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David Knight: The American People Finally Woke Up

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David Knight: The American People Finally Woke Up

Appeared in Bulgarian at Memoriabg, translated by Valentina Tzoneva exclusively for SouthFront

David Knight is an American journalist, leading the popular radio and video channel, Info Wars. An interview with Russian TV channel, Tsargrad.

You know, it is like trying to direct a giant ship. There are many impulses that act in a common direction. But anyway, Donald Trump will not take office for two months until mid-January, when the time to take an oath will come.

But we have high hopes. Now we are talking just like Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin spoke on the phone yesterday. And we hope that henceforth, tensions between our two countries will not only stop rising; we believe that the time has come for them to unite against their common enemy: Islamic State.

We followed the situation closely with Hillary Clinton and Obama, observing their behavior. Hillary claimed that the scandal with her correspondence was “Russian work.” In addition, all she did was instigate a new Cold War.

Many in America commented on the election: “This is absolute madness!” If you remember, Julian Assange once said: “We do not know what kind of president Donald Trump is going to be, but we know exactly what president Hillary Clinton will be.” She promotes wars and hates freedom of speech. That is why we are so happy to see her defeated. We hope that now something better will follow.

I think we can see real results in the fight against ISIS if we cease to consider Russia as an enemy.

I am pleased to realize that during the last election, the American people finally woke up. Americans now understand what is going on better than ever. And this is important to us – the sound of the alternative voice to continue. People need to understand that the neocons and the global elite are at the heart of the political establishment and rule over the mainstream media. That is why we ought to show another point of view. And we hope that we have contributed to this fact: the majority of Americans have now really started to ask important questions.

People say that it appears that they have a real choice, and this is the first such case in my memory. They had a real candidate who was not elected by the political establishment. But to have the choice unfolding in time, we need to keep this course constant.

We saw how Obama and Hillary tried to restart the Cold War in pursuit of their own goals and serving the interests of the military-industrial complex. This tactic did not find support among the American people. They all guessed what was actually happening.

Diverting attention is a beloved and a traditional technique for the American politicians. They tried to present Russia as a more dangerous and aggressive enemy than it actually may be. But the people saw that these accusations were laughable. Only the electoral core of the Democratic Party believed in this nonsense, but it was not enough.

I think that Russia and the US will be able to cooperate in the fight against Islamic State.

We all need to understand that during the term of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the Obama administration (thinking about it from a point of view of minimal critique), the creation of ISIS was allowed. We, at Info Wars, and some colleagues from other media outlets understood that they played a major role in creating ISIS. The foreign policy of Hillary Clinton plunged the Middle East into fire and blood.

If we stop hampering Russia in its attacks against the terrorists and if we can stand together against the common threat, I think it will be victorious for both sides.

Of course, we expect that the Russian people, as well as the English and the French, will be able to clear their governments of globalists.

If we do not prevent the globalist elite from getting power, we can all work together for the good of our own interests and be in a friendly relationship.

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