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DC Police Confirm Stabbing Attack On 4 Trump Supporters Near White House

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Despite protests gathered in front of the White House through the night amid this worst case scenario of very delayed election results, there’s so far not been the predicted widespread unrest as American waits. But the longer the situation extends the more there’s potential for mayhem.

Overnight Washington DC police confirmed a stabbing incident targeting what appears to be Trump supporters who had been gathered near the White House. The local NBC affiliate reports based on police statements and eyewitness accounts:

A woman and three men were stabbed blocks from the White House early Wednesday morning following election night, D.C. police say.

D.C. police say the victims identified themselves as members of a far-right group that supports President Donald Trump, the Proud Boys. The victims claimed the suspects were part of Black Lives Matter protests. News4 was not immediately able to confirm those claims. No arrests have been made.

The police are said to be searching for the suspects, who have yet to be apprehended.

“Two of the suspects were described as black males wearing all black clothing. The third was a black female wearing black sweatpants with a white stripe, orange leggings and a dark gray coat,” the NBC report continues.

According to The Daily Mail:

Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit that he was slashed in the stomach while fellow member Bevelyn Beatty was stabbed in the back.

Tarrio claimed that his group was attacked after they stepped in to help another older man who was being assaulted.

Tarrio claimed he and his group were “jumped by Black Lives Matter” protesters.

Livestream video from the incident, also republished in the New York Post, appears to have caught part of the altercation:

One shocked eyewitness could be heard in the video saying:

“Oh my god you’ve got tons of blood coming out of your neck!”

Meanwhile a local Black Lives Matter organization has slammed media reports linking the group to the violent attack.

Local media affiliates said they are working to confirm the details of the account, which haven’t been verified.

DC Police Confirm Stabbing Attack On 4 Trump Supporters Near White House
The Daily Mail describes this was the scene outside the pub near where the stabbing occurred. Proud Boys were gathered there. One man’s shirt says ‘Stand Back and Stand By’. 

“We were helping some guy that was getting stabbed by two black males and one female,” Tarrio was quoted in Daily Mail as saying.

“Bevelyn got stabbed as well as two Proud Boys and the guy they were attacking. I got slashed, but it’s not serious. We were walking to our cars.”

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Tommy Jensen

Too late. I voted for Trump. Take that you green salad lgbt freaks.


No you didn’t you you voted netenyahu and kushner

Potato Man

hmmm…again do you forgot about the kid (Kyle Rittenhouse) who killed 2 people?
“Kyle Rittenhouse, charged with killing 2 Kenosha protesters, has bond set at $2M.”
The fuking kid was 17 years old, killed 2 people and injured one other guy.

These fuker didn’t killed anybody yet…
Are you guys gonna write shit now? ignore the other side…Trump supporter runs over protester as long as I remember for last 5 months?
No shit they gonna stab and kill the other side…election in US is like letting apes free.


…an wounded one pedo marxist jew..

Potato Man

The guy name is Gaige Grosskreutz (Kenosha medic).

The funny thing was there another guy who didn’t killed the kid…he post a video a day after I think where he was mad because didn’t killed the kid.

The both side need to finish each other…the “blue” hit like girls – “red” kill people.

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