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DC Comics Got New Superhero From Douma. His Sister Was “Gassed” By “Russians’ Puppet” Assad

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DC Comics, or the company that is behind all Batman and Superman comics and movies, as well as all other characters in their universe took part in Washington’s Syrian propaganda narrative.

The twitter account “Stranf of the web of life,” published a crop of a page that shows the origin story of Sandstorm, a Syrian superhero, who was part of the Global Guardians.

In the comic issue, Nabil Azmah has power of the desert sands, which is quite dull and a very unsurprising generalization of all Arabic people and their orientalization and relation to the desert.

A twitter user by the name of Ahmet Altindal ironically pointed out that Douma is “in the desert,” which it isn’t. DC script writers probably do not know that Douma is a densely populated urban area in eastern Damascus.

Regardless, Nabil Azmah, or Sandstorm, was managed to escape from Syria. His sister was not so fortunate, because “the Russians’ puppet” Assad “gassed” her. It is interesting to see if there was any proof that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered chemical attacks on his own people in the comic book, but no such background is provided.

However, Sandstorm also became a child slave, together with thousands of others. He freed himself and many children thanks to his superpowers. It would be unsurprising if the mainstream media and Washington took up claims that Syria also had child slave camps, but it appears that it was so absurd that it could only be provided in an actual work of fiction, rather than presented as fact.

Also, in the issue Superman apparently teams up with Black Adam, a supervillain (occasional antihero) who has consistently been a major enemy of the Justice League, the super hero Shazzam (formerly called Captain Marvel) among others.

The canon version of Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian named Teth-Adam (Mighty Human). He received his powers from a wizard, however decided to use them for evil. Deciding that he should rule the world, Mighty Adam overthrows and kills the pharaoh and assumes the Egyptian throne.

Thus, a tyrant who enslaves an entire country is actually called in to help fight the greater evil, Assad himself. Nonetheless, even a superpowered oppositionist did not manage to defeat the “evil forces” of the Syrian government.

It is important to note, , that Sandstorm whoweveras not killed by any ally of Assad (or possibly it wasn’t revealed as such). Prometheus is a villain who is American, from a “hippie family,” that also somehow resemble Bonnie and Clyde. He also can be hired to carry out missions, so a future issue might include information on the DC Comics version of Bashar al-Assad paying him for services rendered.

This is not the first time American comic publishers take part in US propaganda. Superman fought quite a few Japanese supervillains and normal villains since his initial appearance in 1938, the same goes for Batman and the Justice League itself. DC also changed numerous characters to fit with the social inclusion agenda.

Marvel doesn’t really fall behind, as can be seen with their recent Social Justice drive, with replacing long-standing characters with different versions, simply for social inclusion, instead of introducing new characters. There is also Captain America, who usually fights against Nazis, Russians and other pseudo-Soviet enemies.

The perpetuation of the narrative is not surprising, after all, comic books are also media, and they are quite mainstream, especially in recent years. While general American public remains mostly uninformed about the real sitaution in the Syrian conflict zone, it may appear soon that all info, which a majority of the US youth knows about the war, is received from this kind of comic books.


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You can call me Al

“His sister was not so unfortunate, because “the Russians’ puppet” Assad “gassed” her.”……FORTUNATE, not unfortunate.


Good warning! Yeah, the result of double negative is positive => (-2)x-(2) = 4. “… was NOT so UNfortunate …” means ” … was so fortunate…”.

S Melanson

This is actually for real?

You can call me Al

Would it surprise you nowadays, with the Yankers ?


Don’t misunderestimate DC Comics writers.

You can call me Al

I do not read them nor ever had read them, but I get your point. Cheers.


Marvel Comics – The Mythology of the Masses: https://bit.ly/2Ppxiva

P.S. I am not fond racism myself, however I do believe that a non-supremacist form of racialism is morally justifiable to the extent of preserving the existence of one’s own race and/or ethnicity and ensuring that they remain the demographic majority in each of their respective nation states; the same goes for all other races and ethnicities in order to preserve TRUE diversity and not the anti-white FALSE dieversity of the left, as their form of seeks a final solution to the White race and any other race or ethnicity they happen to perceive as a threat to (((Their))) global supremacy.



S Melanson

You may want to search on NATO Sea of Azov and Georgia and Ukraine officially in the process of joining NATO. NATO has agreed to send warships into Azov. Russia states that would be war. US has alerted Turkey for passage of US naval vessels through straights to enter Black Sea to challenge Russia in Azov.

If this is real, we will be WW3 before the new year. It is also looking like it is really happening


US vessels would be stuck in the mud in the Sea of Azov in five minutes. The Russian High Command might allow it just for the laugh. But Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO is certainly not good news.

S Melanson

The true intention is not Azov. They want to take the Crimea from Russia. That is one reason for the build up by Russia in Crimea.

Promitheas Apollonious

well they do have captain america, that from what they inform us, is a jew boy on steroids and let us also not forget the x-men they have in reserves.

Stavros Hadjiyiannis

Is Captain America supposed to be Jewish?

Promitheas Apollonious

If you watching holyshit movies you know better than me. I hear some comments made by the kids in the family watching marvel movies and also I been asked by them if that was true. The only time I watch anything is when basket is playing so I am not that much of an expert in holyshit. But I will not be surprised, since in amerkan everything seems to be controlled and directed by them.


The whole $5 billion US backed Ukrainian coup was always all about Crimea – to snatch it away from Russia and dispossess the Black Sea Fleet that protects the south-western Russian coastline – that it that is why Russia acted so quickly. The reason is the US wants Crimea, and the Black Sea Fleet homeless, is that if US Navy had control of the northernmost Black Sea waters they could fire Tomahawk missiles into the Urals – where Russia’s nuclear arsenal is located – giving first strike and threat capability. That was always the real strategic prize – and that is what the US was expecting as the return on its $5 billion investment.


That will never happen. Their intentions are to start shit, as with the recent build up in eastern Ukraine and NATO troops seen in the area. If they do want to start a military confrontation, it may be necessary to sacrifice a US ship or two. Yes, the Azov is just a red herring. As others have said, it will accomplish nothing, for there is nothing they could accomplish there, other than a FF, which is the most likely. They are also limited to certain types of ships, at certain levels. The US has commented on the rules pertaining to the Black Sea (Montreux Convention) and (supposedly) will not be violating them. Which means this can only be a phony show of force (or set-up for a FF). From the Russian POV, it would be shooting fish in a barrel. But, yes, they could push this to a confrontation if they are crazy enough..and there is ample proof that they are.


Words are cheap. Its actions that count.

Promitheas Apollonious

WW# I doubt it but if they attempt to do what they claiming I am sure the black sea will turn red from the americans sailors and not only.

Concrete Mike

Lets hope Turkey says no.

Who would have thought, turkey can save the world( temporarily anyways).

Promitheas Apollonious

The americans want to send a war ship into the sea of azov…… has any one inform them that their ships can not sail into the azov sea even if the russians allow them to?


They could launch a couple Ribs off a destroyer anchored in the Black Sea with plenty of diapers for their lgbt crews


Shhhhhhh !

Concrete Mike

Promethias, how dare you kill this “superhero’s” sibling??

Have you no heart, are you also a putin puppet??

Man considering how many puppet he has…his hands must smell funny.


I will be getting communication links for DC comics and will be assuring them that their tripe will never be allowed in my home ever again. Leave the lies and propaganda where it belongs…the gov and MSM.

R Trojson

Just one more volley in the Comic Race between US and Russia. Russia does not stand a chance against US comic book companies which own every country on the planet.


Grooming children to participate willingly in their planned wars of the future. What perverted scum…

Promitheas Apollonious

If you watch all their movie productions even from the early 30s you see nothing but propaganda and genocides where they are the good guys and their victims the bad guys so what is new with zionist movie productions?


I feel that the author has not read the comic in question. To be fair, neither have i, but i’d expect a news site to do better.

Bobby Twoshoes

That’s beautiful; 1) Assume someone has made an assumption 2) Based on that assumption criticise said person for making criticisms based on assumptions :)


This is just awful, using kids’ comics for such egregious propaganda.

Have they no decency?


That superhero should visit Saudi Arabia. There they would behead him for witchcraft.


” Prometheus is a villain who is American, from a “hippie family,” that also somehow resemble Bonnie and Clyde.”


R PLobo

Who reads comic books?

Valerianus Maximus

Jews are getting desperate. In their propaganda they usually only allow themselves to be gassed. Do Syrians understand how high an honor it is in Jewish minds to be gassed?


I have said for years comics were one of the first media infiltrated by the government, there was a reason all those superheroes worked in the news, it was so that as children we were co-opted to associate the news media being full of Clark Kents and Peter Parkers etc. This does not surprise me at all.

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