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Day Of Calm In Venezuela Prior To Expected New Round Of US-backed Protests

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Day Of Calm In Venezuela Prior To Expected New Round Of US-backed Protests

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On May 2nd, calm appeared to have returned to Venezuela, with large protests expected throughout the country on May 3rd.

US Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido also calls for the people to peacefully mobilize on May 4th and call on the military to “join the Constitution.”

May 5th was already declared a “Vigil and Prayer” for the martyrs and freedom.

Guaido released a “presidential decree” strongly condemning the deaths of urubith Rausseo, Josnel Peralta, Samuel Enrique Mendez and Yoifre Jesús Hernández Vásquez during the “peaceful rebellion,” that the opposition undertook.

Despite little success following the coup attempt on April 30th and the protests on May 1st, Guaido claims that “Operacion Libertad” is in its final phase and that toppling Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is closer than ever.

Venezuelan journalist and social rights activist Fabiana Rosales accused the Venezuelan Armed Forces of “assassinating” a 15-year-old boy who was observing a protest in the Pan-American Highway, Sta Elena de Arenales-Merida. Guaido also shared the claim.

On May 2nd, Guaido’s political mentor – Leopoldo Lopez said that he expects the country’s military will step up to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro despite setbacks.

López spoke with reporters at the gate of the Spanish ambassador’s home in Caracas, where he’s seeking refuge. He broke house arrest this week to join the failed coup attempt.

He said he had spent the last five years surrounded by jail guards and security forces posted at his home, giving him insight into their perspective.

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) was ordered to arrest Lopez for violating his initial house arrest of 13 years, of which he has only served approximately five, to help carry out April 30th’s coup attempt of the Venezuelan government.

He further violated his original sentence by talking to the media on both April 30th and May 2nd.

The Caracas court is ordering Lopez to carry out the remainder of his sentence in the Ramo Verde National Military Center.

In response, Nicolas Maduro posted a video with military personnel chanting and celebrating.

“Hatred and lying can never break with the discipline and patriotism of the soldiers of the Liberator Simón Bolívar. We have an #FANB increasingly socialist, Bolivarian and deeply Chavez.”

He further posted a photograph of him marching with soldiers, with Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez at his right side.

“Today we begin the march for military loyalty to the homeland of Bolivar, a clear demonstration of the moral strength and integrity of our glorious #FANB, which remains in civic-military union, always prepared to defend peace and national sovereignty.”

US President Donald Trump said the “brutal repression” of the Venezuelan people must end, and it must end soon. He claimed that the Venezuelan people are starving and have no water.

US conduct towards Venezuela was called “surreal” by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on May 2nd.

Commenting on a phone call he had with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Lavrov said:

“Pompeo phoned, called for us to refuse to support Maduro, called for Cuba and us not to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela. The whole story sounds quite surreal. If you count up all that official representatives of the American administration say about Venezuela, then you can pose questions endlessly and to all these questions the answer will be, to put it diplomatically: it’s untrue,” he said.


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The Venezuelan military should hold fast as subverting the military and totally destroying the country is the US ultimate goal to control OIL and install a puppet regime. This is the Libyan template which Russia and China should have vetoed.


Snipers killing innocent people is a standard part of the American MO. Snipers in Egypt Ukraine Syria and now Venezuela.


Interview with Eva Bartlett with Venezuelan living in Canada explain why the US won’t defeat the Venezuelan people.


Good video.

Dušan Mirić

Хвала ти ЏејЕмСевенти Фор!

Hasbara Hunter

Hey U.S. send in your AL QAEDA-ISIS-Mercenaries or any other of YOUR TERRORIST-ORGANISATIONS


In any democratic country, with less troubles, people on the streets, doubts about the legitimacy of the government, etc the president would have said ” let´s clarify the stituation , let´s hear the people and let´s know who they want leading this country. Why Maduro doen´s t want elections? Of course, he says he was elected, But that election was contested even before it happened. And even it was legal, what I doubt, and we know also that Guaido was elected president of the nacional assembly by the vote of the people and it seems that the constitution backs what he did when he declared himself interim president only till the new elections, but even if Maduro is right, why not clarify the situation with early elections? Why he doesn´t agree with that? Even in my country for much less, several governments have agreed to early elections but he´s sticked to the power…


Because Maduro IS the rightfully elected leader.
I guess if Hillary Clinton conspired with China to cause unrest and challenge the “disputed” election, then Trump should just cede power and call for new elections??????????????

Xoli Xoli

Guiado is the instigator of protest he must.pay compensation to the people who died protesting for his chair which him alone will enjoy with his girlfriends of cocaine smokers.

Xoli Xoli

Next protest people must arrest this reckless drug dealer mafia.He is disturbing peace in Venezuela.If you are stupid die for small boy Guiado whom his mother does not know were he is currently.

Xoli Xoli

China and Russia you support USA and puppet NATO sanction against North Korea and others.Then USA always turn around and destroy your allies.Wake up there is no more laws in USA agent UN which USA does no violate.Their violate left and right whether you call that your time waiting UN Security Council Meetings which you anywhere loose.Where is Jerusalem vetoed win and cancellation from USA. Where is Golan Heights cancelation.Where is Syrian sovereignty russian vetoed acceptance and withdrawal.Wither vetoes or not USA NATO just do is its please.While even withdrawn from Human rights Organizations to protect Saudi Arabia human abuses after Khashoggi murder and ongoing women oppression and decapitation if making own choice or abandone that automatic in force religion without concern since birth.

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