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JUNE 2021

De-escalation Agreement Collapses In Northern Homs, Opposition Calls On Turkish Army To Help It

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De-escalation Agreement Collapses In Northern Homs, Opposition Calls On Turkish Army To Help It

De-escalation zone in the northern Homs countryside, by the Russian Defense Ministry

On February 15, the negotiation committee of the opposition factions in the northern Homs countryside announced in an official statement that they had been formally informed by Russia that the de-escalation agreement in the northern Homs countryside is over.

According to the official statement, Russia refuses to extend the agreement as long as the opposition factions refuse to hold direct talks with representatives of the Damascus government. Moreover, the negotiation committee claimed that Russia had threatened them with a military operation if the de-escalation agreement was not extended under its conditions.

In repose to the Russian demands, the negotiation committee stressed that it will not hold any direct talks with the Damascus government and called on Turkey to deploy units of the Turkish Army and establish observation positions in the northern Homs countryside.

Currently, the opposition-held areas in the northern Homs countryside are fully besieged by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). Due to this, it is impossible for the Turkish Army to deploy units there without provoking a full-scale war with Damascus.

The de-escalation agreement in northern Homs has been violated on numerous occasions by the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Ahrar al-Sham and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Nonetheless, the negotiation committee claimed that they had never violated the agreement.

Syrian pro-government activists viewed the negotiation committee call for Turkish support as a desperate maneuver to avoid an upcoming military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area.

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That’s why you don’t keep violating the agreements you negotiated. Next Kurdish people !


Nobody ever claimed a jihadi was smart…

Alan Steve

ok so that means the ceasfire simply failed because they didnt wanted to negotiate directly with the damascus goverment. sounds like a child who doesnt get his lolly. only because of this they could now face a military opperation against them, which means lots of civilian deaths. the people who support them in this area must be rly stupid if they support a faction with such high skilled political skills.

and then what is this cry for turkish army, these guys are delusional af if they havent noticed that they are fully besieged. calling them to set up “observation points”, i guess thats the dumbest thing the “opposition” has ever said.


This pocket had been destroyed one and half year ago, when AMN prohpeted the Great Aqrab Offensive. Of course, russians stopped it. It is unbelievable, why did not split the SAA into 2-3 less pockets?

John Mason

If true then good, a good excuse to wipe them out, nothing but rabid dogs.


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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Russia has declared Homs no longer a deescalation participant , so all bets are off. Now those weasels Terrorists are asking for Turkey to help don’t think that’s possible as the Homs region is encircled in Syrian territory.Means Turkey would have to violate the Astana and they are not likely to do so or they lose their leverage.

You can call me Al

Get in their Syria and eliminate every last one of the FSA and HTS traitorous vermin.


Get rid of ALL pockets……. pockets mean trouble….no more Treaties!…. Treaties are only there to be broken! Lying AngloZioNazi Snakes…..


Remember the Zara killing of civilians by these these cut throat Jihadist.
And now they cry for help?


We all know the russians sold the kurds out and Turkey sold the rebels out which part of the plan months ago. Turkey to take afrin and Russia to bomb the rebels and let SAA take the area. Anyone els who does not see this is blind or idiot.

George King

Kurds were offered an agreement by the alliance which they declined and still refuse to dis arm an external standing army on Syrian soil, there was no sell out only refusal of deescalation just as we see in some of the rebel areas which are external standing armies on Syrian soil. Turkey is part of the regional alliance despite the lack of faith in their past actions going into the future.


The Kurds are the “Sell-Outs” they could have been Heroes!!…… with good deals offered to them! They chose to become AngloZioNaziTraitors…….then you get what you deserve…..you end up with nothing…. very smart indeed….

AM Hants

The Kurds sold themselves out. If they want to play games, switching from side to side, that is their choice. Just don’t play the ‘professional victim’ when it all goes wrong and you get caught out.

Joe Doe

Clean them up and clear the packet. If SAA eliminates this packet, SAA will have more units available send somewhere else and open highway between Homes and Hama and shorten distance between Aleppo and Damascus.
SAA, should clean this packet, Damascus suburbs and Deir Ezzor packet.

Alejandro Bonifacio

“cry baby cry”

northerntruthseeker .

That pocket in northern Homs has been an “eyesore” for years now, and it is time for it to be eliminated..

Elimination would open the direct highway between Homs and Hamas and allow further SAA deployments more rapidly for the pending offensive in western Idlib..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That has changed now as they are no longer considered honest brokers and the agreement is not being renewed by the Russians, Turkey doesn’t want to get into a war on the Terrorists behalf in that pocket.

Potato Potato

Lol these delusional 9th century cavemen are going to get their 72 virgins alright. :D


If they can get there in time as hell is running out of virgins. Only used ones available .


Just wipe them out as a lesson to others


yes the pocket djihadist d,homs will be dead!!!


I’m guessing this move by the jihadi’s is intended to draw Syrian troops away from Idlib, thus giving Erdolf more time to reinforce his jihadi pets there. Turkey doesn’t only want Afrin, they want Idlib too, but they also only want one front at a time.

Things are unfortunately much more dangerous now that the Turks have invaded, as it’s forced the Afrin-Kurds to come back to the Syrian government’s side – which in turn makes conflict between Syria/Iran/Russia and Turkey/FSA a real possibility again. Combine that with recent tensions between the SDF/US and pro-Syrian government militias/PMCs and things could potentially get out of hand.


That’s exactly what Anglozionazis want

AM Hants

However, as they are sitting in a cauldron, does not look at though those that created the Syrian War, will get. The SAA can get on with their priorities, knowing full well, that this mob are stuck in cauldron, with no way in or out.

AM Hants

Keep them in the cauldron. They made their choice.

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