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JULY 2022

DARPA To Invest In AI Algorithms That Will Simulate Russian Troops In War Games

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DARPA To Invest In AI Algorithms That Will Simulate Russian Troops In War Games

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The US Military’s researchers are asking the industry to develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that can potentially simulate challenging enemy behaviour during war games.

This is quite difficult to replace by human role-players.

Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., issued a solicitation (DARPA-PA-19-03-08) for the COnstructive Machine-learning Battles with Adversary Tactics (COMBAT) project.

COMBAT will develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate models of enemy brigade behaviors that challenge and adapt to friendly forces in simulation experiments.

“The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is issuing a new Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIE) Opportunity entitled COMBAT, which invites submissions of innovative basic or applied research concepts in the technical domain of Artificial Intelligence, Modeling, and Simulation.

COMBAT will develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate models of adversary (Red Force) brigade behaviors that challenge and adapt to U.S. Forces (Blue Force) in simulation experiments. This effort will investigate how an adversary may evolve from current to future tactics based on Blue Force actions and responses.

If successful, COMBAT will rapidly develop multiple feasible Red Force Courses of Action (COA), identify optimal solutions, and provide reasoning to support recommendations. In future war games, COMBAT will deliver an AI Red Force capable of reacting in ways not easily replicated by human role-players, challenging Blue role-players and stimulating the development of new Blue tactics,” the solicitation reads.

The idea is that in future war games, COMBAT will deliver an artificially intelligent enemy that can challenge friendly force participants and stimulate development of new battle tactics.

This is significant, because, currently, war games involve just humans who utilize long-established tactics for both sides.

COMBAT, on the other hand, would seek to disrupt the traditional enemy strategy by generating new and surprising enemy actions.

This would in turn cause friendly forces to develop new tactics in response.

The selected companies will have to model an enemy motorized rifle brigade tactic in a force-on-force model and simulation tool, which the company itself will choose.

This tool must be able to model several company-size enemy forces in a brigade; their command-and-control hierarchies; and behaviors at the brigade, operational, and tactical levels.

Companies selected will develop their initial enemy AI algorithms and behaviors according to “The Russian Way of War: Force Structure, Tactics and Modernization of Russian Ground Forces,” published by the Army Foreign Military Studies Office, 2016.

At the same time DARPA published a pre-solicitation looking for technology that would allow the detection of artificial intelligence systems present in the enemy ranks.


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Hasbara Hunter


Dick Von Dast'Ard

The way the U.S. economy is going… Which is rapidly down the shitter… The tax receipts from that residual economy won’t be covering the military spending annually.

Jens Holm

There we go again. You preducted the same again yesterday, yesterday efore that and last yoear too.

You have no idea about western economics as well as the tax in countries like USA. NO IDEA.

Let me remind You Syria is in war having lira as hardly money and 10 millions notr even in their homes and 5% of its population are dead and many more witht no leags or more.

So war is not only about money and tax but a lot about priorities.

USA today is 55.000 dollar pr citicen in GDP and they are 330 millions.

Of course its a waste telling Ypu anything abput it. YPu not even have a language and tools for understansing what wrong and right in west .

Jens Holm

Wars are changing, so simulations has to be updated too.

There has been science fictiopns about it during time down to the soldiers all are equipped with a friend to friend censor.

So be it.

I would have prefared they and others would spend more money in making peace. That seemes to be too complicated for all with guns in hands.


And ……… they told this to the whole world?!!!! Idiots! You never telegraph your moves. Get those idiots out of the control room and replace them with people who have half a brain and can keep their mouths shut. No amount of AI, pizzazz, bling, ect. can counter raw stupidity. Like the Russians and Chinese are not watching this with a bag of chips and laughing their asses off?


Unless you want to look like you’re at at war with everyone, transparency is an important part of good governance. Federal Reserve Act America at least needs to look like good governance. Plus, these McCollum Memo style provocations are nothing new.


Hello Pop. I have to disagree. You don’t go near issues that you might undertake at some point. Further, nothing new lately. they tried that stuff before. Stars Wars, it didn’t work and did not help in the future that unfolded. About 40 years ago it was a space system they couldn’t get running. * years ago is was an organisational program they blew 200 billion in a failed development, which had been posted as the thing which would give them the upper hand over everybody. The F-35 is not a 5th Gen fighter ….. and now these people are telling them about possible AI developments. No, for my taste, it is as far away from common sense as possible. I wish a good weekend to you.


Didn’t JFK say, “We are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths, and to secret proceedings”? He had a point: The Deep State, the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that JFK warned us about operates in the shadows, and it is terrible.

Besides, maybe the war game AI is like the Star Wars or F-35 programs and is largely to waste a bunch of money lining oligarchs’ pockets, meaning the “effort [to] investigate how an adversary may evolve” is just another lie anyway…

But yes, you stay safe out there, sir.

Traiano Welcome

Now they want to be humiliated by simulated Russians instead of real ones?



AM Hants

So how do computer games work, once you are in a dogfight?

Cannot see Russia using computer games to train their military.

What went wrong with the USS Fitzgerald and USS John Mc Cain? Did the investigation prove they hit the merchant shipping, owing to not being trained to use the control panel or use a pencil and compass?


The new war model is well suited for US bullshit wars.

With the new virtual war model the US military will have NO dead heros and they can pretend to win the virtual fight and send the video game data to Russia.

Russia will realise that she cannot win a real war with the lard arse Americans and kneels before the USA.

That’s the theory anyway, AM :)

AM Hants

Haha. Need medication to keep up.

People of J*wish Faith, had to kneel to the Nazis.

75 plus years, the White community has to kneel to the Nazis.

Guess that is why history was erased from the school syllabus?


History has always been a melange of ‘selected’ memories and events, but history is now so bastardised and censored by Western victors since 1918 that only the dedicated truth seekers have a balanced appreciation of events.

As I have oft said, History is Hollywood to most people.

How is your recuperation going, AM? The Summer months should help , I would think.

AM Hants

Not forgetting, Hollywood found the film industry around the same time the Fed Reserve was launched, together with Tavistock Institute being set up. An social experiment, still going today, based on mind control of the masses.

Yep, know you are fully upto speed Florian, but, will still repeat the mantra, if others are reading the comments and unaware.


Yes, Its important for those newcomers to the exposure of universal plans that the elite have in store for us all.

It is true to say that throughout history there have been elite’s who have sought to dominate their known ‘world’. Most of tem via military cults or religions of various flavours.

The current cult is neo-liberalism which is from the same bottle as Marxism and Bolshevism. The High Priests of which are Zionists.

Such power cults seek to control all organs of the state,the laws, finance,information propaganda and commerce. Its actually very easy to do when the control reaches a tipping point, and arguably that point came in the late 1940’s. The more power they get the more that opportunists seek to join them.

On a positive note, all such past control ideologies have failed in time and all were due to ‘rotting from within’, that then allowed other cults to rise and cut away the putrid flesh of the rotting cult .

The cycle of avarice then starts again :)

AM Hants

With the positive note, that is what gives me hope. Plus, do believe we are coming to the end of it all, one way or another.


What also gives me optimism is the fact that our leaders might well be educated in mendacity, with the morals of rat’s, but they have the strategy of imbeciles and the tactics of self serving bullies.

Even a contrived crisis cannot be controlled by them. They remind me of King Canute.

I have said for years that pretty well everything governments do ends in a farce. This is exacerbated by ever advancing communications that enable our leaders to micro manage everything from far away, to an extent where the ‘poor bloody infantry’ find it safer to wait until an edict from above orders them to ‘clean the toilets’.

The simplest way to agrevate them is to demand that they give detailed instructions how to do anything, for Health and Safety reasons :)

AM Hants

I seriously have a major allergy to them and just completely switch off, if a politician speaks.

Before I woke up, from my zombie, media induced coma, I attended a luncheon, where a politician was making a speech. The politician that was booked could not make it, and one of her colleagues, another female turned up, but, had to leave early, owing to a tv interview, which made me snigger. So love priorities, electorate or tv camera. Anyway, I got into trouble, for asking why we gave India and China international aid, when they had their own space defence programmes running (unlike the UK). Well, apparently, you cannot ask politicians, at these type or any type of meetings questions. You are just meant to make them feel entitled. Funny how narcistic sociopaths always aim for positions that provide adulation, whether politics, the stage or positions of institutionalised power. They are also not noted for their intelligence, but, their egos are ignorant of that fact.

Do love how to antagonise them, via detailed Health and Safety guidelines, ha-ha.


Health and Safety is a double edged sword, especially when the Safety Stasi are too feeble to work in a ‘scamdemic’, as is the case with DVLA.

What were ‘hanging offences’ for missing an MOT etc , and continuing to drive without a MOT, are now waived for 6 months because the DVLA staff are too frightened to get out of bed, whilst the private transport sector continues to work :)

Its interesting that slowly, friends of mine who were deliberately blind to the deception and fraud of our leaders and corporate media, are now grudgingly accepting that Western governments in general are a total fuck up.

Some of them are even grudgingly accepting that the FUBAR’s are intentional :)

AM Hants

Nice to know your friends are waking up.


I tried to post this in response to your ‘snoring ‘ comment to a Hasbarat. It kept getting a red notice.

“You must have touched a Hasbarat nerve, AM. What are the Dutch Courts being threatened with to enter into such a shameful web of lies in order to please the morons of the US/UK establishments, I wonder?

As for the US F35, its a boondoggle aircraft that is ‘Too Fat to Fly. and add a ‘Too Fat to Fly’ pilot and the landing gear just collapses :) “

AM Hants

The Dutch Courts, will do anything their masters tell them. As Milisovic, rotting in a cell, for 11 years (reminds me of Julian Assange), before his death, followed by exoneration of all charges.

Remember when Bruno (why does Roald Dahl, The Witches), turned into a mouse? See the name and picture the scene, the witches stripping their faces off as the fat child turns into a mouse. Will post the clip later.

Funny, they did not like you commenting on heavy snoring, ha-ha.

Interesting how they handle the case, as not as easy now as it was when holding Milisovic. How long did it take the UN to apologise, for failing to notice the genocide of over 800,000 Rwanda citizens? Long after the diamond and oil industry in Rwanda was up and running.


I confess to have not seeing the ‘mouse child’ story :) How could I have missed it? Who can I blame for that ?

I await the anarchy that’s certain to follow any relaxation of policing those who ‘lie cheat and steal’. Would it help if I started a pressure group to erect a statue of Idi Amin in London just to get the wrecking ball rolling, AM? :)

AM Hants

To be honest I am waiting for replacement statues, focused on unsavoury characters to start popping up. Wasn’t Mandela a terrorist, working with the Globalists, before being canonised?

The Witches, well used to be a favourite of my sons, when they were growing up. Will post a clip shortly, as do actually like the film.


It’s heresy to speak of Mandela in such a way, AM. :) He was a kind man that sought joy in caring for snakes and virus’s, and all to free the blacks in South Africa to be enslaved again by brutal black tyrants instead. Apart from that little has changed economically for the masses of South Africa. Arguably they are worse off.

Given the choice though, I would prefer to be enslaved by one of my own race in extremis as long as she had nice tits. :)

AM Hants

Haha, didn’t mind him, but, the only thing I have got against him and even the Dalai Lama, is they are/were the idols of the globalists.

Remember back in the 80s and the song ‘Free Nelson Mandela’, by the Specials. Liked the song, but, so bored with political artists.

You will not like it, but, need a fix the 80s and must admit, used to like a bit of 80s version of ska.

The Specials – Nelson Mandela (Official Music Video)… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgcTvoWjZJU

I meant to post this earlier:

The Witches (5/10) Movie CLIP – Hello Little Bruno (1990) HD… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rtf8uPmgq0A

This other clip, who do they remind you of? Starting with a certain politician in the US, who believed the deaths of 500,000 Iraq babies and children was well worth the price. Do believe she was a triplet, with George and a certain late David Rockefeller, part of the family.

The Witches (4/10) Movie CLIP – Maximum Results! (1990) HD… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrjLNpfDTi0


The videos reminded me of Madeline Albright and Nancy Peloso :) We are certainly living in disturbing times and a civil war in the US is on the cards. Gun sales in the US have rocketed in the past few weeks.

BLM vandals destroy historic white statues of yesteryear, whilst they eulogise todays black thieves,killers, drug dealers and rapists of today.

George Floyd was murdered in my opinion BUT he had a long criminal record, including house invasion violence and he was also on possession of illegal drugs.

What we see today is the marxist, et al, political manipulation of a group who are easy to manipulate and often poorly educated with a chip on their shoulders, and that group happens to have black skin with very basic language and communication skills.

There are some bright lights within the black skinned people and an example is the following. My advice to anyone that feels neglected is to concentrate on doing well what they can do, and as they progress they gain more knowledge and new things that they can do. Two black skinned soldiers of mine took my advice and did very well. They never looked back, they gained the respect that only comes with effort.


“Confession: #GeorgeFloyd is neither a martyr or a hero. But I hope his family gets justice. Candace Owens @RealCandaceO”

Its well worth listening to, AM.

Its true to say that most , if not all, nations have enslaved people at some time in history and that slavery is abhorrent. However it still exists today in many nations in all parts of society. Statues are relics of the past , and many may well be better placed in a secluded place. To destroy the relics is a certain way to erase memories and to ensure that their ‘sins’ are easily repeated by the common purpose tyrants.

I would argue that conscription to fight wars is just another form of slavery that only benefits those who control the money. All hot wars are essentially about trade and looting.

AM Hants

I do like Candice Owens and also Kanye West, surprised me, a while back.

Black State Trooper Tells BLM Protester: ‘I Only Kneel’ to God

I do like the video in this article, which is my OCD article of the moment and sharing here, there and everywhere, or chatting about it.

Soros, Clinton Foundation behind Antifa and Black Lives Matter [Video]… https://theduran.com/soros-clinton-foundation-behind-antifa-and-black-lives-matter-video/

Just seen the Daily Mail with the image of the ISIS/Al Qaeda/Daesh/White Helmet/Ukarine Nazi/Hong Kong Protester/BLM/Anti-fa protesters, funded by the certain Hungarian, standing with rifle and face mask, securing the Washington ‘autozone’. You can see the carnage, about to unfold, however, don’t $oro$ soldiers, normally run like hell, when they come into contact with regular Forces? No doubt, Black Water/Academia/Monsanto-Beyer Mercenaries will have taken up sniper positions, to give the protest a lending hand, as The Maidan, so comes to mind.


Its popcorn time I suspect , AM. Antifa et al can start the fire, BUT the winds of change are very likely to turn and fan the flames toward the Antifa thugs and their sponsors.

AM Hants

Fingers crossed.

AM Hants

I have just seen this video, and below are the words, the woman says. Brilliant video and in this GP article. Well worth viewing.

Driver to BLM protesters, who have many white priviledged brats in the team.


“…Anna: Black Lives don’t matter if you vote for Democrats! Black Lives don’t matter if you vote for Democrats! Move the f*ck out of my way! We’re tired of you white liberals always doing some f*cked up shit… You guys don’t care. (protesters talk back) I don’t give a f*ck. Move the f*ck out of my way. My kids are in this car. I want to go home. If you care about care about black lives quit voting for Democrats. You racist white liberals do this sh*t every four years…”

MUST SEE: “Move Or Get Your Ass Whooped! Period!” – Black Woman DESTROYS White Liberals Blocking Her Car in Street (VIDEO)… https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/06/must-see-move-get-ass-whooped-period-black-woman-blasts-white-liberals-blocking-car-street-video/


We need to see more anti-antifa protests, AM.

UK politicians are too gutless to say ‘boo’ to a coon dog though.

AM Hants

Look who sponsors them. Common Purpose Members and fully controlled and owned.


All riot torn streets lead to Soros and Co It seems.

Tis time the spider was stamped on and its web was brushed away.

AM Hants

Yet, none of his disciples will hold him to account. He just gets another tax payer bonus, multiple nations.

In fact, when you look around at the chaos and carnage, what is absent is political leadership.

When did Boris last make out he was working? Was it the 2nd week, after he met the Queen? Besides the Mistress caring for the baby, when does Boris come out to work? Heir of Blair, Mark II (Cameron took Mark I) over in the Labour Party is coming out with soundbites, but, what is Boris doing? Trump, is ignoring the riots, by getting back to sanctions. Washington spends more time compiling sanctions lists, than sorting out domestic problems.

Black in a sentence, and officials go on strike. Once upon a time thought that was a good idea. Then they isolated us.

Whilst still ranting, Daily Mail article and comments interested me. Courtesy terminal illnesses, including cancer and worse, being ignored owing to Corona Virus, plus, it will take months before GP surgeries are open to patients and hospitals providing tests, diagnosis and treatment. NHS shurdown, till at least September. Is it by design? Corona Virus patients sent back to care homes to share the virus. Whilst those with a possible fatal diagnosis are denied treatment and care, whilst they have a chance of survival.

How many of them will be unable to survive, but, signed off as Covid strain 19 cause of death? Giving government figures that can be manipulated?


The governments all over the West will have to make silk Covids out of sows ears. If they do not the politicians responsible will be lynched.

I have a dream, AM :)

AM Hants

Good luck with the dream Martin ha-ha. You know, they can come true.


Should I sleep in kevlar now, AM ?


Including Theresa May and I would think, Boris Johnson as well. The ridiculous Covid19 hysteria and the lock step house arrest that was 100% going to destroy the already indebted US and EU economies suggests that there is a ‘dictat’ from the puppet masters.

AM Hants

I am going on a ramble, but, old Hilary is due to testify in September as to why she lost and found so many classified E Mails, were on her personal computers. Shared far and wide.

$oro$ her mentor, Godfather of the DNC, and pay master to BLM and Anti-fa.

Same old relic, who found the best years of his life, was being a Nanzi collaborater, during 1944.

Then you have Bill Bro wder, grandson of Earl, who was the leader of the US Communist Party, back in the 30s. Wasn’t Grandpa Bro wder, helping Dulles sort out the passenger list for Operation Paperclip? The same Bill, who left Russia, allegedly with $400 million, which he gave to Bill and Hill. Before leaving the US, was it for tax reasons and ending up in the UK. Now part of Integrity Initiative.

Christopher Steele, who DNC and Hil C. paid to write the Dossier, but, who helped him and what were his connections to Bill B?

Why was May and Boris so eager to help Hilary? Who was the mediator, bearing in mind the Integrity Initiative Team and how they factored into the story?

$ORO$ WANTS Trump and Pence out the way, which would result in Nanzi Pelosi, Leader of the House, automatically moving into the White House. Cancelling Hil having to testify and hanging around long enough, to make sue the Dems never leave.

Might be wrong though.


Stranger things have happened, AM. Its a mad house, and predicting what mad people intend do is a journey into the twilight zone.

AM Hants

O ne Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, so comes to mind.


It certainly does. I would add a few magpies to the mix as well, AM. :)

chris chuba

To make it completely realistic we should project all of our lies into the program and Russian aggression, simulate Russian meddling, Russian bad behavior, Russian misinformation. This way we will be prepared for everything they are going to do. It won’t be a waste of money at all.


You forgot the US alleged Russian Police State where the police mostly murder unarmed civilians with impunity, Chris. :)

Tommy Jensen



NPR have already started doing exactly what you are proposing:


Laura Green

Those idiots are getting ready for war with Russia.

Richard Aahs

At this point in US existance, watch out what is happening in the country. The dander is within.


The new US Military motto could be ‘ By Pay to Play Video Wargames We Fight Wars ‘. :)

Assad must stay


Assad must stay

US taxpayers should ask for their money back lmao

Assad must stay

putin will laugh at this when he hears or reads about this lol

Tommy Jensen

People forget we have photonic laser in Space coordinated in syndrome with central commanded AI robots, Enhanced Humans, and swarm drones in the hundreds of thousands in the air.

This interconnected dot technology will be able to win all America’s wars against its enemies for global freedom! People dont understand digital hyper space technology as we in US are decades ahead of everybody.

Richard Aahs

You wish.


Trump thinks that the US advances in Video game technology, sorry, Hyper space technology is ” Super Duper “.

Some might say that that’s a ‘Super Dopey’ Trump tweet.

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