De-Escalation Agreement Doesn’t Legalize Presence of Turkish Forces On Syrian Soil – Syrian Official


De-Escalation Agreement Doesn't Legalize Presence of Turkish Forces On Syrian Soil - Syrian Official

Turkish army tanks and military personal are stationed in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 25, 2016. © Umit Bektas / Reuters

On September 16, a diplomat of Syria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that the Syrian government commitment to the de-escalation agreement doesn’t legalize the presence of Turkish forces on Syrian territories, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The diplomat told SANA that the Syrian government authorized Russia and Iran sides to complete the Idlib governorate de-escalation agreement as the guarantors of the Syrian govern ate side.

The diplomat also said that the deal is a chance for the Turkish government the guarantors of the “terrorist side” to changes it positions and stops arming, financing and dispatching terrorists to Syria, and helps establish security in the troubled areas.

Therefore, the agreement to set up de-escalation zones in Syria does not legitimize the presence of Turkish troops on the Syrian soil, and the Syrian government views such deployment as illegal,” the diplomat added.

Furthermore, the diplomat stressed that the agreement is a temporary agreement that aims at reopening Damascus-Hama-Aleppo highway. It’s very unlikely that the highway can be reopened peacefully as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) that controls wide areas of the highway in the southwestern Aleppo countryside was not a part of the agreement, and stand against it.

It is very likely that soon the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by Russia and Iran will launch a military operation in the southwestern Aleppo countryside to reopen Damascus-Hama-Aleppo highway. In the same time Turkey could enter some areas in the northern Idlib countryside to pressure HTS and aid the SAA advance in the south.



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  • Zainab Ali

    whatever the situation is, the syrian coalition will be the final victor … illegitimate presence on syrian soil is not accepted at all

  • Trustin Judeau

    It doesnt and it shouldnt . The fact that Turkey can be helpful in dealing with SDF doesnt mean anything . Dont forget that Turkey occupies North Aleppo and supported the terrorist for years

    • DeniseJLittle

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  • After freeing Idlib from Free Salafist Army and their Ottoman sponsors, SAA should liberate Hatay from illegal Ottoman occupation.

  • gender studies engineer

    Turkey being constructive and helping the legitimate Syrian government to combat FSA? difficult to impossible…sorry southfront

    • Arthur Smith

      It’s in their best interests. Why shouldn’t they be realistic?

    • Justin

      If u didnt know that AASham is Turkey’s “FSA proxy” and that HTS is the USA’s “FSA proxy” then uve been living on a another planet!

      U do know this right?

      So when we see AASham and HTS having conflicts in Idlib, its because the Turks are working against HTS and in a small way against the SDF which are both US proxies!

      Turkey without doubt is on the SAA’s side! The Kurdish threat is much bigger to them and control of Idlib via Turkish proxies is of absolute importance!

      They are helping because of COMMON INTERESTS! and the fact that the USA back stabbed them. (but yes, turkey has been a cunt also)

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    The Turkish action were illegal in the invasion of Syria , they like the US were sponsoring the terrorism and still continue to do so. What is needed is their removal from the region forcibly is if this is necessary, and a forfeiture of any Turkish businesses and reparation claims against them along with the US and other bad actors in this folly.

  • Justin

    I honestly believe that because of the Kurdish support by the USA in Syria, that the turks were double crossed! Sure Turkey was benefitting in the earlier days, but now they are threatened!
    Thats why we see AASham confronting HTS now!
    I think Turkey has flipped sides!
    Do I like Turkey? No
    Do I think they can help Syria with their common interests! yes!
    Whats that saying from Game of thrones?
    “We make peace with our enemies. We don’t don’t make peace with our allies because they are already our friends”
    Its time to look at the overall geopolitical picture here guys!
    A Kurdish state in syria and Iraq will be pushed into Iran’s Kurdish region along with Turkey’s Kurdish region! This will give the US and Israeli’s access to the Black Sea and a beach head to contain Iran on its western flank!
    We are talking ww3 shit here because there is no way the Russian’s are gonna allow the US or Israel access to the Caspian Sea!
    There is no way Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq or Russia are going to allow this Kurdish region!

    Now would u prefer Turkey to be on board? or not?

    • Arthur Smith

      Turkey is already on-board thanks to NPP Akkuyu and S-400 deal, and for most russians it’s preferable to some west-backed separatists, even if they could play out just as well for us. Turks may seem a bit barbaric, but they ARE a big part of world history and they have what it takes to be a world-scale player, while kurds are just… a tribe. This doesn’t mean russians (and russian goverment) aren’t sympathetic to kurds, it’s just we don’t agree that they need any extraordinary independence, what’s wrong with being part of a bigger nation? Unfortunately, things are different with kurds in Turkey, where they are just butchered, but oh well, we would rather make peace between turks and greeks, then try to achieve impossible. Kurdistan-building kurds have too much enemies to work with them and it’s their fault the rest of kurds are robbed of better solutions.

      Humanity is better off with Turkey learning how to be civilized from Russia and China than with ME completely ruined “for want of a nail” of unimportant tribe’s ambitions. It’s a no-brainer. Those kurds that have at least minimal humility and intellect probably already got away from this trouble and will preserve the kurdish ethnicity if there is any worth in it.

  • DJ Double D

    There will be a serious attempt by the SAA Tiger Forces to cross the Euphrates river as soon as this week. The bridges are being laid by the Tiger Forces. The Operation is almost complete. Initial plan as of September 15 was to cross within 48 – 72 hours but then came the Kurdish accusation of Russia/SAA bombing and the threat to attack SAA forces if they cross the Euphrates. Nevertheless, the plan to cross is still in motion and could happen this week, even if not as early as originally planned. This information is from a reliable source on the ground. The source anticipates that SAA will be attacked not only by ISIS but also by the Kurds but that the storm will be weathered and foothold will be set for rapid further advance.

    • Justin

      Yes I don’t doubt that the SAA will cross!
      This will be when things get interesting!
      What will the USA do, what will Russia do to counter it?
      And with the border operation, what will Israel do (or make the US do for them).
      This is where escalation occurs!
      This is why we have military drills on the border with Russia.
      Its why we have a North Korean incident occurring!
      these are all related! Absolutely they are!
      We have a show down.
      All I wanna ask is : Where the hell is china on all this? Seems like Russia is doing all the Heavy work!