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JULY 2022

Day 4 Of War In Ukraine Started: Russian Troops Are In Kharkov City. Cruise Missiles Pound Regime Forces (Video)

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Day 4 Of War In Ukraine Started: Russian Troops Are In Kharkov City. Cruise Missiles Pound Regime Forces (Video)

Destroyed equipment of Kiev regime forces in Kharov Region

The Fourth Day of the Russian peace enforcement operation in Ukraine started.

In the morning of February 27, Russian forces launched an operation to take control of Kharkov city. During the first days of the operation, Kiev regime forces showed notable resistance in the area and were able to to destroy some reconnaissance units of the Russians there. Additionally, initial reports about the blocking of the city were not confirmed.

Nonetheless, now it seems that the Russian military is set to really take control of Kharkov and destroy the crucial military logistical infrastructure of the Kiev regime there. This city and its surroundings are among the key defense points of the regime in the northeast of Ukraine.

Actions of Russian troops on the ground also show the readiness to employ direct force against resisting units of formations of radical nationalists that are the core of the pro-Kiev force.

Russian troops are entering Kharkov. The last moments of the video show the reaction of the Russian to an attempt to attack them from a building:

A burning vehicle of Kiev regime forces:

A destroyed Tigr (Tiger) vehicle of Russian forces in Kharkov:

Day 4 Of War In Ukraine Started: Russian Troops Are In Kharkov City. Cruise Missiles Pound Regime Forces (Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Russian battle tanks in the region of Kharkov. Ukrainian Police just watch:

The advance of Russian forces also continue in the Kiev region. The Russians aim to block the city contrary to Ukrainian claims about the ‘ongoing clashes for it’. The chaos in the Ukrainian capital is created by the loss of coordination of Kiev regime forces and the ‘wise decision’ to give thousands of automatic weapons to civilians (mostly various criminals).

Russian forces enter the town of Bucha in Kiev Region. Pro-Kiev sources claim that there were ‘fierce clashes’ in the area:

Russian missile strike destroyed at least six MiG-29 warplanes of the Kiev regime’s air force at Ivano Frankovsk airbase:

Tolerant and democratic residents of the ‘patriotic Ukrainian city’ of Lvov:

A missile strike reportedly hit a military base of Kiev forces in the area of Arciz, Odessa Region:

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that during the past 24 hours Russian forces blocked the cities of Kherson and Berdyansk, the town of Genichevsk and Chernobaevka air base.

The same report said that LPR forces reportedly took control of Novoakhtyrka, Smolyaninovo, Stanichno-Lugansk. Since the beginning of the offensive operation, they have advanced 52 km. DPR forces advanced 12 km in the past day and took control Pavlopol and Pishchevik.

Taking into the account the direction of the advance in the south, the city of Mariupol, a key regime stronghold in Donetsk Region, is under the threat of encirclement.

In Kharkov Region, the Defense Ministry said, the 302nd anti-aircraft missile regiment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, equipped with Buk M-1 systems, voluntarily laid down its arms, 471 servicemen were detained.

In total, the Russian Armed Forces destroyed 975 objects of the military infrastructure. This includes 23 command posts and communication centers, three radar posts, 31 S-300, Buk M-1 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems, 48 ​​radar stations. The Russian military shot down eight combat aircraft and seven helicopters, 11 drones and two Tochka-U tactical missiles. 223 tanks and other armored vehicles, 28 aircraft, 39 multiple rocket launchers, 86 field artillery pieces and mortars, 143 military vehicles were destroyed on the ground.

In own turn, the Kiev side insists that its forces inflicted thousands of casualties to the Russians, shot down dozens of aircraft and detained hundreds of ‘Russian spies’. Kiev officials change these numbers change almost every hour and create Twitter victories all around. The apparent media hysteria of the Kiev regime is the sign of the collapse of its defense. Despite this, it is important to note that the Russian really suffered casualties and lost (according to video evidence) at least several reconnaissance units and supply columns as well as advancing columns of military equipment that found themselves too deep inside the territory controlled by the regime. The very soft approach of the Russian military towards troops of Kiev regime forces was among the key reasons of these situations. Now, on the fourth day of the operations, moving Russian troops have likely adapted their approach to deal with aggressive and well armed units of pro-Kiev radicals.

As to the diplomatic process and possible negotiations, the Kiev regime sabotages any Russian attempts in this direction.

On February 27, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the Russian delegation has already arrived in Belarus for talks with Kiev representatives. According to him, the delegation consists of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense and other departments, including the presidential administration.

In own turn, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rejected talks insisting that Kiev is not happy with the proposed place. Earlier, Kiev claimed that it will dictate own terms for negotiations and be fine with talks in some place like Poland.

The case of the Minsk agreements on the conflict in Donbas clearly demonstrated that the Kiev regime is not able and does not want to follow any signed accords. Therefore, the current diplomatic dead end will likely be overcome only when all military infrastructure and forces of the criminal NATO-backed regime established in Ukraine are eliminated.


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Lesco Brandon

What is the Russian end game here? I hope they have a plan they’re working to. Encirclement of Kiev is a good idea. Encircle and then collapse the pocket.

Russia must not allow the equipment coming in from the West to make it to enemy combatants. If I was in charge I would cruise missile incoming shipments.


the incoming weapons will be in UN or RedCross trucks labelled at aid for the “suffering civilians” .. you know the drill.. we see it in syria and everywhere. cant really missile them.. will be drone filming the convoy.. ready to spew it all over msm.


IF they are transporting weapons, they will be hit and the contents shown later. Russians are not so predisposed to cower from propaganda. ANYTHING from outside Ukr entering the country is a viable target, regardless. Russia would do well to not only declare a closed airspace, but to enforce it as well. They should have warned those US drones off in the Black Sea and then shot them down. The US would scream, but would do nothing.


Exactly correct —– it is up to Russia to ensure any so-called ‘aid’ is inspected before it makes it’s way to distribution.

Any ‘aid’ convoys that try to evade that inspection, must be fired upon.


Heavy equipment needs days to be deployed and operational, uki wont have enough time. The risk of collapse is really high if units begin to surrender.


Latest intel: Ukrainian troops in Kharkov surrendered.

Arch Bungle

Pics or didn’t happen.




I would like to see them divide the country into east and west, encircling and defeating enemies in the eastern segment, repatriating Ukrainian citizens. Then work on the western half, coming up from the south coast past transnistria, then from Belarus in the north to create a wedge and a cauldron for the enemy who are stupid enough to get caught in it. Definitely more difficult will be the far west, but focus on securing the borders and encircling the enemy.

I think it can be done very easy overall, the hardest part is keeping the West out of involvement. Russia made a mistake trying to catch the enemy by surprise at the start, the enemy was well prepared with help from the West to set traps. But nevermind, I think they learn’t their lesson and won’t get caught out again like that.


That would be exactly what Zbigniew Breszinski wrote in his book “the grand Chessboard”. West of Ukraine under western hegemony, east of Ukraine and Krim belongs to Russia. It still follows the plan to secure US control over Europe, and to prevent a closer cooperation of EU with Russia, which would negatively impact US economy and military power.

Arch Bungle

Except even the West cannot be given to the EU/US.

Ukraine will have to be land locked, so that all travel between Ukraine and the West goes through Russian controlled airspace.

IF they don’t want more problems in future …

Icarus Tanović

That zionistic hoodlum made all of chaos starting with afghanistan, and injecting poison into pakistani society with saudi “madrasas” to teach wahhabism. After him, onlu mr. Fine guy obama the degenerate son of a porn whore made horror all over the world, especially me, maidan, you name it.


No, Russia military has always been weak, look through history, every war Russia has always had huge amount of casualties than any side, it’s showing now too against Ukraine forces, that has less fire power then Russia. Even with surprise attack from all sides. Russia should just give up, face it the west has a much more advanced Military Russia has never seen, and if they get involves Russia will just be slaughtered like chickens. Russia has to threaten the world with Nuke bombs like terrorist, good job Russian terrorists.

Universal Order

They’re going to have to level Kiev with artillery. Too many armed civilians.


Just get them to voluntarily hand over weapons and exit the city to temporary detention centres for food/water/shelter. Then go in and shoot the rest.

Arch Bungle

Chechens! Drones! Wild Dogs! Bears!

Icarus Tanović

No, they’re not savages, or such.


no they just need to control food and water, you will come and give up your weaposn for food and water…

Last edited 4 months ago by tobi999

Not necesary, stupid Ukrainians kill themselves


Too many armed civilians shooting at each other. Some groups have even started to kill SBU thugs. A big help for russian forces. Also, in the middle of the chaos, it will be easy to infiltrate civilian dressed chechens. This will make easier to hunt down the nazis.


Yes, predictable. It was short sighted to hand out weapons to civilians.


no civilians left in the cities, all are conscripted into army. so carpet bombing is justified.

Arch Bungle

The endgame is to cut Ukraine up into a group of autonomous regions, each under their own pro Russia or neutral “governments”, to make sure that region can never be a foothold for NATO and never pose a threat to ethnic Russians living in Ukraine.

They’re going to make sure whatever is left of Ukraine can never join the EU or NATO.

For that, they just need to mess things up badly enough that Ukraine is factionalised under multiple power structures.

James Brown

Good comment. Use Neo-Con-Zio’s own divided and conquer ‘Yinon Plan’ approach right back at them.


Don’t think so. Russia made their demands clear. Neutral status, no foreign weapons and acceptance of special status to the east regions. I think they will be allowed to be part of EU as long as they stay neutral in military terms.


Maybe. I would focus more on the idea that Europe is going to form ab army that will take the place of NATO but without the American strings attached. The middle man is being squeezed out.

Florian Geyer

Thats the HATO plan for occupying Russia. Balkanise Russia so that the hook noses can plunder the Russian people.


This will never work, at some point fighting will always break out. You can’t have enemies as your neighbors. This war will only end if Ukraine kicks Russia completely out and finally become independent from Russia like they always wanted and make their own decisions. If Russia takes over Ukraine, there will always be fighting and war.

Hasbara Hunter


This is not only the Russian End-Game….the AngloZioNazis are in Great Panic….the European Sheeples were waking up rapidly from their Truman-Show-Dreams…The ZioNazi-Puppetmasters, their Murican & European Puppeticians are in a deep pile of shit & just desperately needed a Wag-The-Dog to safe their own skins…that is why the started throwing pebbles at the sleeping Bear…they got what they bargained for….

One advise for the North-Atlantic-Terrorist-Organisation:

Don’t push it too far….because Europe & Murica will turn into glass with the Speed of Mach 27….

Florian Geyer

It’s good to see you again my friend. I am still a Pure Blood. No arsole is going to shove up my nose either :)

HATO deserves all the pain that it has inflicted on other countries.

Man With No Name

The Russians are in Brody right now. That’s just 103 km from Lvov. I bet that the comedian and his entourage won’t be able to escape even if they’re in Lvov. Russia will come for them.


Putin, let the boys fight the best way they know how. Russians don’t hold back, this would be the first war they are being told to go easy on the enemy, that must be frustrating. Let it happen and you’ll see Kyiv taken in 24 hours, Zelensky dead, a couple hundred civilians caught in crossfire, a couple buildings destroyed but we get to go home earlier.


NO! Ukraine is close to Russia in all ways. The aim is not to take them out, it is to dissarm them and force zelensky to capitulate.

James Brown

The problem may be NATO special forces personnel embedded in UAF units, who are pushing for UAF resistance that benefits NATO.


SEAD operations are not easy with a well trained defender. The Americans and UK guys are running their moufs that Russia has not been able to attain air superiority. What do they know fighting Iraq and Afghanistan? The Ukrainians have been able to turn off most of their air defense batteries and use them in a clever way. They will have to be picked out one by one as the war carries on. Where are the Hellducks that should be hunting for these batteries?

Arch Bungle

Right about now an entire fleet of drones is picking off these air defenses.


You have some hard info on that? I’m just curious. So far they mostly used cruise missiles for that.

Armahad Bazdrahin



It says RAF is pounding zelensky’s army with cruise missiles…


Thanks for these good news. I hope this operation will be fast, making few losses. Russia army seams tonbe greatly operating, respecting civil population and going very fast and effectivly. Few losses are normal when you choose the speed option. Good luck for uki nazis.

Mexican Overlord

Zelensky is not going to dictate shit. He will just sit down and obey. His will be given the right to shut his ignorant mouth in jail. The success of the Russian Blitzkrieg can be proved by the desperate SWIFT ban. The most criminal of all sanctions was implemented way too fast. European military leaders understand that there is no hope even with the “ultra nationalists” civilians fighting. They do not make a big difference…its just propaganda

Mexican Overlord

How sad to watch the slavic races being sacrificed once again. Theyve suffered way too much already in the last century. Its literally a war imposed in all the white world. The Christian empire under attack In all possible fronts. Europe and all the whites in the brink of extinction…unbelievable. Who would’ve imagined!


Zelensky will be assassinated in 2-3 weeks time from now. Mark my words.


The Russian Ministery of Defence says 8 warplanes in total were destroyed (+ 7 helicopters: сбито 8 боевых самолетов и 7 вертолетов) The Ukrainian resistance seems more determined than thought. Militarily, Russia can and probably will win. The real question is, how well are they prepared for the economic backlash? It is clear that the ‘Western elites’… the financial-techno-industrial complex of the AAA only waited for this. Liz Truss said they want to “degrade” the Russian economy; that means really to destroy it. Russia was always standing in the way of their total hegemony. Russia said stop once in the Middle East (Syria) and they said ‘stop’ now, as NATO was rolling east. Ultimately, it will be a financial and economical showdown. The current finanical system is weak, and at breaking point. What will come next, who will use what? This will crucially determine the outcome of all that. Not the number of missiles fired or armor destroyed.


Just know there’s no way back from this, we now clearly have two systems in the world like we did in the Cold War. Russia, China and others will lead the other arm.

lksdlsknds dsjod

why is russia atacking the uk now?,because the western finacial and banking system is finished and bankrupt,the inflation with riseing interest and ultra high dept rates give us the rest,the west is afraid that the money will escape to russia /asia ,so they have to cut off russia from swift.

Florian Geyer

Oil, gas and vital metals are NOT cut off from Swift.

Borell also said that Russians in the EU, ‘Soros employees ‘, are also free to send money to friends, 5th column traitors, in Russia.


Russia is mostly self-sufficient. They have no significant foreign-debt. Also their domestic debt is within healthy proportions. They a net-exporter. Russia trades with almost all countries, even the smallest ones.

Without Russian gas, Europe will suffer extreme high energy prices, probably also shutting down a lot of their especially energy-dependent economy. It will be a lose-lose situation for both sides. US will suffer too, but not that much. They will probably ease sanctions on Iran to boost up oil production to lower the prices. They don’t care for gas, they are heavily dependent on oil. Only a few countries will sanction Russia. We are over 190 nations right now. Most will do business with Russia as usual. They don’t bother with Europe. China just today announced it will import more Russian wheat for example. India also was pissed at US threatening them to suspend military hardware imports from Russia. So they will probably don’t follow the others. Most governments know this is all about geopolitics. It will blow over anyway. Probably until next pandemic will hit us … or so to speak.


those sanctions are thoot less, Russia is responsible for 48% of worlds fertilizers, about energy and other minterals we do not need to talk….”We desinged the sanction in a way not to hurt the energy flow out from Russia…” Idiots… the West is lead by idiots….if Russia say no, just Gold and rubles for my resources then what? USA and EU freez and starve….


I know, the BS from the west is astounding. Russia has yet to respond in kind to the western morons…but when they do, it will not be an inconvenience to the west, it will be catastrophic. Perhaps this is the real goal, to collapse the west and have something other than the truth to blame it on…the leeches that run the western financial system.


The deep state had already planned to crash the economy, as they’ve been slow walking it. But there is, behind the scenes a benevolent faction that is taking control of each initiative the deep state tries to implement. Every time they make a move, it seems to only work against themselves. And those who only see the surface cannot tell the difference.

Arch Bungle

Zelensky the Jew is rubbing his hands while the Slavs murder each other.

Once the Slavs have been purged from Ukraine and Russia, the Joos will have their Promised Land …

the end

Before that happens, we must make atomic armaggedon come true.


That’s their dream, but dreams end when one awakens to reality.

Peppe il Sicario

Where the f*ck did all these new troll accounts come from?????? Meanwhile, regular posters have their comments blocked.


My comments never get blocked. You must be using banned words. You cannot post if you use the word m-o-n-e-y for example. That is the only one I know of. But there must be other too.

NATO trolls are in full retard mode. That’s sadly their job, so we have to live with their propaganda. But it’s mostly exaggerated propaganda, so no bid deal.

Last edited 4 months ago by TopGum

its the woke cyber-army hahah

Peppe il Sicario

Who knows what the banned words are. There could be an endless amount. I’ve posted and then refreshed the page and the comment is gone. Explain that! In any case, I’ve noticed strange things here on SF….things just don’t seem as they appear to be. My gut feeling and I’m never wrong. Even Saker said yesterday on his blog how the entire NATO propaganda campaign has gone into full swing, not just MSM. The NATO troll brigades are working extra overtime. Information is everything in modern warfare.


My posted comments never disappear. If you post new comments they usually get attached at the bottom of the page. Information is not everything. They just need justification to cover their own agenda. The more they put up the more they failing on the ground. Otherwise they would not need that.


Sorry, but the Saker is not someone I listen to. He claimed over and over how Trump was Russia friend and that he would save us all. He disregarded Trumps Israeli bosses right to the end. he then had to admit he was wrong. There are many others out there that are far more reliable and they do not trust him either. You do know he lives in Florida, USA, right?


Hello. This following comment was just blocked…tell me the keywords that caused it: Consider yourself lucky. I’ve been blocked in the recent months and I take care to not use certain keywords. They block if certain memes are mentioned or used, however worded. However in the last 2 days, I have not been blocked. As to where the trolls have come from, they have a new assignment other than Syria where they usually congregate. Their sentence structure/words show they are one and the same. BTW, to those who have or are being blocked, there is a way around being blocked..an Iranian showed me how and it does work. Have you ever edited an innocuous comment that does post?

Last edited 4 months ago by zman

Read my reply to TopGum.

Peppe il Sicario

Yes, I have posted an innocuous comment and then was able to edit it, but I began noticing a change about 3 weeks ago with comments everywhere. I even had to change browser for commenting on this site. I used to use Opera which has a built in VPN and then that started going crazy, no page loads, no being able to comment on certain sites like RT and Sputnik etc. etc. I am now using Tor Browser and I’m able to comment today but only after going thru countless Captcha checks. What my point was with Saker is that he has stated that Sputnik and RT have been under constant DDOS attack for weeks. You see??????? Are you aware that All NATO armies have a Psycologcial Warfare/Propaganda unit for this task. In my country, it’s the Pavia Regiment part of the Italian Army Special Forces Brigade. They monitor sites constantly and mark individuals who run counter to the official government narrative. TopGum is right. Things are going really bad for the NATO-Deep State goons.

James Brown

Can’t help but appreciate a MiG-29, but if they belong to UA, so be it, they have to be knocked out.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAtrolls and ukrobots are crying and raging 🤗🤡


as ukrops wither, die run the strangulation of the nazi progresses at an excellent pace…they are becoming more desperate….


Blocking Africans from the train. LOL

They look for a racist crutch everywhere don’t they. Always claim oppression by whitey. If they don’t get there way the first thing they do is cry racism.

Funny, I used to actually believe that was only in America, but apparently it is blacks everywhere.

Southfront, why do you even post that crud?

Peppe il Sicario

Read my post above for your answer!


Shows you how loyal these aliens are to their host country


Actually, blocking fighting age men.


i don’t watch burned corpses in that destroyed russians vehicules, so they might be fleed and safe, if i was ukranian i would take shots of the dead, obviously it is difficult in a destroyed tank but many light armored vehicules have opened doors so the russians casualties are low but vehicules are unnaceptable


Of course you right. But “hans raus” is very bad at math. Every time he sees the same vehicle he claims that 150 servicemen died in there, although they have a capacity of 10. But as I said, he is very, very bad at math and simple logic. Russians will have to adapt to that situation. They made huge gains in the first 2 days. But as I said before, they forgot to cover their asses. Normally I would expect them to use drones for reconnaissance and send that data to their troops to coordinate routes and attack units.

Last edited 4 months ago by TopGum

Lay down their arms, or the offense continues


They should listen to Kadirov, take the gloves off and fight with full power if EU sends something to Ukraine let them glow.


NATO is now laughing at russian military capabilities -Thx Putin ^^

A Howes

If anyone needs any spare parts for aircraft then they should contact the government of Ukraine.


And where is the “Ghost of Kiev”?? Probably dead if he existed but more likely an Urban Legend of a Nazi Regime without cards to play….

Tsar Bomba

He was an internet meme. Totally debunked.


Face it, at the end Russia will lose this war. The east Ukraine is claiming they are fighting for freedom, but Putins goal isn’t to protect the east, his goal is to weaken Nato so when he decides to do war crimes he can’t be stopped, that is all this fight is about and his using the eastern ukraine people to do it. Russia can’t win this, Nato and U.S. is more advanced than Russia and bigger, and Well Russian military is the weakest, they just have numbers. how much longer do you think Putins nuke warhead threat will last? The east is dumb enough to the point that they don’t realize if Russia lose, Putin will destroy his people and the world. It’s either Russia win, or everyone dies, what a great leader, should be ashamed to have such clown leader like Putin. Fights in Russia are breaking out matter if time before Putin is gone, not even China wants to support Russia now.

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