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Dashing Towards A New Reality

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Dashing Towards A New Reality

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Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference on December 23, 2021. Expanded meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense took place on December 21, 2021.

“The ball is in their court.”

Putin expressed optimism toward talks with Washington on security guarantees proposed by Moscow. He called the current negotiations with the U.S. “positive” and hinted at fresh direct talks in Geneva in 2022.

But “Russia’s actions will depend on whether the unconditional guarantee of Russia’s security will be ensured rather than on the results of negotiations.”

“NATO’s eastward expansion is unacceptable… They lied to us. There’ve been five waves of NATO’s enlargement. And here’s the result – Romania and Poland received missile systems. We are not the ones threatening someone. We are not the ones approaching the US or British borders… The West must provide us with guarantees immediately. Now.”

“Not too much to ask”

“It was the United States that came to our home with its missiles … Is this too much to ask for? Not to place attack systems near our home? What is so unusual here?”

Earlier, Putin claimed that Moscow is ” extremely concerned that elements of the US global missile defense are being deployed near Russia. The Mk 41 launchers located in Romania and planned to be deployed in Poland are adapted to the use of Tomahawk systems. If this infrastructure is moved towards, if the US and NATO missile systems are deployed in Ukraine, then their flight time to Moscow will be reduced to seven to ten minutes, and when placing hypersonic weapons – up to five. This is a serious challenge for us – a challenge to our security.”

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu: US units with a total number of about 8000 military personnel are deployed in the countries of Eastern Europe. Infrastructure is being created to accommodate the US armored brigade. The deployment of the Aegis Ashore anti-missile complex is being completed in Poland. In Romania, combat duty is already being carried out at a similar missile defense facility.

“Third Military Operation”

“There is an impression that, maybe, they are preparing for the third military operation [in Ukraine] and give us a fair warning: do not intervene, do not protect these people but if you do intervene and protect them, there will be new sanctions. Perhaps, we should prepare for that.”

Sergei Shoigu : “The United States and NATO are purposefully increasing the scale and intensity of troop training activities near Russia with increased involvement of strategic aviation, carrying out conditional launches of nuclear missiles at our facilities. The number of their flights near the Russian borders has more than doubled. NATO pays special attention to the transfer of troops to the eastern flank of the alliance, including from the USA.”

He added that advisers from U.S. private military companies (PMCs) have been dispatched to Ukraine’s Donbass setting up firing positions and defences, training Ukrainian special forces. He claimed that provocations with chemical weapons are prepared in Eastern Ukraine.

“The situation is aggravated by the supply of helicopters, attack unmanned aerial vehicles, ATGMs by the US and its allies. The presence of more than 120 employees of American private military companies in the settlements of Avdiivka and Priazovskoye in the Donetsk region has been reliably confirmed.”

Sanctions for Democracy

Putin: “It is a strange situation: if someone thinks that Crimea is occupied then Crimeans are victims of aggression. So why are they being punished more? But if they chose to rejoin Russia in a referendum then it is a display of democracy. Are they [the West] fighting democracy? The answer is: they don’t give a damn about the interests of Crimeans and Russia or democracy. They are pursuing their geopolitical agenda. That’s all. We understand it and we will respond accordingly”.

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Since there is no longer Disqus and not everyone clicks the bell to receive notifications, I will post my replies to anyone who happens to see them.



[Some people argue that Hitler, against the advice of his chiefs of staff, let the British get away out of magnanimity. David Irving states that the records show Hitler believed the British would never retreat (presumably digging in, as in World War I). But they left – ‘one of the foulest betrayals’ of Britain’s allies on the Continent. But it was turned into a propaganda success.]

Those who falsely claim that Germans were sadistically killing Slavs for 1,000 years take a profoundly anti-academic stance on the subject, they don’t seem to understand the Varangians (Vikings) aligned themselves with Slavic and Baltic pagan tribes against the expanding influence of Christiandom.

They viewed Christianity as a foreign culture and religion (which it was) and had done everything in their power to combat it, in the end they failed and were forcibly converted to Christianity which to this very day demonizes the indigenous religions in Europe that existed before Christianity. The Prussian Crusade was one of many examples to force Christianity upon Europeans, it was no different than Charlemagne’s crusade to bring the Germans of Saxony to heel, thus sparking the Viking Age.



[Militaristic” Germany? As this recent Canadian newspaper chart shows, the notion that Germany has been a particularly warlike country is a myth. Of the 278 wars fought by Europeans between 1480 and 1940, Germany was involved in only eight percent. The most “warlike” countries were England, France and Spain. (This information is also given in A Study of War by Prof. Quincy Wright, cited in R. F. Keeling, Gruesome Harvest [1992], pp. 131-132.)

If anything, Germans have suffered disproportionately as victims of war. During the devastating Thirty Years War, 1618-1648, at least one·third and as much as three-fifths of the German people lost their lives. Some historians estimate that this protracted conflict reduced Germany’s population from 17 million to eight million. Many cities and whole regions were laid waste.

During the First and Second World Wars, Allied propaganda portrayed Germans as pathologically aggressive and “war loving.” Today, American television helps to keep alive this hateful stereotype.]


[The author of these texts was an ethnic German, born, raised and educated in the territories surrendered to Poland under the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. Absolutely bilingual in both Polish and German, the author dedicated her life to a comparative study of Polish and German history and literature. The information presented here, in English translation, in book form for the first time, is otherwise available only in relatively inaccessible or highly difficult and complicated works written by specialists, almost never in English.

“The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature” is an absolutely unique piece of literature providing a unique insight into events and mentalities which continue to produce repercussions to this day. These texts are essential reading for anyone interested, not only in the causes of the Second World War, but in arriving at an understanding of certain German actions and attitudes which would otherwise be incomprehensible. Any equation has two sides.]


[“Póki swiat swiatem, Polak Niemcowi nie bedzie bratem.” This is a Polish proverb, and translated into English it means: “As long as the world will exist, the Pole will never be the German’s brother.”1 While the age of this proverb cannot be traced precisely, it is reflected by a recent poll (1989) taken amongst students of three educational establishments in Warsaw, where only four of 135 fourth-graders [ten-year-olds!] declared having amicable feelings toward the German people. Half of the students questioned considered the Germans to be cruel, spiteful and bloodthirsty.

One of the students wrote: “The Germans are as bad as wild animals. Such a people oughtn’t even to exist. And now they even want to unite!”2 One year later, in 1990, the then Polish Prime Minister Lech Walesa made his feelings towards his German neighbors publicly known: “I do not even shrink from a statement that is not going to make me popular in Germany: if the Germans destabilize Europe anew, in some way or other, then partition is no longer what will have to be resorted to, but rather that country will have to be erased from the map, pure and simple. East and West have at their disposal the advanced technology necessary to carry this verdict out.”]

Last edited 26 days ago by Frisian
Chris Gr

The problem with the Germans was that they were in the center of many civilizations and this made them a target. After all, Germans were allies of the Ottomans.

jens holm

Viking dont come from Varanger at all. No vikings lived there ever. Finns and Samers did and do.

But You are right about one thing. Europe hashad many invasions from east of all kinds.

Obodrittes/venders and next as Poles did invade northernGermany as well as Denmark. By that
many from there became Anglo Saxons giving them their name of today. It was when the Romans left and kept parts of it almost unpopulated.

They also too Yougoslavia.

I think many more then now should learn history by maps and calenders. Unfortunatly parts of Your stuff seemes far out.

You also has to relate climatechanges makng a lot of ice and later on a lot of water to Caspians sea and the Aral lake, which started to dry out and the people there had to find something else(where we live).


No Vikings lived in Sweden??? Varangians were from Sweden not from Finland (Sweden conquered Finland later).

The rest of your gibberish can’t be translated into something comprehensive.

Last edited 26 days ago by Z
jens holm

I told You two things. In those days the Varanger land was populated by Finn Ugrish ones of two kinds as well as Samers(lapper in swedish).

There were no vikings there at all apart from some few along the coast trading some. NONE.

I looked up. Varanger seemes to be a greek transplantaion for Væringjar. I did not know that. By that You are 100% correct.

jens holm

My gibberish try to tell we all move west by pressure from east. That included the saxan and Angelen, which more or less repopulated England and named them as an anglo saxian country.

Thats also were they got their mainlanguage from and because of that they are in the Germqan language group.

Danes has a runestone with Christ on, which is world herritage, in Jelling.


“During the First and Second World Wars, Allied propaganda portrayed Germans as pathologically aggressive and “war loving.” Today, American television helps to keep alive this hateful stereotype.”
Nothing new for Anglo-american media, they portray all their enemies as utmost villains: Soviets, Japanese, Spain (Remember the Maine! to hell with Spain!), Saddam, Gadhafi, Milosevic, Lukashenko… Napoleon. Not exclusively reserved for Germans. To be honest every country use propaganda against its enemy, but no one is more efficient in lying as UK/US.

“Militaristic” Germany? Of the 278 wars fought by Europeans between 1480 and 1940, Germany was involved in only eight percent. ”

What Germany are you talking about, Germany did not exist till 1870/1. of course it wasn’t involved in wars in 1480s. But Austria and other German countries (the “Holly Roman empire”) were basically involved in almost every major war in Europe. Spain? Hapsburgs. Prussia was even more militaristic: “Where some states have an army, the Prussian Army has a state.”

But it is true that Poles and Germans never liked each other, a few days ago Polish deputy PM said: “Germany wants to turn EU into fourth Reich”, which is ridiculous, Poland is more fascist than Germany (and both are owned by the US). The only country Poles hate more than Germany is Russia. They blame Russia (and Germany) for all their historical failures.

Czechia/Bohemia is more interesting and their relations with Germans. Even more interesting are Russo-German relations. Most of the time they were allies, Russia and Austria and Russia and Prussia. Eventually both german states betrayed Russia not vice versa. But that is such a big topic.

Last edited 25 days ago by Z
jens holm

The reasons are well known and well descriebed. It was the raise of preussen which told the whole world and not only USA.

Preussen was some smaller areas inside germany. But in 1864 they took important parts of Denmark, they in 1966 to 1967 took Austra Hungaria, som they were abandonned from the the whole Germany. In 1970 they took france and a lot of lnd from them too.

It was done by very good Krupp canons as well as Mauser rifles. The whole country being almost half of Germany was organized as a totallitery expansive military state.

They also tryed hard to take colonies hard but were kept from most of it.

So there are good reasons for Germany in those days suddenly was almost an empire competing with the rest of the Empires.


“Nothing new for Anglo-american media, they portray all their enemies as utmost villains”

Nothing new with your media either, western media’s stance towards Russia is nowhere close to Russia’s ire for westerners. As for the Soviets, and the Chinese and Koreans post-WW2, what on earth makes you think either of those countries were by any means hospitable for their citizens?

Furthermore, I never said that Varangians were Finns, I only said they united with Slavic tribes against the Holy Roman Empire. It is known their Viking long ships traversed Russian rivers, furthermore you should read into how many wars the Holy Roman Empire was involved in. Or the fact that Germans are not a made up people, nor were there any Serbs in Germany in the numbers someone on here suggested.

“Poland is more fascist than Germany”

You don’t know what Fascism is. You only know the misinformation about it. As for what you say about Anglo-American propaganda, no they do not vilify any country today. You still demonize Germany to this day and are too prideful to acknowledge your own country’s crimes.

Last edited 25 days ago by Lytton

First, I’m not Russian, you are delusional and delirious. Of course you probably believe everyone here is from Russia, including you and jens. Another proof of your stupidity and indoctrination. Second, contrary to your delusional and indoctrinated beliefs, Russian media are nothing compared to dirty lying western media which you brainwashed idiots support; look at this site, they allow you to spam anti-russian lies and dirty propaganda. You would be perma ban on any NATO site in 2 seconds if they even allow comments any more. Try BBC/CNN/DW.
Third, are you also blind? I was replying to jens about Finland, he said Varangians were from Finland. And he keeps repeating that utter nonsense, because he is a clueless troll just as you are. And finally, you don’t know what fascism is, or anything else especially not about history. All your nonsense is already debunked so go bother jens with your fantasies instead. You have so much in common.

Last edited 22 days ago by Z

Hitler is a pagan idiot. Christianity is not a “culture”, it’s Truth. Hitler was an atheist/pagan. David Irving also claims that Hitler was funded and armed by the same bankers that funded the communists. He wasn’t the devil they portray him as, but he wasn’t “good” either. Europe is not europe without Christianity. The height of Europeans development was the Byzantine empire. Before then polygamy, homosexuality, etc… were common practice. See “platonic love”. And before the Romans, “Europe” was barbarians. So being Europeans means little in its own right. Being Christian European means a lot.

I am an ex-muslim and ex-atheist. Orthodox Christian..

Chris Gr

Yes, but European pagans weren’t bad either.


* Edit Barbartus (Latin) translates to bearded. I’m thinking of the words Barbar and barbaros. The Sanskrit word is barbara.


“Hitler is a pagan idiot.”

He was very intelligent, actually. As with much of the NSDAP membership. They promoted something they called Positive Christianity.


“Christianity is not a “culture”, it’s Truth. Hitler was an atheist/pagan.”

What you say about Christianity is an opinion rooted in faith and not concrete fact. Hitler wasn’t an atheist either, pagan religions aren’t atheistic.

You are mistaken about pagans, they weren’t savages and it is known the church (before and after the schism) spread lies about pagans. This is despite absorbing many pagan celebrations into Christianity, from Christmas to Easter.

“David Irving also claims that Hitler was funded and armed by the same bankers that funded the communists.”

I never said David Irving is impeccable. I do know he has been threatened and subject to assassination attempts in his lifetime.

CODOH | David Irving and the “Aktion Reinhardt Camps” by Jürgen Graf.

“but he wasn’t ‘good’ either.”

He was better than any politicians around today, a man who only comes about every so hundreds of years.

“Europe is not europe without Christianity.”

Then what was it before? Europe is the English transliteration of Europa, a Phoenician princess in Greek mythos who is seduced by Zeus who took the form of a bull and swam with her on his back to Crete where he impregnated her and gave birth to three children.

“The height of Europeans development was the Byzantine empire.”

Far from it, I suppose you are familiar with the Dark Ages? Europe achieved much greater things from Greece to Rome and the various Aryan invasions into Europe and Asia alike, originating from the Yamnaya and in some cases the Corded Ware cultures. Surely the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution achieved far greater things than throughout all the Middle Ages and the Dark Age that preceded it.

“Before then polygamy, homosexuality, etc… were common practice.”

That is incorrect, you may be referring to the decline of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. There is a lot of New Age misinformation on the topic, beginning with Oscar Wilde.

“And before the Romans, ‘Europe’ was barbarians.”

t.me/s/aryanethos “Barbarianism is needed every four or five hundred years to bring the world back to life. Otherwise it would die of civilization. —Edmond De Goncourt

The Greek word “barbatus” (barbarian) comes from the word “barbar” (also a Sanskrit word), meaning “gibberish” or “blahblah”. This is because they couldn’t understand the language. The Romans borrowed much from Greek religion, customs and culture, including their words, etc. In actual fact these Aryan “barbarians” were highly sophisticated and helped in shaping much of world history from Europe to Asia, and even the Americas.

The oldest computer ever discovered is the 2,000 year-old Antikythera Mechanism, it has baffled experts since it was found on a Roman-era shipwreck in Greece in 1901. Ancient Greece and Rome were known to have proto-robotics known as automatons.

As for your charge against them regarding their sexual immorality:

“The marriage code is strict and honorable among the Germans and no virtue of their morality deserves higher praise than this. The men are unique among nations in being satisfied with only one wife…This is how the Germans live surrounded by virtue and chastity. They remain uncorrupted by seductions and temptations. Secret adulterous affairs are unknown among both men and women. Adultery is extremely rare, especially considering the size of their population.”

-Tacitus, speaking on the German pagans in his work “Germania” in 98 AD.

“Those German men who have remained chaste for the longest time receive the greatest praise from their people; they think that by this the growth of the bodies of their men is promoted and by this the physical powers of their men are increased and by this the muscles of their men are strengthened.

And for a German man to have had knowledge of a woman before his twentieth year they consider among the most disgraceful of all acts; in this matter there is no hypocrisy, because the men bathe with women in the rivers using only skins or small cloaks of deer’s hides, a large portion of their body being in consequence naked.”

– Julius Cesar on the Germanic Pagans in his “Gallic Wars”

I would suggest reading “The Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans” by Hans Gunther.

Last edited 24 days ago by Fris
Chris Gr

Good answer except that Hitler was evil and Indo-Europeans were in fact Mongols. Greeks and Romans were ancient Mediterranean Europeans.



Chris Gr

Language group doesn’t mean race.

Ivan Freely

It took Russia long enough to make their public declaration of NATO.

jens holm

Its because they only has one brain running everything. We share responsabilities and are faster having production and infrastructure for it.

Putin too often look like some overheated computer. Its a small world like for my bees. The can see left and right well and remember, but they cant soun to three.

They also prefare yellow and infrared:) Maybee infrared reminds me of KGB :)


The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare.

However, Jens Holm hitting keys at random for an infinite amount of time will still be nothing but gibberish…

jens holm

You probatly run around naked. Monkeys will remain as monkies no matter what clothe they use.


Naked? Keep your fantasies for your husband and your two daddies.
You are one of the most amusing oddities in the world: a devolved, brainless monkey trying to communicate and write with a keyboard. Actually even monkeys have standards that you do not posses….

jens holm

Putin has told all Nato soldiers should run around naked. By that we will not attack in the wintertime and even not on rainy days.

jens holm

Erdogan translated a secret message from the Nato HQ. As usual it was translated into his wishes and this time given to Putin or Lavrov.

The real message from the Nato HQ supply center was, that the new troops in east still had a lack of salt and pepper. Someone named Kalium wasnt there yet as well. Its said he is Our spy in Belarus.

The roumers says he will be replaced by a more visible one named Kalium Pr Manganat.

Jens Assholm

Moronic jensbot spamming moronic gibberish as usual…

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Putin is looking very weak and shrimpy constantly asking for “guarantees”, the only thing nato wants to guarantee is that it wants to expand, if i were putin i would be demanding nato to remove all of those Mk 41 missile launchers and go back to 1991 borders, OR ELSE!

jens holm

Thats not correct. Nato has expanded by more members. Russia has done the opposite.

It makes no sense to go back to the 1991. None want them back at all. Those countries now can choose. If russia has something to offer, its a right to sell and buy with them too.

As we see those new ones cant just be like west. They has to find themself after many years of mismanegments by Mr Englells and Co. Even before that many things wasnt well.


Boy you are an idiot.

Lazy Gamer

He may be looking for the reason to use his nuclear arsenal upon breach.

Jim Allen

That’s coming.


The question is, what will come first?

A war between NATO & Ukraine against Russia?

A war between AUKUS & Taiwan against China?

Or a war between Israel and Iran?

As an Israeli, I’m pretty sure it’s the third option. Yesterday Iran has once again threatened Israel with destruction while launching 16 of their ballisitc missiles in a drill. Now they want to put a nuclear warhead on it Okay..

So let’s make it clear. Israel will stop Iran at any cost. If the mullahs think they can win in that war then go ahead, shoot those missiles into Israel as a retaliation. But then they will understand the Israeli Doctrine for such scenarios when they will feel our Jerichos falling on their heads, and Tehran will become a wasteland, along with Isfahan, Qom, Natanz and the rest of their cities.

Iranians are very brave sending their Arab minions to die for them, so let’s see how they like it when they get exactly what they give to others, especially us Israelis with their sponsored militias. Every Iranian family will feel our response, rest assured of that.

Now, let’s get it started Garga. We are ready for you.
This time, we will end it our way.

J Ramirez

God bless Iran


We will see how blessed they are once the war starts…
The mullahs have messed with the wrong country.


you cant even take yourselves serious so be very very sure that nobody in iran even takes you seriously in the slightest so make jokes about your own incompetence you will be gone soon

Last edited 25 days ago by zarathustra
Chris Gr

The third option will happen. The second option will happen later. The first option won’t happen.


no mention of north korea vs south korea? north korea will take south korea in about 3 months. not sure there will be a war there given that there are about 200000 us citizens including 28000 us troops. wonder how us will evacuate the 200000 us citizens. firs thing north korea will do is to annihilate us bases in south korea and then what? us sue for peace and try to negotiate with north korea for orderly withdrawal with 200000 us citizens?

Chris Gr

South Korea has good army also.


south korea doesn’t have the ability for independent operational planning and execution of war. afghanistan and south vietnam come to mind. south korea do have some expensive us weapons like south vietnam declaring the 4th strongest military in the world with all the weapons us left behind when it fled. south korea puppet troops will collapse.

Last edited 25 days ago by Eastwind
Chris Gr

South Korea won’t lose if China doesn’t invade. South Korea has more population also.


so does south vietnam. there is a reason why south korea doesn’t want US troops to leave and doesn’t want the command and control of its own troops. most south korean already know what will happen if war breaks out in korea. north korea has one of the largest sub fleets in the world with close to 90 subs, not to mention nukes. north korean subs can control all the shipping around south korea.

Last edited 25 days ago by Eastwind
Chris Gr

North Korea is very crazy that’s why.


north korea is crazy as long as south korea is occupied by us just like north vietnam and afghanistan. north korea kept peace in korea for the last 70 years by keeping us at bay and us can’t even have a military exercise in korea these days. if us makes a stupid move there, us may not exist.

Ivan Freely

Agree except the last point.


North Korea is not some invincible entity ruled over by a holy man born on top of a mountain peak like North Korea has frequently told its subjects.

Ivan Freely

You’d turn crazy if my gang surround your home, hassle you and your loved ones whenever entering and leaving your property, constantly point weapons at you, etc…


The Third Reich loosened gun restrictions that were tighter under the Weimar cesspool.

Last edited 24 days ago by Fris
Chris Gr

What do you mean?

stephan williams

Is English your third or fourth language? His meaning was perfectly clear to me.

The National Socialists encouraged private gun ownership. (Where do you think all those handguns American soldiers brought back with them from Europe came from? They STOLE them from German civilians!) The jews who preceded him in power during the Weimar years restricted gun ownership. Is that clear enough for you?

Chris Gr

What do you mean went to the comment about North Korea.

Ivan Freely

The Norks only advantage is their hidden artillery that can decimate Seoul. They don’t have the ability to maintain any territory gained. Yes, I haven’t forgotten their nuclear arsenal but that is really a last resort. It’s not even viable as a first strike weapon for them as they will greatly suffer for it.


Boring, pathetic and full of sh*t as usual… Why don’t you attack Iran already? 40 years of empty threats. You wait for America to do your dirty job? Looks like they are too busy with their own atm.

Ivan Freely

I agree that the end game have always been Iran. All this sabre rattling with China and Russia is just how the West negotiate with them. HOWEVER, it’s delusional to believe Israel will walk away untouched should things turn hot.

stephan williams

I had hoped that you had suffered a stroke or blood clots from your forced jabs when I didn’t see your ridiculous lies posted here for a few weeks. You must have been holidaying on some Palestinian beach instead of dying. I used to believe you were a simpleton with delusions of grandeur – now I’m sure of it.

Raptar Driver

Why does Putin remain optimistic?
Is he silly, retarded?
Does he not understand non agreement capable?
The leaders of the west only understand concrete action, anything else is considered weakness.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Dude that is what i am saying!!!!! How the hell has he not realized by now they dont abide by agreements? What is going on?


Both sides are bluffing. US wants something from Russia that’s obvious, but the real question is what exactly.. to turn it against China perhaps? They don’t need war in Ukraine either. otherwise they would start it already. Biden’s administration (*CIA is in charge actually) is playing old stick and carrot game, with more stick than carrot. But they offered peace treaty in Ukraine, something that Putin planed all along, he is keeping Donetsk as bargaining chip this whole time. But he also wants something more in exchange, some sort of a treaty (probably renewal of old Reagan-Gorbachev treaties). It’s a stupid game that Russia played too many times with the West throughout 19th and 20th century. In the end the West will betray them again…

Last edited 26 days ago by Alex
Paul Citro

When danger is right outside your door it sharpens your mind and stiffens your resolve [Russia]. When danger is far away you get very sloppy [US].


Gloves are off, Russia will assert itself.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia has to make Ukraine unsafe for Nato members states to operate and deploy infrastructure safely within which means Russia has probably got to start striking at facilities there storing military material.
It seems clear that what the U.S. is going to do is leave equipment within Ukraine and use it as a forward operating base.

Jim Allen

It goes way deeper than that.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

25 million Christians living within India, sometimes persecuted. Russia needs population growth in it’s east and those people would make fine immigrants for Russia as the defender of the faith.

Rodney Loder.

By February we’ll know if the US is going to bite or ignore the bait, so if you want to engender credibility make you decision and stick with it. I say Biden will take a nibble and then back off thinking some irrelevant decisions to solicit commitments from the other 29 NATO members has gone over well, when in fact only the 5 eyes will only give dubious tacit support, just enough for Biden to claim some kind of victory while putting future missile deployments and offers to join NATO on hold.

What Biden does when Russia responds by ratching up the pressure after February saying “that’s not good enough” is what President Putin is asking now.

I think Biden will take out a full page advertisements asking Where is Rittenhouse when you need him, after all nobody can cry Rittenhouse .

Paul Citro

When the flaming starts I lose interest fast. I am only interested in intelligent discussion by people of good will.


It isn’t good will for someone to adopt a worldview that aims to preserve their own people? Because people have been lied to about WW2 left, right and center, they tend to mistakenly assume those “evil nazis” have ill intentions.


National Bolshevik subversion (Aleksander Dugin):

Last edited 23 days ago by Frisia

Strasserism (Black Shield) was the Communistic infiltration of National Socialism, Otto and Gregor Strasser got booted out of the NSDAP in 1930 and were the only faction financed by international jewry. They sided with the Sturmabeilung to set the Reichstag ablaze in 1943, attempt to overthrow the NSDAP, cease land from the German aristocrats, liquidate the Reichswehr’s general staff (the precursor to the Wehrmacht), abolish the Nuremberg Laws and allow jews to return, and ally with the USSR. This self-evidently failed, Ernst Röhm (the head of the SA) got caught up in the Night of the Long Knives.

Last edited 23 days ago by Frisia
Chris Gr

Strasserism, National Syndicalism and National Bolshevism are close to National Socialism. You can have a Fascist or a National Socialist Jew like Lehi or Stern gang.


Lehi and the Stern gang weren’t Fascist or NS. Strasserism promotes class warfare, National Socialism and Fascism seek to unite the classes. In NS Germany, a rich boy or girl in the Hitler Youth and League of German Girls respectively, both had to attend to work after school between the ages of 10 and 14. The aim was to build national fraternity between the social classes and not look down upon manual labour, for the upper class to view other classes as their countrymen.



Last edited 23 days ago by Frisia
stephan williams

I’m wondering how stupid and/or dishonest a person has to be to downvote your factual comments, Frisia.

Chris Gr

Lehi were NS.


Ashkenazi Jew by chance?


Comeback for old fault line divisions in Europe: youtube/uTqzTZT4pZw

If you’re referring to me, I’m not Ashkenazi Jew. All jews think Ishmael (metaphor for Muslims and particularly Arabs) is the broomstick of Israel. And that “Esau/Amalek” (codeword for White people) will go to war with Ishmael and mutually destroy one another through miscegenation.

“”The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”
— Coudenhove von Kalergi



National Socialism favours naturalism over industrialism, the opposite of Fascism.

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Amalek are not whites. Amalek are Saudi northwest Bedouin.

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Therefore, Amalek is a symbol.


Berel Lazar is the chief rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch in Russia. He has close connections to Putin who endorses the organization.

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I know that. So what?

Rodney Loder.

Actually all Bolsheviks were all jew maggors except for Stalin who turned the tide and saved the Soviet Union, that’s remarkable and l was on to it from 1967.
Now what l brought to life has been used to snuff out life but I’m not responsible, the homosexual Sid Loder sold me off to xtreme right wing fanatics through the masonic lodge who were joined by jew maggots.
Not to worry men and women it’s all part of the plan to expose evil, anyhow now the US has a choice, – take on China and Iran and Russia combined with only Britain and Australia listed as the willimg or face economic extinction as China’s Belt and Road moves foward,
Allah (swt) has planned everything miraculously.


The United States is a large landmass with plenty of resources in both American continents to become economically self-sufficient. You’re thinking of Europe.

Stalin was a piece of shit backstabber, Hitler was far better to his own and others. You don’t know this as a result of the crap you’re fed.

Stalin was a philosemite, not a jew hater. His spouse was jewish and the jews remained the most privileged ethnic group, until the Soviet collapsed. The prosperity was always much lower than advanced western countries that have succumbed to usury and jewish Cultural Marxism, the worst Afro-Asiatic traits infect it like the plague.

Russia and China aren’t your shining knights in white armour leading the charge against globalist tyranny, they are globalists themselves and are slated to become the next favoured golems of jewry. As for the economic side of things, I think you sorely underestimate the Aryan faustian spirit bestowed upon the greatest warriors, philosophers and innovators in history. Although we have declined enormously in almost every way, I shall keep in mind a fine quote from Napoleon.

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Stalin disliked Jews.


He purged anyone regardless of whether or not they were jews. If he disliked jews, Nuremberg wouldn’t have been another show trial like those in the Soviet Union.

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