if you are correct?

to me -the longer you wait the more the jewhadis can resupply and bring in more of them and whatever else. it is a crap shoot either way-but SAA and Russia and Iran and+++
have enough firepower to get the job done.
it is imperative to get the civilians out but if the jewhadis use them for cover then what?

Promitheas Apollonious

if you think as a military cool head and not emotionally then things will be balanced in your mind. Russia always honor her agreements not because I say so but what they show up to now practically. Going into idlip with out giving turkey first the chance to clean it herself would have send turkey directly into the arms of nato again. Every one knows that turkeys go where the wind blows.

Follow Russia’s strategy from the beginning first it let the terrorists gather all in one place feel strong and then they demolish them in mass. Same what they do now as well and at the same time ertogan is threatening the americans and already his terrorists he has created are attacking the SDF where the americans allegedly control.

They can not get the civilians out. But also in case turkey instead of been an ally side with isis since are her armies as well israels and FUKUS, Syrians now have the air defense before they did not to make sure no air cover from turkey or israel can be get in their way.

And if you listen not to what SF or any one else says but what Assad is saying when the Syrians get on the move again are not stopping in Idlip. So figure out the rest.

R Trojson

Not sure how this will finally play out but a couple of things are guaranteed. Many more Syrians will die both innocent civilian women and children in addition to Syrian fighters on both sides. No Russian, Iranian, US, French, English or Israelis will be killed. Turkey may have some casualties but it will add more to it’s empire. Russia and Iran will gain more power over what is left of Syria as their puppet Assad kills anyone who resists his boot on their neck. Do not think Russia will give US, France, Britain an excuse to get involved in this round. Israel will sit this one out no matter what happens since watching their enemies kill each other is a no lose for them. Time will tell.

northerntruthseeker .

You really have not studied up on this entire “civil war” that was started by the US/israel/NATO scourge, have you?

In fact this one sounds like so many JIDF/hasbara scumbags that always infiltrate this site!

R Trojson

So how will it play out? Syrians will not die? Russians, Iranians, … will? Turkey will not occupy any Syrian land? US, and allies troops will get into the mix? Israel will get involved?

northerntruthseeker .

Everyone should be asking the same question: WHO gains from the collapse of the de-escalation agreement in Idlib? And the answer is the zio-psycho state of Israel and their poodle government in the US!

R Trojson

I am listening. How does the US benefit? Thought Turkey was the player there.

Raptar Driver

One doesn’t fight a war like this; allowing the enemy which was at the brink of total defeat to regroup and rearm, did the Russians forget basic strategy?

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